A Schoolyard Brawl (p)

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A Schoolyard Brawl (p)

Post by Hyuuga Lulako on Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:24 pm

A heavy mist shrouded the training grounds of Kirigakure's Academy. Most of its students had long since left for their homes, leaving only a few most dedicated or aimless still in attendance. With so few people in the otherwise large field, and the ghostly miasma of water thick in the air the field took on an almost haunted air. It was this setting in which three figures stood, hidden by low clouds save for their shadows. Presumably students even at a glance, given their equal and diminutive statures, two standing very close while a third stayed far across the field. The two close to each other would have appeared to be in a sparring match, one just slightly shorter than the other throwing repeated and practiced punches, but the slightly larger giving no ground despite not fighting back. Eventually, the smallest of the group relented, stepping back from her opponent and taking a few deep breaths. During this, the fog parts enough to reveal all three figures. A young woman with flowing raven black hair and unfocused golden eyes, that seem to stare through her target, faces a wooden training dummy that looks rather worse for wear. The third figure, another student in academy garb, stood a distance away as if waiting patiently to be noticed.

Lulu, the student in front of the training dummy, heaved a soft sigh and took another step forward, making practiced but passionless strikes against her 'enemy'. She wasn't training anymore, so much as she was going through the motions. This didn't continue for much longer, however, as the second student stepped forward to intervene. "That's my training spot. You should just leave." he insisted, staring down Lulu. She seemed to not take note of his presence for a very long time, but he persisted, "I said you should just go away, you freak! You're not even a part of our village, why are you here?"

At this point, Lulu's steady stream of blows slowed to a halt, and she turned her head to size up the boy. Her hands went limp at her sides as she considered what to do about the situation, but before she could even make a full assessment, the boy was upon her, attempting to push her out of the way and claim his 'rightful training spot.' This didn't bode well for the girl, who took the shove in stride, stepping several paces backward without breaking eye contact. Rather, without breaking what would have been eye contact had she not been looking through him. Her voice came, soft and slow, "I'm sorry, I did not know you could own the academy's dummy just by saying so. If that's the case, does it mean I can own you, just by saying that you belong to me?" she tilted her head to one side, waiting for his reply. She was still very much standing in the way of his supposed training, but his focus was hardly on the wooden target even from the beginning.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he questioned her, punctuated with a threatening step forward. He seemed intent on frightening her through a show of might and having a few inches and a bit of muscle over her own stature, he might have gotten away with it had it been anyone else. But for Lulu, this was all just an act, a game playing out in front of her.

A smile came, unbidden, to her face as she carefully chose her next words, "You're a dummy of the academy. If you own that one, then I own you." she pointed first to the target, then to the boy, "Isn't that how this works?" her finger was almost close enough to touch the other student's shirt. The words sank in and the look on his face went from calm menace to outward fury. The punch connected before Lulu had a chance to backpedal, and the boy's fist sent her sprawling across the ground on her back.

But rather than lay there in pain, shedding tears over a fight she hadn't even entered into yet, a wide smile broke out across her face. She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins and the tenderness of her cheek where his flesh had impacted her flesh thrilled her in a fascinating way. The boy looked down at her, satisfied with his work for only a few short seconds before his sense of self-confident victory began to fade. Her smile only made him angrier, and he dug the toe-end of his sandal into her side hard enough to break her smile into an open grimace of pain. "You're nothing but a dog, that's why they're training you! You're just a lost little puppy that nobody wanted." he taunted openly, calling her out on her own past. It didn't affect her nearly as much as he'd hoped, but he was satisfied with his work now and began to walk away thinking she wouldn't get up. It was this assumption that was his greatest mistake of the day.

Behind the boy, who had until then been making his way to the academy's exit, Lulu stood up with a crooked smile plastered across her face. No longer did she look through or past the boy, but instead her gaze was directed at him. And hungrily so. His only indication that something was wrong happened to be a gut feeling, all too late, as he turned around to give his victim one last glance. Lulu's fist connected at just the same moment and the air was filled with a sickening thud of flesh and bone grinding against each other. It wasn't the, by relative comparison, gentle nudge that he had given her. The force behind her punch wasn't to intimidate or dominate. It was the raw, unmoderated force of someone attempting to kill someone else. It staggered the student badly, sending him stumbling back into a tree with both hands covering the already blackening bruise on his face. He tried to speak, but Lulu spoke first, now with a quick and hyper tone quite unlike she'd had before, "Didn't the other kids tell you? Don't you have friends to warn you? Will anyone come to save you?" her head fell from one side to the other as she stepped towards the tree the student was using for support, still trying to regain their senses, "It's been so long since anyone wanted to play a game with me. It's so nice of you to take the first swing. I don't have to feel bad now, do I? I don't get in trouble when I beat the weakness out of you, cuz you hit me first! That's why I always get in trouble, you know? But this time it's not me, it's not me!" she seems far too giddy as she chimes the last phrase twice, the entire short monologue giving the boy time to recuperate.

