Rank and Title Rules

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Rank and Title Rules

Post by Cloaked Figure on Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:31 pm


It is critical as part of our platform on site to make a distinct separation of power from a ninja's rank. As it was in canon, Naruto was able to achieve a lot as a Genin and can include a whole other circus of others who were powerful without a strict rank. However, this does not mean that rank isn't important as it did dictate quite a lot within the structure and hierarchy of the 5 Great Nations and their Hidden Villages. Ranks on Mythos will work more as a guide with certain abilities available to each person of varying ranks but to further iterate, it in no way directly dictates how strong you can or can't be as a ninja's power will directly result from their training. As a note, everyone begins with 10 chakra to their character in order to utilize this and because without chakra a person would be unconscious automatically. Although this does take away from your total pool of stats in the end, it does not affect the distribution of your starting stats in any other way and they can be distributed or not, on top of those 10 points directly.

Ranks do matter though, despite not being tied to one's power, to the ninja of the villages and outside them. Not only is it a rough estimate of your power and recognition of your ninja's abilities and effort on site, it grants certain other bonuses. In the villages, standard missions are distributed out determined by your ninja rank and is mentioned in the Mission Guidelines how that works. In addition, being promoted sometimes offers bonuses like a village flak jacket to chuunin and the ability to join the ANBU Black OPs at Special Jounin or other specialized division at Jounin. In addition certain plot events may only be open to ninja of a certain rank like the Jounin exams and other plot driven adventures that may involved the Kage. Further more, the Kage of a village and the head of the ANBU can only be chosen from a pool of eligible Jounin and S-Class ninja. Even if your genin is the strongest in the village, a genin is not suited to be the village's leader.

There are several varying ranks on Mythos, the first being that of the Academy Student. This is a ninja learning to become a ninja learner. Young students enroll in the Ninja Academy of their village, a school for teaching the ninja arts and skills on top of their basic education, and upon graduation will be awarded the rank of Genin. It is further to note that starting as an Academy Student grants the person no starting stats, items, or jutsu and can only be selected by those ninja choosing to join a major village (sorry Wandering and Mercenary Ninja). To graduate from the Academy a ninja must train at least 100 points worth of stats and spend 500 words learning each of their specializations to Natural proficiency. In addition they must learn each of the academy jutsu to graduate though they can learn others, only the base academy jutsu are needed to graduate. While at academy level, the students can not exceed 100 points in any one of their individual stats (not including traits and passive boosts), can not progress their specs above Natural level, and are not able to take any missions until they've graduated. After doing so, they will get a small boost over what a ninja who started as a genin may receive. Listed below are the bonuses upon completion of the academy program:

  • 5 free jutsu (3 D rank, 2 C rank)
  • They are awarded 2 specialization's promoted to Skilled level
  • 5 Kunai, 10 Shuriken, and the Village Headband
  • 50 stat points for free

The next notable rank is a Genin and is the rank of ninja learners. Often times they are paired up with other genin and assigned to a Jounin sensei where possible and sent on missions as they learn the ninja world and develop their skills. This is the most common starting 'rank' and grants a ninja a few basic necessities upon starting out:

  • 100 stat points
  • 2 Kunai, 5 Shuriken, and the Village Headband
  • 1 Specialization at Skilled level
  • Academy Jutsu
  • 3 free jutsu (2 D rank, 1 C rank)

Once a genin is deemed worthy they may be promoted to the role of chuunin through a variety of different methods. The most common method of promotion are the Chuunin Exams, an event held every so often to test the strength of the villages genin and allow them to compete against each other. At the event, those worthy of being promoted to the rank of Chuunin will do so. The second is to have your village Kage's direct permission to do so but usually entails some amount of merit (ie. missions completed or a certain physical competency) to justify the upgrade. The method is left to the Kage of the village to decide.

A Chuunin is a full-fledged ninja in any of the ninja villages and is cleared to lead ninja teams on missions and take on a greater role and responsibility within the village organization. This rank doesn't have the bells and whistles of the earlier ranks but as part of it every Chuunin is granted their village Flak Jacket for free to use. In special cases (determined explicitly by staff) can a character be started at chuunin level and they get a more expanded package to work with than those who start at genin. Listed is the Chuunin starting kit:

  • 250 stat points
  • 2 Kunai, 5 Shuriken, Village Headband, Village Flak Jacket
  • 2 Specialization's at Skilled level
  • Academy Jutsu
  • 7 free jutsu (3 D rank, 2 C rank, 2 B rank)

A Chuunin is promoted entirely through their own respective Kage when they have earned the right to do so and display the proper commitment and physical prowess to advance.

