Hinise, Katsumaru

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Hinise, Katsumaru

Post by Katsumaru on Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:51 pm

Who are you?

Name: Hinise, Katsumaru
Age: 17
Birthday: 19/07
Bloodline: Shade Release
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Pansexual

What can you do?

Village: Sunagakure
Rank: A-rank
Shade Release

  • Strength: 10
  • Speed: 100
  • Endurance: 0
  • Perception: 100
  • Chakra: 200

Positive Traits:
Name: Chakra Control Prodigy
Type: Positive
Description: Those who have this trait are gifted in the ways of chakra control. As such, anyone with this trait can make half seals (seals with one hand) anywhere the requirement of normal seals are listed.

Name: Multi-tasker
Type: Positive
Description: The person with this trait, is gifted in the ways of being able to do multiple things at a time. As such, not only do they find it easier to track multiple opponent, or utilize multiple jutsu, but any jutsu which requires standard concentration to active, instead is only a special concentration jutsu for the user. This special concentration means they cannot use any other special concentration jutsu.

Name: Power House
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait has excessively powerful chakra, and as such all damage techniques receive a +1 to their damage.
Negative Traits:
Name: Chakra Frail
Type: Negative
Description: Those with this Trait experience a natural weakness to chakra, and as such, receive a +1 to damage from all chakra sources.

Name: Penny Scrapper
Type: Negative
Description: For whatever reason, this person has a hard time putting two pieces of ryo together. Those who have this trait receive 20% less ryo from missions, and items cost 10% more.

Name: Medically Challenged
Type: Negative
Description: Those with that have this trait, for whatever reason, find themselves not as easy to heal. Causing a -1 to healing from all medical techniques.

Name: Chakra Shotgun
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait naturally is better at close with their jutsu. As such, all of their techniques may receive a -1 in range.

What do you look like?

Height: 5'8
Weight: 140 pounds
Hair: White
Eyes: Yellow
General appearance: There are a few things that makes Katsumaru stick out like a sore thumb. The malicious aura of death and decay that emanates off of the man, in combination with the man's rather stark white appearance, which entails not only his snow white shoulder-length hair, but the long white hooded robe which is accented by a gold chain which connects the left side of the robe to the right side, but it goes around the back instead of the front. Furthering the stark white appearance Katsumaru also wears a white ninja gai, which is only offset by the black waistband he uses to display his Sunagakure Hitai-ate, and his black and gold trimmed ninja tabi's, as well as his black finger-less gloves, and the apparent black undershirt he wears which is only visible as the sleeves barely extend past the sleeves of his robe. This strange appearance is only exemplified by the mans rather serious stature and expression, to which it either looks like he's completely emotionless, or ready to kill someone or everyone. Apart from that, Katsumaru is fairly well built, and actually rather muscular, standing at an average height of 5'8.

Getting to know you.

Personality: If those that know Katsumaru on a surface level, or at least know of him where to describe Katsumaru's personality, they would very likely describe him as somewhat edgy. Always cold, uncaring, and distant from the world around him. And while that is not necessarily a true assessment of his personality, It's certainly not an unfair one especially from those that don't truly know the depths of his personality. This is mainly due to the fact that Katsumaru is quite distant and matter-of-fact with the people he is not familiar with, or even the people he is familiar with but isn't quite friends with them. To those people, and in a general sense, Katsumaru tends to be cold, always stating things as he sees them, and his words not with-held. He always prefers to take the logical approach to things instead of acting on his emotions. This isn't to say he doesn't do so, in fact he tends to act on his anger more than he'd like to, but this is more to say that he at least attempts to think things through before acting upon them.

His rather distant nature also tends to stem from the fact that he's not really a big fan of people in general, and people aren't really a fan of him. This started because of the ominous aura the man emanates, but has slowly built up overtime, as people didn't like him, so he didn't like them, so people liked him less, and the vicious cycle continued until he got to the point he is today.

This isn't to say that Katsumaru is all bad however, in fact the man has several honorable qualities, the problem lies in getting past his walls and defenses and him finding you worthy of baring witness to these the traits of his.

The first of these traits, is loyalty. If you can convince Katsumaru that you are worth his time, and of use to him, or simply convince him to like you. You will find yourself someone who is incredibly loyal. As someone who likes to be honest in almost every sense, he does his best to keep to his promises. But more than that, those he likes and cherishes he tends to protect and do his best to keep them at his side.