"Y-you're crazy!" he exclaimed, squaring himself up. He was, at least, smart enough not to turn his back on her. Even being pinned up against a tree, he knew that trying to run would result in her pursuing and likely catching up. He was bigger and probably stronger, he thought to himself, attempting to bolster his confidence. A long, deep breath to find his center, and he was ready again. This time, he thought, he wouldn't let her take him by surprise. "I'm gonna put you down like the mad dog you are." he said, sounding far more boisterous than he expected to. Despite his bravado, though, he was now guarding and playing the defensive end of the fight.

Lulu was having no such issues, however, as she entered a stance that was akin to having no combat experience at all. Her body was loose and wavering unsteadily from side to side, shaking with anticipation, "If I'm a dog I'm supposed ta bite you, right? Bark bark bark!" she threatened, opening her mouth a bit to wide with each pantomime, then chomping down, "You're weak, you know. If you don't get away, if you don't win this fight, then you're nothing. Kirigakure doesn't need weak people." with a sudden speed she darted forward, right arm a flash of pale light in the darkening shadows of evening. The boy managed to roll his hips and shoulders just in time to avoid the blow, which struck the tree behind him instead, leaving Lulu open to two separate counter punches. One to her gut, knocking her back, and another to her previously untouched cheek that sent her head off to an odd angle. He was already moving in to follow up on his lead when her knee shot out, making a clean strike to his gut. She hadn't been looking at him, and so her sudden response caught him off-guard, but when she turned her head to face his again the reason was clear. Her eyes had gone milky white, the signature trait of the Hyuuga clan, and her smile had nearly faded from her face. Her only comment as she stepped back calmly from the wincing child, not even truly looking at him anymore, was to say, "You made me break my promise, that wasn't very nice."

From this point, the dynamic of the skirmish changed entirely. The way Lulu moved was filled with purpose. Every time the other student tried to close the gap, she deftly maneuvered away. When he tried to gain some distance, she closed in. She was dancing with him the way a practiced hunter would stalk prey. She knew where she wanted him, and she was working hard to get him there. Waiting for his next misstep. It didn't take long. The unnerving color of Lulu's eyes and the shift in her demeanor was causing him to falter. The way she seemed to guess his every move, how every punch failed to connect now, he felt suddenly far out of his league. He tried to put some distance between them again, considering making his retreat away from this possessed demon of a girl, but it led his foot straight into a rock. He stumbled only briefly, but it was all Lulu needed. Like a viper upon a rabbit, she sprung forward and struck several blows so heavy that the air itself crackled with the intensity. The flow of channeled chakra, intended to make sure that every strike was at the fullest peak of power, had become so intense that it flashed visibly. Four blows in and the already collapsing boy was primed for her final strike. Putting everything she had in her left hand she pulled it back, planting it squarely onto his chest where his heart would be with no intention of showing any sort of mercy. The explosion of expelled chakra, though not entirely intentional, was dazzling as the unguided energy burst forth into the air, launching both opponents backward with force. The boy hit the ground first, knocked several feet away, and then Lulu followed suit teetering back into a fully sprawled position, back to the ground and eyes to the sky.

Lulu could feel her energy leaving her even as she willed herself to stand back up. In her mind, she cursed herself for being too weak to finish them off without losing herself, but in truth, the boy had been finished several punches before and she had simply gone too far with it. With that thought, the world became blurry, then dark, as her eyes returned to their golden hue.
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Re: A Schoolyard Brawl (p)

Post by Kutari on Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:28 am

A stressful sigh echoed across the hallway; the sound of cracks and popping following suit. An outstretching boy could be found as the source of this sudden noise resonating throughout the abandoned hallway. Typically an area featuring a high value of traffic and activity, it’s currently adopting a guideline of stealth, entangled within an elaborate web of silence. The building known as the Academy to the village held no night classes, it’s purpose ceasing to exist once the sun fell out of sight. Though it was after hours a few individuals may linger to finish any necessary paperwork or business related to their jobs. One such person being Kutari Uchiha, a somewhat recent member of the academy faculty.

He would walk with a lazy stride across the hallway, suggesting some form of weariness which he became too comfortable with experiencing; the long hours after work taking its toll. Previously working solely an academy entry desk job, the academy saw it beneficial if they increased their numbers of instructors and “assistants.” Kutari was designated as a potential assistant, needing to comprehend his role as a 2nd grade value version of a babysitter through training and briefing. If he had a choice in the matter Kutari likely would of kept his behind the desk role position, realizing the luxury he possessed in having his own space and being away from the growing infestation of snot nosed brats. Sure he had to check them in and deal with the constant blabbering of oblivious kids, but the rate of applicants only spiked at certain times in the day.

