Hinise, Himitsu

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Hinise, Himitsu

Post by Himitsu on Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:13 am

Who are you?

Name: Himitsu Hinise
Age: 15
Birthday: 04/01
Bloodline: Shade Release
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Bisexual

What can you do?

Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Genin
Element(s): -

  • Strength: 5
  • Speed:10
  • Endurance:10
  • Perception:15
  • Chakra: 10

Positive Traits:

Name: Quick
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally fast, and has an easy time building up their speed. As such they receive a passive buff of +50 to their Speed, and a 20% WC reduction to Speed training.

Name: Chakra Control Prodigy
Type: Positive
Description: Those who have this trait are gifted in the ways of chakra control. As such, anyone with this trait can make half seals (seals with one hand) anywhere the requirement of normal seals are listed.

Name: Specialization Prodigy (Ninjutsu)
Type: Positive
Description: This Trait often belongs to people who are naturally talented at a certain specialization. As such upon character creation, their chosen specialization (must be labeled in the Trait) starts at a rank above it's starting location. Furthermore, when training that specialization or jutsu that requires that specialization they receive a 10% reduction in WC.

Negative Traits:

Name: Medically Challenged
Type: Negative
Description: Those with that have this trait, for whatever reason, find themselves not as easy to heal. Causing a -1 to healing from all medical techniques.

Name: Weak
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally Weak, and has a hard time building muscle. As such they receive a passive debuff of -50 to their Strength, and a +20% WC to Strength training.

Name: Blind Assault
Type: Negative
Description: Those with this trait focus far more on their offense than defense, and as such all of their jutsu receive a -1 to their defense stat.

Name: Chakra Frail
Type: Negative
Description: Those with this Trait experience a natural weakness to chakra, and as such, receive a +1 to damage from all chakra sources.

What do you look like?

Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 103lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Bright Blue
General appearance:
Himitsu is about the average height of other girls her age, but she is more athletic looking than most. Her body is lean and toned, but not to the point where it sacrifices the softness that her skin appears to have. She has pale skin, though not to the point of appearing white. Her wavy red hair falls down to about her shoulder blades, though most of the time it is tucked underneath her hood. When she is performing shinobi business or training, she wears a black crop top and black shorts along with thigh high black boots that have a kunai sheath on each leg and a shuriken holster on the right one. She also wears a black hooded coat that she uses to help with her more stealth based endeavors. Her Iwagakure forehead protector hangs around her neck loosely. When she is relaxing, she usually wears a white tank top and black sweat pants. Himitsu carries herself like someone who is training their body to be a weapon, always prepared to spring into action of the need arises. Though it is not usually seen, her smile is an infectious one that can brighten up even the darkest of rooms.

Getting to know you.

Personality: Cunning
Himitsu has dedicated a great deal of her training to the ability to overcome challenges of many kinds through deceit and intelligence. She understands the importance of learning how to physically fight, but she does not see the need if she can get what she needs through careful manipulation. She knows that she is attractive for her age and uses it to her advantage when she can. She also appreciates the use of stealth in most situations, choosing to let herself in the back door instead of barging through the front when she can. Her wit allows her to catch people off guard, and after getting through that guard, she will employ any means of subterfuge necessary in order to achieve her goal. Even though sometimes the easiest route is an arrow through one’s throat at a distance, Himitsu is happy to try a more cunning approach if the opportunity presents itself.

To those who don’t know her, Himitsu’s collected, cool, and calm demeanor can be almost off-putting. She rarely smiles, instead weighing the meaning of every word and gesture put her way, calculating possible outcomes wherever she can. Though she is not always right, she enjoys practicing the art of observation and attempting to hone her skills of deductive reasoning and perception. Thus, she always tries to remain calm, pushing down her most expressive emotions until she can no longer hold back. Even her anger can only be seen in the burning fury in her eyes, rather than an outward expression of exclamation.

Himitsu is constantly evaluating her own skills. In hopes of being able to pick up on her short-comings, she will mentally berate herself when things to not go according to plan. She attempts to train through these issues that arise, but due to her nature, she will generally end up just berating herself further. Ever since her birth, she was treated like she was less than human, and since she knows nothing else, that is how she also treats herself, believing herself to be deserving of such critical behavior.

