Limited Rules and Techniques

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Limited Rules and Techniques

Post by Cloaked Figure on Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:12 pm

Limited Techniques

As discussed in the Bloodline Guidelines there are certain classes of abilities and jutsu canon and otherwise that the site may deem as too powerful to be held on their own. However, before we ban them and lock them away in a vault of forgotten powers, it will be the responsibility of staff to try to create and balance the various techniques in canon to be available for use on site. Now, if staff feels something isn't balanced or can't be done, then it will of course be banned until a time which it can be but otherwise this is to serve as a restricted list of abilities.

Now, with every limited technique comes a set of both universal and individual restrictions with each set in order to use their abilities. The universal restrictions are that a person can only have 2 limited abilities at a time, regardless of the number of accounts they have and what they choose. Even in an IC sense, these classes of jutsu are so consuming in knowledge and or taxing on the physical limits on the body that anymore than 2 per ninja could cause their immediate death or the loss of control of themselves. In an OOC perspective this means that if you somehow gain more than 2 limiteds IC-ly then your character will lose access to all of them, lose the control of your character,  and/or can be killed under the excessive pressure on their body (essential staff killing the character). In even simpler terms, don't do it, staff will not be happy about you circumventing the rules in any form whatsoever.

Beyond this, for those that have alternate accounts and other characters, they can only have 2 limited abilities to distribute among all of their characters, active or otherwise. This gives us the opportunity to truly limit the number of these abilities running around the site and at the same time lets us also make each of the abilities unique and powerful in more canon terms (to solve the problem of multiple Uchiha running around of the same type). And we understand that the lose of some of these powers can happen and will happen at some point, dojutsu being stolen or destroyed and characters being killed. It is not our desire as staff to punish anyone who loses their ability and so everyone will always keep their 2 limited ability slots so as long as they use them appropriately and staff sees everything happening in a legitimate fashion. Now, in the case of those abusing the system and aggregating more limited techniques across multiple characters than allowed or even on the same character then staff will act on the site's behalf to keep things fair. Depending on the severity and intent of the infraction staff has the right to remove the limited techniques from your behalf, kill the character(s) in question, and even remove the slots you have available for limited use. Multiple infractions of this rule will result in loss of all limited abilities and the chance to have them again at all. Ignorance of the rule will not be an excuse to avoid following it, and staff are trying to grant these abilities to make the site more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved, not as yours or anyone's personal playground.

The last and final restriction to earning a limited under normal circumstances is that you have to work for it and earn it. There will be a variety of tasks that each one requires to be unlocked in both an OOC sense (having specs, stats, etc... in a place to use the powers) and an IC sense (having RP'd out the discovery, change, events involving them). As such, there is a bit of a time window in order to using and gaining any of these limited abilities and staff will ask that you maintain activity for at least one month before applying to use any limited. Of course, they will check your requirements but at the end of that one month you may apply for (and if approved to take it) begin to train and undergo the events to gain those limited abilities. At the end of the training of it staff will approve the limited and grant you those powers freely IC so as long as the staff member determines that you are handling the power about them correctly. We have very high expectations here and to treat any of these limited techs lightly or not take the background and feats behind them seriously as well then it will be denied.

Now that the restrictions are covered it is worth exploring what exactly a limited ability can do. These are unique classes of jutsu that grant extraordinary abilities and powers to their wielders that are not necessarily subject to the jutsu rules themselves. These actively exceed the power of both jutsu and bloodlines for their sake but carry a serious set of drawbacks along with it. A good example would be the powers bestowed by a Bijuu to a person who becomes a Jinchurikki. The canon examples of their powers are obvious but the drawbacks are there in that a Bijuu may not listen, restricts their ability to do other things and without going through the heavy and time consuming training, can take over and destroy the hosts body, not to mention the beasts constant drive to be free from their binds. This applies to every limited technique in a variety of ways and they are expected to be role-played properly by every user of such to a very high degree.

Limited Techniques List.

There is a list of the Limited Techniques and Abilities that we as staff have come up with as well as their individual restrictions. This is not all encompassing in any manor and if you think anything should be on the list or shouldn't be then message a staff member to bring it to their attention. If they decide to begin trying to balance it then it may end up on the list or may be determined that it can't be put on this list, in any case, staff's word is final. This only lists the ability and a short description of their requirements, formal write ups for each will be listed in the link above and will include the detailed requirements for every limited that is available. Below are the names alone of the various limited techniques which staff have thought of for use and balanced for the site to be used and their write-ups and details can be found in the link above.

  • Mangekyou Sharingan/Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan
    -Unlocks upon the death of a beloved person (NPC/PC) ICly, Eternal version comes from swapping eyes IC (NPC/PC)
  • Rinnegan (Counts for two limiteds)
    -Must have EMS beforehand and comes from transplant of Senju Life Abilities or by Six Paths Yin chakra infusion
  • Bijuu/Jinchurikki
    -Sealed into a persons body from Staff/Village/Another person
  • Senjutsu/Six Paths Senjutsu
    -Gained by a very heavy training amount from a Sage Animal, infusion of Six Paths Yang chakra grants heavy boost to Sage Mode
  • Dust Release
    -A secret and informed art of the Stone village, requires immense chakra control and a heavy training regiment
  • Eight Gates Technique
    -Slowly unlocks over time by serious training method and pressing the limits of the bodies physical abilities
  • Seven Heavens Breathing Technique
    -Same as Eight Gates
  • Space Time Ninjutsu
    -Requires mastery in Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu, as well as it is learned through a serious training regiment. (Gives the user another spec slot which can be trained up to master)
  • Creation Rebirth
    -Requires mastery in Medical Ninjutsu and immense chakra control then can be trained
  • Edo Tensei
    -Requires mastery in Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu and can be trained afterwards, requires DNA collected IC of all PC's and NPC's to use
  • Chakra Stealing (I.E. the ability to steal someones chakra and gain it as your own)
    -Requires mastery in Ninjutsu and immense chakra control
  • Wood Release (The Life-bringing portion)
    -Requires Senju Bloodline and immense chakra control and mastery in Med Nin and Ninjutsu, can then be trained. Alternatively, a Senju can be infused with Six Paths Yang chakra to grant the life-bringing abilities to their wood style
  • Magnet Release
    -Requires mastery in Ninjutsu and heavy training regiment
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