Uchiha, Tetsuji

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Uchiha, Tetsuji

Post by Tetsuji on Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:41 pm

Who are you?

Name: Uchiha, Tetsuji
Age: 13
Birthday: 03/24
Bloodline: Uchiha Clan
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Bisexual

What can you do?

Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Rank: Academy Student
Element(s): Katon
Stats: -

  • Strength: 0
  • Speed: 0
  • Endurance: 0
  • Perception: 0
  • Chakra: 10

Positive Traits:

Name: Chakra Ocean
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait has a naturally larger chakra pool, and has an easy time building that pool. As such they receive a passive buff of +50 to their chakra, and a 20% WC reduction to chakra training.

Name: Multi-tasker
Type: Positive
Description: The person with this trait, is gifted in the ways of being able to do multiple things at a time. As such, not only do they find it easier to track multiple opponent, or utilize multiple jutsu, but any jutsu which requires standard concentration to active, instead is only a special concentration jutsu for the user. This special concentration means they cannot use any other special concentration jutsu.

Name: Power House
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait has excessively powerful chakra, and as such all damage techniques receive a +1 to their damage.

Negative Traits:

Name: Medically Challenged
Type: Negative
Description: Those with that have this trait, for whatever reason, find themselves not as easy to heal. Causing a -1 to healing from all medical techniques.

Name: Weak
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally Weak, and has a hard time building muscle. As such they receive a passive debuff of -50 to their Strength, and a +20% WC to Strength training.

Name: Penny Scrapper
Type: Negative
Description: For whatever reason, this person has a hard time putting two pieces of ryo together. Those who have this trait receive 20% less ryo from missions, and items cost 10% more.

What do you look like?

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dull Red
General appearance: Tetsuji has a certain mark for vanity in his nature as he's always well groomed and well-kept. It comes down to the finest details possible, his finger and toe nails always trimmed to exact length and curve, clean hands and clean skin as well, he keeps everything neat and in order throughout his person. He has a more slim frame and doesn't carry much muscle mass compared to some other ninja but he does have solid definition to himself. His face is smooth and clear due to his high grooming standards and his dark black hair is quite long, currently falling to his mid-back in what is one long ponytail with several loops to bulge it, being larger in width at the top than the bottom. He often wears pretty extravagant clothing but keeps things standard for standard work. Almost always in dark colors to match the dark hair of his own that he inherited from his clan and sticks primarily to black, grey, and white in varying combinations. His eyes are red but a bit dulled, very unique for his clan but at passing glance they don't pop out against his features at all. Tetsuji doesn't have any other distinguishing marks like tattoos or visible scars or anything of the likes but not as a testament to his vanity, merely that he hasn't been subject to any real battles yet that would leave him such. Otherwise, he is pretty typical in stature and appearance and when he finds the mood suited to remaining comfortable he will do so but with a sort of flair only his mind could find reasonable.

Getting to know you.

Personality: Tetsuji is quite vain but at the same time he is apathetic about his superiority and in even the same breath quite inquisitive and curious about the world. He teeters on the brim of being truly innocent and holding a very jaded outlook on the world because of his upbringing and indoctrination to the importance of his clan, the Uchiha. It is... an odd connection for him, not out of some nationalistic superiority that many have over the Uchiha but rather that they are his family, his blood, and that they've looked out for each other and those bonds should be kindled above all. He has no ill-tidings towards the village itself because of this but to those who hold the Uchiha down, who carry negative connotations to a clan that is 'possessed by evil' and blood-thirsty in so many regards as they carried so little mercy for others in their battles during the warring states. Tetsuji finds himself clinging to keep those bonds together in fear that they will be lost, that the identity and the proud standing of the Uchiha will be lost one day whether irrational or not. He often looks up highly to the former clan leader, Madara very much so and at the same time, found himself very much at home at the academy and training/learning to become a shinobi. His skills progressed well and his family found him to be exceptional with very good grades among his classmates due to his intense desire and passion around the things he truly cares about. To wrap up Tetsuji beyond his love for those he holds dear would be to hold him as a mostly quiet type who speaks only when spoken to and can be found losing himself mentally in whatever object truly holds his attention above all other things.
Likes: Tetsuji has some simple likes and among his family often gets teased about it for being like an old man. He often likes to lay around and relax, absorbs himself in the teachings and understandings of his ancestors, almost hanging onto every word and wisdom of their tales, stories, and lectures. He enjoys calming and relaxing music with lots of harmonies and soft conversation as a background noise is a soothing comfort he seeks out where he can. He enjoys lots of foods but tastes that others might find extreme, Tetsuji will find much more mild and as such, enjoys things of incredible spice compared to most others.
Dislikes: The first and foremost thing that Tetsuji dislikes is bitter taste. It's in its name of bitter to be disliked and things that carry that incredibly bitter taste he disavows with ease. Though, a minor flavor of bitterness can accentuate a taste, anything that's primary focus in bitterness is not worth the energy expended to even taste it. Followed closely behind that are any overly obnoxious and/or loud sounds that would drive the ear drums to rattle in pain. In combination, it can absolutely ruin Tetsuji's day and even overly loud noises like that of conversations trying to beat each other out in volume will drive Tetsuji to avoid the area at all costs.
Fears/Phobia: It may seem trivial and common but loneliness is truly what lies at the base of Tetsuji's fears. In so many varieties, his day dreaming and mental focuses are on keeping various relationships as he can and having someone there always. It's no small feat and because of it he generally keeps to himself and very rarely allows his aggression to display, as long as one particular subject is avoided. He doesn't fear death in any form and would gladly give himself to save those he cares for but if he were to die alone and despaired he would truly have found his personal hell.

