Itazura, Aka

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Itazura, Aka

Post by Aka on Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:53 pm

Who are you?

Name: Itazura, Aka
Age: 13
Birthday: 20/04
Bloodline: Explosion Release
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Asexual

What can you do?

Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Rank: Academy Student (E)
Element(s): Doton, Raiton

  • Strength: 0
  • Speed: 0
  • Endurance: 0
  • Perception: 0
  • Chakra: 10

Positive Traits:

Name: Jutsu Master
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally skilled in the art of crafting jutsu. As such, upon character creation they receive double the standard jutsu (applies to Academy Ninja's rank up as well), and further more, they receive a 20% word count reduction in training jutsu.

Name: Chakra Control Prodigy
Type: Positive
Description: Those who have this trait are gifted in the ways of chakra control. As such, anyone with this trait can make half seals (seals with one hand) anywhere the requirement of normal seals are listed.

Name: Multi-tasker
Type: Positive
Description: The person with this trait, is gifted in the ways of being able to do multiple things at a time. As such, not only do they find it easier to track multiple opponent, or utilize multiple jutsu, but any jutsu which requires standard concentration to active, instead is only a special concentration jutsu for the user. This special concentration means they cannot use any other special concentration jutsu.

Negative Traits:

Name: Chakra Pond
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait has a naturally smaller chakra pool, and has an hard time building that pool. As such they receive a passive debuff of -50 to their chakra, and a +20% WC to chakra training.

Name: Penny Scrapper
Type: Negative
Description: For whatever reason, this person has a hard time putting two pieces of ryo together. Those who have this trait receive 20% less ryo from missions, and items cost 10% more.

Name: Blind Assault
Type: Negative
Description: Those with this trait focus far more on their offense than defense, and as such all of their jutsu receive a -1 to their defense stat.

Name: Chakra Shotgun
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait naturally is better at close with their jutsu. As such, all of their techniques may receive a -1 in range.

What do you look like?

Height: 163 cm / 5' 4"
Weight: 112lbs
Hair: Spiked, Ash Blonde
Eyes: Red Irises
General appearance: Rather tall for his age, Aka stands with a gangly, casual posture. His skin is rather pale, having a slight beige tint to it, contrasting with the ashen blonde of his hair, which juts out in spikes as if in a perpetual bed head state. This hair, at the longest point, reaches six inches in length, which is a spike of hair at the top of his head. His eyes are heavy, with the top eyelid giving a disinterested, angry, or smug expression at all times. Furthermore, his irises are a bright red, while his pupil is shrunken and small.

In terms of attire, Aka rarely wears clothes that are convenient nor clothes that are traditional. Instead, Aka tends to wear loose fitting clothes, often in green, red, and grey. Unlike traditionally, Aka tends to wear his forehead protector around his waist, at the upper area of his left thigh, right at the front. On the opposite side of his hips, Aka has a generic weapon pouch. At least, this is all after graduating from the academy. During the academy, and as his general attire, Aka wears a green , sleeveless jacket with grey trousers that hang loose, with red trimmings, red boots, and black soles and kneepads.

Getting to know you.

Personality: Three words best describe Aka. Proud, grumpy, and impatient. The first of those three words is perhaps the largest emotion and state that the young Aka shows, stemming from any and all compliments Aka received as a younger child. He is quick to boast, believing that quite simply, he's one of the best at what he does, and will become the best in the world in time. This arrogance can often lead to him starting fights, as he is prone to raising his voice and having a temper tantrum. At times, he can often seem unreasonable because of this, yet this anger often comes across as comical - Aka flying off the handle at even the smallest things, such as stubbing his toe, forgetting something, and everything in-between.

In terms of his impatience, Aka quickly finds himself reprimanding others, often for things that are of the mildest importance, if important at all. Such examples of this could be someone not trying at a task, all the way to someone bumping into him and knocking food out of his hand. All of these situations lead to the same result - his temper tantrums. It doesn't matter the age of the person, whether older or younger, he'll shout. This rarely goes further than just needless shouting, however. Indeed, it also does not matter if friend or foe - to Aka, the only difference is that he's hostile to his allies, and more so to his foes.

Beyond his rage though, Aka wants to see his peers progress and do well. As much as he strives to push himself to be the best of the best, he also believes others should thrive the same, and will either shout in frustration, or reprimand and teach when confronted with, what he deems, "a lazy idiot". He cares for others in his own way, tending to jump to his allies defense - when approached about this, however, he shouts angrily and explains he simply did it for the fame.

