Yūrei, Onryō

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Yūrei, Onryō

Post by Yurei on Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:54 am

Who are you?

Name: Yūrei, Onryō
Age: 22
Birthday: May 14
Bloodline: -
Gender: Intersex
Sexual preference: Pansexual

What can you do?

Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Jounin (A)
Element(s): Raiton

  • Strength: 20
  • Speed: 30
  • Endurance: 20
  • Perception: 40
  • Chakra: 100

Positive Traits:

Name: Gifted Medic
Type: Positive
Description: Those with this trait are naturally skilled at medical ninjutsu, and as such all healing techniques used by them receive a +1 to healing.
Negative Traits:

Name: Frail
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally brittle, and has a hard time building up resistances. As such they receive a passive debuff of -50 to their Endurance, and a +20% WC to Endurance training.

What do you look like?

Height: 5’8
Weight: 150lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Black Sclera Red Iris
General appearance:

Yasuo is a person of average height with silky white hair that smells faintly metallic from the blood of their victims soaking their hair on more than one occasion. Their nonchalant lifestyle in the Manor allowed them to feel more carefree and relaxing, leaving them to grow out their hair comes to a previously short undercut to a shaggy layered style that reaches halfway their neck, almost towards their shoulders. The more carefree lifestyle left them to live a more calm lifestyle so they had more time to pursue their love of pattern making so often they can be seen wearing various traditional Japanese and Chinese wear of simple to extravagant styles.

However, the clothes cannot hide the various tattoos and scars on their body. These scars were those of self-affliction but also a tragedy. These tattoos telling similar stories. Etched into their body were various prayers to demons, gods, and various deities that have various damning connotations. Each prayer represented a world-altering event or observations of others. Along the same are depictions of demons and chains, along with a spider lily tattoo on their heart with the beauty of a woman with the name of their mother written in plain sight into each petal. On their neck is another meaningful tattoo is a Latin quote written in Greek letters meaning 'I can live neither with you nor without you' symbolizing Yasuo's personal relationship with humanity and themselves.

Often called a demon either due to appearance, habits or history, Yasuo does not let it bother them. When concerning the eyes, At first glance it appears that they have a dobjutsu, but they have explained that it was done through scleral tattooing, injecting black ink into their eyes. They have a decent build looking strong and healthy yet curvy and thin, plump in all the right areas similar to a woman, leaning towards the type of speed rather than strength. Their womanly features give them an alluring feel, but their soft smiles are empty, cold even, feigning warmth yet always unsettling, but folks are still fooled.

Getting to know you.


Yurei, well aren't they an interesting bunch. Most people will see them as something to be feared and run from them due to their peculiar appearance. Eyes like blood, glowing amongst the darkness. Clothing of an older time speckled with blood. Pale ghostly skin with dark ink. Not that they care, Yurei has very little sympathy or care for other people or what they think of them. You see Yurei rarely lets anything faze them. They don't have a reason to. Sure there are some things may irk them such as someone messing up a mission or a corpse going bad but it doesn't really stir up any feelings of anger. They have spent too long fighting, lost too much, and seen too much to recklessly throw their life away. So when folk actually make the effort to be civilized with them, they will return it. It saved them the hassle after all. Unless something directly annoyed them or threaten their way of life, there was no need to be openly hostile. Plus it makes it easier to get away with stuff when people are less suspicious of you, that's always a good thing. So despite their appearance, most people wouldn't understand but Yuri could be very polite and friendly, making jokes and savoring bonds like any normal person...when they want to be. You think someone like them coming from a clan like that would be completely normal or rather sane. Here you see dear readers, Yurei is quite special. You must be very careful for they are a manipulative and sadistic bunch under those smiles. Or else you might find yourself meeting a gruesome end.


Yurei is a pervert through and through. Not the typical one though. Flash some breasts or a tight butt does nothing for them. Seeing someone in despair or being the cause of it, wow, the euphoria is great. Watching someone squirm and cry while begging for mercy beneath them gives them such a high though Yurei has admitted having a preference for those who fought back. To see that hope to see that fire in their eyes, makes Yurei want to crush it and throw it right back at that.