Unleashing another sigh, he would ignore the recent information running throughout his mind freely, developing a skill in tuning out what he wanted thanks to the consistent meetings. As he traversed the lengthy hallway Kutari happened across his old office where he registered prospects of this damned village. As he looked at the closed door he recalled the most recent experiences he had within that room, images of Aura Yukimenoko and their encounter suddenly flooding into his brain, overtaking his previous thoughts. The blind girl who possessed the Ice release kekkei genkai, likely a native of these lands. As he recalled back then he fought many individuals of that clan during the “glory days.” Such a time reflects darkness and isolation, though it seems little has changed from then to now; the hole present within the young boys heart presenting itself large and proud, representing the crude and distant individual who’s survived the long crusade. The impression she gave off to him was that of an optimistic fool, oblivious to what she was truly getting herself into and what it would require. Even going so far as to make a silly deal with him, one that Kutari would make sure to live up to no matter the circumstance. Though he had to admit...She seemed “different” then the typical flock. Though housing the ideologies close to an idiot, her motivation was worrisome. Not only that, but the girl possibly had potential. Knowing full and well the lack of sight meant nothing for a fighter, the next time he wondered if she gained strength the next time he seen her.

Thinking on it now, once she was fully admitted into the academy he received the “promotion,” albeit a few days afterwards. Could the two events be related in some way? The higher ups not so much agreeing with allowing such a girl into the academy and finding this as a suitable punishment. Either that or Kutari’s well of luck continued to dry into oblivion. Regardless, he continued on with the task at hand; getting the hell out of there. Though the quiet halls were a nice change of pace, it wasn’t enough to keep him within the confinements of such a building. Not only that, but soon the power will shut down for the remainder of the night, something Kutari had little interest witnessing. The eerie atmosphere unfazed Kutari despite the paranoia inducing creeks and growls the walls joyfully displayed to its captive, remaining to be nothing more then inanimate objects unable to cause any harm to him in such a setting. Though in no shape or form was he letting his guard down regarding the capability of being ambushed, simply his surroundings failed to invoke fear within.

The boy finally neared the main lobby double doors which had installed a cross patterned glass frame. Oh how he missed the days of sunlight leaking through those tattered door frames, becoming the byproduct of the children’s consistent abuse. The glass wielding scratches and smudges easily visible due to the sun rays beaming through to reflect its imperfections; though the lack of sun now would cause such a once noticeable feature to be overlooked, a fact Kutari was nowhere near happy about. Taking the time to feel sorry for this predicament masked as a positive promotion, he slowly opened the right sided door with his stiffened joints, the training hours which consisted of sitting and listening proving to be a formidable opponent. An odd creaking would react to the shifting of the door, it's screws and nuts vocally expressing a relatable feeling as it screeched fatigue. Though its presence would prove to be an anomaly to Kutari as he failed to recall a time he heard such a noise from this door previously - though catching himself in a lie he’s committed time and time again, this late routine still being a foreign experience to him as he’s heard this sound, the difference being clear as day. Typically hearing the sounds of children and feet shuffling across the spacious hallway he never paid attention to the creaking like now, still adjusting to the much less audible scenery. Continuing forward, he would swing the door fully open with a shove, it’s hum rising into a hammering vibrato as the young man embraced the outside world with confidence.

The shrieking door would continue it’s performance until it finally slammed shut behind him, returning to its resting position. Nature dominated the scene enforcing it’s presence all surround. The rhythmical click of crickets;rustling of leaves heard from above; the prideful white full moon staring menacingly at Kutari as it looked to be too close for comfort, even the signature mist unable to distort the invading satellite. The mist seemed to be in a rather mischievous mood tonight, toying with the visuals as it indecisively shifted it’s volume. Though when did such an entity ever play fair? Such was the life of Kirigakure; intended to live with little sight.

The brown haired male traversed the mist with ease despite its games, seeing this area enough times to know where everything is placed and how to reach it. It was a chilly night, though incapable of causing the hardened boy to shiver, adjusting to these weathers long ago. The only question would be where has he laid his eyes upon, what destination would the rider which to arrive at? The mist working to aid this pale figure internalizing destruction and deceit, a ferocity that always seeked but never obtained. Following a makeshift dirt trail that was much too easy to make out within the fog, the answer would be clear in a matter of seconds, this road leading to one area. The Academy Training Grounds.

He would walk with an eager purpose, already beginning to be fired up just from the thought of his coming actions. The boy had a passion for combat and improvement after all, training in the evening was typically an exciting topic for him. Though he enjoyed to choose a much more secluded area to avoid any distractions such as the islands around Kirigakure, he was just itching to get his blood flowing. Especially since it was far after hours for the Academy, there shouldn’t be anyone residing around the training grounds that would prove to be a bother, usually being quite a few students taking the space there when he got off early before. This routine happening every other day or so, a quick little workout to get the blood flowing for the evening later on. Having a full list of ideas and ways to train, he’s a living source of determination and work ethic to become stronger and battle with the top, eager to continue this climb and take on the world, caring little for the consequences.