Another one of these traits is a sense of humor. To most people's surprise, once he finds he can relax around someone, he'll do just that and will become more receptive to things like jokes, and might even play around with you himself if he's in the right mood. This isn't to say he stops being a hard-ass. Merely that he's capable of joking around if he finds that he enjoys your presence.

Feeling Wanted: if there was one thing that Katsumaru definitely liked and enjoyed, it is feeling like he belongs in a place and that people not only need him there, but want him there. This is in large part due to the fact that most people tend either fear or hate Katsumaru, and so when people express the fact that they enjoy his company, nothing brightens him up more.

His Clan: If there was one thing that Katsumaru absolutely dispised, it would have to be his only Clan. And, to clarify he is not refering to those that share his bloodline. In fact, those that have manifested the Shade Release as he has, he finds comforting and enjoys those people quite a bit. He's specifically referring to those of the Hinise clan. He hates those people who should call 'family', and would love to remove them from this world completely.

Attachment: A fear of loving someone is strong in Katsumaru. And this doesn't necessarily mean he's against the idea. Moreso that his biggest fear is losing someone he loves, and this causes him to push people away before he can get anywhere near loving them. The problem being that if they get past that initial barrier, than he doesn't offer up much resistance, and instead puts his efforts towards doing whatever he can to protect them before the cruel world takes away everything the one thing he loves.

Ideals/Motivations: At the moment, Katsumaru isn't quite sure what to do with himself. He feels betrayed by his village and more specifically his clan more and more everyday, but that hasn't quite come a boiling point. At the moment he strives for power, so that one day in hopes he can elimate his clan from existence. Though this seems like a pipe dream at the moment, as he isn't really sure how he'd go about achieving that goal even if he amassed the power to do so, but it's something that's in the back of his mind constantly.

Outside of that he's only motivating factor for staying alive is to simply spite the clan the despises his existence. He knows that every second he's alive and is a bearer of the Hinise name, he brings them pain. This is only furthered when he receives any sort of attention, and why he has refused to join the ANBU so far despite being offered the position. Simply because he knows it brings his clan great pain to know he is alive and using the Shade Release so publicly.

Early Life (0-10):
From the very beginning of his life, Katsumaru was view as a demon.
A monster by everyone that he should grow up to care about. It was from the onset that his life was set down a path of darkness, and one he didn't get a choice but to wander down.

Katsumaru's story begins on a summer afternoon. Both his mother and father nervous. Not only in hopes that Kimiko, Katsumaru's mother, would complete her pregnacy without any problems, and their baby would come out healthy and normal, with the later bit being a large part of their worry. See their clan, the Hinise clan had a terrible trait, a single recessive trait which determined whether or not a member of the clan would possess the rare Shade Release. This horrendous form of chakra would corrupt the soul of those it inhabited, leading them to a life of sin and darkness, or so at least clan members and those outside of the clan believed. This caused most clan members to go into labor nervous and anxious, instead of excited as most parents are, and Katsumaru's parents were no different.

It was also for this reason that not only were additional medical staff on standby, but there were also a few fuinjutsu specialists, because during what most called "manifestation" could be potential dangerous for the both the mother and child if it got out of hand. In addition to this, everyone that wasn't a part of staff dedicated to the birth of Katsumaru was asked to leave the room, excluding the father of course.

The first signs that something was wrong was when Kimiko lost conciousness due to the pain. While this didn't mean the child couldn't be conceived, it was a terrible omen. The second tell, was when Kimiko herself began to release streams of black mist like chakra that hissed as they stung the air. Hitashi, Katsumaru's father, almost subconciously blocked those signs out, as he refused to believe what was happening. Then it happened,
Katsumaru's umbilical cord was cut and an small explosion of black chakra erupted from the child and surrounded him like a cloak, burning him and causing the newborn to cry for the first time. As he opened his mouth, the chakra sucked into him as if pulled into a vacuum. Hitashi felt defeated, and as though he had already lost his child. His face went white, and he began to weep. Katsumaru, having already pasted manifestation, and only coming it out of it with a few burns, was cleaned up, and care for the baby proceeded as normal.

