Hourglass Shapes [Training|Solo]

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Hourglass Shapes [Training|Solo]

Post by Roku on Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:25 am

Climbing the stairs two at a time to get his favorite seat, Rokumaru ground to a halt upon seeing it was already occupied. The raven-haired girl who had gotten there first began to greet whoever was approaching until her black eyes found his own red-brown pair; her face twisted into a sneering grin, irises shifting into that crimson shade that made his hair stand on end and his breath quicken. Anyone else casting such a look at Roku would have received the same from him, followed by the snarkiest comment he could think of, but he merely averted his gaze and descended the stairs to sit against the wall several rows of desks away. The feeling of being watched only increased the further he fled. From that seat one could see everything in the classroom, and like most days it was stolen from him by that black-haired harpy.

Rokumaru had made a mistake antagonizing Uchiha Hiroka. Bitter about losing spar after spar to the immigrant as well as the highest class rank, the boy was quick to call her a cookie-cutter kunoichi who would be completely forgettable if not for the Doujutsu she rubbed in his face every day. He had said something similar to every student of his class that had beaten him at some point, and always received one of three rewards for his efforts: insults hurled back, fists thrown in anger and occasionally tears.

Hiroka had done none of these things; instead, the black orbs in her skull shifted into a crimson color he had seen in only textbooks, two black tomoe swirling round and round. As an Academy Student Rokumaru had yet to learn the basic techniques that were a staple to any shinobi's arsenal, especially the vital Genjutsu Kai. His tongue and cheeks still felt the pain from being bitten to release the illusion. More students filed in as Roku began to unpack his note-taking tools.

Through the years of class without the Uchiha girl Rokumaru ruled the roost through a mixture of intense bullying, exceptional test scores and a friendly relationship with his instructors. Now, he was forced to watch a foreigner waltz into his village, blowing through every Taijutsu and weapons test while copying Roku's exams with her Sharingan, unable to voice his thoughts without long moments of extreme stress and fear. With so few of her clan-mates in the village she was the golden child; girls imitated her, boys wanted her, and all the instructors could speak about was her unprecedented potential as a shinobi. Rokumaru's jaw ached from the amount of time he had been grinding his teeth this past year.

Having arrived early just to swipe his favored seat, there was still nearly ten minutes before class began for the day. Students filtered in with increasing frequency but the seat beside him was the last to have an occupant. His classmates had gotten more than enough of Roku's attitude by their second year, but the arrival of the Uchiha girl was a relief to most. He spoke less in discussions, fled as soon as class was finished and hadn't bullied anyone for months. She was his nemesis. And when the Chūnin instructor began to write the sparring matchups for today on the chalkboard, he felt his stomach drop when his name was slowly written opposite Hiroka's.

His thoughts occupied him until the clock struck 8 and the door was closed, signaling class had begun.

Kimiko-sensei was a striking young woman in her twenties with wavy red hair similar to his own color and a figure that was too distracting for what an educator should look like. Yet despite her appealing visage, something that haunted his dreams for the past year, she was equally strict and demanding of her students, especially those towards the top of the ranking such as Roku and the demon several desks away, still burning a hole into the back of his head. Their mutual rivalry was not unnoticed by the teacher, and instead was used to fuel their efforts in both academics and training. To Rokumaru's horror, and Hiroka's delight. Knowing that Hiroka outclassed her peers physically and Roku knew how to exploit their weaknesses the two were always forced to spar together first. The girl would move to the next opponent and on while he would spend the next few hours recovering. Not having won a match in months was severely hurting his class rank but Kimiko-sensei told him rank meant nothing and he needed the experience against a stronger opponent.

Today's classroom instruction focused entirely on the basic Taijutsu forms drilled into their heads, indicating a longer-than-average time they would spend outside sparring. Already defeated by the torment he would be experiencing in a few short hours Rokumaru meticulously copied the diagrams being written in the chalkboard into his notebook with various notes written around each. So cowed was he that Roku allowed the civilian girl beside him to copy everything he was writing down. A quick glare wasn't even enough to stop her, her dismissive giggle indicating he did not have the reputation he once enjoyed.

Beyond clashing with several in his class, his shinobi education was actually coming along well. Despite his abnormally large chakra reserves, just barely less than what Hiroka was capable of, Roku's chakra control was nearly precise enough to perform the Academy techniques. Arithmetic was something he could do in his sleep and was moving on to geometry, the margins in his intro to Iryōjutsu textbook was running out of room for notes and his father had even gotten a friend in the Puppet Brigade to train Roku in puppetry. His mind was his greatest asset as a student and earned him the 4th highest ranking in the class, tied for first in exam scores while trailing behind in the Taijutsu spars.

Kimiko-sensei allowed her students to finish their notes before erasing the board and called for the Taijutsu spars to begin. Fetching her wide-brimmed hat from her desk she dismissed the children with orders to report to Training Ground in ten minutes. The girl beside him was lucky enough to draw her friend as an opponent and quickly ran off with the boy in excitement, giving Rokumaru a moment to himself while packing his things back into his crimson satchel. Down the row a few seats away Hiroka passed by with that same wolfish smile. A moment later she was gone, leaving Roku alone in the classroom.