A Chuunin can be promoted directly to one of two ranks by their Kage. Covered here is Special Jounin, which is a limited use Jounin who excels in a few areas of the ninja arts highly. These are highly trained and skillful ninja without the broad capacity of the normal Jounin class, and as such, are held back slightly until their skills and experience balance out a bit more fully. In special cases (determined explicitly by staff) can a character be started at special-jounin level and they get a more expanded package to work with than those who start at genin or chuunin. Listed is the Special Jounin starting kit:

  • 600 stat points
  • 2 Kunai, 5 Shuriken, Village Headband, Village Flak Jacket
  • 1 Specialization at Proficient level, 2 Specs at Skilled level
  • Academy Jutsu
  • 12 free jutsu (5 D rank, 4 C rank, 3 B rank)

Special Jounin are promoted exclusively to Jounin rank by Kage discretion once they have reached the requested physical capabilities and commitments.

The final true rank of the hierarchy below that of Kage is the Jounin, a true high skilled ninja who operates at the highest level of discretion and with incredible skill. They are trusted highly by their village to complete dangerous and often deadly missions and tasks with scrutiny. In special cases (determined explicitly by staff) can a character be started at jounin level and they get a more expanded package to work with than those who start at any lower rank. Listed is the Jounin starting kit:

  • 1000 stat points
  • 2 Kunai, 5 Shuriken, Village Headband, Village Flak Jacket
  • 1 Specialization at Mastered level, 1 Spec at Proficient level, and 2 Specs at Skilled level
  • Academy Jutsu
  • 15 free jutsu (5 D rank, 4 C rank, 4 B rank, 2 A rank)
  • Access to Bloodline abilities (determined case by case by staff)

Included above the jounin is the S-Class Jounin which is a pool of the most experienced and advanced ninja a village has to offer. These ninja only take missions with the highest danger and chance of death and complete them often without fail or error. Their skills are far beyond that of normal ninja and they often carry some legend or fable about themselves that leave opponents fearful to see them in battle. Besides the hearsay, this is the level that village Kage are often pulled from and the leadership and ninja councils of the village as well where it applies. In special cases (determined explicitly by staff) can a character be started at S-Class and they get a more expanded package to work with than those who start at any lower rank. Listed is the S-Class starting kit:

  • 1500 stat points
  • 2 Kunai, 5 Shuriken, Village Headband, Village Flak Jacket
  • 1 Specialization at Mastered level, 2 Specs at Proficient level, and 2 Specs at Skilled level
  • Academy Jutsu
  • 20 free jutsu (6 D rank, 5 C rank, 4 B rank, 4 A rank, 1 S rank)
  • Access to Bloodline abilities and Limited Techniques where applicable (determined case by case by staff)

For those characters given explicit permission to start at a higher rank, they are allotted one post in addition to their character app in order to unlock certain abilities of their bloodline, limiteds, additional jutsu, stats, etc... In that post, everything that is to be trained has half of the normal Word Count Requirement to be unlocked. This must be contained in that one post and must detail how they trained and unlocked everything exactly. The normal precedent of "Drink tea, get stronger" does not apply and they must write in detail the methodology to their advancement. This thread will/can be treated and written as a flashback for the user to explain things and elaborate on their training. Beyond this, it can be a Work In Progress (WIP) as the user wishes to continue to write on but once any of the post is turned in for training then it is settled and must be turned in before any other training is turned in. Once this is done, they need to link their thread to the appropriate training areas to have everything approved for general use.

Wanderers and Mercenaries

The question begs for how wanderers and criminals and the types fit into this system. It is important to clarify that any available minor nations will also fall suit to the rules above even if they have no 'Kage' in title. The leader of their village will determine the ranks and appoint positions in the same fashion. For Wanderers and Mercenaries who have no direct major or minor ninja village to tie their allegiance to, they will be awarded their rank based on their deeds by the other Kage. It is true that it is hard for mercenaries to take missions within the villages but a village may hire their services selectively (meaning a Wanderer needs permission for all missions taken in a ninja village) and will base it upon their previous performances and physical abilities. When a wanderer starts out, they are given the rank of D-Class and sent out with a sort of passport that states their rank for use in the major villages. Once a wanderer completes at least 3 missions of equal or above their ninja rank, they can go to the Kage of the village who assigned the missions and the Kage can upgrade them to C-Class from there on to repeat the system to bring themselves up one point at a time. This is entirely dependent upon the Kage or leader being sought at the time and if they deem the wanderer not worthy then they can be denied that boost.