It came to be a surprise as he was met with the sound of a force consistently connecting with a surface, disrupting nature’s grasp through a sheer anomaly. Not only that, but the inconsistencies amongst the mist made it even more apparent, concentrated shadows compacted together to look as figures more than terrain. It seemed he wasn’t alone that night, a fact he wished he didn’t have to admit; he in fact had company. As the mist began to lighten it would be more apparent exactly how many people other than himself were present, equaling out to two. He wore his typical garments being a v-neck white t-shirt under a black slim jacket having golden ornaments with black pants and shoes, an orange themed O-yoroi wrapped around his waist with an ending purple scarf. Looking over the two as the mist cleared, they seemed to be academy students given their physical features. One staring at the other whilst the other punched a dummy. It could be possible that one was “training” the other, giving pointers and tips to help a friend in need, though such a relationship was hard to tell at the time being. One who was interested in finding out what the two were doing there would stick around and watch them for a bit, however Kutari was different having more important tasks to work on. Witnessing the training grounds occupied was a situation he cared little to stick around for, already beginning to leave with a bored expression upon his face. Yellow eyes filled with fatigue. That was the plan at least, until a moment of heightened emotion came from the two that were already present. Intrigued, Kutari turned with a raised eyebrow curious of what was going on, possibly something exciting to lighten the mood. Being aware he was fully out of sight unless searching with a focused eye, he kept to himself whilst still being within limits, though his range making him unable to listen in to the conversation coming.

He would observe what at first seemed to be a one sided standoff suddenly becoming a feud that only escalated, refusing to simmer down. Some argument or disagreement between the two of them, though with the gestures being thrown and sneering faces expressed it could be some sort of power struggle. Be it that this kid hadn’t gotten his way and was complaining to a girl, expecting her to comply and take action with him for his cause. Though she remaining unfazed with an unsettling content, it would only come to anger the boy even more. It’s taught within such an age group to give in to demands and work with the bully, invoked by the weak of society who just wanted a figmented peace, a ideology born during these ages only to grow as the people we see today, weak and inferior thanks to their passive upbringings. Despite this common hierarchy of childhood bully and victim, meant to be one sided with the stereotypical punking and compliance, this girl refused to fret or even make a big fuss out of it. Instead of breaking down and giving into the demands being presented, the girl turned to him and began to incorporate a mysterious shroud of intimidation with her almost cold aura. At least, that was what Kutari could pick up on from afar, intrigued at the coming turn of events. As an “instructor” and representative at the Kirigakure Academy, this should be the part where he intervenes and stops this frivolous feud. Though where’s the fun in such a road to take, finding more excitement and entertainment watching the argument happen, his chaotic interests surfacing full throttle becoming the leading act of his choice to be on standby. Kutari reasoned with himself the children needed some form of character development, this being a fine lesson for a bully growing up or the weak trying to stand up against the strong; regardless, Kutari was enjoying the turn of events, much more than his boring set of work and meetings to attend. If he were to be utterly honest with himself, the chances of him stopping this potential fight even during school hours would be slim, a battle of the fists being a fine one to watch and the participants to learn from, believing the kindhearted methods of teaching being the greatest foolish act one could take in the world they all inhabited. This would be a grand way to truly kick off their aspiring Shinobi lives, and Kutari would witness its origins with pleasure.

Though some distance away within this leveled plain of grass created to be spacious and round, he was able to make out what the two were saying to each other, especially due to their insistence on screaming their little hearts out. Loitering beside a stubborn full grown tree which was a common presence in bundles which surrounded the training grounds itself - though the central area being allowed to blossom powerful oaks as well- it wasn’t too difficult to really understand what was going on and most important of all - visually witness the growing tensions. Able to imagine and even witness the growing fumes of the boy, his feelings being more than easy to comprehend and guess in time. Though this girl, the array of emotions that could be frolicking throughout her nervous system which at the time only presented a deadpan stare, witnessing the possible fear or excitement that could be running through her veins as the blood only boiled in the heat of the moment. Insisting them to on, Kutari wished to see what all would happen, amped up to fully decipher the mask this girl worn so close. The old bully routine becoming a redundant topic to watch time and time again, the mystery of it all truly capturing his attention.

A physical exchange was made as the boy shoved the girl on what was nothing more than an impulse of emotion, his pride being assaulted in this emotion stewed encounter causing such a reaction, as to be expected from someone so riled up over something as idiotic to claim a training dummy. Her stare unwavering, she took the shove full on without not even a yelp, her resilience likely being shaped and honed. Kutari was no fool, she took that shove on purpose knowing full well anyone could of reacted even slightly before it came, his interests bolstering as he wondered how far this would go; how long before she cracked.

It seemed to come almost instantly upon a physical breach on his accord, tilting her head and exchanging a flurry of words which were too difficult to hear thanks to her softened tone. Though he was able to see her face and understood soon it would all heat up, unleashing a creature he should of kept locked away. The words between them began to exchange once more, as the discussion moved on with a heightened pace. The girl, with an extended finger aimed towards the wooden training equipment, transitioned her finger over to the boy before as if comparing the two; possibly even debunking some sort of similarity. As he moved closer to her in nothing more then annoyance Kutari knew she had to have insulted him, pleased with the fact she had some kind of mouth on her, a sassy sort of girl it seemed.

