Hoshigaki, Sofutosame

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Hoshigaki, Sofutosame

Post by Sofutosame on Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:51 am

Who are you?

Name: Sofutosame Hoshigaki
Age: 23
Birthday: 09/03
Bloodline: Hoshigaki Clan
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Homosexual

What can you do?

Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Chuunin
Element(s): Suiton
Stats: (List the stats your character is starting with respective to their rank, minimum of 0 except for chakra)

  • Strength: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Endurance: 15
  • Perception: 10
  • Chakra: 15

Traits: (Can have up to 3 positive traits not from clan abilities but must have one negative for every positive trait)
Positive Traits:

Name: Durable
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally Durable, and has an easy time building up resistances. As such they receive a passive buff of +50 to their Endurance, and a 20% WC reduction to Endurance training.

Name: Jutsu Master
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally skilled in the art of crafting jutsu. As such, upon character creation they receive double the standard jutsu (applies to Academy Ninja's rank up as well), and further more, they receive a 20% word count reduction in training jutsu.

Negative Traits:

Name: Blind Assault
Type: Negative
Description: Those with this trait focus far more on their offense than defense, and as such all of their jutsu receive a -1 to their defense stat.

Name: Medically Challenged
Type: Negative
Description: Those with that have this trait, for whatever reason, find themselves not as easy to heal. Causing a -1 to healing from all medical techniques.

What do you look like?

Height: 5'8
Weight: 145 lb
Hair: White with a soft teal hue, the messy length reaches down to his butt.
Eyes: teal
General appearance: Sofutosame is a relatively fit male of five feet and eight inches and sharp facial features. He is a child with half Hoshigaki blood flowing within him, giving him a pale color to his skin like the others in his clan alongside the sharpened sharklike teeth and the set of gills on his shoulders, but also left him without the more sharklike features that some of his other family members may have. On his chest he has noticeable blue, green, and faded pink shimmering scales on his upper arms and chest. His daily attire consists of baggy, navy blue pants, a tied teal waist sash, and a dark blue open vest. He also has many accessories such as a double stranded necklace, an intricately designed gold arm cuff, and two gold bangles on each wrist. Normally Sofutosame isn't wearing any footwear except for wrapped bandages so his webbed feet are not visible to the public eye.

He has two red short eyebrows framed with silver/gray bangs. His silver-blue hair is extremely long, reaching his buttocks, where it tapers off into many directions. His face tends to have an apathetic, lazy look all the time except occasionally when he smirks or grins. His hands are calloused and his fingers and arms have small, faint scars on them, showing his familiarity with getting cut. His body is devoid of hair save for his head so he isn't slowed down when he moves in the water. Usually, he keeps his hitai-ate as a necklace, seeing it as sort of protection against someone attempting to directly injure his neck with a weapon.

Getting to know you.

Personality: Sofutosame is someone that was raised during a time where you couldn't even put your guard down entirely, and his general attitude, even after going into a down time displays that. He doesn't entirely trust anyone other than other members of the Hoshigaki Clan, as he can generally tell what their desires or motivations are from spending his life with them. With the others, he just can not bring himself to fully trust them enough to risk being entirely vulnerable with them. He especially cannot bring himself to trust the Hozuki; a group he had heard about that were able to become water. He still recalls the nightmarish stories of Hozuki ambushing his people while in their home element, or how they seemingly aren't affected by all by their attacks no matter how much they attack, or even how at one point a Hoshigaki clan member's gills was used as an access point for the water people, allowing them to tear the poor shark inside out. Out of the entirety of the village, he would never trust those people, let alone allow himself to be alone around them.

The general kindness he may show towards others can be often mistaken for trust or for even care, but he was long desensitized in regards to caring about the well-being of another. A shinobi is supposed to get the mission done, comrades be damned. If you're pursued and your comrade can't move due to an injury, would you stop to help? No. If anything, you should put them out of their misery, as that is the kindest act a shinobi can give in a time of distress. He keeps his negative feelings holed up inside him, where he can either drink them away later or wait for a moment where he is completely alone so he can deal with them. This somewhat extends towards those placed under him as well, where if a student gets injured he'll still push them to finish the class, only afterwards permitting them to see a medic. If it's a broken bone or anything worse, he'll begrudgingly let them go.

He values learning greatly, seeing it as primarily the reason why he was able for the most part get over the pains of before, and better adjust to not switching loyalties over and over again for coin. To be ignorant is to be begging for someone to eventually cut you down, and he wasn't one to just be so cowardly to make a mistake and then act like he didn't. He values the rules of the shinobi and lives by them almost as much as a samurai would their codes of Bushido, with rule twenty five and rule four being the two most important for him. "A shinobi must never show their tears" and "A shinobi must always put the mission first", both of which he values greatly, and his living by them both is what helped him when it was just himself and his sensei in trouble, and the cowardly meat that was his old comrade ran off after encountering a death of a friend.