It has also been reported that they have a fetish for corpses or necrophilia as well as signs of cannibalism if eating an eyeball wasn't enough evidence. Though they may like they do it on a whim for no good reason they actually cannot help it, sort of. Eating people was not something they've always done, it just sort of happened after one thing led to another. To be honest it's not like human flesh is better than animal meat. No, they just keep eating it because it's habitual. Heck, it even reminds them of the old days with his beloved and the Madame. The three of them picking one from the stock and enjoying a beautifully prepared meal together. That nostalgia is enough to make them keep up this habit. Anything to remind them of the good times with the doctor makes them happy.


Yurei has some very standard dislikes. They hate restriction. They like to do what they please, how they please when they please. Of course, since they were pretty much forced into the village, they had to give up a considerable amount of freedom yet they were able to formulate some sort of lifestyle. The need to control has led them to be very organized and articulate. Therefore messy people who are noisy are some sort of trigger. They feel that everyone and thing has a place in life and as long as it doesn’t disrupt their routine, they wouldn’t care. This has led them having very erratic breakdowns when their routine is disrupted or change and they will quickly do anything to remedy the situation.


However when they remember the doctor, as much as they try to only recall the good times, eventually recollections of the tragedy ensue. It reminds them that they were powerless. Weak. Useless. They were doomed to live a cursed life. Anything and everything they loved would be taken from them and disappear. So they kill their prey and force themselves upon them, not for sheer pleasure but to cement their control. The person did not leave them. They did not abandon them. Yurei was in control of it all. So as thanks they would show their love to them. Anything that reminded them of their past experiences was met with love and promptly crushed.


Aside from hunger and getting a good bang out of somebody, Yurei doesn't really know what they want out of life. Money is nice but it comes and goes easily, not making much of an impact. Revenge perhaps? They already got that long ago when they returned to that damn village who dared to defile their mother. So what was it? Was what if they wanted out of life? Perhaps and this may only be speculation but perhaps they are looking for something worthwhile. Because maybe then living would be more than surviving. It might be something to be happy about. For now, they seek only to have fun, explore and create art.

For a time, they grew more peaceful. They still had their violet moments of madness but generally, they were quite calm. Perhaps it was the emptiness of their life swallowing them up. They lost their first family, left their second, and killed their third. All their loved ones were doomed to perish for it was their curse. Maybe by wandering the world, they could find some purpose again, to make them feel alive once more. Of course, that was a pipe dream. They were bound to the village in more ways than one and besides, where else would they be allowed to continue their activities without burden?


Yume was born in a trading village by a large river in the Land of Demons. Her mother and father were both craftsmen's, the best in the village so her childhood companions were dolls and kimonos despite being a popularity in the village for her beauty. By the time she turned twenty-one she had already turned downed dozens of suitors and adopted the nickname, The Marionette Queen for her heart never wavered nor her face ever contorted into a smile. She was ravishing and mysterious, with eyes like gold which attracted all sorts of people, even beasts. Some say that when she left to live in the mountains it was because she was being spirited away or heading back to her own kind. In reality, she left because she was on the run.

Her mother passed away not long after she turned five after a dire illness struck her in the winter and her father crumbled in his mourning. She had to leave because her father went had overdue loans he had been spending on gambling and alcohol, or at least she had figured. No, the reality was far more gruesome. She found out the truth as loan sharks raided their household, taking anything or value. Her father was oddly silent until they reached her mother's old sewing room; kicking and screaming not to go in there. Yume thought it was because he didn't want her space to be defile.

She was wrong. Upon entry, they found a scene picked out from a horror novel. Pieces and bits of human limbs and flesh scattered about along with various unnatural brews of odd substance that and in the middle of it all was her mother or what once was. Her stomach wretched as she saw the scene whilst hiding in the room across. That monstrosity couldn't be her mother, she refused to believe it, but it was. All these years, every damn year he had been the one killing women who came to their port to build a doll of her mother. Yume couldn't take it anymore and grabbed a sack of whatever she could whilst the loan sharks were preoccupied then booked it to the mountains. She was sure if they found her she would be sold as a slave or be bailed out and be made a trophy wife to some rich man.

