Asami Amakura

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Asami Amakura

Post by Asami Amakura on Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:09 am

Who are you?

Name: Asami Amakura, the Autumn's Spirit
Age: 14
Birthday: 13/Dec
Bloodline: Scorch Release
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Heterosexual

What can you do?

Village: Sunagakure
Rank: Academy Student (E rank)
Element(s): Start with Wind and Fire due to Advanced Element Bloodline.

  • Wind Release
  • Fire Release


  • Strength: 0
  • Speed: 0
  • Endurance: 0
  • Perception: 0
  • Chakra: 10

Traits: Must pick two negatives without a positive due to clan weakness.
Positive Traits:

Name: Jack of All Trades
Type: Positive
Description: Those with this trait are better at learning and applying a wider range of skills. Therefore, they are able to train one additional specialization to Skilled. Additionally, they have a 20% word count reduction on training any specializations.

Negative Traits:

Name: Frail
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally brittle, and has a hard time building up resistances. As such they receive a passive debuff of -50 to their Endurance, and a +20% WC to Endurance training.

Name: Penny Scrapper
Type: Negative
Description: For whatever reason, this person has a hard time putting two pieces of ryo together. Those who have this trait receive 20% less ryo from missions, and items cost 10% more.

Name: Chakra Shotgun
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait naturally is better at close with their jutsu. As such, all of their techniques may receive a -1 in range.

What do you look like?

Height: 61.8" (157 cm)
Weight: 100 lb (45.36 Kg)
Hair: Copper
Eyes: Dark brown
General appearance:
Thin copper coloured hair heralds the appearance of this lightly build teenager and is easily swayed to move at the slightest touch of the wind. Due to its colour and the meticulous care she puts into it during her spare time, her long cascading hair is both a treasure and a curse as a kunoichi. Brown eyes, though warm in colour, have the dreaming gaze of a distracted mind at one time, and the piercing glare of a hawk locking onto its prey at another moment. Still, her face is teeming with the power of youth, currently resplendent with the doll-ish innocent look of a growing youth unaware of the real shinobi dangers outside the Village.

Asami's body isn't much different. While rather close to the average size of girls her age, and only slightly lighter in weight, it's still in full growth. The soft bloom of a woman's shapes seem to be rather uncertain at which rate they are required to shape, leaving her with little on her chest but an already impressive growth of her hips. As often comes with the growth of youth, handling a body in a sudden growth spurt comes with the occasional unintended clumsiness.

Typical to Sunagakure, Asami too tends to wear short-sleeved attires, slowly replacing the boyish shorts and shirts for the occasional stocking and skirt, or comfortable robes and dresses. Since she is still looking for her own style and expression as she grows up, it is not unusual to see her try out outfits that don't always fit her personality or actual desires. But hey, it's hard to be a teenager in a rough land as that of the Winds.

Getting to know you.

Personality: Air-headed is probably the most common description that comes to mind when describing Asami.

At school, she certainly is smart enough to understand all but the hardest courses right away, as has been proven by her previous tests even before she joined the Academy. However, time and time again, the girl's caught doodling mindlessly in her books, chatting the hour away with a friend or simply gazing outside the window as her mind wanders to unknown places. Strange enough, every time her teachers try to catch her off-guard, she somehow succeeds in giving a proper answer or narrowly escape a reprimanding. Similarly, on the streets and in her spare time, she often finds herself lost in one of Suna's maze-like streets, needing some time to reorient herself before she finds her way back to the safety of home again. One can only wonder what this means for the future of this kunoichi in training.
The few moments that call for her full attention, it becomes apparent that Asami is able to focus with such intent its almost scary. Eyes like those of a hawk, nothing seemingly escapes her perceptions at those points, allowing her to retort with knowledge and abilities that are surprisingly beyond the reach of the average student her age, thus pushing her into the above average category of potential.

Asami is otherwise a little indecisive on what she truly wants in life and which specialisations she's willing to pick up as her interest in the shinobi arts seem equally interesting no matter the road taken - ninjutsu, genjutsu, puppets, weapons, it is hard choosing one when the other seems equally favourable to learn. This genuine curiosity and drive to experience before she decides, is probably one of the main reasons why the girl reaches an above average scoring in just about everything in life.

As for the rest of her personality, it is said that Asami is rather average on many a thing. She's sweet when she wants to, but is just as much known to get annoyed and express her frustrations. She dreams of a future full of adventure in service of Sunagakure, and contradictory equally dreams of finding a handsome guy to love, safely tucked away in a corner of Sunagakure's streets. She has a natural inclination towards empathy and care, but the expression, "hell hath no fury..." certainly isn't unfamiliar as she can be equally spiteful towards those rude enough to push the wrong buttons.

