The Hospital is Interesting(Open)

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The Hospital is Interesting(Open)

Post by Ishi on Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:40 am

Ishi, the short and also stubborn boy, was sitting in the waiting room. He was reading a medical text, as he was oft to do. This medical text wasn't a very interesting text; he had read it about 30 times before. That's because, officially, he wasn't supposed to be doing anything medical until he became an actual medical ninja. However, if people were to go about being around his age and having either questions, or even minor injuries, they'd be sent to Ishi.

Not that he knew this. He was just reading the texts because he wanted to be knowledgeable and not look like an idiot when he went into a land not his, and tried to heal those in need. Sure, Sunagakure was the land of sand and sunburns, but that was also a prime area to be as it was a pain to attack. It was an unendurable surface for a large army. Natural? That's what Suna had. Ishi was also an odd sort when it came down to it.

He had no aspirations to become the Kazekage, nor did he have any reason to actually raise in the rankings despite his position. He had no actual qualm with doing things a ninja did, it just wasn't his favorite activity. That wasn't the best manner of thinking for a ninja, hating the job you do. However, that was just the case with him. Doing ninja missions wasn't fun, but reading medical texts and managing some of the younger children when they scraped their knees. He might be weak and fragile himself, he still could wrap small scrapes and give them the little bit of care that they require.

Alas, this village hospital was rather average. It was made out of teh same, hard material that every other building in Suna was made of, which was generally boring looking but effective. That was the idea of this hospital, he thought. It wasn't an angry fellow who figured 'I'm going to make my buildings tall and scary' that made this building. The building, for being made out of sand and such, was rather solid all things considered.

That's what made it so funky. The building probably shouldn't stand as well as it did, for what it was made out of. There wasn't steel buildings here, that wasn't what these villages were made out of. That's what some others were, but not Suna. Suna used what they had around at the time of creation. That was sand. Lots and lots of sand. This sand is what makes Suna, Suna. It's what made Suna nin being arses acceptable, since that probably had sand up their ass. It happens.

Not that Ishi was angry as he wasn't. Rather, he was content at that moment. The book he read wasn't really that interesting, but it was still a book and far better than actually doing anything with anything or anybody. It's not that he was anti-social, so much as he felt he could spend his time better reading books and figuring out medical ideas from there. That would be the ideal.

That didn't mean he could just magically poof something into existence.

That simply meant that he could take logical steps with it. Logical steps that would take him to heights he never realized were possible. Slightly because he's never looked far ahead, he's always stayed grounded in the front. He's always stayed grounded in the present because that's where the injured people who need help are. That's exactly why he became a ninja, to increase both his credentials and his skill in the art of medical ninjutsu.

As it stands, he has a lot of knowledge but not as quite much capability when it comes to medical ninjutsu. He knew he had reasonable chakra reserves for his rank, and he knew that his frailty was impressive. This frailty, of course, is what lead him to becoming who he was. Lead him to that ideal that he can't be a hero. Not with how weak and frail he is. It didn't matter if all he did was train, he'd never be as good as those simply blessed with physical abilities, that's why he'd take what he had and ran with it.

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Re: The Hospital is Interesting(Open)

Post by Roku on Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:33 am

The stone-and-glass doors of Sunagakure’s hospital shut quietly behind Rokumaru as he entered the building, enjoying the acrid smell of disinfectant that immediately enveloped his senses. The boy had many pleasant memories of this building and it’s staff after the many months he spent confined there after coming to Suna for the first time, enjoying the benefits of modern medicine and his first taste of industrialization, and every visit since was one to be enjoyed. If not for the sheer amount of diseases passing through that would take advantage of his shaky immune system, Roku would seek to work here. Instead, he was content with an occasional visit, much like this one.

With the final year of the Academy underway each student was required to undergo a final physical examination to determine if they were fit for the rigorous life as a shinobi. The one sort of exam that Roku still struggled to pass, year after year. His health was not as much of a concern these days as it was the day he came to this village, but the lasting effects of malnutrition and childhood illnesses left a mark on his body that was a struggle to reverse. Still, he need not need regular visits with someone capable of medical ninjutsu anymore, and a shoddy immune system would slowly be rehabilitated by increasing amounts of chakra in his coils.

Roku approached the front desk, passing by a sparsely-filled waiting room inhabited by a few civilians, a student from another class filling out a form in the corner and a pinkish-red haired boy studying a medical textbook with no visible urgency. Amaranth, Rokumaru identified as the shade of the boy’s hair with a quick glance, lighter than his own crimson color or Asami’s mix of reds, oranges and browns, but a fellow redhead nonetheless.

The older woman seated behind the reception desk smiled as he approached, a container of pens situated off to the side on her desk. ”I’m an Academy student, here for a physical”, Roku explained in a quiet voice, respecting the calm atmosphere of the hospital. The woman pulled a few pieces of paper staples together from a stack beneath the desk, sliding it across the surface with a pen while explaining that he was to fill out each form to the best of his ability before being seen by a physician. Rokumaru put the ink pen in his pocket and the examination sheets in his hand, turning around to find a seat to fill them out.