Upon Kimiko waking up, before she could be informed of whether or not her child had manifested, she was given him to hold, and before she could make her judgement on him, her maternal instincts were allowed to roam free, and when she held her child for the first time, she immediately fell in love with him, and his snow white hair. It wasn't until after she had already fallen in love with the child, that she was inform Katsumaru, the name she had picked out before his birth, had indeed manifested.

Katsumaru's next few years were spent being despised and hated by his family,
well with the exception of his mother, whom she loved and defended with all of her heart. Katsumaru's days would be spent being tormented by elder and avoided by the kids his age. Viewed as a demon, and a plague upon the clan. Katsumaru became recluse and shy. doing his best to keep to himself and avoid making missteps,
as well as avoiding the other kids himself, because he knew that if he messed up,
or they messed up he would be punished severely. However this punishment and abuse didn't just extend to him, but his parents as well, they were constantly looked down upon as a the bringers of the curse and bearers themselves. Not so much for Katsumaru's Father, as not only was he a council member for the clan, but he was almost probably the biggest offender of the abuse Katsumaru faced, both verbal and physical.

Around the time Katsumaru was 9 or so, his chakra was beginning to expand in ways he couldn't quite control. His mother was working with him one night on chakra control, and how to form and shape his chakra to his own will. This was until his father stumbled home drunk, and bore witness to the dark chakra being emitted from his son, and focusing around his wife. His response was violent, and immedaite. The preceding moment last for about a minute or so, before Katsumaru's Father attention turned to his mother, and while Katsumaru could withstand the abuse towards him,
his mother was a different case entirely. This lead Katsumaru to act, his desire to save his mother in turn making his chakra act. Hateful spires of black energy formed into spike and lunged at KAtsumaru's Father, but his mother in her love for her child,
and her husband wouldn't let one murder the other. It was the following moments that still haunt Katsumaru to this day.

After that night, Katsumaru was exiled from the clan compound, The relavtively new village Sunagakure however was fully prepared to take on such a capable weapon, and almost immediately brough the child into the academy. He was kept under a watchful eye of course, but he would be taught further chakra control and more importantly restraint, and while the other kids avoided him, much as most of the kids from his clan did, he found purpose in being a weapon for Sunagakure, and it took his mind off of his mother. This would lead him to taking this responsibility very seriously, and he graduated from the academy not long after at the ripe age of 10.
Genin (10-12):
After his graduation from the academy, Katsumaru was assigned a squad, like any other Genin within the village. The first training session for the squad was quite unlike anything Katsumaru had experienced before hand. Their first task as their Sensei put it, was to introduce themselves to each other, and then begin a trust building exercise. Their Sensei would give a format for the introduction. Name, Specialty, Goals, and a brief demonstration of abilities. His Sensei, Takimaru, would begin, stating he was he was Fuinjutsu specialist, and his goals were for his squad to came to love each other as family. And while being assigned to a Fuinjutsu specialist left a bit of a sour taste in Katsumaru's Mouth, the family aspect left a worst one. He had always had a bad relationship with his family, and didn't want these people to end up in the same way, though Takimaru would notice Katsumaru's discomfort at the word, and will looking directly at him give him a brief eye-smile, and say "Don't worry Katsumaru, I'm referring to family like your mother" which made Katsumaru feel better and worse all in the same sentence. He would then insist that since he had already spoiled Katsumaru's name, he should go next. and he did, giving his name once more, though his full name this time, which caused a bit of a suprised and almost horrified look from the girl in their squad, not that Katsumaru payed it much mind, however she quickly settled when Katsumaru said that his goal was to become a hero of the village and show people he wasn't something to be scared of. He then would let his chakra pool around him and form tendrils of black and smoke like chakra, driving one of them into a nearby pillar, crumbling it to pieces.

It was then the girls turn to go, she introduced herself as Himitsu, saying her girls were to make her mother and father proud, she then places her hands together as if she were praying and closed her eyes. Looking up after a brief moment, and informing the group that there were 6 birds in the tree to behind the group. To which Takimaru responded by nailing the tree with a rock, and sure enough 6 birds flew out in unison.
After her introduction, it was the other boy in the groups turn, and he said his name was Garujin, and he claimed he was the best ninja to have ever been born, stating he was going to be the Kazekage someday. He then proceeded to Breath a ball of flames from the balcony.

