The Adventures of Orion and Kagami(Solo/Training)

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The Adventures of Orion and Kagami(Solo/Training)

Post by Orion on Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:24 pm

Orion held many things close to his chest, including the guy he bunked with. It was early in the morning, all things considered. The sun hadn’t even come up, yet Orion was up. His friend wasn’t.

“Kagami. Up.”

Despite the groans, the black-haired man rose from the bed he slept in. They always got up early like this. Orion got up and Kagami had to be yelled at to get up. They got up nonetheless. Orion always had a seriously early body clock, although this was because he was paranoid for the most part. This paranoia was what kept them alive. The itch that something was going to attack them wasn’t always wrong.

In the village, though. There was no need for it. Orion was starting to make the food that they’d eat in no less than 30 minutes. He kept at the process while staring at Kagami. Who was still laying down. He was awake, there was no doubt about that. He just wasn’t getting up. Orion could liken Kagami’s personality to that of a 13 year old boy. That was nonetheless fine. They had been traveling for the longest time, and knew everything about the other.

Orion did, at least. Even Orion was clueless to how much attention Kagami actually paid to things, and what he just threw to the side and punched. It’s not that Orion didn’t care, it’s that Kagami refused to tell. He knew it wasn’t much, but it’d still be nice information to have. Information that Orion wanted in the long run. It wasn’t as important as some things might be, but that made no difference. It was still important despite it all. It was important that they got up and actually did things.

As long as they did, that’d mean that they could manage to do something good with the day. Something that rarely happened due to the nature of Kagami’s relationship with Orion. It was a pragmatic one, peppered with the idea that if needed, they could provide warmth. It’s never been needed, since they almost always used each other as pillows during the nights. It was a simple fact. Humans were a better pillow than the dirt.

Shortly after Orion would finish glaring at Kagami, the food would be finished. That would be what brought Kagami from the dead. After eating, Kagami was ready to fight. That’s not what Orion had planned, but if that’s what Kagami wanted, Orion would just have to deal with his constant badgering until he fought. They’d move to a training area before assuming their positions.

As it always went, Kagami ran towards him. Not speedily, but each step had purpose. That didn’t mean as much as one might think. Kagami would throw a short punch, which would be sidestepped by the agile Orion. Orion would then attempt to go at Kagami’s eyes, which was just shrugged off by the beast of a man. This forced Orion to retreat. He knew that it wouldn’t work, but it was still worth a try.

Orion knew to win, he’d have to depend on his technique. Refined through constant need, his skill in taijutsu was nearly unmatched within the genin. There were few who had more technique despite the fact that he was actually weaker than most. That made no difference, when every single strike he made, was made to end it.

Again, this style of fighting was bred out of need, instead out of want. He never attempted to kill with taijutsu, though. He’d always put them in some sort of choke. It’s never been the fact that he’s been strong, it’s all about the style of choke. He could choke out Kagami if he had to. However, he tended to disagree with the idea.

While he was thinking, Kagami was charging. Orion would go directly down, and when Kagami would go low, another go at the eyes was shrugged off with slight head movement. Kagami wasn’t one to fall for it. Although, that was likely because of the amount of times the two had fought.

This fight was silent. Normally, Kagami was a loud child who had the punching power of three men.Yet, each blow that Orion dodged, it felt like it had the intent to end it. Was Kagami finally taking something serious? Curious. Worst yet, Kagami was punching slightly to the left, of which Orion would usually dodge. Kagami apparently paid attention to Orion’s movements when they fought at some point.

It was no matter, though. Orion had read that, and was acting accordingly. Orion would spring forward on his heels, surprising Kagami. However, this was just a bait. As Kagami would go for a counter, Orion would slip under it and hit Kagami in the back of the knee before rolling out and making space. This chop brought Kagami down, not because it hurt him, but because he’s human.

This just meant that he got up fast. Fast being a relative term in this case. Fast for Kagami, but still slow when compared to Orion. Orion would go into a defensive stance again. Kagami would charge, and throw another punch. This one more akin to what Orion had been expecting. It was a simple parry, and Orion would then attempt to throw him, and momentarily forgetting that he was weak, barely managed to throw Kagami using his own power.

