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Who are you?

Name: Kurushimu ‘Pepper’ Seikatsu 苦しむ 生活

Age: 21.
Birthday: 29|7.
Bloodline: Ketsueki no hoshutsu
Gender: Male.
Sexual preference: Demisexual.

What can you do?

Village: Wanderer [Amegakure.]
Rank: A rank.
Element(s): Raiton.

  • Strength: 70.
  • Speed: 70.
  • Endurance: 100.
  • Perception: 70.
  • Chakra: 100.

Positive Traits:

Chakra Control Prodigy:
Name: Chakra Control Prodigy
Type: Positive
Description: Those who have this trait are gifted in the ways of chakra control. As such, anyone with this trait can make half seals (seals with one hand) anywhere the requirement of normal seals are listed.

Name: Multi-tasker
Type: Positive
Description: The person with this trait, is gifted in the ways of being able to do multiple things at a time. As such, not only do they find it easier to track multiple opponent, or utilize multiple jutsu, but any jutsu which requires standard concentration to active, instead is only a special concentration jutsu for the user. This special concentration means they cannot use any other special concentration jutsu.

Gifted Medic:
Name: Gifted Medic
Type: Positive
Description: Those with this trait are naturally skilled at medical ninjutsu, and as such all healing techniques used by them receive a +1 to healing.

Negative Traits:

Struggle [Perception]:
Name: Struggle.
Type: Negative.
Description: Those with this trait for whatever reason struggle to train one of their stats [one stat of the individuals choice] and therefore it takes 50% more word count to train any points within the chosen stat.[This may be taken multiple times but each time a different stat must be chosen.]

Struggle. [Speed]:
Name: Struggle.
Type: Negative.
Description: Those with this trait for whatever reason struggle to train one of their stats [one stat of the individuals choice] and therefore it takes 50% more word count to train any points within the chosen stat.[This may be taken multiple times but each time a different stat must be chosen.]

Struggle. [strength]:
Name: Struggle.
Type: Negative.
Description: Those with this trait for whatever reason struggle to train one of their stats [one stat of the individuals choice] and therefore it takes 50% more word count to train any points within the chosen stat.[This may be taken multiple times but each time a different stat must be chosen.]

Penny Scrapper:
Name: Penny Scrapper
Type: Negative
Description: For whatever reason, this person has a hard time putting two pieces of ryo together. Those who have this trait receive 20% less ryo from missions, and items cost 10% more.

What do you look like?

Height: 6ft3 | 193cm.
Weight: 12st4 | 79kg.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Amber [slowly clouding.]
General appearance:
As a child Pepper’s hair was sharp clipped to the side of his head allowing the top and back to flow long in a tight braid that could easily brush against his calves wearing simple clothing of a dull grey colour, the top pin striped and exposing the top of would eventually become his traps muscles within time. Although the tops sleeves were loose they were tethered at his wrists with an elasticated hem leaving just a little bit of cloth to fan out around the start of his hands. Adorning his feet were as most wore within the small rainy town of which he was born were hard wood sandals.

As training became a way of life along with fighting not only did he receive the brand mark of his bloodline, but his loose cloths were traded for tight fitting and flexible top at one point barely wearing a top during combat for multiple reasons. Though his trousers were cargo in style and usually white or of lighter shades when war were being waged. His hair remaining much the same though having been [for all intensive porpoises] forcefully shorted to brush just past his shoulder blades with the sides remaining clipped short.

But now that’s the waring period had ended, to look upon this man as his once amber orbs, now clouded. Though his raven black hair now grown out so that the short strands hang loosely around his face brushing his shoulders whilst the longer easily able to graze his back side even when braided back. His tall, well defined form often clad in clothing far closer to that of when he was a child. His clothing now less simple with their intricate patterns and embroidery yet remaining dull in colours, keeping to that which could easily blend with the harsh rains of his motherland, and simple in style only occasionally wearing the colour of blood. The top to his attire leaving his traps muscles exposed and part of his chest, the top itself a loose fit, its sleeves loose at his wrists and hanging low in the process. Covering his lower half are hakama making for easy movement whilst distracting the eye of such. Still adorning his feet are his wooden sandals.

