Kaiza, Chosuke

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Kaiza, Chosuke

Post by Chosuke on Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:34 pm

Who are you?

Name: Kaiza, Chosuke
Age: 13
Birthday: 29/02
Bloodline: Storm Release
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Bisexual

What can you do?

Village: Wanderer
Rank: Genin (D-Rank)
Element(s): Raiton, Suiton

  • Strength: 5
  • Speed: 10
  • Endurance: 5
  • Perception: 0
  • Chakra: 10

Positive Traits:

Name: Specialization Prodigy(Ninjutsu)
Type: Positive
Description: This Trait often belongs to people who are naturally talented at a certain specialization. As such upon character creation, their chosen specialization (must be labeled in the Trait) starts at a rank above it's starting location. Furthermore, when training that specialization or jutsu that requires that specialization they receive a 10% reduction in WC.

Name: Chakra Ocean
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait has a naturally larger chakra pool, and has an easy time building that pool. As such they receive a passive buff of +50 to their chakra, and a 20% WC reduction to chakra training.

Negative Traits:

Name: Unaware
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is unaware of their surroundings inherently, and has an harder time training themselves to be aware. As such they receive a passive debuff of -50 to their Perception, and a +20% WC to Perception training.

Name: Medically Challenged
Type: Negative
Description: Those with that have this trait, for whatever reason, find themselves not as easy to heal. Causing a -1 to healing from all medical techniques.

Name: Blind Assault
Type: Negative
Description: Those with this trait focus far more on their offense than defense, and as such all of their jutsu receive a -1 to their defense stat.


Name: Blue Cherub
Type: Passive
Description: Floating behind the user at all times are 6 crystals, with the longer ends point inwards and towards the person. These crystals are partially translucent and blue, with their diameter being roughly 5 inches. Whenever one of these crystals are touched, the user is sent with a weird sensation, and if the crystal is moved it will float back into place. If destroyed, they will reappear in an hour. They are also physically there, but the user cannot move them manually. Purely aesthetic.

What do you look like?

Height: 4'5"
Weight: 95 lbs
Hair: Light Blue
Eyes: Blue
General appearance: Chosuke is a small and average looking girl. Or as average looking one can get with an odd mutation of having "wings" following her around. One of her more defining features is her hair and her eye color. Both her hair and her eyes are a blue, but a certain shade of blue that causes her to stand out if she's in a crow of people. Due to this, she tends to not try to be stealthy as her hair will null and void any chance of that.

Due to her age and her genetics, Chosuke is shorter than an average person. Granted she isn't a dwarf, but she does have a smaller size in length and a smaller build that other girls her age. When it comes to her proportions, Chosuke is, to put it bluntly, flat as a board. She doesn't carry with her much sex appeal and thus relies on her facial features for impressing others.

Her normal attire consists of dresses in a variety of color that go past her knees, along with a bow on the back of her head that looks to be too large for someone of her size.

Getting to know you.

Personality: Unlike those her age, Chosuke seems to approach most topics very maturely. This is also showed in her actions, as she tends to scoff at those who partake in childish activities and surrounds herself with things that are more worth her time. Due to this, she tends to not hang around those around her age as they grow a disliking to her because she always ruins whatever activity they're doing. She also tends to be very impatient and short-tempered, allowing herself to commit comical yet violent acts against those she dislikes. While she does tend to lash out, the acts aren't as bad as some people make them out to be. Her go-to is a head butt, but every now and then she'll resort to a punch to the head or a slap across the face.

Chosuke has the characteristic that is possibly the hardest to explain. Whenever someone around her listens to her talk, they have a sudden urge to believe everything she says. People tend to say that she would make a great leader due to her high amount of charisma, though do to her timid nature she has never really considered it. While she does have this trait, it takes some time for anyone to really notice as when Chosuke speaks, she natural has a very quiet voice. At first glance, Chosuke looks to be a nice and friendly girl, and those that assume that are half right. While she does have her up and downs, overall Chosuke is a very friendly person. When talking to people she knows how to make other let their guard down and relax, normally cracking jokes with people within the first ten minutes of knowing them. Her charismatic charm aides her a lot in this department.

Likes: Due to her very open and naive personality,Chosuke has a handful of likes and hobbies, but there is a select few that she dedicates herself to and labels as her "favorites". The first would be ninjutsu, or learning in general but more specifically ninjutsu, as she aspires to become one of the greatest kunoichi and just learning about different kinds of ninjutsu. This can also be tied in with learning about other specializations too, peaking her interest for knowledge. She tends to gravitate towards animal too, adoring the smaller variety like dogs and cats, wanting a pet of her own in the future.

