Administration Request Threads

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Administration Request Threads

Post by Cloaked Figure on Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:26 pm

This thread is dedicated for the sole purpose of those requesting Administrative assistance. If you do not post your request in here, DO NOT expect your needs for an Admin to be met. further more any post in this thread that is not asking for administrative assistance, and does not use the template will be promptly deleted. Several offenses may result in punish.

Some examples of what classifies for admin requests:
Ryo Transferring
Ranking up
Moderation on threads
Name changes

[b]Name:[/b]Your account name
[b]Request:[/b] What exactly you need done. Be sure to include specifics, like amount of ryo needing to be transferred, or what exactly your stats are being changed too.
[b]Links:[/b]Please include links to all things that pertain to your request. If you are transferring ryo. Link the thread in which you do such. If you are Paying for a Jutsu, link it's approval.
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