Though his features; fair be the colour of his flesh yet even still the thin strike like scars at a closer inspection riddle his once nar unmarked complexion, even clipping out thin tendril sections of his eyebrows, yet one scar stands out above all others, one in the shape of the crest of his lineage taking up a chunk of his cheek broaching his jawline, even severing a section of his lobe, branded. His form, tall and well defined with multiple thin scars littering along much of his body including his face though faded to a small degree. His features almost fey like, pointed and sharp with high cheekbones, as though calved from marble, yet his once vibrant amber coloured orbs now clouding as the light leaves them. His once smooth leith hands now callus from years of forced training and combat.

Always seeming to adorn his form along his waist bares a contraption as well as a patterned umbrella and a set of glasses, used mainly for reading.

Getting to know you.

As a child Pepper were a free spirit and a very caring soul boasting a very stubborn side to his personality yet as he aged and the events of his life took their toll upon not only his body but his mind as well, forever warping and changing his personality, for better or worse. Though no war that he had survived nor time itself could rid him of all the traits he had as a child.

Caring and Passionate: At the core of his personality he is both caring and passionate about the things he does. Each thing he partakes in is filled with both care and passion though at times such may be unseen or covered over by other parts of his personality.

Loyal and Protective: Loyalty is something that is instilled deeply into his personality as well as something that he holds in high regards. Hand in hand with loyalty within his personality is his protective nature. He is not only protective of those that he cares for but he is protective of his ideology and his morals.

• During the waring period his personality was drastically altered like many others. •

Stern, and Strict: The waring period had turned him into a very strict and stern individual. If he were to teach another or to learn from someone he would not only conduct himself but also expect others to meet the expectations or at the very least try to do so, remaining strict. When speaking with him whilst in certain mindsets he can be perceived as very stern, seeming far older than his actual age.

Sceptical, Calculating and Cautious: The years of being exposed to such hazards that accompany war twisted and warped his personality to making him a sceptical and calculating individual as well as making him cautious, especially as the sight in his eyes fade further still. Due to these three points of his personality It is hard to win the trust of Pepper, and for this he may often seem reserved or uptight.

Manipulating and charming: A charming smile that seems to ease the sight of his scars bares no dent in how charming this individual can come across though more often than not he can and will use this to be manipulating, though this is now apart of his nature and personality, it is not always something he will rely on, but finds it can at times be a necessity.

Strong willed and Quiet: Though he is often quiet, such is with good reason, It gives him the chance to observe others taking in what information about them that he can. Over time his will has only been enforced, each trial and hardship that he has faced had only drove deeper the strength of his will.

Realistic: As with most of his personality that war had twisted, this may very well have been the most drastic. Pepper changed from a light spirit and a wandering soul to someone that could seem cold enough to chill the air about him. He is extremely realistic so much so that his approach could, with ease, seem cold hearted, though he would argue that it is quite the opposite.

Loyalty, Honesty and Respect: These three things are held in high regards to this man. He admires them even when he is faced with them on the battle field. When he has the honour of baring witness to any of these three values he sees a sense of both bravery and beauty, more so in times that these values are put to the test.

Peace: Peace had been something that this individual had dreamed of throughout all the time he could remember of the wars even before he were directly involved with such. He would do all that he could to not only preserve peace but to preserve it and protect it.

Ability: He enjoys to see the abilities of others whether such be born of their bloodline or a talent that they had drew forth and perfected themselves, this also stems into watching abilities slowly form from a mere thought.

Music: It was once said that music can calm the beasts of the worlds and such in many respects can be said about this individual. Though he is not only a fan of music but those that can perform. And as his sight fades like a dimming light all sounds become precious to him just as music had been from the beginning.

Beauty: Beauty to this man comes in many forms from physical beauty and dance to that of a simple voice or sound, an act of kindness or nobility, all such things are beautiful.

Quirks: Quirks, pure and simple. That which makes an individual just that, an individual. From the way they speak to the way they act.

Tea: Tea, in this individuals point of view is a luxury and will often partake in a cup at the chances he may come across.

War: Making it to the top of his dislikes with even enough room for this individual to say that he hates war and had done since before he became a participant. In this individuals point of view, war, can bring only destruction and devastation. His views on such are strong and unwavering.

Breaking an oath: This individual has a particular dislike for those that would dishonour not only themselves but others by breaking a vow or oath that they have sworn to uphold. Once such trust has been broken, such will not be regained with this man again. It is more than safe to say breaking an oath is something this man can not and will not forgive.