Life in the mountains was hard but she survived. She found an abandoned village inside one mountain carved entirely out of stone. Although the soil was not very fertile and there was minimal sunlight she made due. She lived a new life there and rarely left her home unless it was for supplies. She made sure to disguise herself so that no one in the village would recognize her and covered her tracks so she couldn't be found. But one day she wasn't careful though it was bound to happen.

The man was a shinobi, and one with great sensory skills at that. Her found the rumors about her intriguing and immediately found her presence suspicious so he followed her. When he saw her face after she shed her disguise once inside the mountain he fell in love, with her looks that is. He tried to persuade her to go on date with him or even leave the country with him but she refused, adamant about staying in her family's homeland. Angered he threatened to reveal her to the village if she didn't submit to him. Fearful she succumbed to him and let him have his way with her. Eventually, after a year he learned to cherish and love her so when she said she was with child, he was ecstatic. A devious plot began forming in his head as he wondered, perhaps he could start a new Hebi Branch here and be the clan head himself.

But it seemed fate had other plans for him. Nine months passed as several nin from the Kurohebi clan had tracked down the Hebi criminal and found his base of operations to be in the village or at least in the general area. When they found Yume they were shocked to see the state she was in, and they had a more or less idea that she was in league with the Hebi. They planned to interrogate her but she turned out to be quick to rid herself of him after explaining what he did to her; the ninjas felt sympathetic for her and let her and the unborn child go after apprehending the Hebi. Masa Yasuo was born 2 weeks later with a worn mother and a father long gone in another country.

After their birth, they moved to a small farming village deep in the country where no one knew them. Life was peaceful for them there. Their mother had started up a new toy store that helped the local economy boom since she came right after the road that crosses through town was becoming popular. The mother-child duo was well on their way to having a good life, however, the villager's respect only went so far. Yasuo was always an odd child. They never played with other children or acted their age. They were silent and always followed their mother around, frightening any onlookers with a cold piercing, but they wouldn't dare harm them for they were just a child.

That was until one day someone found them in the middle of the forest, alone and talking to themselves. Or was it? Perhaps it would not have been as terrible as they thought had they not seen it. The corpses, horrendously mutilated and rearranged in an artistic style as if some sort of twisted fantasy. Large snakes surrounded them and were tearing more apart. Yasuo stood there loving crassness the corpses and licking the blood that coated their hand whispering too low for the boy to hear but the damage was done. Mortified the boy ran back home to tell his father but bumped into someone along the way, the son of the village head.

Concerned the man asked what was wrong and by the time the boy finished his tale, a devious plot was brewing in his mind. The man once asked for Yasuo's mother's hand in marriage despite being two decades older. Their mother refused and the man hated the family ever since. With this new found information he planned to take revenge against them. He gathered up an angry mob saying that Yasuo was a demon in disguise using the boy as an eyewitness and blaming all the recent disappearances on Yasuo. Having lived in a land where demons run amok and there were very few shrines with priestess to banish them, the villagers were livid with fear and did not hesitate in the slightest as they broke into the shop, demanding their mother to reveal their location which she refused. The son, Yano, said she was protecting her and probably was a demon herself. The angry mob was in an uproar and dragged her to the village square; tied her up and set the stage aflame. All the while Yasuo watched in horror behind a bed of straw from a stable but before they could go out to enact their revenge a hand covered their mouth and all went dark but just before everything faded to black they saw a man who eerily reminded them of their mother, Kurohebi Yume. At ten years old, tragedy struck at such a tender age.

You would think that would be the end of their suffering, but not quite. In fact, it was just the beginning of our story. You see, when Yasuo awakened, they were in a new place they never saw before and clothes that did not really fit. A fit of panic seized their heart and they wondered who had taken them. Perhaps it was Yano? The bastard killed their mother and probably had taken Yasuo too. But why? It was something they could not understand. None of this they could. It was not until later that evening that someone came to visit them. Yasuo would have left sooner had they not been chained up to a post. Still, that was not the big idea truly. There more pressing matters at hand. Much of that of the man who had entered. He oddly resembled their mother Yume...