He hated being a kid. He had come so far from he pathetic child he was once was, on the cusp of beginning the path to his goals, and yet there were so many obstacles to getting there. The Academy itself was a stressful place to be in with expectations so high. A year ago the redhead was top of the class, maybe disliked by his peers but at least respected. Now, he was floundering, and he knew exactly why.

Five minutes and a brisk walk later his problem was staring him down with a look of determination, black eyes fading to blood-red.

Rokumaru tried to focus on his goal of being a Suna-nin, trying to focus on improving himself, and yet he was distracted by girls. Specifically, one girl in particular. And she knew it. Rokumaru hated being a kid. His sensei stated the rules for the spar in a bored tone, having done so hundreds of times this year alone, but Rokumaru was too focused on the Konoha native across from him.

Fear and sexual attraction were wrapped around each other in Rokumaru's mind due to the company he was born into, seeing enough of what adults did to each other to both horrify and fascinate him, and now hormones were coursing through him to leave him vulnerable. Unfortunately for the boy, he discovered this when a pale beauty with a Sharingan was not impressed by his insults and subjected him to numerous bouts of visual genjutsu. Not only was she physically stunning, there was an aura of danger and excitement he felt when she was particularly unhappy with him. Now Roku could hardly stand being in her presence without feeling off his game, like the child he had once been. Powerless. It was affecting his ability to prioritize and holding him back in their spars, something Hiroka took advantage of mercilessly.

Rokumaru broke out of his daydreaming just in time to know his sensei had ordered the match to begin and that Hiroka was rushing towards him like she always did, using her speed to maneuver faster than he could react. Her fist reeled back for a punch but Rokumaru recognized the feint she would use, jumping back in time to dodge sweeping legs that would have floored him. Her approach never ceased as she continued throwing blows at him, forcing him backwards as every blocked strike bruised and battered his arms and legs. The blows she didn't let him block were bringing tears to his eyes.

Like always Hiroka would be incredibly aggressive in the beginning to tire him out before becoming more precise and conservative with her attacks. Being so close to her was bad enough without her steel palms bruising his face and knees cracking his ribs; she enjoyed punishing Rokumaru for his prior rudeness, and he received punishment daily. Gasping for air and clutching the areas on his body screaming in pain, he left his guard open for the finishing blow.

When he regained consciousness Rokumaru spent a few moments watching the clouds, laying on his back on the sidelines. Truthfully there was hardly any moisture in the air for clouds to form, though a single wisp of white managed to float through the sky above. Narrow in the middle while expanding at the top and bottom; an hourglass, he thought. The moment was ruined when he realized it was Hiroka that had dragged him to the side and was standing over him with that look again, forcing the boy onto his feet before stumbling away to watch the matches alone.

The class returned to the building for an exam on the fauna and flora of Hi no Kuni before being dismissed. Rokumaru had powered through the creaking in his ribs and beat his rival back to the classroom, sitting in his favorite spot with a wide grin splitting his bruised face as he watched Hiroka glare at him from her seat at the front with the squares. He had a much-needed victory there to help him rip through the test in minutes, smug that no one with movement-copying eyes could steal his work. The boy to his left actually knew what he was doing and the wall was to his right, so Roku did not bother with flipping the paper over. But now he had 20 minutes of spare time that would inevitably be spent thinking, and his thought s drifted to what they always did when he was here.

No, he had more self control than that. Instead he focused on the thing he had been working so hard for these past years. Kimiko-sensei wore her Suna Hitai-ate around her neck, the hourglass stamped on the steel catching the light and distracting him so much more than any mere girl could. He would wear his headband around his neck just like that one day, and spend every morning polishing it to a shine that even his sensei couldn't replicate.

It was his greatest desire to have that status symbol in his possession, the first rung on the ladder to his goals. It could overpower any thought about dallying with girls, spending his time on worthless endeavors. He would collect a few books from his home and force himself to train until the sun begins to set. The Academy was merely for measuring his skills and refining his poor taijutsu, and he was glad that one day it would end.

The clock hummed lowly as 14:00 came around, Kimiko-sensei dismissing her class before reminding them of the weekend trip to Takumi Village, and that those without a guardian's permission would not be allowed to come. Roku would need to speak to his father before tomorrow; no way was he missing this. The students quickly began to stream out as they enjoyed their freedom, the redhead waiting for the crowd to disperse.

His gaze followed the raven-haired girl as she left the room, trailed by the lovestruck boy she currently deemed suitable to date. She would be gorgeous one day; even now he could appreciate the hourglass figure she was developing.

The thought comforted him, and he made his way to the door. He bid his sensei a pleasant afternoon, eyes locked in the hourglass stamped on her headband as she assured him he would catch up to Hiroka if he continued to give his 110% effort. With a ruffle of his shaggy crimson hair she sent him on his way.

He loved the shape of the hourglass. But the only one he needed would one day be hanging from his neck. Now, he just had to handle interacting with his sociopathic father.

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