Likes: Oddities and eccentricities, mostly. For example:

  • She likes the desert rose, which, unlike what its name suggest, doesn't look like a flower in the slightest.
  • Autumn, which is not quite a season the Land of Wind is familiar with, mostly due to the lack of trees.
  • Crossword puzzles, their simplicity has its charm.
  • Hot springs, saunas and hot baths, of which quite a few are lacking in Suna.
  • Ferrets, preferably with a red little scarf to become the sickest pet ever.


  • Cold weather, with snow being the bane of her health.
  • Black clothing, because black's far too hot to wander in.
  • Fish, floppy, good-for-nothing fish. They are slimy, ugly and useless.
  • Despite being a natural at it, she dislikes close quarter combat, relying only on kunai and hand-to-hand only as a last resort.


  • Being useless. The dreaded 'loser' stamp threatens everyone, even Asami. To be useless to her team, to her Village or in any way not being able to pull her weight is something that terrifies her. While she doesn't expect to become the top shinobi, she'd really hate to disappoint.
  • Slime. There's little to say about truly slimy things like fish. It's yuck, it smells and its downright a terrible thing that should never have existed to begin with. Who invented that anyway?


  • Friends. Because a lonely existence just doesn't cut it. To be with people, chat, learn, fight, grow together and grow attached is just that important. Relations of all sorts makes or breaks a team, forms the backbone of a Village and is the fuel that drives rivals forward. Even a personal nemesis sounds like a cool thing to have, right?
  • Teaching. She might not be the best example of paying attention in class, but she would love to pass on all she has learned one day. It might be a drive as to why she never curbs her curiosity, but it certainly pushes her forward to become a better kunoichi by the day. One day, she's going to teach a squad of genin, and she's going to do it well.
  • Discovery. What secrets lay buried beneath the sands of Sunagakure? What ruins await the eager explorer? What juicy gossip rests at the tip of a person's tongue, ready to be shared? Asami has no clue, but she certainly would like to find out.

Everything start with a family, or the lack thereof. The birth of this child was a cherished treasure by two ninja of the Warring States Period, who found love in a moment of peace. The early years weren't the easiest to deal with, as the founding of Sunagakure was still years away from then, but Asami was too young to remember much of the early turmoils that ruled her live back then.

Life truly settled when Sunagakure was founded and the young family decided to affiliate with its kage in the Land of Winds. With the Village in full construction, there were plenty of job opportunities and thus allowed them to build up a good life and future for their growing child.
Noemi, Asami's mother, remained mostly at home in the early years, where she reflected her mother's compassion and care. Later on, the mother would start teaching athletics and basic ninjutsu so as to be able to keep an eye out for her venturing daughter. Luckily, Asami had inherited her father's easily amused and amazed demeanour, making her a pleasant student to have around, if not somewhat often distracted. Her father remained true to his duties, picking up a position as an actual shinobi intending to guard the Village against potential dangers. While this allowed him to protect his child, it also made him a true hero in the eyes of his child.

As she grew up, Asami proved to be a wild child eager to explore the vast world that was at a baby's disposal, attempting to escape her parent's caring grasp time and time again to the point she was obliged to ditch crawling and quickly learn how to run on two legs.

Ever since she was able to run, she rarely bothered walking. She ran through the streets, going on her own little escapades at every moment her parents weren't paying attention. Down the street, crawling into seemingly the most fascinating places, chasing rats and cats away and petting dogs where possible. Toddlers antics grew to child's mischief, and this happy little explorer was the first to run up and down the streets in little races and tag games with fellow kids her age. Not surprisingly, she fell in love with the Supernatural Walking Technique from the very first day she laid eyes on it, deciding that she too would one day master its technique.

As she grew older still, she started to realise the limitations of being so young and knew a moment of frustration and tantrums when she simply couldn't keep up with her father, her chakra moulding not available to her until much later. For a while she lost her drive and lust, until she turned about thirteen and her entire world was thrown upside down. The first steps to womanhood occurred, boys became a bore and her parents seemed as defiant as ever. The only light at the end of that tunnel was the Ninja Academy, and the possibility to finally learn the one technique she wanted so badly. A technique which would turn her known world upside down, reveal a whole new world at her feet.

Today, she's joining the Ninja Academy, and she swore to have a blast. A young kunoichi in the making, the entire world's finally at her feet the world will have it known. Asami, the wild child, is about to enter.

Face claim: "Red haired samurai' by Sakimichan

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Re: Asami Amakura

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You've got the position of your height and weight mixed up so just flip those around.

In your history, you've mentioned that Asami was the product of the love of two Suna-nin, but Suna has only been around for 10 years as per the site lore, and Asami is 14 years old. With that being the case, her parents would have to have met in the Warring States Period, or she would be younger. Just clear that up.



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Re: Asami Amakura

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Re: Asami Amakura

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