The tension continued to rise as Kutari waiting with anticipation,wishing to sink his teeth into something out of his own annoyance and lack of patience, wondering if they were done horsing around. Then a full on attack occurred, instigated by the boy as he punched the girl as she instantly fell to the ground; Kutari finally beginning to be fed through the pain of others, though he regarded this as nothing more than an appetizer, jumping for a real meal. With some more words exchanged as the girl was now on the ground, he began to walk away to leave it there, only angering the Uchiha, filled with an emptiness and longing for chaos. He felt teased, hurt that the boy hadn’t carried on with his onslaught, housing no particular favorite in this squabble but instead favoring the act. His blood rushing and wishing to relieve himself of his excitement, Kutari was close to intervening on his own selfish accord until the girl rose. Both males mistaking her for being out of commission, one of which regretting his lack of knowledge with haste as the other leaped in a deranged joy. Witnessing her expression and movements, she was different from the rest of these snot nosed brats! The potential within her was as bright as day: the lust to combat and annihilate your opponent, the endurance and motivation to rise upon such a recent injury, jumping to action to connect with a powerful fist without any hesitation to severely damage her opponent. It was all such a treat, glad he decided to visit the grounds on such a casual night, his smirk clear as day. As the two were occupied with one another Kutari closed the distance between them, wanting a much more personal view of the feud. Able to see the wound the boy received better, her punches lacking any form of weakness, fortified in a canister of might based upon the severity of his blackened cheek. Kutari reminiscing on the sweet sound of a slap across the fast, bone and flesh being battered and manipulated. Such a great sound indeed.

The heightened voice this girl expressed was wild and empowering, showcasing her current dominance over this foolish boy. Bashing him with question after question, convincing him through her own joy-like tone that continuing this battle would be hopeless for him as he chose the wrong one to mess with. Her following words were like music to Kutari’s ears, her fire able to easily ignite a tropical forest, desecrating any opposing forces which questioned the hierarchy of the new queen. Applying a brute and relentless attack, her character intriguing Kutari more. Who was this girl and where did she originate from? She was one of the special cases, which Kutari more then ever enjoyed. Though at the same time, Kutari wondered if she was fully mad; lost within a sea of loving calamity, unable to keep her composure and mind intact. No, she seemed too young to have honed such a necessity, at least for the people like themselves. Though Kutari possessed similar feelings as she expressed currently, he was also mindful and likely cool about it all, knowing he could be lax while overjoyed at the same time. For a moment, the thought of guiding this girl crossed his mind, a thought Kutari had never came across before, typically more worried about himself. Was he really the guiding the type? Though he began to consider more, he was instantly snapped back into the fight before him with a definite attention, his closer view giving him more to notice and catch on. A dog near...No, a girl pretending to be nothing more than a dog, as she copied the typical sounds dogs would express in the form of barking, unknowing to Kutari the boy and his pathetic attempt to talk back to his owner was completely overshadowed by his recent thoughts. The girl nothing more then toying with her pet, mimicking the obnoxious animal’s cry; keeping her new dog in check. Though this act only proving what Kutari believed earlier, witnessing her eyes and their rabid intent.

She needed work though the potential was quite obvious. Her stance and even disadvantageous footing was all off, and he knew that she’s had some sort of combative background due to her previous work on the training dummy. She’s lost it from what it seemed, her own lack of true growth being a product of her emotions and judgement. His smirk evaporating long ago as he cut the shenanigans and actually got serious, becoming more of a participant in this battle then a spectator. Not one to analyze with the intent to help, these actions being a great rarity in itself as he would typically act like her during such a time. The physical battle continuing, she was an aggressive fighter, one who made movements based upon bets rather then safety. Kutari wondered whether or not she was always like this, or the adrenaline getting to her. Despite missing her punch and falling into a difficult position which left her wide open, she should of been hit with his follow up attack if it weren’t for an unexpected movement from her knee to stop his attack. Watching the attack, it was nothing close to luck, being calculated and lacking the wild nature she embodied. His face stern, revealing the curiosity which itched his skin followed by a whiff of approval. Then he saw it, her eyes becoming bright white with pulsing veins visible on her face, seeming to originate from her optics. It was clear from that if anything, a person’s eye color doesn’t just naturally change in a matter of seconds, exposing the hidden gene within her. Some sort of kekkei genkai, similar to Kutari’s in being a change in the eyes, curious as to whether or not she had more abilities. Was the ability some sort of heightened senses like his? Or maybe completely different, bestowing an increased vision. The senses being a high unlikely, her movements too perfect and knowing of the perfect calculation to hit, unlike his which increased his reaction and ability to pick up on what he was able to visible see. There was more to her ability, and Kutari was eager to know what exactly it was.

Her movements changed entirely, as if her eyes bestowed an entity who was more calculated and aware to take place in her steed. Such a sudden change in her demeanor, prepared to battle and end this fight of they were involved in. This supposed promise she spoke of causing her motives to be different. Who was she really? The question was hidden in the back of his mind as she witnessed her break down the opponent. Showing to him how inferior he was compared as he couldn’t land a single punch or kick, the fear he was experiencing already being a terminal factor to his lost. Four strikes in, the final being lights out - however not entirely being the case. Ironically being the opposite, as light expressed itself from the girls ending palm and established itself like an explosion which propelled the both of them away from the impact. An unexpected turn of events which left the two of them immobile. It was safe to say the battle had ended there, as Kutari stood still to see if any movement would come between the two. The boy having not even a twitch, out for the count. Though the girl seemed to be at least twitching, asking her body to grant her the strength to move. This attack was in no way intentional, hurting her in the process.