Likes: Himitsu enjoys cold weather and rain storms. The feeling of being cozy in her home when the weather outside is frightful is one of the rare things that brings true warmth to her heart. Wrapped in a blanket next to a hearth with a book in hand is the perfect place in her mine. She also enjoys archery, and training to use all kinds of weapons.
Dislikes: Himitsu dislikes overly warm weather, as she finds the feeling of sweating in her gear distracting. She also hates being in crowds, though they do help her remain unnoticed when she needs to hide. Even so, she finds proximity to that many people at once to be horrible, especially if it is in a social setting. She also cannot abide by those who act superior that everyone else simply due to their station or natural ability. Arrogance is shameful and humiliating to her, and she is happy to let the arrogant know exactly how she feels.
Fears/Phobia: Himitsu fears being seen as useless. She has decided to make herself a useful weapon for the Village Hidden in the Stones, and if she cannot live up to that post, then she will feel that she has completely failed everything that has ever ben important to her. She also, to a lesser extent, fears emotional attachments with others, as she knows what she wants to become is dangerous, and to leave someone behind would feel like a failure to her as well. She would die with regret, which is something she has sworn not to do.

Ideals/Motivations: Himitsu owes everything to the Village Hidden in the Stones, and it is that very village that motivates hr to become the greatest ninja she can be. Having been left and abandoned as a demon by her own people, the young woman has dedicated her life fully to the village that accepted her as more than a monster. She has committed herself to become a weapon for Iwagakure as an act of gratitude toward the whole village. Though she may never be known by those she serves, she lives only to serve them, destroying their enemies whenever she can. To a lesser extent, Himitsu hopes to someday prove to the world that her bloodline and the Shade Release that accompanies it is not made solely of those who would kill and rob for sport, but by those who would also protect that which they hold dear. Valuing the possibility of redemption over all else, she walks in the shadows with the hope of bringing her truth to those that she serves.
History: Himitsu’s story starts on a snowy January night wither her mother and father in a dark tent as her mother gave birth. The hope was for the girl to be born without the clan’s recessive trait of Shade Release, but the dream of her parents would not come true. The moment she was born, her mother, cried out in horror as she could already feel the corrupted aura of chakra that surrounded her daughter. Though her father was silent, he also resented the infant despite her inability to change her fate. Though her parents took care of her for the first year of her life, they left her with the clan elder before she would be able to recognize them, hoping to rid themselves of the stain that the baby girl would bring to their family. She was a demon in their eyes, and in the eyes of the rest of the small village that the group of Hinise had created.

Her life with the elder was not one of nurturing, and was instead more like the life of a slave. Though she knew nothing else, Himitsu knew that she was not being treated the same way that many of the other kids were in the small village that her fellow clan members had established. Throughout the remaining years of the Warring States Period, Himitsu continued living in pain, longing for a day that she could escape. That day came just after her sixth birthday, when a messenger came to their part of the country to inform them that nearby, the Village Hidden in the Stones had been established. Though the rest of her small village rejected the idea of joining up with Iwagakure no Sato, fearing that a joint village of ninja would lead only to conflict, Himitsu decided that it was her best way to escape. In the dark of one night, she escaped from the village’s elder, and fled to the Village Hidden in the Stones.

She was welcomed into the village by the people there without question, and quickly found her way to the village’s orphanage where she was taken in. Her aura still upset some people around her, but for the most part she was left alone. She lived there until she was 9 years old, at which point she decided that she wanted to become an actual shinobi. She needed to repay the village for helping her the way it did, and so she decided the best way to do that would be to use the curse of her blood as a weapon and destroy those who would stand against her home. Her years in the Academy were successful, and before too long, she became a genin of Iwagakure. She now continues to better herself, hoping to become the weapon that the Stone needs her to be.

Face claim: {Lenia the Burning Rose, Ghostblade}

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Re: Hinise, Himitsu

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