Again, it didn’t hurt the durable Kagami. Orion was getting tired for all the dodging. He had to end this small bout for a break, and knew how to do it. He’d wait for Kagami to run and punch again, which is basically all Kagami knew how to do. Orion would then jump and hope that Kagami was caught off guard, being groggy. He was. Orion would land, wrapping his legs around Kagami’s neck, and then latched himself to the other boys leg.

He kept it on until Kagami tapped out. That was how Orion won these bouts. In a battle to the death, men like Kagami have the advantage. That was not the case when it comes down to battles of submission. Technique always wins out in that case. It’s never failed Orion, and he’s had plenty life and death situations.
The two sat across from each other, Kagami being in a fine shape. Orion was not. Orion was breathing hard and sweating heavily. It was the obvious difference in physical shape that was shown here, and it annoyed him. It annoyed Orion, because it was his massive weakness that he could likely never fix. Not entirely. He could put everything towards it, but it’ll forever hold him back. It’ll just be there, silently holding him back.

It’s a never-ending problem that Orion has. He knows he has. It bothers him that he has it, but that doesn’t stop the fact that he has the problem. It’s made obvious to anyone who watches him for a mildly extended time. It’s his stamina. He has none, despite his wanting to have it. Despite his endless taijutsu training, he’s never gotten any more stamina. He’s gotten more skill.

Skill that wavered at varying points. He was strong. This was a fact that no one doubted. This was something that he had some level of confidence in. Confidence isn’t something he usually had. Not in his own skills. He never underestimate himself, but made sure not to overestimate himself. Either one could mean death on the battlefield.


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Re: The Adventures of Orion and Kagami(Solo/Training)

Post by Orion on Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:33 pm

There was one thing that he was constantly sure of. Beyond his skill with combat, he knew that if he weren't strong enough to defend himself, he wouldn't be able to defend others. That's just the fact. Once he gained strength, he'd be able to defend those he felt needed. He wasn't completely heartless. He didn't agree with selflessly throwing yourself to the wolves. That's all. He has had this conversation many times with Kagami. It was often one-sided, as Kagami usually wasn't interested in conversation. Mostly fighting. Kagami had an amazing one-track mind that always impressed Orion.

It was the tact of a one track mind that always interested Orion. The concept that one can only think about one thing, and only one thing, constantly. It's not quite as simple as that, Orion knows. Despite that, he is still curious. He was constantly thinking things, be them new or old. What was it like, to only think of the present and of doing a single thing in the present? That was a curious thing. He was pondering it when Kagami decided to get up and move to the other side of the training arena. That only meant one thing. It was time to continue. Orion thought that it was taking a bit longer than usual. He was right, but perhaps not for the reasons he thought.

Orion would get up and get in his stance nonetheless. Yet again, Kagami charged in. Yet again, Orion parried and moved away. This is the exact situation he constantly sparred for. He knew that for a majority of the time, he'll always be weaker. He's never had to build muscle because Kagami was there to hold them off while he figured out how to do harm to them without having overwhelming muscle, or telling Kagami just how to punch them. It was usually the latter if he were to honest. He rarely had to do anything. This was partly because, as stated before, Kagami was always thinking about fighting.

It wasn't bad, though. He knew it wasn't bad because when Kagami came up to try to punch him, he knew exactly how Kagami would move. He remembered moving exactly like Kagami. Every single punch Kagami threw, was simply pushed away by Orion. That was how this always went. Despite Kagami's overwhelming physical presence, he was never able to pressure Orion because of his style. It consisted of hard hits, sure. However, there was no substance behind that. There was no overarching plan that developed his pressure. He had a base amount of pressure to his style that made it entirely underwhelming. He had fought against skilled people before, some more than he, and the pressure one could develop merely by missing could be so high that no one could escape it.

You didn't get that thrill when fighting Kagami. Orion's never been sure if it's because he's seen Kagami fight so often that he's used to it, or he just exudes no pressure. That's something he'll never figure out. He was too young to feel the pressure when he met him and is too used to Kagami to feel it anymore. It was a dreadful thought that entered Orion's head as he moved out of the way of Kagami's punches again and again. It was one of those things. It was one of those things that he didn't understand. That he didn't get. That he didn't know.