When Aka first meets people, he tends to be... Unapproachable. Until given a reason to respect someone, the angry boy doesn't ever bother to use the individuals name, instead naming them based upon features that are distinguishable, such as their nose, face, general posture and size, or personality. To him, first impressions stick, probably more than they should.
Likes: As can perhaps be assumed from his fiery personality, Aka loves spicy food. His particular favourite tends to be varying types of curry, and he actually finds pleasure through cooking such dishes. Furthermore, Aka loves to fight, the thrill of battle and the ability to shine in combat giving Aka a large amount of adrenaline and, as always, pride. And alongside this pride, Aka loves to boast, and have attention on himself - particularly, positive attention.
Dislikes: At a first glance, Aka gives the impression that he dislikes pretty much everything. In reality, however, the things he truly dislikes are, while broad, overly exaggerated. Perhaps his biggest ire, Aka dislikes quitters. The concept of giving up and losing are things he cannot stand to see in himself, or in other people. Aka also tends to dislike a situation where he cannot fight, such as being heavily injured, and furthermore - perhaps most of all, dislikes being doubted in his abilities. As with many things, this makes him fly off that handle.
Fears/Phobia: The largest, and most obvious fear, that Aka has, is a fear of being ignored and forgotten. Due to his own inferiority complex, Aka tends to aim for as much attention as possible, shouting out, and desperately clawing for any attention he can get. The concept of abandonment scares him, as does the idea of people realising his own insecurities. To Aka, the idea of people finding out that he himself can be scared is terrifying. Outside of this, he's also got a fear of clowns. But wait, they're not scary! Don't dare to say they're scary!

Ideals/Motivations: Aka wants to reach the very top of the world. To this end, he pursues to whatever takes his attention. Having been raised up within the ever growing village of Konohagakure no Sato, Aka works to become recognised within his home, hoping to not just make a name for himself, but to make a legend. To become perhaps one of the most, or in his mind, the most important person in the entire village. Yet this doesn't sway him into a dark path, as he believes that, however annoying some of the rules can be, that as a leaf village shinobi his legend would only build by following the standard set by the one he deems the strongest in the village, the one he wants to one day best - Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage. Yet because of this, Aka doesn't just want to become the Hokage. No, Aka wants to surpass the Hokage, and become the strongest in the entire shinobi world.
History: During the Warring States Period, two people met up on the battlefield. Sayaka Itazura, a female shinobi with a large amount of passion and no small degree of punching skills, and Tsukauchi of the Explosion Release - a shinobi hired by a village in the stone country to invade the land Sayaka was working in, who had refused to give out his surname even to her. There, without passion, but more from adrenaline and an expectancy to die, the two had a one night stand. From there, Tsukauchi disappeared, something Sayaka never mentioned. And shortly after, she gave birth to a child that was grumpy from the start, the instant he was born - Aka Itazura.

Unfortunately for the single parent, Aka proved to be a trouble child growing up, often throwing his toys around, making a loud noise, and generally being a difficulty for Sayaka to look after. Shortly, however, the village of the leaves was founded, and Sayaka moved to take refuge among the founding village, for a safe home to raise her child. Little did the woman expect that, while there, she would find someone who would help with her struggles - a woman that would become her partner, Toru Senju, the two meeting while Sayaka was out doing her weekly shop. After a year of dating, Toru moved in with Sayaka, and the two continued raising the troublesome child.

Having spent the majority of her life within the Warring States Period, Sayaka was nervous, cautious, and untrusting of the permanence of the Village System. In her mind, it could for all intents and purposes simply be a temporary shelter. For that purpose, Sayaka Itazura made a good, yet bad, judgement call. While still at a young age, Sayaka began to train Aka in martial arts, hoping to hone him at a young age for his protection. Thus, from the age of five onwards, Aka's combat sense was honed - his mother would offer him to train, and if he accepted, she'd have him punch logs, punch at her, and generally teach him how to not suck at fighting. Of course, this caused a few problems she hadn't thought ahead about. The foremost of these, being that as he got better, he grew arrogant, as every now and again he'd be able to connect a hit on his mothers leg - even if it was only a once a month occurrence, and likely simply her allowing him to hit for his own morale. The second being that, with Aka's childhood focus being on improvement, his mannerisms tended to grow into a decline, leading to the birth of the anger issued prick. Aka is now at the age of the academy years, where they accept children to prepare for the life of a village ninja. The story of Aka Itazura begins.

Face claim: Katsuki Bakugo, Boku no Hero Academia



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Re: Itazura, Aka

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