He moved to the row of seats where the red-haired boy say reading his textbook, Roku sitting three seats away facing the same direction to peer at what the boy was reading while filling out his form. Retrieving the pen, he scanned the papers given to him.

They were rather standard questions, many pertaining to family medical history, recent sicknesses and injuries as well as resting heart rate and blood pressure. Except for the first item Rokumaru knew the rest of the information constantly, with the first being sealed due to his father’s status being classified. He wrote about such in the blank text next to the questions there, citing various laws set forth by Suna that allowed the information to be waived, but otherwise was happy with the answers he could write down.

He had no surgeries since that first visit to the hospital which he had completely recovered from, no evidence of seizures or other episodes, low cholesterol and blood-pressure, his cardiovascular system was improving with every year he grew and was approaching a healthy weight. His main concerns were his low BMI and the issues pertaining to his frail stature, both things most doctor’s would use to disqualify him from active-duty, but in past those concerns were always ignored by the administration in charge of training shinobi. Rokumaru knew it was partly due to his father’s influence and intimidation, which the boy wished was not for malevolent reasons. He would have to be nearly a corpse before they would deny him.

His eyes left the nearly-finished papers in his hand and swept the room, not having done so for at least a minute. The student that was here when he arrived had slipped out at some point, a few patients being admitted while new ones occupied various seats, and still the boy reading a textbook sat a few seats away. It was a larger tome than any medical text Roku owned at home, more detailed and likely more expensive than he could afford for just a book. He did not seem to be unfamiliar with what he was reading, his eyes moving almost lazily from paragraph to paragraph and diagram to diagram. Rokumaru was sure he had spotted a fellow nerd at heart.

The student moved over until there were two empty seats between them, close enough to speak quietly. ”I hate to interrupt someone while their reading, but do you work here?” Roku asked in a quiet voice, hoping to draw the stranger into a conversation. ”Or perhaps they expanded the hospital into a library without me noticing”, he joked with a sarcastic tone.

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Re: The Hospital is Interesting(Open)

Post by Shin Shiroma on Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:31 pm

Today was a day like any other. Somewhat boring, meticulous and dreadfully dull over all. But in all fairness, Shin supposed that could be taken as a positive rather than a negative. After all, a peaceful day meant less work for him and as much as he tried not to be too lazy. Sometimes, well, he couldn't help it. Like today for example. While he had wandered about the village for a little while, he'd simply been lounging around for most of the morning. Content to rest and relax peacefully while the opportunity presented itself to him. It wasn't often after all, that he had an entire day just to himself to act and do whatever he wished. And as a result, he was making the most of his time, which today included the odd nap here and there. It wasn't scorching hot this time of year, thankfully, but that didn't mean the sun was any less pleasant to be out in. It was because of that heat, that Shin had spent most of the morning moving from one building to another, finding the coolest place he could to laze around in without being bothered. When people seemed to think you were important, they always had a way of finding you, just to ruin your day. As such, he moved fairly frequently about every hour or so, just to keep anyone on their toes who may be trying to search him out. Not today thank you. He wasn't about to let himself be dragged into whatever event someone wanted him to be apart of on a day off such as this, no way.

It felt as everywhere he went these days, someone was always watching him or at least they tried to. Not very many people stayed around too long, not when they realised just who it was they were trying to follow. Being in a village in which he had a rather strong reputation did have it's perks at times, mostly including which. Almost everyone who wasn't a total idiot left him to his own devices. And even if someone told him no, he'd find a way to achieve what he wanted, regardless of another's say so or not. So all in all days off were about the only time he got peace and quiet, well, unless he was sleeping. But no one ever really noticed that time. Considering no one was ever conscious for it. Still, while there were some who would worry about what was to come, what dangerous situation they'd be thrown into next. Shin didn't let such a thing bother him, he'd focus on it when it was happening. Until then, important matters like that just weren't his problem. And while he most certainly wasn't a workaholic by any stretch of the imagination, even for someone in his position, training was a must. Perhaps not for six hours and upwards every single day like some. But an hour or two wouldn't hurt even on his day off. This, sadly meant leaving behind a rather good book. But if he stayed here too long, someone was bound to find him. Even sitting perches in one of the treetops like he was, someone would no doubt find a way in time. And he really did not want to listen to whatever would be told to him. What a shame, it seemed like a decent read from what he'd looked through thus far. Oh well, it could be saved for another time.

With an upward glance to the clear sky above, book in hand, the silver haired shinobi slipped down from the treetops and onto the ground below. Lazily wandering back to his own home and stashing the book away along with the shelf that held many others. Grabbing a few kunai that he'd left lying about on a table off to the side, the small weapons soon concealed within his clothing. He was off once again, back out into the heat. How wonderful. Having put on a light cloak atop his typical attire and wearing nothing that would signify him as even a member of the village in which he had lived for nearly ten years now, Shin set out for the training grounds. As much as he did leaving the city, he'd have to go to the Kage for that and well, if he did that. He was ninety five percent sure he'd end up doing something for them instead. Not an ideal situation today, so he'd avoid it and deal with the heat instead. Still, it could be worse. They could be in the middle of summer, then he'd really have a reason to complain. Right now, was fine, he could handle this. Of course, as soon as he got to the training area, his footsteps leading him to what was known as the 'demon desert', which he personally thought was a really stupid name but that wasn't important right now, he was starting to reconsider that thought of being able to handle this heat. He came here so rarely, he had forgotten how the heat tended to want to suffocate you out here. What a pain in the ass. But he was out here now, no point going back after having done absolutely nothing. Best get on with it then.

