Ai Character Application

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Ai Character Application

Post by Ai on Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:48 pm

Who are you?

Name: Ai Kawa
Age: 10
Birthday: 11/11
Bloodline: Man-Beast Unity
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Homosexual

What can you do?

Village: Kumogakure
Rank: Academy Student
Element(s): Suiton

  • Strength: 0
  • Speed: 0
  • Endurance: 0
  • Perception: 0
  • Chakra: 10

Traits: (Can have up to 3 positive traits not from clan abilities but must have one negative for every positive trait)
Positive Traits:

Name: Chakra Ocean
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait has a naturally larger chakra pool, and has an easy time building that pool. As such they receive a passive buff of +50 to their chakra, and a 20% WC reduction to chakra training.

Name: Jack of All Trades
Type: Positive
Description: Those with this trait are better at learning and applying a wider range of skills. Therefore, they are able to train one additional specialization to Skilled. Additionally, they have a 20% word count reduction on training any specializations.

Negative Traits:

Name: Jutsu Inept
Type: Negative
Description: For whatever reason, those with this trait find themselves having a hard time mastering and crafting new jutsu. For this reason upon character creation they receive half of the jutsu they were suppose too (If you would receive an odd number of jutsu in a certain category, one of them gets demoted to 1 rank lower.) Additionally, jutsu take 20% more WC to train.

Name: Penny Scrapper
Type: Negative
Description: For whatever reason, this person has a hard time putting two pieces of ryo together. Those who have this trait receive 20% less ryo from missions, and items cost 10% more.

Name: Blind Assault
Type: Negative
Description: Those with this trait focus far more on their offense than defense, and as such all of their jutsu receive a -1 to their defense stat

Passive Traits:

Name: Animal characteristics(Tail exempt)
Type: Passive
Description: The individual has characteristics of an animal, birthed with either fur, scales, elongated canines, or anything else of the sort. These traits do not hold any sort of special effects beyond being purely for aesthetic or basic use.

Name: Blue Jutsu
Type: Passive
Description: For some reason, known or unknown, this user's elemental jutsu all have an unnatural blue tint about them, though the exceptions are jutsu that use the environment, such as most Doton and Futon jutsu, though Suiton, Raiton, and Katon all have an unnatural blue hue to them.

What do you look like?

Height: 4'5
Weight: 73 lb
Hair: Dark blue
Eyes: Blue
General appearance: Ai is a young boy standing at four feet and five inches. His wild, unkempt hair matches his eyes, where his hair is as dark blue as the nighttime sky and his eyes as blue as a rushing river. His features are a little sharper than normal, and the pointed ears and elongated canines of his do not help with that. On average, due to his overall rowdy nature, he has a couple scuff marks from his roughhousing on different parts of him, or even the occasional bandage or two. In regards to clothing? Ai wears completely normal clothing compared to others kids, and such clothing tends to change from time to time. His favorite style is usually a short-sleeved shirt with a pair of shorts, though his favorite colors for his clothes tend to lie in the blues and the whites. As a member of his orphanage's delinquent group he has his own animal mask to wear, which is shaped like an Otter.

A final feature about him is a tail that matches his height. Reaching approximately three and a half feet long, a dark blue, almost black tail with a big tuft of dark blue fur at the end of it.

Getting to know you.

Personality: Ai Kawa is an individual that has an easy time growing attached to others, while separating himself from them, getting betrayed even, is something he has a hard time with. With a desire to feel useful and a headstrong personality, he is pretty easy to have wrapped around your finger and have him meet the obstacles given to him. A lover of wildlife, some of his hobbies include going around some of the rivers located rushing through and just on the outskirts of Kumogakure, where he can fish and watch the river-life swim around and hunt. Some could even say that he has a stronger preference to animals than he does people, which has led him to even skip class in the past, even.

A lover of the idea of having a family, he finds his family in the gang he had already associated himself with; The Dark Cloud Orphanage Yokai. In it he proudly dons the nickname "Kawauso" among his peers and even has his own mask, which he cherishes greatly. While he doesn't harass or bully other kids like the rest of his group, he does actively participate in helping them out when in need and even helping them with committing petty schemes or pranks. He isn't Mischievous by nature, but the praise he receives encourages him to further continue the activity.