The way she acted suddenly left her with a much more aware mind that looked to end her opponent, not herself. The girl from before those white eyes showed up would of pulled such a stunt. We walked over towards the boy who was closest to him at the time, being an easy distance away thanks to the explosion. Checking him over strictly through visuals, he witnessed the now tattered clothing he worn and deteriorated body. How lethal her abilities seemed, as this attack propelled them both backwards and influenced enough space to be even visible up to the air around them, not being a more concentrated force applied. For this reason in fact, the boy would live as the attack escaped the air holes between the girls palm and the boys chest, cracking away with haste to cause the explosion to escape the confinements of her palm before fully taking place. Not only that but due to the age of those two it would of been easier projected, though for this reason the boy was still in critical condition. Aware of the necessity of medical attention and the life threatening situation, Kutari would walk around him, even stepping over his body as if some sort of rock in his way. His interests lying on the girl ahead of him, this boy picking the wrong fight and needing to pay for the consequences. Besides, Kutari was fully aware their were still faculty around the academy and that explosion incorporated quite some sound. People would arrive soon enough, if the boy was lucky he’ll make it though Kutari had no interest to aid in such a necessity.

Walking over to the girl with a cool ease, he could already tell the girl was out cold. Likely passing out soon after the explosion. As to be expected he supposed, she was a kid after all. Her body damaged and clothes failing to be spared. She fought well and terrible at the same time, Kutari witnessing the shifting personalities only seconds ago. Squatting down beside her, he would reach for one of her eyelids somewhat casually, aware of how soon reinforcements would arrive. Manipulating her eyelid to fully expose the eyeball, he would see only a yellow iris. Proving what he saw and making sure he wasn’t imagining it all, though he hadn’t doubt himself. Only wanting to be sure his excitement from before wasn’t premature, this girl was special indeed. He would pick her up with a hefty lift and plop her on his shoulder, her head resting on his upper back. With no word, he would dart off into the night as the mist began to intensify, aiding him in his escape undetected.

The travel was short and sweet, the girl expressing no intent to awaken or question where he was taking her. Say two minutes away from the academy as he traversed the majority of the village, it being a moderate amount of speed moving while aiming to remain undetected to arouse suspicion. Finally stopping, he arrived at an apartment complex. The place he knew as the gateway to “home.” Though what was truly his home, feeling as if he was an oddity in the most important aspects to consider valid and knowing. Entering the building, he made sure to move with haste as he wasn’t trying to get caught in such an act. Reaching his home with ease due to the time of night likely, he opened the door quickly, exposing a short hallway leading to what seemed to be an open space, the only thing visible at the door frame angle being a clear curtained window. To his left upon opening the door would be another door which led into an average sized room sheltering a bed and other valuables. Though this girl wasn’t getting such a luxury for his help, going down the corridor and reaching what he knew as his living room. The room difficult to see without the moonlight which invaded the property Kutari owned, neglecting the privacy which he currently needed. A white chair would be stationed in front of the window itself, tilted off from an angle. The room included a faded gray leather couch - fitting the pasty coloring scheme of the entire apartment - situated to the left of the window at Kutari’s position. A wooden oval table would be in front of the couch with no items on top of it. Little decorations or personalizing pizazz were featured within his living area, being a rather bland and lonely environment. The kitchen which connected to this living room was spotless and well taken care of, but followed such a deathly theme.

The boy would walk on the side of the table which occupied no couch, laying the girl on the mahogany flooring. She was still knocked out and seemed as if she wouldn’t wake up in a bit of time, allowing Kutari to improvise. Setting a plan in action to get the results he desired, hotfixing his environment to accompany his wishes if necessary. Having such materials as he kicked into gear formulating his plan into reality, a ruthless mind occupying an unknown space, possibly being dangerous for such a girl. Though hopefully the metal wouldn’t be too painful if his hypothesis fell apart. It would be fun after all, something to laugh about in the future, a game in appropriate terms. He would fiddle around with his living room to give off the correct environment as the game master, allowing sleeping beauty to be the epicenter of his carnival.

Once the stage was set with the triggers, wiring and tipped objects it was only a matter of time before his show would began, the sadistic leader of the carnival anticipating his fun to begin. Until then he would have to wait. For a moment, he brought out a book he was in the midst of reading regarding war tactics and it’s appliance to life. Though if too much time passed, say a hour, he would begin to fiddle with her to make the girl wake up. He was no medic though he respected the craft, despite it seeming to be not as effective on his body. Therefore he resolved to barbaric tactics to wake the girl up, such as poking her face and shaking her shoulder. If these attempts wouldn’t work, he’d gladly begin lightly slapping the girls face to wake up, before ultimately dumping cold water on her face if need be, something that should surely awaken her from her unconscious state. Exercising patience with a leveled head, he would get back to reading as he enjoyed every second of this novel. A foreign creaking and swinging sound the cool evening air had never presented before in his apartment.

