Mythos V0.1 Announcement

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Mythos V0.1 Announcement

Post by Cloaked Figure on Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:06 pm

Hello to all of Mythos!

We all hope that everyone had a good holiday and new years time full of relaxation, rest, and whatever else that you could have wished for! Your Mythos staff have been working a while (and delayed due to the holiday) on a slight update to a lot of the site with lots of new information packed throughout. So without further ado, here is Mythos version 0.1 patch notes:


  • Adjusted grey site text by a small margin (hardly noticeable).
  • Added rules for NSFW content in threads.
  • Added rules and restrictions for alternate character accounts.
  • Added rules about disallowing the deletion of content on site.


  • Inclusion of one post dedicated training at (1/2) the normal word count for anyone starting at a higher rank as a way to train anything for their level including stats, bloodline abilities, jutsu, and even limiteds.
  • All stats for starting ranks are now doubled for beginning characters.
  • Inclusion of ryo stipend for wanderers.
  • Update of Character modding request thread.


  • Updated Puppet Strings academy technique. Can replace the old version immediately.
  • Addition of Generic Item sealing as an academy technique. Can add to registration and/or list as applicable.
  • Included clarification to further explain the effects category of jutsu creation.
  • Addendum of defensive jutsu to explain how basic attacks, etc... work against the general absorption system.
  • Creation of additional Jutsu libraries in various forms to be posted on and soon-to-be expanded as jutsu are worked out.
  • Update of Jutsu modding request thread.


  • Several Limiteds in progress to be released in the near future!


  • Changed item damage and speed scaling to follow the jutsu numbers scaling directly.
  • Buffed armor by a measure for both basic attack resistance and in reducing damage in general from jutsu, etc... by a number of points.
  • Included scrolls to the general item library.
  • Update of Item modding request thread.


  • Update of Bloodline modding request thread.


  • Update of Mission modding request thread.


  • Update of Training modding request thread.

Plot Things!

It's also our honor as staff to announce the first event/plot of Mythos to come and during our beta period! We'll be hosting the first Chuunin Exams in the next month or so for everyone on site to participate in!

With this, Mythos staff will make some posts closer to time including the general plot and information about it for everyone to use IC as well as OOC sign-ups and information for those looking to participate. Almost definitely the event will be open to direct participants so long as they are of Genin rank and have completed at least 3 missions in their home nation. So, if you haven't yet, aim to rank up to genin or begin preparing your genin characters you want to participate in the event!

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns about the update or event itself, they can be posted directly here for one of our staff members to answer. And as always, any questions or concerns about the site can be sent to the Suggestion Box and any requests for information about the site plot and where it will be heading can be directed to any staff member personally!

Thanks for everyone sticking around on site and continuing to role-play and be around! We hope to kick up the activity of the site soon and the intensity of things going on. So you all have our explicit thanks and we can't wait to see what comes up in the near future and in this new year!

-Mythos Staff
Cloaked Figure

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