Likes: Sofutosame likes a few things, as he hasn't fully delved into the deep pit of edge just yet. For starters, he appreciates sweets, and refuses to eat any desert that wasn't sweet tasting. He also likes fish and rice, and tends to only stick to delicacies that use them mainly. He also has an appreciation for the village as well. He was a child growing up in the chaos before then, and even though he was accustomed with the brutality that was his clan, he appreciates the sense of stability Kirigakure gives far more. You can love war and battle as much as you'd like, but actually being able to sleep? Sleeping is far sweeter than blood, and the lack of a decent nights' sleep taught Sofutosame that important lesson in a hard way.

Outside of food and sleep, he has a soft spot for music and the blade, both for very different reasons. He likes music for its sedative nature, and how the rhythm itself can move the heart in sweeter ways than people can normally understand. He enjoys the blade as it was the first thing that got his father to actually accept him as a full-fledged member of the clan. He learned how to wield it to kill, though not to fight like some dirty samurai. Discipline? Formation? Control? The Hoshigaki weren't known for their self-control, they were known for battle, and as someone that trained for battle, Sofutosame learned the basics for living through them.

He loves his father and his own kind. Despite helping his father kill a deserter, he opinion of the Hoshigaki's fickle ways haven't changed one bit. Granted, it has made him rather hurt by certain members of the clan deciding to wander off to different countries. A traitor is a traitor though, and he already made his vows to eliminate them when encountered. His father is his true master, and someone that taught him how to live in a time where living was hard. His Jounin Sensei, while earning his respect, could never be in the place of master that his father holds the throne of, but still, both his father and his sensei having been Hoshigaki further hardened his loyalty to his family above others.

Dislikes: Like any Hoshigaki, Sofutosame holds a disdain for dry terrain. He has absolutely no interest at all in the Country of Wind. His people thrived in water, they are people of the sea. To hold a desire to go to any of those other places seemed utterly pointless for him. He also dislikes the Hozuki, as while it's a good thing to hold an attachment to your element, there's such a thing as being too attached as well. Sofutosame loves water, he loves being in it, and just the fact that someone can be capable of actually ambushing him in the area which he should be most at him in intimidates him to no end.

He also dislikes traitors. Sofutosame reveres the rules to being a Shinobi, and those that desert purely to help an ally or just because their nerves were shaken are little more than walking sacks of meat in his eyes. Ever since his helping his father hunt down a traitor, Sofutosame has had a desire to take out another should they appear. His main target at the time is to figure out what happened to his old ally, and should he be alive, he needs to fix that.

The overemotional are just asking to get hurt in the shinobi world, and as a result Sofutosame generally looks down upon them greatly. If they're aiming to be shinobi, then for him they have a long road ahead to just prove that they can mentally handle the weight that is on your shoulders throughout the entire ordeal. In his opinion, they're better off just being standard citizens. He can respect an emotional farmer or merchant, but a shnobi that allows their feelings to run wild is little more than giving a child an explosive; you're just waiting to have to pick up the mess that'll come afterwards.

Fears/Phobia: The horror stories of his childhood had still stuck with Sofutosame like a strong adhesive. The Hozuki Clan to him are threats all the time, and he absolutely refuses to be stuck with one alone. Their kind shouldn't exist in his opinion, as a Hozuki traitor can easily take advantage of a situation and kill him, and the very thought of death itself without the help of a traitor is scary enough. He is also scared of the idea of letting his emotions run free, especially at a vital moment. To show weakness itself among those he doesn't trust is bad enough, but to do it among those that he doesn't even trust, or during a mission, he wouldn't even be able to call himself a shinobi anymore, let alone anything more than dirt.

He also fears facing those he was at least partially responsible for killing one day, fearing the undead more than the living. Superstitious? In a world where people can breath underwater or spit fire, believing in the concept of a living dead isn't far-fetched. Finally, he fears the idea that the Shinobi Rules are actually wrong, as he relies on them to guide him on the right path, so the idea of actually ending up on the wrong side of history all of this time is something that would be more than humiliating.

Ideals/Motivations: Sofutosame dreams of a world where the faces do not haunt at night anymore, where he doesn't have to worry about a mission going wrong, or about another individual killing him in his sleep. Despite his attempts to be as emotionless as possible when the time comes, he does hold a lot of fear and pain within him. He doesn't truly wish to become a tool, though as someone that already has the ability to do it and as someone that witnessed what happens when a shinobi isn't a tool, he also doesn't wish to live in a world that both has conflict and emotional shinobi.

He holds the Shiinobi Rules sacred, as they're the only thing that gives the Hoshigaki not only discipline, but a code to live by. He hopes to help ensure that these rules are revered in the future generations as a world without them would definitely be a world where the Warring Clan Era starts all over again, and the villages attempts at actually stabilizing would just be all for naught. He wishes for Kirigakure to stay strong, and for anyone that deserts it or any threats to it to be handled with extreme efficiency. Most importantly, he wishes to hunt down his old squad mate to take revenge on him for deserting him and his sensei in their time of need.