After their introductions were done, Takimaru lead them to the nearby training grounds, were they spent the rest of the day, training in team coordination, and it was honestly some of the hardest training that Katsumaru had ever taken part of.

This training would be a regular part of there routine over the course of the next few days. Takimaru would have them strike as a unit without specifying how, and each and every time strike a flaw in the squad's plan. If the plan was too reliant on one person he would take them down or trip them up. If one of them made a misstep he would capalize on it. And after each try to pin him into a corner, he would give feedback on what we might be able to do better. The Squad weren't quiet skilled enough to be able to get him to surrender, but after a few weeks of this, and just actual training, doing things like sprinting, lifting, endurance exercises, and chakra control, there was a noticeable improvement in the squad dynamic, enough so that we began to be able to rely on each other for certain things. This lead to the embark of the first squad mission.

It was really a simple mission, as it is with most Genin, but to Katsumaru and his squad mates it was truly something empowering to be undergoing their first mission.
The mission was to capture a stray cat. This meant that they had to pin it down like they had been attempting to do with their Sensei, but they also couldn't use any of their weapons or damaging jutsu to do so.

Tracking the cat down was relatively easy with Himitsu in their squad, as she was already a sensor. however this left Katsumaru and Garujin to contend with capturing the cat. This was a bit more difficult, and took the duo several attempts to actually pin it down, but after a bit of bonding they managed to succeed, and brought the cat back home safely. It was from that moment on, the squad started taking regular missions henceforth, and while this meant they weren't training as much, that was still very much a part of the their life, and missions would help iron out some of the issues in the squad dynamic that can't be found in training, and over the course of several months, while the squad had some arguments they were quickly all growing on each other.

After a few months, Takimaru's squad had noticeably gotten better, not just in coordination and tactics, but in physical abilities as well. This lead Takimaru to believe that they were ready for something better, something higher end, and he would assign them their first B-rank mission. Additionally, he would let one of squad members,
lead the squad as it would be an essential skill for a Chunin. Garujin was the one chosen out of the three, and they embarked. The mission was to scout out the border between Sunagakure and a minor nation. Now because this mission would be taken on by a lower ranking squad, a party had gone ahead of them to scout out this area before they would arrive to make sure it was safe. A part of their mission would be to meet up with the another squad and gather what intel they had gotten, deliver supplies to them, share their own intel they had gathered, and then return to Sunagakure. This however isn't quite what happened.

Upon reaching the border, they discovered scenes of a battle, which clearly lead into the territory of the other land. Garujin mad the decision to follow, as if was the other squad, they may need assistance, and if it wasn't, this would be intel they should report. So the squad followed, and were the fly walking into the spiders nest. As they would soon discover, the markings of a battle were a trap specifically laid for s sunagakure squad to follow, and lead into an ambush. Something they would realize all to late.

As they entered unto the scene where the battle ended, they encountered the bodies of the squad they were supposed to meet up with. However, before they could even react, Kunai came flying in from all directions. This wasn't the first battle the squad had gotten into, and Katsumaru was quick to reaciton, raising a shield of dark chakra around his squad, blocking most if not all of the Kunai. However, as prepared as they thought they were, they were wrong. The enemies used Katsumaru's Chakra as a cover and rushed the genin squad. Himitsu was cut down in moments. Both Garujin and Katsumaru stood there frozen, seeing blood splatter coming from their friend.
Katsumaru in a state of horror, looked to Garujin, their squad leader for direction.
However Garujin looked just as white as he did, and in the moments he turned to face Katsumaru, a sword was jammed through his chest. Katsumaru's heart nearly stopped right there, however a clashing of sword from behind him snapped him back to reality. His Sensei, Takimaru had stopped him from being killed as well. Katsumaru quickly reacted, plunging a spear of dark energy into the the man who was held in place by his Sensei. His sensei, however, seemed just as pale faced as Garujin,
and as Katsumaru would later learned, had never lost and ally in combat before.
However in the moment is was clear Katsumaru would need to take charge, and so he did. The two got out with several cuts and bruises, but they managed to get out.

