Genjutsu Instruction [Private/Etsumi]

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Genjutsu Instruction [Private/Etsumi]

Post by Akame on Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:21 pm

It would be around noon at Konohagakure's shinobi academy; a place where multiple young minds are shaped and prepared for the dangerous future they wish to take part in. On this day the classrooms would be filled with students, whom of which are learning about various subjects from calculating various distances on the field to hands on training in Taijutsu. In one classroom, however, the Chuunin sensei of theirs was already preparing for the instruction, taking a box full of leaves and setting it on his desk. Akame Senju would scratch the back of his head before returning to his sketching of the village symbol. "You remember that fight that happened yesterday?"

"Yeah, I heard Hiro was crying! It was great!"

It seemed that there was still talk about that incident, though Akame himself would ignore it for the most part, only ceasing his little sketch for a few moments as he listened. A slight swelling of regret filled his insides. The past detention wasn't the most pleasing.

"Quiet down, class. Today we will go through two subjects today: The first of the two is Chakra Control. When I say so you will all come down here, grab a leaf, and put it on your forehead. Then, you'll try to concentrate on just the leaf and concentrate your chakra on that single focal point. Now come down, grab a leaf, and return to your seats."

Akame would join the rest of the group in approaching the box, where he would spot it full of identical leaves. Reaching in with a couple others, he would grab one with two fingers and would return to his seat, placing it on his forehead, already attempting to concentrate his chakra on it. Thankfully, his more recent training with a certain Sarutobi friend had already given him experience in concentrating chakra on a focal point. This was little different than a standard chakra string technique.

Of course, when all the other students were doing it, it nearly seemed like they were getting swarmed by mother nature. Those students focusing on the leaves would suddenly witness a nearly infinite amount of other leaves of similar appearances swirling around them in a circular motion, a cyclone of leaves with each student in the middle. Looking at it was almost disorienting, and the overload of a similar color began to have it all blend together in the young Senju's eyes.

"Of course, that was just the first part of your little leaf exercise. If it was just that, it would be too easy. No, this was just an introduction into the real topic here, and that's Genjutsu. Right now you're probably seeing leaves all over the place, correct? Well, if you can remain focused on your leaf and be able to break out of the Genjutsu, you'll already be ready for the next portion of today's lesson. Take too long and you'll fall asleep, so don't fall asleep or else you won't graduate this year. Good luck~"

The instructor's voice seemingly echoed from all around, almost as if he was all around them at once. There would be murmuring and grumbling around the classroom as the activity continued on, and Akame couldn't help but look towards his fellow students, whom of which were trapped in the same technique as him, wondering what their reactions are to this.

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