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Re: A Schoolyard Brawl (p)

Post by Hyuuga Lulako on Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:46 am

The girl placed upon Kutari's floor, Lulu, seemed to have significantly drained herself. Even after the brief respite of being carried across the village and given an hour of sleep, she remained very much unconscious, and to that end, it took some effort on Kutari's part to awaken her. She stirred, at the very least, on the second poke to her face. She didn't want it to seem that she had, however, considering her last waking memory was of a fight. She remained very still until the persistence of her now tormentor was more than she could rightly ignore.

Opening both eyes slowly, she drew a slow and deep breath, trying to find a calm within herself that often escaped her in such situations. Her previous source of provocation, the other student, was nowhere to be seen. Instead, she had a new foe, a fairly plain looking man at first glance. An instructor? Another student? A concerned stranger? She looked again, longer this time. No, not plain at all. The features were all there, sure, but something about the manner in which he moved put her on edge.

She didn't have much time to decide a course of action at this point. She could feel a pain through her hand, a grim reminder of the fight she'd lost. If she did need to combat this stranger, she'd be at a serious disadvantage before factoring in her innate weaknesses. She tried to relax her focus and study the room, but knowing she'd also already revealed herself to be awake, she had to respond to Kutari's attempts to awaken her as well, "Ah- wh- where am I?" she tried to play it off by using an intentionally softened and innocent tone and stammer. She felt this would achieve at least one of two desired effects. Either she'd be called out immediately for her injuries and obvious involvement in whatever fate the boy might have met, or she'd be at least partially exonerated for it. In any case, it would give her some clarity and insight about her captor, so long as they responded.

Meanwhile, her eyes were scanning the room itself more thoroughly. She needed to know where she was, but given the dim conditions and her poor natural eyesight that was no easy task. She could easily identify her resting place as being directly on the hard wood flooring, but the rest of the room was hidden just enough to keep the most important details from her. An aggravating fact she was far too well aware of as she strained her vision but took care not to awaken it. She couldn't let on to the nature of her eyes, and even now was silently cursing herself for having done just that only a while ago to that other student. Then another thought hit her, that if this person had seen her eyes perhaps she was his prisoner. A captive being held for ransom, perhaps, or worse. The thought was, in her honest opinion, absolutely thrilling.
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Re: A Schoolyard Brawl (p)

Post by Kutari on Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:45 am

The Uchiha would poke the girl’s face, a festering irritation behind his motives. Waiting long enough, he wished to see this slumbering girl awaken from her current duties. Intensifying his actions of arousing her consciousness through the different levels of physical touch, fully willing to splash cold water on the girl with a need to get this over with. Having her lie on his living room floor was indeed a taxing phenomenon he no longer wished to deal with, especially due to the home improvements he made to shelter this girl for his cause. Though it would take little time as he began to poke her that she finally twitched her eyes and began to awaken, marking the beginning of what could be her personalized hell or an invitational salvation. It put a small spark in the consistently empty heart of this boy as he finally had some real entertainment to attend to, hoping she would provide him with the fun and answers he willingly awaited for this entire time, assuming he could of woken her up long before as the situation was quite bad for her.

He would rise from his once crouching position as he now saw the girl began to awaken, moving ever so slowly as he analyzed the girl and her awakening senses, expecting some sort of shock and fear to run across her face, though likely instead housing a paranoia and defensive output from the sudden change in scenery. The girl having a heart filled with fury though Kutari unsure how far this fury went and how long it lasted, if it was just a shroud of lies to invoke an unrealistic confidence from a typically fearful girl. His facial expressions remained deadpan and aloof as he stared at the child, the lost sight of weariness and heartache residing within his golden eyes as they slightly glimmered within the shady atmosphere.

Watching the girl sit up slowly as he towered over her, Kutari allowed the girl to get accustomed to her body once again and most importantly her new surroundings. The body simply being injured from her recent explosive attack, her mental probably running rampant as she’s now encountered a new foe and obstacle being this room. Only able to imagine the amount of fear that was climbing each second at the situation at hand, after all she was only a child. Around her age, Kutari can’t even fathom how he would have thought if put in such a situation, though such a comprehension settling Kutari back to reality and his past, having experienced exactly what he’s devised as a kid, being taken and forced into a new life against his will, structuring him to be the man he was to this day without a home or family. Luckily for this girl, he wasn’t as cruel in a way, and willing to recruit her into a life of bloody slavery, though he wondered if she would of did well in his past role, already possessing the ferocity necessary to please such fiends. Becoming sidetracked, he only just returned back to the situation at hand as she studied the room around her, aware now that soon it would be his time to act; ignoring the girl’s attempt to analyze his face, giving no emotion for the girl to perceive other then a distant stare.