Cruelty: Those that would be cruel without reason to animals or people, if this man had his way, would be punished severely for such acts. Yet this man is not without his faults and will if he deems such necessary be cruel in order to be kind.

Bullies: Bullying and bullies are another thing high on this individuals list of dislikes, such angering with ease whether such is shown or not, he will do all that he can to prevent bullying and put a bully in their place.

Smoking: Another dislike as smoke is not only harmful to ones health and others but it also impairs the senses such senses he relies on heavily yet as it is an addiction he understands its grasp on people and occasion will partake in such. A guilty pleasure, though he often choses to use either a pipe or hookah but he will smoke regular cigarettes. He detests smoking around youngsters.

Coffee: With its bitter taste he tends to steer clear of coffee sticking to his preference of tea.

the sound and sight of someone chewing with their mouth open: Like nails down a chalk board to most the sound and sight of people chewing with their mouths open disgusts this individual, easily irritating and annoying him.

War: Although at the present time this male does not have any phobia’s he does in-fact have a few fears. The one thing he fears above all else is war. War and all that comes with it, its destruction of lives, families, land and heart. The things war brings and what it forces people to partake in, such savageries that ruins the mental health of not only those that are at war but all that war touches. War is a sickness, a disease, that at times seems incurable.

•This individual always tries to abide by his Ideals of which he refers to as Noble virtues.

Courage: I face my fears and defend my family and kindred from all dangers.

Discipline: I do what is necessary and right of my own accord, without bribe or threat.

Fidelity: I am true to family, friends, kindred and those to who I pledge my service.

Honour: I stand by my oaths and honour my ancestors by keeping my name pure among the kindred.

Industriousness: I take joy in labour and hold nothing back from the work I pledge to do.

Perseverance: I press on against all odds until my goal is met, the task is finished and I have done all that I said I would do.

Self reliance: I learn skills and grow strong so that I may earn my way in the worlds and be no burden to others.

Truth: I seek the truth even when it may be a hard truth. I speak the true words or stand in silence and I defend the truth from those who do not honour it.

This individuals motives at the present time are simple enough, he wishes to enjoy what freedom he has and to learn and expand upon his knowledge as he goes. He would when he can like to help those in need of what medical services he can provide. Eventually he would like to find a ‘safe’ place to settle, or perhaps make his home town such a place.

Though he remembers very little of his youth he was born and named during what is now called the waring period. Though he does not know who named him he does know the meaning of said name. His families name, Seikatsu, means life a tribute to a talent given by blood every few generations and his forename, Kurushimu, alone this word means suffer, yet when the name is places together it means ‘to suffer life.’ Giving him a name that is more a burden than anything else and for this very reason he found his preference in being called by a nickname almost as old as his birth name, Pepper.

Pepper has very little in way of memories of his family, just blurred moments as to which he, at times, still finds comfort. Though his does however remember his time with the patchwork clan of which he was forced to serve during the waring period.

In the most simply of terms, as merely a youngster he was taken from his home, tore from those he cared so dearly for and expected to learn in quick order how to be of used within the wars. And he eventually did just that, he learnt and he eventually though stubborn, became the weapon that they wanted and had paid for… in a fashion that is.

As a child with his family: Though Pepper remembers very little of his family or the time he spent with them in the village he were born, he was however born to a rather average seeming family in an area that seemed to always be covered in a downpour of rain. The weeping lands, as some would call it. He had a rather usual childhood knowing both good and bad times that came with the wars. He was a free spirit and would often disregard his safety to see and experience new things, all forms of life interested him, and all ways to help such life flourish, yet the lands were stricken by the wars and therefore dangerous, yet the small village had some protection given by a clan that at all times expected payment to keep them safe among a few other villages close by. Yet for all of his curiosity we wouldn’t set out of line enough to put others in danger. He was after all a smart child, young but smart.

He was taught the basics of defending himself if ever war came to their doors yet fighting did not, in any way shape or form interest him. The same could not be said for healing, as healing and preserving life interested him so intensely that it drew forth traces of a bloodline not often seen. Though to his mother this came as no surprise how it had to his father. A simply act would change his very life.

