Preparation and Peers [Etsumi | Private]

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Preparation and Peers [Etsumi | Private]

Post by Kyoshi on Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:11 pm

Most weekends, Kyoshi would make an effort to take a break from all the training that he did throughout the week. From Monday to Friday, Kyoshi was either in class, training with friends, or training at home with his father or other clan mates. He was never forced to work so hard, but Kyoshi felt that he had a great deal of responsibility weighing on his shoulders, and so he would not rest until the weekend rolled around. At that point, Kyoshi would usually sleep in, go fishing, go out for sushi, or just go exploring around the land surrounding the village. But not today. It was far too close to the graduation exams for Kyoshi to be taking breaks of any kind, and so instead of relaxing this weekend, the young Sarutobi found himself on the way to the Ninja Academy training grounds.

It was fairly early in the morning, and Kyoshi was walking through the market district on his way to his destination just as many of the shops were opening up to start their business for the day. He was wearing his usual clothes, clad in his dark pants and crimson jacket bearing his clan symbol on the back. It was his favourite jacket, because it let him show off his pride in his clan without having to tell everyone who passed him on the streets. Even so, Kyoshi still waved to everyone that he saw, a big smile on his face to greet each and every one of the village shop owners. It was going to be a good, hard day of training, and by the end he would hopefully be one step closer to his goal of becoming a genin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Before too long, the young Sarutobi had traversed the entirety of the market district and arrived outside of the academy building. He glanced up at the entrance for a moment, smiling to himself and realizing that he would soon be able to leave the place behind. It wasn’t that he hated the academy or anything like that, but he was not one to spend time studying history and the mathematics behind shuriken tossing or things like that. So the sooner he could get on to actual missions that involved helping the village and making it stronger, the better he would feel about how he was spending his time. Giving a slight nod to the doors of the academy building, Kyoshi turned and made his way around the back of the academy grounds where there were several small areas for the students to practice. As he expected, they were mostly empty, save for a few people that were working on their own much like Kyoshi was planning to do.

The young Sarutobi stepped over to an empty area of the training grounds and glanced about. He had not chosen what he should work on yet, though after seeing a tree that his friend Akame and he had worked with before, Kyoshi could not help but remember how they had sent shuriken into it using the puppet string technique. It was then that he realized he should really work on his shuriken accuracy, especially since it was not his strong point. He stepped over to a small nearby shed to get some practice ninja tools, laying out a box that containing some kunai and shuriken with blunted edges before picking up a few of each and stepping to a reasonable distance from the tree. Taking a shuriken in his hand, Kyoshi planted his feet firmly and pulled his arm back, noting where in the tree scratched and marked up he hoped to hit. With a deep breath, he let let the tool fly through the air. His aim was truer than expected, striking into the tree and embedding itself there for him to see.

It was going to be a good day.




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