The man introduced himself as Amore ‘Kurohebi’ Mizuki, older brother to their mother who had left the family in their youth when they were disowned. He made a name for himself and owns a rather successful exporting business. He explained that he had always been watching after their mother and Yasuo but for reasons he couldn’t disclose, was unable to approach them and offer some help. Regretfully, this led to their mother’s murder at the hands of those crazed villagers and so he hoped to make it up to his beautiful sister to watch over her bastard child. He said he could not understand why she didn’t get rid of a freak like them sooner. Yasuo did not even have the right parts and was some freak abomination. No doubt due to their lineage he supposed. Perhaps they wanted to be the mother they never had to them. If only she realized what a waste of space Yasuo was, Mizuki whispered ruefully. Still, they had a sense of familial duty to Yume and therefore took Yasuo in as a ward to live inside his compound until they were older. From the look on Mizuki’s face, it wasn’t going to be pleasant for them.

But oddly enough, it did not seem as bad as it could’ve been. Sure Yasuo was forbidden to leave their section of the compound and was essentially ignored by everyone inside it but at least they were alive. It was a lonely life but they were always alone. The silence was just more deafening ever since their mother passed. Memories of that night still haunted them. When it became too much for them, they craved released. Those were the time Yasuo sneaked out of the compound to look for prey. It was fairly easy to sneak out. Nobody ever paid them much attention and it was not like their abilities to snuff at either. No matter how peaceful their life was in that village, they were still a magnet for danger so Yasuo’s mother had trained them as best as she could with the memories of their father in mind. It was dangerous to be a woman in this world she told them. Best to learn how to defend yourself from creeps she said though Yasuo would use her teachings for something other than defense…

A few months or passed for them. In time things had gotten better for Yasuo. Ever since they began to go through puberty things have changed, and it was more than their budding breasts.You see, as time passed, Yasuo began looking more and more like their mother Yume. It seemed to be a good thing as Mizuki refrained from neglecting them as often and was oddly kinder. There was a certain softness in his eyes they hadn’t seen before. They were exactly happy, but they were a little brighter than before. Maybe...just maybe, things were going to get better? Perhaps this man would become the family they never had and love them in place of their mother. Yasuo hoped desperately that he would fill the void their mother left. They were a terribly terrible child yes, who killed others for their own pleasure and found beauty in blood but they were still a child who clung to their mother’s memory. But they weren’t the only one.

On the eve of their mother’s death, Mizuki visited. Normally he would come by the day or late evening when he wasn’t busy with work. And those were only for a short period of time. So excuse Yasuo for being caught off guard to see him barge into their quarters late at night, waking them. But the time they awaken, he was already on top of them. They wanted to scream, but he shut them up with a sloppy wet kiss. The taste of alcohol lingered on their lips. They tried to push him off or do anything. They have taken down bigger men. Bulkier men. So why was he so strong? They couldn’t push him off. He made sure of that when he put his hands on their thin neck. The only thing that they could make sense of was when moaned as he forced himself upon them, he said only one thing. Yume.

This series of unfortunate events just keep happening over and over again until Yasuo is bedridden for 6 months for trying to fight back and stabbing Mizuki in the leg, resulting in quite a painful punishment. By the time they are 12 years old, Mizuki had been ignoring them and gotten married to Hanamura, Shizuka for the sake of business. She claims from an old, wealthy and affluent family who dealt in trade of luxury goods and weapons. Shizuka was aware of the rumors around Mizuki, that he had taken in a young woman, his niece but never saw them. It wasn’t until she went around looking for her husband one day that she found Yasuo being raped. Enraged she demanded who the harlot was and was promptly smacked by Mizuki for disrespecting his precious Yume. Shocked and ashamed, she vowed from that day forth to make Yasuo’s hell more grueling than ever.

There was only one ray of light in Yasuo’s darkness, and that was Doctor Moriyama Atsushi. He was a new staff member Mizuki hired to treat Yasuo who wouldn’t squeal and keep them alive. He said he was a doctor who was renown for his craft but was fired under ‘false’ assumption he was using inhumane practices to conduct his experiments. The doctor heals and spends time with Yasuo, sneaking them out of the cell every night and returning them to their place before the crack of dawn. As time passed, Yasuo notices the doctor is different from the others and understands their way of thinking, thus trusting them. The doctor becomes excited now that he found someone who respected his work and begins teaching Yasuo medical things as well as med jutsu beginning their journey down the shinobi path. Excited, Yasuo quickly picks up the lessons and so is taught more basic shinobi things, picking those up easily as well, craving more knowledge and was duly named a star pupil.

