Bloodline Guidelines

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Bloodline Guidelines

Post by Cloaked Figure on Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:33 pm


Bloodlines are the unique enhancements of a ninja for their jutsu. These are essentially Kekkai Genkai as canon was concerned, things like Dojutsu and Advanced Elements fit into this category. The key criteria is that a Bloodline Trait is something that encompasses a new 'class' of jutsu in a unique capacity and can not be copied or replicated via standard jutsu without possessing the Bloodline trait itself. These sorts of 'classes' of jutsu will be unique only to those who have the bloodline and custom ones can be applied for in the Bloodline section for those that wish to do so.

A list of Limited Abilities shows the sorts of things that are out of bounds for normal bloodline abilities. The template for creating bloodlines is given below:

Name: (Give your class of jutsu a name, ie. Sharingan or Ice Release)
History: (If your bloodline has a unique history, founding, or otherwise, this is the place to list it out and create the lore around the unique ability)
Requirements: (Give the special requirements for the use of the bloodline. Examples: Requires Ninjutsu, Sharingan requiring extreme emotion to unlock, etc...)
Description: (Give a formal and in-depth description of how the bloodline works, leave no stone unturned)
Drawbacks: (Give applicable drawbacks to the bloodline users or ability in order to balance the bloodline)
Bloodline Jutsu: (List any jutsu that the bloodline has as essential)


[b]Bloodline Jutsu:[/b]

The above template is used to app custom bloodlines for use on the site. Anything canon that is not covered and not in the group of limited or restricted abilities that you feel can be utilized appropriately can be applied as a bloodline. However, staff reserves the right to overrule that decision, whether that be denying the bloodline as something that could be simply classed as jutsu, or something that it is canon and should rest in staffs hands to create, etc... it will rest in their hands to do so. The description of the bloodlines needs to be very encompassing of all the aspects of the ability. For those with dojutsu, if there are stages like the Sharingan has they need to be listed out and well documented their abilities at all stages. Advanced elements should have their interactions and constituent elements written out expressly and any other bloodlines also subject to the same level of scrutiny in mechanic.

As with the app there a few key things to note, a bloodline cannot consist solely of it's related jutsu. The bloodline is a custom 'class' of jutsu and they are there to give examples of how to properly utilize and not to act as the framework of the bloodline itself. Additionally, bloodlines that are not limited are free to be utilized without limitation and as such, require a bit of additional balancing compared to normal jutsu. Those with bloodlines can have an immense power compared to those without and as a way to keep things fair and balanced in some ways, we ask that you apply drawbacks to match the benefits of said bloodline. These things can often be intangible debuffs to the users of such or even direct inhibition of a persons abilities outside of their kekkai genkai. It will be up to the moderator's discretion to decide on what is balanced and staff reserves the right to revisit the balance of any bloodline at any time.

As a bonus though, bloodlines can have a certain class of jutsu bestowed to them naturally as part of their abilities. These jutsu serve as prime examples of the canon uses and how the bloodline can be used after the fact and are given for free to each of the bloodline holders so long as they are able to use them. (ie. those who lack the training in Ninjutsu may not use bloodline techniques involving ninjutsu until they meet that requirement) There are further restrictions to this in that a bloodline can have 5 total jutsu they can distribute with only one being allowed at S rank and none at SS rank. Outside of that, they are free to encompass a wide range and variety of skills and natures that coincide with the bloodline itself.

Creating Custom Bloodlines

To create a custom bloodline is as simple as having the vision for an idea. First, copy the template into a new post in the Bloodlines section of the forum. Once that is done, link that back to the Bloodling Modding Requests to have a mod check over the application. It shouldn't take long but once a mod checks the thread and posts with a list of requested edits to make or concerns about the bloodline then you'll have more work to do to bring it in-line with site regulations. Should you get that coveted approval though, the bloodline will be moved into one of the locked bloodline sections to be used on site. It is important to note, a character cannot be created within a bloodline until that bloodline is approved for use and characters once created cannot switch bloodlines under any circumstances.
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