Family Visit [Solo/private]

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Family Visit [Solo/private]

Post by Akame on Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:59 pm

It was just another night in the household of Akame's mother; a female in her mid forties that has lived by herself since the Warring States Era ended. He and his elder brother on occasion visited her, not only to give and update on their progress and to be further encouraged of their goal, but also so she didn't feel alone. Spend a few nights over, life goes back to normal for a few months, rinse and repeat. It was just another normal night, but then again with everything that has happened recently, the young Senju hoped it was normal.

Glass was shattered, the clear shards scattering around the wooden floor. “He helped who?” The curt tone that came from his mother’s mouth was painfully evident, and her releasing grip served to drop even more broken shards of glass on the floor. Akame winced in reaction to this. He already knew that this wasn’t going to be a pleasant visit.

“An Uchiha boy, mother. From school files I believe the name was Tetsuji. Other than that he associated himself was a Sarutobi, which shows that at least he didn’t lose his mind completely.” Akame could only glare at his older brother as he spoke. Did he seriously have to talk about Akame’s social life rather than his own?

“At least I’m not helping my students cheat!”

“....what?” The angered reaction switched from Akame to his brother, whom of which was rubbing the back of his head and chuckling nervously. A Punch was thrown from across the table, hitting his brother square in the jaw and knocking him over. Akame couldn’t help but snicker as he watched the assault happen. "Serves you right, baka." His tongue stuck out towards his older sibling.

That was when the pain train fell upon Akame next in the form of a fist hammering the top of his head, making him immediately flinch from the attack, both hands clutching his head as he yelped from the sudden pain.

"Don't think you got off either just because you sold your brother out!" The throbbing sensation which came from the punch became quickly acquainted with Akame's head, and the younger boy's eyes couldn't help but glare towards Hanran, whom of which glared back. "Both of you eat your tako su. Now."

The three returned to silently eating their food, with Akame picking away the pieces of octopus sashimi, instead focusing on just the greens included in the meal, while his brother occasionally picked a piece or two of the octopus out of Akames' bowl. "Is there anything else I need to know?"

"Other than that whole incident involving Akame being in the Uchiha Clan's grounds? Nothing much else. Graduation is coming soo-"

"Oh, right! Graduation is coming soon." Seemingly their mother ignored the entirety of that incident, instead focusing on the topic of graduation itself. Typical, it wasn't something that the younger male was particularly surprised about. After all, the two have more than likely caused enough trouble that she was probably trying to process everything.

"It's going good enough. Had a kunai throwing pre-test recently, already learned all of the required jutsu to-"

"From what I've seen that log hitting you in the face says something different." Akame's cheeks flared red as his brother teased. "Oh yeah? W-well.. Well I did master it! You just weren't watching at the time, baka!" His comeback only created laughter, and while he may be flustered himself, he didn't truly feel any actual anger or frustration.

"Hey, it's your graduation on the line, not mine. Besides, your score for that pre-test wasn't all that great either. If you need help practicing, you could just ask."

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Re: Family Visit [Solo/private]

Post by Akame on Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:51 am

Everything was dark. Akame felt restrained, his body strapped to something, keeping him in a sitting position. He tried blinking his eyes, opening them so he can see what was going on, but open or closed it made no difference. Darkness shrouded his sight, leaving all he could see being but the little floaters drifting from place to place in his sight. “Hello?” The tone of his voice was groggy with exhaustion. He didn’t even recall falling asleep, let alone the last thing that had happened. All he could remember was eating dinner with his mother and brother. Was he actually that tired and he didn’t really know it?

He tried to move his arms but to no avail. A heavy flat wrapping was wrapped around his forearms and biceps, while his shins also had a similar feeling restraining them. “Mom? Hanran? Is anyone there?” He called out to the deafening silence, hoping for a response though receiving nothing in return. He couldn’t see at all, which wasn’t like his home at all, and he was eating dinner with his family so he knows he wasn’t kidnapped, so the only thing left for him to consider was that this was a dream after all, but why did it feel so real?

Two glowing red dots suddenly pierced the darkness like a knife of light, spearheading their way directly towards him. They lingered in the same place for a few seconds before slowly moving around in a circular motion towards him, passing by him just in front of his face, the red glare blinding him for an instant before rotating away, making its way back around to blind him once more. “What the heck?!” His quickly attempted to shut his eyes so to shield them from the lights, only for a pair of rough, gloves hands to hold his eyelids open, forcing him to watch and not turn away.

”You never went to the Uchiha Clan Compound. You don’t know what fear is. You hate the red glow.”

”W-what are you-“

“You never went to the Uchiha Clan Compound. You do not know what fear is like. You hate the red glow.”

The rotating lights became a stream of red outlining the motions of them, creating one large circle as Akame could literally feel his eyes shake, struggling to focus on anything. Why..”

”You never went to the Uchiha Clan Compound. You hate the red glow.”

”You hate the red glow.”

Reality literally hit the young Senju in the form of a wooden table colliding with his forehead, causing the boy to sit up in panic as he looked around, seeing his mother and brother eating what looks like breakfast. “Looks like someone fooled around too much last night.” Commented his older brother, but unlike most other times Akame didn’t bother responding, instead he continued staring at them both blankly. He didn’t even know why he was so confused. Clearly he stayed up too late the previous night playing with his toy, but for the life of him all he can see was nothing when he tried remembering it. It was but the warm feeling of his brother’s hand on his forehead that knocked the Senju out of thought. “Are you alright? You’re not running a fever, are you?”

Immediately Akame slapped his brother’s hand away. “I’m fine, I’m fine. Just tired is all.” All he received was a grin from his older sibling as their mother got up and left the room. “Well that’s good to hear, because we have some catch-up training for you to do today, to help you get ahead of the game.”