It is important to note that wanderers rank will act a bit differently than those of a village in that D-Class mercenaries or wanderers can only take missions of equal to their rank until the Kage or leader of a village deems them worthy of promotion. Wanderers and Mercenaries can be promoted repeatedly up to S-Class themselves and if a character is created as a wanderer at a higher rank then they are awarded the same starting items and bonuses as village ninja minus the village headband and Flak Jacket. They are granted a ryo stipend in place of the starting items (Village Headband and Flak Jacket) in the amount of 650 ryo which they can use as they see fit to either buy items in their stead or spend how they please.

Criminals (Missing Ninja)

Criminals are a big part of the ninja world, those who disobey orders, commit horrible atrocities, abandon their village and a myriad of crimes in between will be labeled as Missing Ninja. More precisely in that these ninja have no home anymore as they are sought after by their original village and are missing a place of origin. The rank of a missing nin is decided arbitrarily by the nature and volume of their various known crimes and determined by the Kage(s) and Leader(s) of each village. Once someone is known to be a criminal they are placed in what is known as the Bingo Book of each village who knows of their crime. Because it is dependent upon each village, if word of their crime(s) don't travel then perhaps other villages and lands will not know of them or they may not be full privy to the events going on. This means a criminal can be an S-Class Rogue Ninja in one village but not wanted at all in another village. It in some ways encourages villages to share pertinent information between each other in order to keep the Bingo Book collective up to date but is not required in any way.

As part of being in the Bingo Book, what comes often is a bounty placed upon the head of the rogue ninja for their capture and return to the village or execution depending on what the home village requests or demands. Listed below are the standard bounty prizes the site awards to people/villages that capture Missing Ninja to be split among the party themselves (in the case of a group effort) or given to the village who confronts the criminal. A village bounty can be tacked on to the base cost but that is determined by the Kage of each village (Kage see {Village Rules} for point distribution and monthly budgets).

  • D-Class criminals: Small timers, shop lifters, general public jerks. These criminals are small time and often in mostly crimes that are victimless or more a nuisance than anything. The only option is their capture/arrest and nets 100 ryo + village bounty. If a criminal of this class is killed in their arrest then the bounty in its entirety is forfeited and the capturing party is liable to be branded a criminal themselves.
  • C-Class criminals: This level is your more malicious criminals, they include theft of a greater amount, assault and battery of an innocent citizen, and things of this nature. Capture/arrest of these criminals will net 300 ryo + village bounty. If a criminal of this class is killed in their arrest then the bounty in its entirety is forfeited and the capturing party is liable to be branded a criminal themselves.
  • B-Class criminals: These are your arduent and continuous criminals, multiple lower infractions can bring a person to this level but most often it takes egregious crimes such as arson and attempted murder to be placed here. Capture/arrest/execution nets 500 ryo + village bounty.
  • A-Class criminals: These criminals are lost souls who have committed atrocious acts for a variety of reasons. Murder being the most common but other horrifying acts such as human experimentation and espionage/treason often fall under this rank. Capture/arrest/execution nets 1000 ryo + village bounty.
  • S-Class criminals: These criminals are the worst of the worst, committing terrible acts even beyond the scope of A-Class criminals. Mass murder and serial killing, attacking villages, manipulating world events, etc... can have a ninja placed here. Capture/arrest/execution nets 2000 ryo + village bounty.


Titles are simply as they are stated. These are titles for you character that carry on their legacy, some token of their achievements or a nickname that is carried in legend about your character. On Mythos, we would love the chance to bestow various nicknames and bits of grandeur upon the characters that grow to fame and infamy around the site so we've come up with a system for such. Anyone who has a legacy about their character can carry up to 2 titles on their profile (2 per account) as Badges of their legacy. Occasionally, staff will give out these titles to those who perform exceptionally during events or plots and earn it for themselves and these titles will not take up one of the two slots for a person to bestow to their character themselves. In addition and as the only exception to the 2 titles rule, occasionally there will be different site achievements awarded by staff for those who complete tasks such as winning the Chuunin Exams. These achievements are staff decided only and far more restricted than the usual case and to wear as additional badges on top a ninja's titles.

In order to earn a title, merely compile the references and relevant threads and other socials that show your character has grown infamously (or famously) and can carry around that new title or nickname with IC-backing and staff will add it to your profile. Obviously, this means that there has to be some IC-merit to it for staff to deem it worthy to add and we hope to take this badge of honor seriously where we can. Not to say that joking isn't allowed and if you notable title is to make a fool of yourself in some way we will oblige the request but things that become disrespectful in any way won't be tolerated and titles can't be changed easily so think carefully before making the request! Otherwise, this is just a fun system to recognize character's and their actions IC by staff so have fun with it!
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