On the night of Yasuo’s birthday, they are healed by Atsushi after a particularly brutal beating who then gifts them with new clothes made in the likeness of the kimono’s Yasuo described was their mother’s and falls in love with him. It was the beginning of a beautiful yet tragic love story. Atsushi was the only one besides their mother who gave them affection, knowledge, and care. It did not matter that doctor was 20 years older nor that he was a psychopathic killer who conducted inhumane experiments and took care of Mizuki’s black market dealings. All he was to the 13-year-old Yasuo was a precious person. It’s a shame he’s gone, isn’t it?

Yasuo would not truly have another precious person until two years later. His name was Osari Nero, the epitome of death and despair. Yasuo was intrigued by the man’s components and decided to work as the Head of Staff as a butler, chef, bodyguard, and tailor. Somehow in the time, they spent with each other, Yasuo fell in love, deeply so that he did whatever Nero, no matter how cruel and inhumane. Yasuo’s love was a dangerous thing. Nero, of course, didn’t love him but enjoyed his new pet whom he used to take advantage of the young villages.

Unfortunately, that peace did not last long. Two years later, Yasuo was accused of various crimes against humanity: murder, human experimentation, cannibalism, theft, espionage, human trafficking, etc most of which Nero ordered them to do so or conducted himself. However, as Nero was known to be wealthy and helpful quite a bit in trade agreements along with other black market dealings. So he was valuable and made that fact known. So he pushed all the play along with countless other crimes onto Yasuo. A group of Kiri nin was sent on a mission to apprehend the leader behind the atrocities, and they came to Yasuo.

Whilst working on the arrest, the observed Yasuo’s abilities. Whilst they kept him in a makeshift prison, word was sent to the Mizukage and they got to a settlement. They came to Yasuo, broken and betrayed and offered them a deal. They would come to the village, become one of their shinobi, and make the village more powerful. They would be allowed to experiment and kill as they please as long as it made the village stronger. Of course, most of their chakra would be sealed and they couldn’t leave the village till they were trustworthy enough but at least they wouldn’t be dead.

Since they did not want to die they said yes. To complete the deal, Yasuo had to divulge any and all information about Nero and aid in his elimination. Yasuo would happily admit seeing his face surprised and screaming in agony as the flames of his manor consumed him left a bittersweet feeling in their chest.

During their assessment into the village, it was determined Yasuo was around a chuunin level in their abilities. A good base to be molded upon. They were broken down and molded to fit the village’s plan whilst being properly educated. They were even given a new name to fit the lifestyle change. Gone was Masa Yasuo, now come to Yūrei, Onryō.

Whilst being educated on what a shinobi is and the world, their teachers were shocked to see how intelligent Yurei was. If they weren’t mentally ill and dangerous, they could have easily become the forefront of the medical world. Their observation was well thought, experiments controlled and had a thirst to learn even if it were to sate from bloodthirsty desires.So despite nobody trusting them, they were eagerly sought and allowed in various scientific projects. Through their projects that only continued to benefit the village and their work habits, Yurei was able to rise through the ranks in a few years. At the age of 21, they reached Jounin rank, one of the few in the village and was the head of the research and development department. However, outside the laboratories, they weren’t that well known and instead had various ominous rumors about them.

It did not help that some of the village leaders aside from the Mizukage were beginning to voice their concerns about Yurei’s freedom and work ethics regardless of how beneficial they were to the village. This has caused some tension in the past year and it is unknown how this will turn out.

Face claim: Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

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Re: Yūrei, Onryō

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So, in your stats you get 200 points in addition to the 10 you automatically get in chakra. So you can add 10 more points somewhere if you want!

Personality is short by 42 words (208/250)

Other than that you're looking good!



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Re: Yūrei, Onryō

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Something I missed:

You mention Konoha ANBU arriving 2 weeks before your character was born, but since your character is 21, that would not make sense since the Village is only 10 years old right now. Please edit this portion (and other parts it may affect) to be consistent with the site lore. Thanks!



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Re: Yūrei, Onryō

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Oh my~ Fixed what was asked~

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Re: Yūrei, Onryō

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