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Site Rules

Post by Cloaked Figure on Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:33 pm

General Site Rules:

The rules listed out here are the ones to abide by at all times when on the site regardless of medium and situation. The administration will be holding these rules tightly in order to create a fun and friendly atmosphere about the site where everyone can feel involved in their own characters and adventures with as little hurdle to their enjoyment as possible.

  • First and foremost and above all things is to treat each other with respect. This goes for anyone and everyone you interact with on site whether that be other members or the staff team itself and regardless of what you're doing or how you feel. Everything can be kept respectful and if you feel that you can't do so, then step away until the time you can.
  • When any member of staff makes a request, you as a member, are to follow that. Whether it be to not bring up a certain topic in the chat box or to refrain from certain subjects in posting, their word is final.
  • If you think a staff member is abusing their power, you can bring it to any other staff member or an admin and we will take care of it. There is no bad-mouthing or flaming needed and there will be no tolerance for it.
  • Discrimination of anyone for any reason will not be tolerated on site and it at the discretion of the moderating team to handle any violations as they see fit. In addition to this, harassment of any kind is also not tolerated and will be handled severely as well.
  • Your username should be the current name/alias of your character. Things like 0v3rl0rd1 will not be allowed as usernames. If you would like your username changed, post in the admin request thread detailing what you want it changed to, and if it's available then it will be changed as such.
  • On Mythos you are allowed to have up to 4 active characters at any given moment. While this may seem like a lot, to prevent excessive creation and throw-away of characters to the site, any new accounts created after the 4 must override one of the original 4 you possess. Any old accounts won't be removed or deleted and instead should be placed in an inactive status until a character slot is freed up (via character death or similar mechanic) and no inactive accounts can be brought back by placing another account as inactive in their place.
  • Once content is created on Mythos it will not be deleted by staff under any circumstance. This includes character applications, threads between characters, item applications, accounts themselves, etc... The only exception to this is content which openly breaks the site rules in various forms and is deemed necessary to be removed from the site.

Posting Rules:

  • Godmodding is not allowed here. It is expected by the site that you roleplay your character(s) appropriately within their limits and abilities and don't abuse the system to empower yourself. In addition, vague manipulation is heavily discouraged. It is understandable that not every detail will be covered in your post but any abuse of such a system will not be allowed.
  • Meta-gaming is also not allowed. It is fairly obvious but the use of out-of-character information in an in-character sense will not be tolerated.
  • Posts themselves are expected to be of a decent quality. The minimum expectation is that you don't use incredibly short responses to reply in posts or text speech (ie. ur kool) or things of that notion. We do not have a required word count that any post must be but there is an expectation of quality put forth in your writing and participation on site.
  • Anything that is not approved and/or paid for at the start of a thread may not be used. There are some situations where that can be stretched if agreed upon by all the parties in a thread (like using a small bit of fire chakra to start a fire) but abuses of this will not be allowed and staff will retcon (void) any and all posts this becomes an issue in.
  • Post subject material is varied, we understand that as super powered ninja who fight and kill for a living that many adult themes may arise in posts. Things like blood and gore to swearing or even characters having romantic interests tend to happen in the progression of a character and their plot. However, this is also an open forum and as such certain things should be used tastefully and within reason while role playing. As an example, excessive amounts of swearing as determined by staff can be a breach of this trust and subject to action. Any content that would be deemed Not-Safe-for-Work (NSFW) should be spoilered in all instances and labeled both in the title tag and the spoiler as NSFW. This type of material is discouraged heavily by Mythos staff but any post that is not spoilered and labeled is subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to the posts being deleted and thread being archived.
  • We also ask members to refrain from spam posting in any sections. Do not repeatedly bump modding requests or revive old introduction threads that haven't been posted in some time. Violations of this will have your posts deleted and potential warnings given or result in banning from the site.
  • As a note for In-Characer (IC) interactions. All items and ryo that are exchanged between characters must happen IC in a thread somewhere. Without it happening IC, none of the item or ryo exchange will be valid and neither party will be able to use the items legally IC and staff will not transfer the ryo.
  • Additionally, there is one other posting etiquette/rule to note and that is the use of tags in the title of threads. An example would be to label a thread as such, "The Road to Ninja [Private/No-kill]" with the part in brackets being the tags. Anything can be tagged in a thread but the common tags that the site recognizes are Private- A thread closed to only those who are invited/included by the one who starts the thread, Open- A thread that anyone is able to join freely and without restriction, No-Kill or NK- Is a marker for those who wish to compete without the risk of death, in these threads hostile actions cannot truly kill any person within the thread (NPC's excluded) and any actions that would cause death normally within the thread are voided of happening (void meaning to ignore the actions completely). Any thread that is not marked is not open (must be invited directly into the thread or invade) but is considered kill-enabled at all times. Any thread that is invaded or intervened is immediately considered kill-enabled even if it was originally tagged as No-kill.

Chat-box Rules:

  • All cbox rulings are subject to moderator discretion. If they choose certain transgressions need only to be given a warning, a chatbox clear, a kick from the cbox, or ban, they have the responsibility to do so.
  • Do not spam the chatbox under any circumstances.
  • Respect everyone in cbox, members and moderators included. There are no exceptions to this.
  • Spoiler any links to anything off-site and any images at all in the chatbox. Failing to spoiler links can result in the cbox 'breaking' and not showing messages properly for everyone. Code provided below:


  • Do not advertise in cbox! There is an affiliation and advertisement section expressly for that purpose.
  • Do not argue in cbox, whether that be staff or otherwise. Flame wars and other appropriate synonyms are to be heavily disavowed and avoided in the chatbox.
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