He kept to himself even within the large space. Removing the cloak from his shoulders, he moving, his form had been slacking as of late. Not that he kept to just one, but slacking on any meant he could be in trouble when anyone of any kind of serious power decided to show up. With a smile as was the norm and a slow breath, he began moving in circular motions, never moving straight. Hands kept slightly apart, his right a little further forward than his left as he moved. Even so, he never stopped, not once. Ducking and weaving, facing off against someone that wasn't there, still he could pretend. Creating a small cloud of dust thanks to how quickly he kept on moving and changing direction at the last second. After doing so for a few minutes and picking up speed, he was quick to turn on his heel and punch straight forward. A small gust of air releasing for his troubles, nothing much. But he didn't need or want it to be. There was some progress there at least and while he was about to move onto something a little more... fun shall we say. That idea was cut short in a matter of seconds. Why? One word. Explosion. Now typically, he wouldn't go and check, they were a common thing within the training grounds. Someone sparring with another, or even a technique gone haywire. But his curiosity told him to investigate and so grabbing the cloak he'd left on the ground, and after a moment or two of shaking it out to be rid of most of the dust and sand, it was back around his neck once more. Draping over his form and covering most of his body. Time to go have a look then.

Getting to where he had caught the sound from didn't take too long, surprisingly it was quite as far as he'd assumed it to be. And what did he see past the dust and sand everywhere? A young girl, barely a teen most likely, laying face down on the ground. Even from a short distance, she seemed to have burn marks covering both her arms. Ouch. Backfired most likely, that must have hurt. "Hey kid, ya alright?" There was an accent of some sort there, where from? Who knows. Was his question helpful? Not at all, but it was better to make sure and see if she was actually conscious and aware first before doing something. After getting an answer of some kind, he sighed, well, she was alive. Better than nothing. Heading towards the young girl, he lifted her to her feet without an ounce of effort on his part. "Hm, well just your upper body that's injured then. You'll be fine, just need to get ya to a hospital. Come on kid." Once she was standing upright by herself, he let go and began to head out of the desert at an even pace. Barely stopping every now and again when he saw the young girl sway, simply to steady her with a hand on her shoulder, only to keep going. She'd be fine, a little drained for a few days maybe, but otherwise fine. Still, that was just a guess. Medical ninjutsu was not his speciality in the slightest. He was, quite frankly awful at it. Oh well, that was what they had a hospital and other far more talented shinobi for. Better get a move on then, the sooner they were out of this heat, the better.

Okay so maybe it did take them a little while to get away from the training grounds and back into the village, but that was what happened when you had to walk everywhere. Aw well. Soon enough, they were coming into the hospital's main entrance, made entirely of solidified sand which wasn't the nicest to look at but it got the job done. Still it had been rather fun watching all these buildings be put up all those years ago, all that work, so many buildings of sand, tons of the stuff really. And look at where they were now. Still in the same place when it came to their architecture while he was just older. What a wonderful thought, not. Still, it wasn't quite as suffocating in here as it was out there, that was for certain. As soon as they came in, many pairs of eyes looked their way, he supposed because of him. He rarely if ever came in here after all, never needed to really. "Take a seat and I'll see what I can do, 'kay?" There was a flicker of what seemed like amusement in his tone before he was off down a hall, catching another shinobi to briefly speak to them, who seemed in a rush to show respect to him. Not that he minded at the moment. Many would see even from a distance, that ever present smile on his expression as he spoke. Gesturing ever so briefly between himself and then over to the young girl. The other younger looking man seemed to nod rapidly in understanding before rushing off.

Strolling leisurely back to the young girl with a rather pleased grin (although he doubted many would be able to tell the difference between that and how he usually smiled, which was a certain constant in his life. Always smiling), he was rather quick to speak up. "Should have someone coming to take a look at those wounds of yours in a bit. Next time, make sure ya know what you're doing before you try things that could explode hm?" It was big assumption to make, but considering the sound the explosion had made, it was as good of a guess as anyone could make. Well anyone that hadn't seen what the girl was actually doing that was. Still, he didn't bother asking, there wasn't much point when he'd already seen the outcome. A painful one at that, probably a lesson this kid wouldn't forget in a hurry. Or at least he could hope that, hopefully not all of the new generation were quite as reckless as he was at their age. They'd have a disaster on their hands if that was the case. For the time being however, he could take it easy. With a slight shuffle, he removed the cloak from around his neck, letting the fabric fall and lay over his left shoulder instead. He'd carry it back home later on. Wouldn't hurt to stay around in a cool building for a while, even if it was a god forsaken hospital of all places.

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Re: The Hospital is Interesting(Open)

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