His sensei took the blame for the incident, and Katsumaru was promoted to Chunin for his display of leadership in a time of need.
Chunin (12-14:
Much of Katsumaru's time spent as a Chunin was spent in solace.
The young Chunin, spent much of his time grieving, and training. He like Takimaru,
felt the incident that had occurred was his fault, and if he had been stronger than he could have been to stop it from occurring.

In his spare time however, Katsumaru would take several, several, missions of varying ranks, whatever he could gt his hands on, all solo, purely to take his mind off of what had happened. It was because of this he started getting a reputation, as he would complete hundreds of missions in only a few months time span. He would complete these missions quickly, and efficiently, leaving little room for error, and almost never showing any emotion while he did so,and over time, he slowly started taking more and more dangerous missions, he also began to develop a preference. Anytime he could get his hands on an assassination mission, or a mission which involved a target which did not need to be kept alive, he would priorities that one immediately. However, there was another mission he was also exceptionally skilled at, and would often get assigned to simply because of his preference for solo missions, and his skill in the field, and these missions were Protection missions.

It wouldn't be very long before the overwhelming number of missions he had completed and the level of missions he'd completely would qualify him for the rank of special jounin, and do the fact almost all of them got completed well and with hardly ever a flaw, the Kazekage was beginning to run out of excuses as to why he shouldn't have the rank of special jounin, and finally he simply gave it to him.
Special Jounin (14-17):
Katsumaru's years as a special jounin were spent much in the same way as his time as a chunin, although he would spent more time dedicated to his training and slowing down on his intake of missions. Having almost forgot about his clan at this point, which had made ties with Sunagakure shortly after he had become a chunin, he had simply chosen to ignore them, and thankfully for him, they simply ignored him, despite him still using the clan name.

It would be during this period of his life, Katsumaru would truly focus most of his energy on getting stronger. spending almost every day, getting attempting to get stronger and stronger. It was also during this time of his life he began to really be known as the cold as estranged he is. It was an attitude that developped during his Chunin years, but the reputation didn't come until he was a Special Jounin, or at least right before it. This lead to him being assigned less missions, however he would still take the ones that he was specifically requested for. Which were almost always either Assassination missions or Protection missions, and for the most part it was rather bland and repetitive. That was however, until a mission caught his attention. It was request by his old clan, and asked the village to take care of a defector from the clan.
Notably it was posted by his own father.

The mission peaked Katsumaru's interest and so he took it. Probably the most interesting this about the mission, was that apparently the defector had left towards the country in which Katsumaru's comrades died. Something about which Katsumaru was still puzzled because as he recalled the scene, his attackers were not ninja of the village which resided within the country, and village its self seemed surprised when the Kazekage confronted them about the attack., furthermore all investigations of the attack turned up with nothing other than the information that Katsumaru and Takimaru had given to sunagakure. Katsumaru figured that had hunch this sudden defector had something to do with what happened all those years ago, and if it didn't he could at least use the time for the mission to investigate himself, and so Katsumaru embarked on his mission.

Katsumaru had refined his skills a shinobi up until this point, and assassination was a particular skill of his, and by all accounts he was good at tracking down his targets,
however this mission was different. That was probably in part due to the fact it was an a S-rank mission, something he had to receive special permission to take, but even beyond that Katsumaru still felt something was off. The person he was tracking was all too hard to close in on, and it seemed as though every time he got close or began to close in, the target would slip away. That was until he tracked them to a some stone ruins. Katsumaru had done his best to lure the target there, and set up all necessary precautions to keep them there once he closed in.

But what he found when he arrived was not what he expected. His father sitting in the main chamber, the man who had posted the mission was himself sitting in the chair,
and the spot of the target he was supposed to kill. Though Katsumaru felt no conflicting feelings about this he knew something was wrong. That's when his father let out a grin. and black chakra similar to that of Katsumaru's began radiating off of him, and the words "Hello my son" rang through the citadel, and a battle begun.
Katsumaru was not only caught off guard, as he had no clue his father possessed the Shade release, but he was also outmatched. It was clear the entire time that his father was toying with him. especially as he described the brutal deaths of not only his mother, but Himitsu, and Garujin as well. Describing to Katsumaru that he was driving him to power so he could one day be strong enough to lead the clan, and when he was finally done toying with Katsumaru, he revealed his full strength, as Katsumaru's body to slowly give way underneath him, as if he himself was withering into nothing, until finally he blacked out.

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