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Re: Family Visit [Solo/private]

Post by Akame on Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:58 pm

A small cloud of dust rose up as Akame's wooden sandal slid on the dirt underneath. He struggled to keep his posture against the sudden force of bokken on bokken. His wrists ached from the force he felt slam into his training sword just then, and all he can do was breath in heavy breaths as a bead of sweat dribbled down his forehead. He wasn't very familiar with Bukijutsu training, let alone going against a live opponent in it and it couldn't more evident than now that he was struggling a bit with that fact. This wasn't what he thought of when he brother mentioned training at all. Training? More like punching bag.

"You didn't counterattack. You can't just keep attempting to block every technique. Right now if you were going against a fully armored opponent you'd be mincemeat, especially with a kunai." His brother said with a dull tone and an extremely relaxed stance consisting of his just standing before the young Senju with his own bokken to the side, clearly showing a lack of concern in getting hit at all. "Why're you wasting your time with teaching me Kenjutsu when you can teach me how to use a kunai then?!" Akame couldn't help but asked, almost snapping at his elder brother as he begun to bring his feet slightly closer together again in the attempt to get a more stable stance.

Suddenly he witnessed a fast blur of motion as his sibling brought both hands to his weapon, effectively twisting his wrists and bringing his weapon downwards in a hard right, effectively forcing Akame to bring his own bokken to his right to defend himself, sliding his left hand up the back of the blade to help reinforce his defense as the loud clack of wood on wood could be heard. Almost immediately the young Senju felt a stinging sensation on his exposed left side at the armpit, where his brother had withdrew his weapon and jabbed his exposed side with it.

Akame swung his own weapon left to no avail, as his brother already took two steps back, dodging the attack completely. "Because your form is sloppy so you won't be any real use in close quarters. Plus, it doesn't hurt to learn how to fight against armored enemies. Without the proper knowledge on where and how to strike you'll be little more than a sack of meat. Now this time close in and aim for where I just hit you."

Immediately his brother brought both hands overhead, beginning an overhead strike, even if slowed down greatly for training purposes. Immediately Akame would do as told, taking a hasty short dash forwards with his right foot and swinging his bokken directly towards his brother's left armpit; a common example for a gap within armor. His brother took him off guard, however, by immediately interrupting his own attack and moving the wooden blade to cover where Akame was aiming, causing the young Senju's blade to bounce off for a small second, where he immediately brought his own blade around and struck him in the left shoulder with it.

"Your swing is too wide. That makes it too slow. Try again."

Akame glared at his brother as his shoulder stung from the blow. He held his weapon up before him again and watched as his brother once more went for that overhead strike. He decided to try twisting his wrists like he previously saw, knowing that while it sacrificed some of the strength behind the swing it would make it faster. He also decided to not entirely do as he was told either and just move forwards. Instead, he sidestepped to the right and moved forwards, twisting his wrists so he can deliver a slice directly at his brother's armpit without getting hit from above.

Satisfaction sank in as he felt his wooden tool strike its target, where he carried on through via taking large steps forwards and away from his opponent, turning around to face him.

"That was decent enough, for someone not following directions. You're still lacking in stability though. I could've tripped you easily. Still, it's good enough for now that you're starting to grasp how to actually fight back." A kunai was suddenly tossed to the ground before Akame. "I want you to actually hold your stance this time around. You already know about Kyo e no kamae, Jodan no kamae, and the Gedan no kamae stances and when to best use them, but you're lacking in the other stances and how to keep them. This time around though you'll have no choice but to keep them or else you'll get hurt for real." As he spoke, his older brother would cross his arms in front of his body. hiding the kunai behind his forearm with a finger in the ring.

Akame responded by pointing his finger towards his sibling's front-facing leg, his kunai kept in a reverse grip as his body remained slightly hunched over. He didn't bother responding, not with the sparring match about to begin. Immediately, his elder brother brought his hand towards Akame, his kunai immediately coming towards the younger male with the intention to cut him.

Akame immediately reacted by hastily lunging back a short distance of half a meter, immediately bringing himself back towards his opponent while his reverse grip switched to a standard one, bringing the tip of his weapon upwards with the intention to jab his brother in the chest. To his surprise, however, his brother switched stances quickly, bringing his knife behind his back while his left hand stuck outwards, immediately grabbing Akame's right arm by the forearm and halting the attempted jab, where he then pulled the younger male in while his kunai appeared once more, attempting to jab the boy in the back.

He was definitely stuck and without knowing what else to do than to just push himself onwards, practically lunging himself past his brother's side, where his grip on him would stop him from falling fully, though also seemingly took his older sibling off guard enough to not continue with piercing him in the back. He instead lightly cut Akame's fingers, causing the younger boy to yelp and release his grip upon his kunai momentarily. With the release of his weapon his brother released his own grip, swiftly bringing his knife to the boy and pausing, the tip just inches away from his face. "Almost."

Instead of deciding to push on, his brother instead withdrew his weapon and offered a hand. Begrudgingly Akame accepted it, allowing himself to be pulled up to his feet. "You still have a long way to go. You're pretty average as is, but you already know how mother is with "average". You'll have to try harder.." Akame lowered his head as they both began to walk off from what was one of the more secluded areas of the compound's forest. It felt like getting splashed with acid, to not yet be good enough, and that slight burning feeling just plain sucked in his opinion. As he looked away with his lower lip beginning to furl, he felt a hand pat the top of his head.

"In my opinion though, you're pretty good. If you want then when we get home I can teach you some things that can help you out. Let's head on to our real home, you got school tomorrow."

Akame's burning feeling began to die down as he looked up at his brother with a slightly surprised look before looking away again, a smile slowly beginning to form. "Thanks."

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Re: Family Visit [Solo/private]

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