Dislikes: There are also many dislikes that Chosuke has to go with her handful of likes.

The first of her dislikes are macho men, or just very brawny and narcissistic people in general. Now they could be either brawny or narcissistic and she would have no problem with them, but when someone has both traits is when she labels them as a bad person. She also doesn't like people who are evil for the sake of being evil, or bad just for the heck of it. She's fine with people doing actions that she personally she's as wrong, but when they do it with no backstory or reasoning, then she does get very heated.

Fears/Phobia: There are various things that Chosuke has come to fear in her the past few years, some of them major and others minor. Her biggest fear of all is nature, as nature is somewhat unpredictable and can be devastating depend on the size an type of disaster that it is. From that fear comes her fear of rain, but more specifically thunderstorms, as she can deal with tame rain but the louder and flashier counterpart is much more terrifying. Some of the smaller fears include love, snakes, and bees.

Ideals/Motivations: Chosuke has various goals set for herself, with multiple long term and even more short term goals.

Ever since she was a little girl, Chosuke had wanted to become a Kage. Granted, she wasn't the only kid in her village and probably the entire country that had wanted to become a Kage, but Chosuke reason might have been a bit different than the rest. With her father being the leader of their small village, he is very restricted on what he can and cannot do, so Chosuke wants to become a Kage to put her village on the map and get others to finally recognize them as an official village.

Her other long term is to become one of the strongest kunoichi in history. If her last goal was generic than this one is overkill, but this is what she uses to motivate herself to push to her hardest, no matter what the challenge. She wants to be something that her parents can be proud of, especially her father who is also a shinobi.
History: Fifteen years ago, in the Lightning Country, a nomadic group/clan had arrived, only panning on being passers-by. And passers-by they were, ending up leaving only after a year since they arrived, but during that year a lot had happened between the group and one of the villages and it's citizens, well, citizen. There was one, a woman, a curious woman, who had gotten word that the Kaiza had arrived in the village. By this point in time, the Kaiza were somewhat known by all the major countries as crazy nomads that go around spreading their ideals, making them more of a cult than a group but they like the word group better. Anyways, this woman had been intrigued by what the Kaiza were preaching and decided to go see what they were all about. Luckily, she was stopped by one of the members before she was able to get too close to anything important that the clan had, but the woman was stubborn and refused to go home without learning anything. So, she ended up pestering the guard who had stopped her, constantly asking him question and teasing him. The woman was known as Hanako, and the man being Ryu Kaiza, one of the two leaders of the Kaiza group.

Both the man and the woman ended up falling in love with each other, and what was planned to be a three month stay was extended to a year due to a new addition to the family, Chosuke Kaiza. Since the two were having a child, Ryu and Hanako had a wedding and would have gotten married on the designated day, if it was for Chosuke's rude interruption in the middle of the wedding. Annoyed yet happy, the couple had named their daughter Chosuke, literally meaning "blessed for a long time", as they wished for Chosuke to have a long and happy life.

As an infant, Chosuke was a happy child. She wouldn't cry very often and smiled nearly all the time, as she had found a certain enjoyment in life that others could never find. She had developed an odd mutation when she was six months old, having multiple gem like objects follow her around. While at the time her parents were worried, as it wasn't something that normal kids had, they later on relaxed as they were told that it wasn't going to harm her in anyway. When she was three years old, her father and his group were able to find a suitable place for them to settle down, choosing a the top of a mountain in the Lightning Country and naming their small little village, Yamigakure, or Village Hidden in Darkness. Yamigakure was filled with mainly ninja, the population being about 80% shinobi in a population of 40 people.

Today, Chosuke had wanted to follow in her father's footsteps of becoming a great leader and shinobi like him, learning ninjutsu in Yamigakure but traveling to Kumogakure whenever she is required to do anything official, such as missions and tests.

Face claim: Cirno, Touhou

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Re: Kaiza, Chosuke

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So, small edits. On specialization prodigy you need to list what spec you're applying it to. Just list it in parenthesis in the title or something and you'll be fine~

If you can, also include a link to your passive traits approval. I know I just approved it but it's for future referencing~

Once those two things are done, this app should be good to go~



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Re: Kaiza, Chosuke

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Re: Kaiza, Chosuke

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