A child around his age, a mere minor like himself had fallen and scraped its knee during a game in the rain. Blood ran from the wound and the child cried and looked away. Called by the cried parents emerged, the children stood and watched where as Pepper stepped forwards and kneeled before the other child, offering a calming smile his tiny hands would cover over the wound. The child before him would sniffle but calm as their eyes met, “watch” would be all the words he needed, and the child would watch his hands as he rose them away and with his movement the small droplets of blood would raise with them before joining and twisting together almost as though it were dancing for the wounded child before the blood recovered the wound and hardening in the shape of a gillyflower. He would push up from the ground with a little grunt before offering the child his hand to aid them up again only for the child to be snatched away by a parent. Confused he would look around to see the same happen of the other children and his own family bar his mother stood in shock or horror whilst his mother’s eyes seemed… empty.

Many things happened after that, all in such a quick succession. But the day the protecting clan took him, the child he had helped ran out to his though his vision was blurred before going dark due to a rather harsh, blunt force hit just behind his ear, knocking him out.

A child surrounded by war: awaking to unfamiliar surroundings and unfamiliar faces. Not even one did he recognise, with a young female tending to the oozing mess of a lump that had formed at the impact point of where he had been hit. She would, in what could only be described as a somewhat cold manner, explain briefly what she had done and how when tending to his wound after he had persistently asking only once he were patched up would she explain what he were doing there and that he was payment for the clan protecting his village. As she escorted him into the training ground to the clan leaders she would take the time to remind him that it was a great honour to have been taken, especially so young and that he would do well to show respect.
That day he would meet many, though one in particular. A woman with a very visible scar in the upper centre of her chest. A brand and not a clean one at that, the centre of the symbol being at the dip between the clavicle bones, though that were not the only scar to riddle this war-torn female. The brand showing that she was one of the few in the lands able to use Ketsueki no hōshutsu and for this, she would become his mentor. Stern and harsh seemingly all the way through. Her name was Saumya, such meaning ‘gentle’. Gentle, she was anything but. From the day of their meeting he would be forced to train with her, for hour upon hours. Days become weeks and weeks became months and in turn months became years. Even days that the clan fought she would return and they would train. Forced to become a weapon for the clan. Saumya not only brought forth his ability with Ketsueki no hōshutsu but instilled discipline, many of her qualities would be passed to Pepper through out their time together, becoming major parts of his personality as she prepared him for his part in the wars. Before his first real battle he was bestowed the same brand his mentor Saumya, yet his would be in a much harder place to conceal, taking up a chunk of his cheek broaching his jawline and neck, even severing a section of his lobe. A sign of being ready for what would face him next.

Just a weapon:Though he had been stubborn, without choice he had eventually become what was required of him. With his abilities he brought forth carnage along side Saumya and the clan. Each battle stripping apart of him away, piece by piece. Each time before a battle the clan would remind themselves that, if they did not partake and do their part it would be the villages and families that would suffer the consequences. The first time he witnessed this would be the first time his heart would fall inline to work along side them all as brothers and sisters, realising that they truly were all in the same boat having come from the same backgrounds, taken from their families to be used a fuel in the wars. With such knowledge he did all that he could to try to ensure the survival of the clan and their for the villages of which they came from.

The end of the waring period and the ray of hope for a new life: The news of the end of the waring period and the villages springing up around the lands were like a myth at first within the clan, leading them to remain formed for another five years, still training and waiting in that time before slowly disbanding, such taking in itself almost four years for all of the clan to part ways. As for Pepper his first stop the moment he parted from the clan were to travel back to the village of his birth, in search of the family he had believed to have been spending the years at war to protect. Yet arriving at what was once the village, he would find but a ghost town, broken and dishevelled. Its occupants…gone. He hoped that they had found a village to join and stay safe within, making it his mission to not only attempt to do the same but to find those he had cared so deeply about, enough to loose most of himself to protect.

Most others, the years had not been kind to him nor had the wars, but from the day he had been taken from his home, by the clan his sight had began to deteriorate though at a slow pace. His amber eyes becoming more clouded as the years passed him by. Though the clan had attempted to cure his sight many times each time had failed. He had learnt to live with the prospect of going blind slowly. His other senses heightened slowly to fill the gap left by sight.

Setting out alone, from both the ruin of the village of the scatters of his clan he would take to the road in search of freedom he had yet to experience. Traveling the lands to take in all the sights that would soon be lost to him. Offering up his services along the way.

Face claim: Izuminokami kanesada from Touken Ranbu.

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Re: Pepper.

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