He needed to know everything, so it angered him that he didn't understand. He, as he dodged yet another punch, figured it out. It had taken him ten years to figure this out. So much time that he's wasted on trying to figure it out. He understands why he's stayed with Kagami, and why he's always actually cared for the boy. He's the metaphorical savior in every situation. The one he can depend on to punch things if they go sideways. That's what matters. It didn't make him furious, despite the fact that it likely should have. It made him feel something, for sure.

It made him feel like repeatedly kicking Kagami wasn't going to do as much as Kagami made it out to do. He's realized that Kagami was his sword, rather than a friend. He didn't feel bad about this. He didn't try to say 'I feel like he could still be my friend.' Orion knew how he felt, finally. This gave him a sort of clarity if he were to be honest with people. It allowed him to realize that he didn't just use strangers. He didn't just use his words to keenly observe others reactions. He used them because it's all he knew.

Using people is how he considered friendship. That's how it was. If he were used, that must've meant you considered him worth something. It was his deeply skewed look at the world. He forgot to dodge while thinking it, and Kagami was barely able to pull his punch enough not to knock Orion out. Sure, it still hurt but it's no matter. Orion was just sitting on the ground, with a rather normal look on his face.

Kagami had a confused look on his face, and for good reason. Orion always dodged his blows, why didn't he this time? That makes no sense. Kagami knew Orion was fast enough to dodge, that's why he always threw punches at full strength. That's the sort of deal they had.

"Did you realize it? How I've been using you?"

This wasn't a plead for ignorance. This was an actual, simple question for a man who had to know. Who was utterly curious. That's all it was though. It was a mere question.


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Re: The Adventures of Orion and Kagami(Solo/Training)

Post by Orion on Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:41 pm


That was the only answer that he'd get for now. That wasn't the answer he wanted, but he did get an answer. That's what mattered in this situation. It quelled his need to know for now. That's all that mattered, as he got up and got back in his stance. It was back to the old way. Orion parrying or moving out of the way of Kagami's rather sizable fists. That's how they've been doing it for years, even when Orion was the taller one. He wasn't so for long, but there was a time.

He remembered it fondly, but it wasn't time to remember. It was time to go. It was time to fight because if he stayed and sat, he'd both get punched and kicked. Neither of those things is what he wanted. Thereby, the continued dodging was good for both of them. It allowed Kagami to get a nice bit of exercise. It was how Orion constantly trained. It was how Orion managed to not die when the bandits fought, because Kagami was stronger than them. That's what happened these years. Kagami was always a bookmark.

One that was constantly used because he was always there. Orion was an idealist, that much was true. However, he was a pragmatic idealist. He knew that sometimes, his ideals wouldn't work. That's just how the world worked. Did it make him in any way happy? No, but not much did. Orion wasn't a happy person. He was a pragmatic child who had too much violence, too quickly. That was why he was like he was. That was just the fact of the mmatter. It was a fact that he hated, but it was a fact nonetheless.

He knew that he had been dodging for the last five minutes, so he had to give something back. The next time Kagami would throw an uppercut, Orion would shift right as it was about to hit him, and watch it barely graze his chin, and then punch Kagami in the throat, and then as the slight damage that did to him would go through, Orion would spin around and kick Kagami in the back of the knee again. It was almost over. He would then put Kagami in a sleeper-hold. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold it like this, but that wasn't the point. He knew how Kagami would react to the hold. That was what he was banking on.

Kagami did exactly as thought. He ran backwards, in an attempt to shortly after fall backwards. However, as he started falling back, Orion kicked off his back and landed, cleanly, as Kagami hit the ground hard. If Orion didn't know better, he could've sworn that the earth they stood on quaked at the fall of such a large boy. Alas, that was something for him to figure out later, as it was more of a jesting notion, than an actual question.

It was at this point that Orion took off his red cloak. That meant he was getting somewhat serious. He held a different sort of aura, almost, without the cloak. Maybe it was the tattoo, maybe it was the mildly displeased look on his face. It's unknown what it is, but it was like you were about to fight a different person.


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Re: The Adventures of Orion and Kagami(Solo/Training)

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