Good Teamwork, or Complete Disaster? [Private/Ayame]

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Good Teamwork, or Complete Disaster? [Private/Ayame]

Post by Akame on Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:49 pm

"Alright class, today's instruction is going to revolve entirely around teamwork. You all know about graduation coming up soon, so today you're going to pair up with one another and perform a couple training exercises. You will be graded on both your cooperation and on your ability to complete your tasks. Any questions?" Their chuunin instructor had spoken to the full class of academy students, standing in the middle of the circle of students, gazing towards them all with a pair of stern eyes. "Looks like there are no questions. I'll be watching each of your progress closely, so don't waste your time playing around." With a puff of smoke, their instructor would disappear from the area, leaving his students to their own devices.

Akame thankfully had no questions whatsoever since it seemed to him that their sensei had a clear lack of interest in hearing about their inquiries. Instead, he would look at their surrounding training grounds. Thankfully the academy had a couple of training grounds fitted for situations exactly like these, because he would have been unsure on how exactly they would end up actually practicing stuff like teamwork. It helped further that he recognized this area as well from his attempt to go and have some fun with Tetsuji; The distant gravel path with what can be described as a grassland between itself and the academy, overall an open space. The odd lack of training dummies however is what confused the young Senju, whom of which would undo his kimono top and drop it to the ground, revealing the fishnet shirt underneath and his clan's symbol etched onto his left bicep. He didn't know what exactly their sensei had in store for them, but he figured that he wouldn't risk having anything too loose-fitting on for this.

After what was essentially basic prep, he would give off a light yawn. It was still a morning instruction, and he would be lying if he said that he had shaken off the grasp of sleep by now. He already noticed certain other groups of students already getting into their pairs of two, talking, playing, or doing whatever they wished to do before. It almost seemed as if they all would have to find a partner before it began. He turned and walked away from the scattering circle of students, getting some distance away and sitting on the grass, where he would watch and wait for the majority to group together. The way he saw it was that as the rest of the class group together into their pairs of two, he would be able to better find someone that he would be able to convince to group with him. With half open orange eyes scanning the others from left to right, his hunched posture increased.

"Hmm, who to talk to.." Talking to yourself is generally something seen as odd, but in situations like this, it really helped him in keeping his attention on the task at hand.

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