History: To be born the child of a normal human and a Hoshigaki was to be born as a lesser being to your clan. To be a shark without the most notable features of one, to be labeled as a "softscale", was to be seen as nothing more than weak. This was Sofutosame's introduction into the bloody world of the shinobi, and what an introduction it was. He was the child of a drunk Hoshigaki warrior and a prostitute, clearly a mistake made from a mix of feelings of looming doom and a strong desire for lust. Reputation and ryo were both enough to become a customer of someone in such a profession, though the third wheel that came of it was something that should've cost extra.

Nine months after the pleasurable altercation in a ramshack inn nearby whichever beach was becoming the most recent bloody battleground, a male child of skin and scale was born. Thankfully, the Hoshigaki Clan would be in town but a few months later, and the mother; having fallen ill ever since the process, would leave the child before his feet before fleeing, passing away that night. Of course, Sofutosame's father wasn't all too pleased by this, but the child was his responsibility now, and it would only hurt his standing in his clan to kill a babe outside of the job, so Sofuto was stuck with daddy, and was raised as a real warrior of a family of murderers.

Despite being named "soft shark", he was indeed born with the durable skin, gills, and teeth of any other Hoshigaki, though his scale-like pallor skin was more similar to a normal person's in most spots, save for his arms and torso. When he was but a young child, his father taught him to use this to his advantage, and began dumping him on various members of the clan whose main task was to infiltrate different areas. It would be through these various lessons that Sofuto learned how to swim before he learned how to walk, and before he could fully speak he already learned how to play the part of an innocent homeless child for intel. This made him useful, it made him alive, and in between these times where he was generally given tasks not directly involved in battle, he went through as ruthless combative training as those that were full-bloods.

Of course, the blade was first; a tool designed for murder, to harness your rage into a folded piece of sharpened metal and to force it through your enemy. His teachers didn't teach him proper swordfighting, but how to kill and how to move more swiftly in the water. They weren't there to waste time with formation and etiquette, they were there to finish a job and to finish it well. "Show mercy and you'll be dinner." were words that he remembers all too well from his teachers, that essentially eased him into the idea of battle through first indoctrinating him into the belief that he was doing a good thing through this and then actually giving him a taste of the rewards he can get from doing it.

It was the age of twelve when he actually had his first kill; a deserter of the Clan, sold out by the promise of riches. He and his father were tasked with hunting him down and ending him, and they did. After cornering the spineless shark like the guppy he is, he personally went in for the kill, and that was his baptism into the family business of being a tool for others.

It would be two years of serving as an official warrior of the clan, fighting in the actual fights with other warriors, learning the ways of Ninjutsu alongside how to better use his blade in battle, and never once hesitating, as he knows that punishment for hesitation would be far worse than whatever issue the Gods may have with him. Granted however, he also hadn't known a night where he had a decent sleep after the age of twelve either, so he guessed his own way of being punished for his sins was for him to see the faces of each kill at night, and to wake up in a cold sweat most days.

While a couple members of his clan were outright refusing to join the newly created Mist Village when he was at the age of fourteen, a strong wave of relief washed over him when his father and quite a few others did actually decide to settle in with the rest of the mercenary groups. Kirigakure was now officially his home, and he could finally rest without the fear of being killed in his sleep by another.

A year of mental recovery would occur as he lived up to his name of being a soft shark, where Sofutosame spent most of his days licking his wounds of haunting memories, and when he can finally stand being in a group of people without being filled with the anticipation and fear of another battle occurring, he joined the academy.

His time at the academy was well enough. The sparring practice and utilizing weaponry and jutsu were more than easy enough for him due to his past experience, though studying was what really dulled his battle-ready senses down. It was going from spending time training for the next slaughter to spending time studying for the next math exam, and for him; someone that overall liked the former, the latter made times tough for him. Like a true Hoshigaki though he was durable, and he endured the piercing strike of each wrong answer while sharpening his mind with each correct one, and soon enough he was officially a Genin of the village by age sixteen.

As a Genin, he was a member of a squad of three. One of his comrades and the Jounin were both Hoshigaki; his people, while the last person was clanless meat. Together as a team their skills weren't the greatest out of what was available, but they made do. The meat specialized in healing, which helped a lot as Sofuto himself wasn't particularly sensitive to healing techniques. Sofuto and his comrade favored the blade and ninjutsu, and their sensei handled genjutsu and ninjutsu. It would be during one of their C-Rank missions that an accident would occur and the other Hoshigaki fell victim to a rogue paper bomb while the meat ran off into the unknown, leaving both Sofuto and his Sensei behind to fend for themselves. After some struggle, Sofuto personally felt much better without having to cooperate with the other two, and that much was better expressed as he fell in line with his sensei's two-man formations.

The two stuck together up until Sofuto's promotion to Chuunin; a rank he already exceeded his own expectations in reaching, though after receiving this at the age of nineteen, the Hoshigaki male fell out of the rounds, sticking mostly to either himself, with his own kind, or on the general occasion volunteering as an instructor at the Academy, though primarily for physical activities or to teach the required jutsu.

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Re: Hoshigaki, Sofutosame

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