Icy Beginnings [Buri/Private/No-Kill(Flash-Back)]

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Icy Beginnings [Buri/Private/No-Kill(Flash-Back)]

Post by Aura Yukimenoko on Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:34 pm

This story has been spoken of before; in a different time, a different place. But sometimes, time will repeat itself, allowing for new possibilities; which is exactly what is happening now.

"Auntie, Auntie, I heard a branch break! Can we go look at it, pleeease?"
'Huff...Aura, we're doing a lot by taking you out for camping. Don't ask for too much. We'll let you explore when we get to the campsite.'
"Awww...okay, Mommy..."

The pale-skinned, cloudy eyed little girl skipped and pranced alongside a rather grotesque pair of adults; her aunt and uncle; as they went through the forests of Mizu no Kuni. This had been the first time she'd ever been able to be outside the city, able to explore the world for what it is. Her first taste of real life. It filled her sweet little heart with bundles and bundles of pure joy.

Her name was Aura Yukimenoko.

Why was she so sheltered, you may ask? Well, as she was told, and knew; from the day she was conceived, the girl was blind, from a sensory birth defect, most likely from the shaky history of her father. Not only that, her birth mother, Aurora Yukimenoko, a respected member of the clan now known as the Yuki Clan, died merely minutes after the procedure. As such, her new caretakers; friends of the Yukimenoko family, known as the Brinewater, her uncle and aunt as well; kept her inside all her life, in fear of her getting severely hurt due to her condition. The exact reason for this is unclear. After the creation of the Five Shinobi Villages, they would eventually move to Kirigakure, which was close by their own remote village, though her circumstances would not change because of it. This means she also did not join the Ninja Academy, deeming her as a simple citizen.

Course, what they didn't know was that the girl could navigate quite easily, and while being incredibly frail by nature, wasn't useless. However, it's not certain whether she'd be able to explore how she wants to, regardless of how capable she really is. One thing is for sure, though; this girl is a lot more childish than one would think, despite being eighteen.

Sadly, this day was not meant to be bonbons and butterflies. Moments after the foster family sets the campsite, Aura would be called for by her "mother".

'Aura, sweetheart? There's some interesting noises up ahead I think is safe for you to check out. Do you want to find it by yourself?'

This made the excited little girl beam a wide smile at the promise of her first, minuscule adventure, as well as the fact her strict caretaker said she could without asking to do so. Though, to be fair, this was quite unlike them. Nevertheless, she would dare not miss this opportunity.

"Oh, thank you so, so much, auntie!"

Alert as she was, she heard something rustling between the tall grass and squishing against the mud. Steps – many of them. From what she could hear, there were three of them. They were decently equipped, as she heard, from the clanking of metal and twisting of leather, and headed towards her direction... They grew closer, not bothering to hide themselves. They must have been very confident in themselves and their task at hand.

When Aura looked back, as she hadn't gone too far from camp, her aut and uncle were nowhere to be seen. It was only the child, on her own. How strange. That wasn’t how guardians were supposed to be when faced with danger; they were vigilant, weren't they? Always keeping an eye on their children? This made her frown, and got her...obviously, quite scared.

Distracted by her feelings, she couldn’t react as quickly as she wanted to when the three men took her without a word; slashing her cheeks all of a sudden with a sharpened kunai, pushing her to the ground, and smooshing their feet on various parts of her body, including her face. All she could do was squirm and screech under the boot of her offenders, tears beginning to stream down her little rosy cheeks.

"W-why are you hurting me, misters? S-sto-"

Before she could say anything else, one of the men knocked her out with a single kick to the side of her head, efficiently immobilizing her. After doing so, two others would then simply trap her in the Water Release: Water Prison Technique, but not before throwing her in a brown rice sack. Then, they would start to trek towards the docks near the border of the city, every so often bickering about how stupid this job was.

...Why would they be doing this? Why would the parents leave? Interesting questions to note. Though, it would take until about Midnight for the rugged men to make it to their destination, where a boat would start to arrive within the Kirigakure Shipyard...

[Word Count: 838]

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Re: Icy Beginnings [Buri/Private/No-Kill(Flash-Back)]

Post by Burittsu on Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:47 pm

The day was going smoothly not a worry to be made or anything else to deliver a sign of ill will the sky was clear and the sun shined brightly down upon the village and its inhabitants especially on one. He was indeed young but he made it his goal to now protect the village and its people and one day aspire to be in the very seat of the Kage himself. He sat in the forest in silence thinking to himself how everyday he could become a better person but deep inside he tried to hide the anger and vengeance away but on the outside all he could show for it was his actions. He wore a full black body suit one that came with a mask that covered half of his face and stretched down his body. Sleeveless as it may be his brown skin made him stand out from the rest of his clansmen as most had a pale like complexion or just lighter skin tone in general. Sporting a white cord wrapped over his back and crossing over his chest it was strong and durable enough to use as a weapon or even hold a weapon with black shinobi pants over his one piece suit. His style would not be complete without the large white cloth wrapped around his waist his eyes matched the color of his hair dark blue he was slim as he walked around on earth with the usual shinobi footwear.

“Such a peaceful day. Indeed.”

Looking around it all did seem nice ever since he first arrived in the village nothing ever occurred to him to be a threat or even a challenge but today it seemed the gods themselves deemed it time for him to start moving his limbs and his mind. The true reason why he remained in the forest this day is because of what caught his attention a campsite with a family it seemed and elegant female that looked much older than the young shinobi. From the distance a sound was indeed picked up but what happened next was a sight to be told the young female was on the move towards the noise as behind her the people that was with her simply scattered off. Raising his eyebrow this indeed seemed to be some sort of trap but what was he supposed to do he had not yet picked up on any serious skill yet to be a threat. But he did have a brain and he was willing to make his dream true starting off with investigating.

From a distance he watched as the female did not return it was far to obvious that she was now gone never to return unless someone did something he only sighed as he looked only to see a large blue orb begin to move and from there he would pursue the orb. Leaping off onto another branch it seemed better to move above them instead of behind he payed close attention to their movements. Hours came and went as the sun that was once in the sky now fell and was replaced by its sister the moon which brightly danced in the dark sky with the twinkling stars right behind it dancing and glimmering. But he continued to persist and follow until what seemed to be a stop at the docks or some sort of port this was his chance to do something but one side of him only wanted to figure out what was really going to happen. But he couldn’t take any chances as he swiftly leapt off the branch crossing his arms giving a quick gaze at the three men but then focusing on the female herself.

“Hey guys I maybe young but I know you don’t treat a lady to such conditions wouldn’t you guys say? How about you let her go and we just walk away from this like this never happened at all what do you guys say?”


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