Ideals/Motivations: Tetsuji's ideals are so very premature that it's hard to really peg them down into any one form. Chalk it up to him being very young and impressionable but he has always carried a high revere and respect for Madara Uchiha as his clan's former leader. He holds a high regard for protecting the status of his own clan and holds very high expectations and concern for those he cares about. It could be defined as his desire to kindle the Uchiha clan and their respect within the village but at its base level is a desire of Tetsuji to protect and ensure that those he cares and feels the most for ending up succeeding in their goals and efforts. Despite all of that, Tetsuji is a very defensive, possessive, and protective person who tends to give emotionally and mentally more than he would take. It's from this that any form of weakness eats at him as he feels his own power should be protecting others and not placing the burden of protecting himself on anyone else.
History: Tetsuji was born a few years before the founding of Konohagakure no Sato during the Warring Clans era. His father was a semi-notable member of the Uchiha clan and a member of their military corps that often went on missions and assignment throughout the country as part of the mercenary clan and his mother was a calm housewife who tended to her home and family most days. Tetsuji would be born the youngest to two older sisters of 3 and 7 years older than him. His father was incredibly happy he had a son and touted him as an heir to his legacy and went on constantly about how great he would become one day. Tetsuji's mother even tells about how his father was so happy that he even caught Madara's ear and told him of his son and prophesied the future that his son would hold for the Uchiha and its success, whether that story was actually true or not. Though, perhaps Tetsuji was just born too late to truly meet his father's incredibly high expectations as soon the Uchiha would form a truce with the Senju and found the Hidden Leaf village just after Tetsuji would turn three years old.

Though he was born before the founding of the village, Tetsuji was a very young child, just learning to walk and talk fully before then. This new time period and place is where Tetsuji would grow up and began to learn and really form his opinions of things from an early age. Leading him to become part of the first generation that would get their founding in the new ninja world full of ninja villages and not in an era of warring states. Though, as he progressed in age, memories stuck out and especially of a particular incident that would change Tetsuji's motivation and give him a great pride in his clan. A meeting of the Uchiha led by Madara as he tried to continue to point out his grievances and concerns. For Tetsuji, it was an event of little concern beyond coming to grasp with how awesome and incredible that their clan leader really was, inspiring even. He continued on to press his grandfather and his father for stories of Madara's greatness and grandeur and from that early age Tetsuji began to form a high level of respect for what would be a legend in his eyes. Madara would end up leaving the village when Tetsuji was just 5 years old and leave a bitter taste in his mouth as he continued to learn and develop at home but press for more stories of the Uchiha and Madara and how they had essentially become the greatest force in the world a time.

A few years after that, Tetsuji's grandfather would pass away when he was 7 and leave a bit of a depression deep within him. He'd bestowed so many of his war stories and wisdom's on the young boy that Tetsuji found a great loss in his death, and even his father's stories became all he had to continue to build his admiration. Aside from that, Tetsuji's life was incredibly mundane and normal with his father moving to work in the village well and things being peaceful, controlled, and quiet especially with their life. Tetsuji knew no different to tell the truth but he went on to enroll in the academy at the appropriate age to continue on with what his father and grandfather had done, and more importantly to work to what Madara has spoken.

During those later formative years as Tetsuji began to learn the skills of a ninja and broadened his mind as he could for those first few years but another interesting note about him arrived. It wasn't in any form that Tetsuji was a trouble maker or bad student but rather, had no patience for those that disrespected him or those he cared for. In particular, some of the other students found the right buttons to push to unbalance and upset him, to go after the Uchiha and Madara specifically for what it was worth. Since they'd discovered that, whenever anyone wanted to bring Tetsuji to a particular point they would just have to taunt him with points about Madara being dead or the Uchiha clan losing to the Senju and forced to join the village or whatever other cruel taunts that a child could come up with. Still, Tetsuji continued his studies those years in the academy and pushes ever closer to graduation, to becoming a ninja and earning his way in the world and carries high hopes that he will soon unlock his sharingan and will earn the pride of his clan.

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Re: Uchiha, Tetsuji

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