Ghouls of New York

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Ghouls of New York

Post by Samurai on Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:15 pm

[align=center]Ghouls of New York
A Tokyo Ghoul based RPG. Advanced/Intermediate. 18+

Set in New York: Manhattan and Long Island specifically, the world is a bit
different here. Ghouls are a real thing and people know it. The catch? No
one knows who is actually a ghoul. The CCG is strengthening and so are the
ghouls themselves. A war is brewing and humans are blissfully unaware. There
is no need to be familiar with Tokyo Ghoul prior to joining in order to have fun
here. There are canon positions (they are sire specific, not anime/manga
related. Hope to see you in our crazy and beautifully messed up world![/align]


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