Generally while acting immature normally, he does have a good heart that leads him to try to protect others, and his rowdy nature on top of this had led him to get into more than one fight, and overall shows it in his grades.
Likes: Ai loves wildlife. Whether it be nature in general, animals, or even seeing someone's pet, he is a huge lover of the non-human. One day he dreams to have a companion of his own to have be with him as he fulfills his ambitions, and actively saves up money so he can reach this. He likes belonging. To be apart of something that helps him feel a sense of belonging and gives him praise has openly made his loyalties strong for as long as that lasts. The feeling he gets when doing something nice or doing something useful has led him to both commit bad deeds and good deeds without much remorse, as all he sees are things that get him the confidence he craves, rather than what can be seen as an inconvenience.
Dislikes: Ai, despite his blind loyalty to his gang, holds a strong dislike towards bullies. Being bullied by some other kids sometimes has led him to feel empathetic to how other victims feel, and even should his gang do the bullying, he wouldn't take part in it at all. He also dislikes the Academy system. He is an individual that wants creativity and fluidity, not an established system that guides him to what he learns next. He can't even fight if he has to or bring in an animal without getting in trouble! What kind of bull is that?
Fears/Phobia: Ai is fearful of the idea of getting betrayed or abandoned. He doesn't have parents of his own, but happily finds a family in his friends. This leads him to getting hurt far more easily by those he looks up to and to him being more mold-able to their wishes just so they won't abandon him. He is also scared of not being able to rise out of his current home out of the academy, which he longs to do. Receiving negative comments rather than praise is also something he fears as well from those he associates himself with, leading him to doing whatever they wish.

Ideals/Motivations: Frankly, just like any orphan, Ai wishes to find his family, and longs to find out what they were like. To rise above the typical orphan motivation though, he wishes to become strong in his own way and provide those he cares about with a good standing of their own. He finds the standing of Raikage as the end goal to fulfill this aspiration and gain the resources needed to make said desire a reality. He also wishes to gain a pet and become more in tune with nature around him. The small pocket change he has saved up so far isn't nearly enough to gain a companion just yet, but when it reaches it, he knows he won't have to rely as much on the affection of others. Being someone that's adventurous, he also wishes to one day see the rest of the world, whether as the Raikage or as a Wanderer, and find his own home to settle. Kumogakure is nice and all, but it's nothing compared to the land of dreams that awaits.

History: Ai Kawa was born within a shinobi family containing a special connection to animals.
Despite being born around a year before the end of the Warring States Era, with the village of Kumogakure itself being built just a year later, his family still was at a vulnerable enough state to lead them to only keep him around for only said year, giving him up for the sake of the family not having to look after a babe when they were already in a tight enough spot. The solution to giving him away lies within the founding of the village nine years ago, as to help accommodate war orphans, the Dark Cloud Orphanage. Being but a babe of one year of age among children that ranged from his age and older, Ai wasn't exactly kept in as nice of an environment as was attempted. Thankfully due to the fact that the village united over a sense of comradery, the orphanage wasn't some sort of hell, it was just a normal one that had rowdy children, some of whom were old enough to be negatively affected by the bloody era that had recently ended.

As one of the runts of the litter, he was left looking up to the others even after getting bullied by some of them. While some of the others had found a loss of desire to be one of the cool kids or even increased theirs to a point of obnoxiousness, Ai himself silently stood by, observed, and was ready to do what was wanted of him by his "older siblings". Eventually, due to his overall careless nature and his presence being compared to him drifting around, waiting to be noticed, Ai was brought into the newly formed Dark Cloud Orphanage Gang, where the little tyke was given the name "Kawauso". It was one of the happiest days of his life. Even if he was accepted by bullies, he was still accepted and even praised every once in a while.

It wasn't enough though. He wanted to be useful to his friends and to no longer live at the orphanage itself. He decided to fully commit himself to becoming a shinobi so his friends can see him as really cool. The Academy life sucked, however, and quickly he found himself occasionally skipping class or getting into a fight or two, which was also reflected upon his overall below-average grades. Still though, as someone with dreams larger than what he thought of dreaming, he aims to rise above his own shortcomings and officially become a full-fledged Genin.

Face claim: Rin Okumura - Ao no Exorcist

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Re: Ai Character Application

Post by Kyoshi on Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:34 pm

Ideals/Motivations is 19 words short (131/150)

Other than that it looks good!



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Re: Ai Character Application

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Re: Ai Character Application

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