Night Patrol (Private/ D rank mission)

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Night Patrol (Private/ D rank mission)

Post by Nise on Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:20 am

Nise looked at the piece of paper which held her assignment for the day. A standard night patrol, one of which they assigned to give the lower ranked ninja an experience of the reality without putting them in real danger – with explicit instructions to avoid combat, and to report if any attack or threat is sighted. To Nise, this was fine, as she was not expecting to delve into dangerous or tedious missions any time soon. So, preparing for her night shift, Nise spent the morning getting ready and resting, including eating, preparing a flask of water, and sharpening her gear.

Then, Nise left her little home, moving in what she deemed practical attire. With a satchel containing her equipment attached to her left thigh, Nise walked to the post that she had been assigned to start at, wearing black attire with red braces on her forearms, and a deep crimson scarf that covered her hitae ate, which was wrapped around her neck and protecting it at the centre of the throat. Her hair was left behind her, loose and light, while her expression was as grim as always. A basic communication device in hand, the girl began her patrol, moving along to the south wall of the village to begin her standard search.

Time flew past, nothing in particular ever seeming to occur. The further she went, the more this theme began to occur. Of course, with her own sense of need to survive and thrive, Nise never let the boredom overcome her sense of alertness – in this regard, she was perfect for such a long shift, only occasionally pausing her look to take a cautious sip of her flask of water. Of course, if one were to look at the wild eyed, scanning girl, they would imagine it to be a case of paranoia. Instead, Nise prepared herself for anything and everything. She had no clock to guide her for how long the mission would go, instead relying on the radio which would tell her when her shift was up and over, which Nise would take as a sign to go back, hand in the radio communicator, and then go rest up for the inevitable mission of the next day. And of course, if no mission was assigned, the girl would instead go for some training practise, or prepare herself in any other way possible. The world was something she would never be unprepared for if she could help it, even with her young age.

Still, as time flew by, and the hours passed, the inevitable call along the communicator came, stirring the girl into movement away from her shift. Time was up, and after a quick affirmation to confirm to the chuunin at the administration building that she was, in fact, still alive, Nise walked back to the main building, returning the communicator with a rather quiet motion, nodding, accepting her pay, and then once more leaving to return home, a standard mission for her now complete.



Mission complete: 500/500

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