Mission Guidelines

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Mission Guidelines

Post by Cloaked Figure on Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:34 pm

The Hidden Villages of the Ninja world function on one main source of income; missions. The administration of these shinobi villages sell the skills of their ninja in order to satisfy the needs of all kinds of clientele. These missions can include anything from military action, advanced intelligence, security, tracking, and investigation; though all of this is done for a high price. The villages, as well as individual wandering ninja, can get away with charging these prices because of the talents that shinobi can offer that can’t be found anywhere else.
Over time, the Hidden Villages came to rely on these missions as their main form of income for both the village as a whole, and the ninja who completed the contacts personally. This is represented on Mythos by being the primary way for Player Characters to earn ryo as well.

Taking a Mission

The rank of a mission that can be taken by a Player Character is limited to their Ninja Rank. Characters may only take missions up to one rank above their own. For example, a Chuunin (C-Rank) may only request missions up to B-Rank. The exception to this rule is if the character is accompanied by at least one other player character of a higher rank. In this case, the team can take a mission up to the highest-ranking ninja’s rank, but no higher. For example, if a Chuunin (C-Rank) and a Jounin (A-Rank) take a mission together, they can request a mission that is up to A-Rank. These rules apply for wandering and mercenary ninja as well, with the exception of wanderers only being allowed to take missions equal to their rank when alone. More details on wanderer specific rules can be found in the Title and Rank Rules. The rank of a mission corresponds to the danger involved, which follow these general rules:

Mission Ranks:
D-rank - assigned to genin fresh from the Academy. They pose almost no risk to the ninja's life and usually consist of odd jobs like farming and babysitting work.

C-rank - assigned to more experienced genin or chūnin. They are missions with little to no chance of combat against other ninja. Examples are guarding people against bandits or highwaymen, background investigations, eliminating or capturing bandits or thieves, and capturing or suppressing wild animals.

B-rank - assigned to experienced chūnin. They are missions anticipated to involve combat with other ninja. Examples are guarding people, espionage, or killing other ninja.

A-rank - assigned to jōnin, concerning, among other things, village-or state-level matters and trends. Examples are guarding VIPs or suppressing ninja forces.

S-rank - assigned to experienced jōnin and concern state-level confidential matters. Examples are assassinating VIPs, and transporting highly classified documents.

There are three different types of missions you can take.

Repeatable missions
These missions can be taken as many times as you want on a character. Repeatable missions can be taken without requesting to take them. Merely check the Village's Mission Board for the village you are in and begin writing the mission at your convenience. Once you have completed the mission requirements, you can then post a link to the mission on the mission board from where you found it. Then, you can post a link to the mission board where you’ve posted your completion in the Mission Modding Requests. Once you’ve done that, just wait for your mission completion to be approved!

One-Time Missions
These missions can only be taken once ever. Whether it is by a group or by a single person, once the mission is completed it is closed. One-time missions also require that you request permission to take part in them, as they usually carry more weight to the village than a simple repeatable mission. To do this, first post on the mission board where you found the one time mission you wish to complete and say that you wish to take it. You can then link that post in the Mission Modding Requests and wait for it to be approved. Once that is done, you can complete the mission and turn it in as normal. After the mission is completed and your reward has been handed out, simply post on the mission that it is now closed.

Crime Missions
Let’s face it, not everybody is a good guy. If you wish to actively go against the law and take a mission to complete an illegal task, then feel free. Just know that though you will receive increased rewards, you will also be putting yourself at risk.

Crime Missions do not need to be requested, only completed like a regular repeatable mission. However, like one time missions, crime missions cannot be repeated on the same character. Each time you wish to commit a crime, you need to create a new crime mission and have it approved (see below for details). Additionally, crime missions require 25% more words to complete, and must be completed over the coarse of three (3) posts minimum.  Lastly, you must wait 24 hours OOC to exit the final post of the thread in order to allow for adequate retaliation from the village ninja should the opportunity present itself to stop you from breaking the law. You will be at risk for invasion, and should remember that before crossing one of the Hidden Ninja Villages.

Mission Creation

So, you’re now ready to take a mission but you haven’t found one you like. Fear not! You can make your own. You can create any type of mission to be completed by any ninja working in your village. To create a mission, simply post it on the Mission Board, but NOT in any particular village. The mission will be moved to the appropriate village board once it is approved by a moderator. Once you have created a mission, you can post a link to it in the Mission Modding Requests and wait for it to be approved before taking it, whether it is repeatable, one-time, or a crime. When creating a mission, please use the following template:

[b]Mission name:[/b] (What is the name of the mission?)
[b]Mission rank:[/b] (What rank is the mission considered? D-S)
[b]Objective: [/b](What is the goal of the mission?)
[b]Location:[/b] (Where does the mission take place?)
[b]Mission Description:[/b] (The details of the mission IC.)
[b]Mission Details:[/b] (The details of the mission OOC. The information in this field is unknown to the character(s) taking part in the mission and is meant to guide direction and outline specific events.)

If there are any NPCs that are involved in the mission which cannot be described simply (ex. a bandit with 100 points in each stat), then please detail them as part of the mission using the template below. Please note, these NPCs are generally not involved in repeatable missions unless there is a very specific reason for their repeated presence.

[b]General Appearance:[/b]

Mission Completion & Rewards

For completing a mission, there are two main ways that you can be compensated. The most common, is via a ryo reward for the mission completed. The ryo rewards for missions are as follows;

D-Rank: 100 ryo (+50 ryo for Crime)
C-Rank: 300 ryo (+150 ryo for Crime)
B-Rank: 500 ryo (+250 ryo for Crime)
A-Rank: 1000 ryo (+500 ryo for Crime)
S-Rank: 2000 ryo (+1000 ryo for Crime)

Additionally, you can earn double the ryo reward if the mission is completed using double the required word count (found below). Usually any extra word count can be used toward training, but in this case, the extra word count would have to be spent on the ryo reward alone.

Alternatively, as a reward for a mission a player can instead spend their word count on training of any kind such as jutsu or stats. This training, however, replaces the ryo reward which means that a player can either be rewarded with training, or with ryo, not both.

To complete a mission, you must accomplish the task that was described in the mission that you took, as well as fulfill a minimum word count requirement based on the rank of your mission:

D-Rank: 500 words (625 words for Crime)
C-Rank: 1500 words (1875 words for Crime)
B-Rank: 2000 words (2500 words for Crime)
A-Rank: 3000 words (3750 words for Crime)
S-Rank: 4500 words (5625 words for Crime)

You can take a maximum of three missions at one time, and their completion must be approved before more mission can be taken.
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