Looking over her hand as she seemed to recognize the damage which was caused due to her explosion, it was only a matter of time before she talked, expecting a heightened voice and quickening pace from her words due to the shock. It being understandable to awaken in say a hospital bed or even the fields she knocked out on, but such a setting being unfitting and more then alarming. Finally breaking the silence in the room, she began with a question about her current location, carrying a soft and relaxed tone contrasting the vocal intensity he expected her to have, only proving that she wasn’t some fool. The girl understood her situation and knew it could mean the end if she played her cards incorrectly, a fact Kutari respected she comprehended so quickly. Seeking a way to enter her mind and logically decipher her thoughts, he assumed she was searching for some way out and to come out unscathed. Though the faint sound of tethered wire due to the cool air seeping through the room would vocally express why she couldn’t leave without providing answers, a noise Kutari repositioned himself before happening as he swiftly crouched once again to meet the girl eye level from her current position. A hardened gaze would leak intentionally as he seemed to look past the girl, burrowing deep into her eyes to witness what was happening within. His face stern and oppressing, eyes squinted heavily as he lustfully searched for some point of interest to grasp, the yellow iris bulging ever so slightly though having a dull contrast. As he squatted down to her eye level, his hands rested atop his knees as they perked up slightly, awaiting some sort of physical attack from her lowered hands to easily counteract if she so wished to make such a move. He centered his gravity to easily handle his own weight and finalize the balance necessary to hold off any sudden forces from her position, able to reposition nimbly if he needed to do so. Somewhat hoping the girl had some foolish thought to oppose him, willing to quickly set her back in place and go on with his intentions, though this was simply a countermeasure taken if she tried anything.

His sudden movements would likely stop her from analyzing the room any further as he was now only a few feet away from her face, invading her personal bubble. Attempting to catch her eyesight in his so he could gather her attention, though his following words would likely snap her back to focus on him as he left no more room for games, her words activating the necessary events to take place. He cared little for what she asked, feeling no need to entertain her wishes and questions, instead focusing on why they were there currently. His vocal folds expressing a warm yet tenor traited sound, talking smoothly and clear to properly get his point across.

I’ll make this quick; I expect you to comply. As I look at you now, your eyes seem to be yellow unless I suddenly became confused upon what coloration is. So I have a question for you…

His pause was short yet expected, an attempt to recollect her attention at the likely dissociation in his words as she realized he knew what she could do. Adding to the tension that swiftly formulated and continued to rise. Though not one to drag out the inevitable, he spit it out as he hated beating around the bush.

Why do your eyes turn white, and how much can you truly see?

Addressing the elephant which was now present in the room head on, he expected an answer to come quickly. The specific questions being a product of what all he witnessed earlier. The precise attacks and methods of moving, even in what would typically be a persons blindness being behind them. He needed to know the answer, though he checked his emotion and remained calm and confident in his wording. This wasn’t a question that needed time to think about and answer, she knew her own body and it’s abilities, vocally expressed as she knew she activated this dojutsu of hers. He had little patience to wait upon the girl and allow her to buy time to come up with a story, taking advantage of her shock and daze from recently awakening. If she forced his hand with a lack of information and compliance, he would happily force hers as they would dance together as one would have to tire out of their interests. Though Kutari having the upperhand as he tailored the place to benefit him, knowing the ins and outs of this apartment of his. It was up to the girl if she wanted to make this short and easy, or drag it out only causing her pain and suffering. As he watched her intently from his still position, he gave only moments for her to answer, watching her still body at a hint of any sudden movements. The door leading out already locked and all surrounding doors closed as well. Knives and utensils stored away in the kitchen behind him, any form of a weapon out of plain sight. It was time to truly see how much she valued this little secret of hers, and if she was worth working with.

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Re: A Schoolyard Brawl (p)

Post by Hyuuga Lulako on Sat Mar 31, 2018 8:17 pm

Down one arm, in unfamiliar territory, and without access to her abilities Lulu could only wait patiently after she'd spoken. The stranger with the golden eyes seemed to be quite pensive for a length of time that sent chills down her back, leaving her a mess of confusion and anticipation. She didn't think she could fight her way out of this, and not knowing what side this person was on, she had to be cautious and cunning with her use of words. So she kept silent and waited for Kutari's judgment.

Then it hit Lulako, almost all at once. Even as he spoke she was already putting all of the pieces together. Kutari knew about her eyes, which meant he'd either been tracking her for quite a long time or he had been witness to her brawl. That meant a minimum of at least one living person who wasn't supposed to be aware of her abilities, two if the other boy had survived their encounter. There was at least some respite, however, as this person standing above her admitted that they weren't fully aware of what her white eyes could achieve. This gave her, at the very least, a slight edge up from where she was when she had to assume they had figured out everything.

Still, the entire situation had become somewhat annoying to the young girl, who blurted such out plainly, "Well crap.... two people know now? I wonder if I'll get in trouble. Maybe less trouble if the boy died... did he die?" she didn't look all too concerned about whether she'd taken the life of another but instead took brief pauses as she collected her thoughts. She wasn't really trying to buy time but more so allowing her speech to flow free of inhibitions, "Ah, it doesn't matter right now. Tell me later though!" she had lost her timid way of speaking that had defined her initial greeting, and was instead sounding more and more amused by what was going on. In her head, she tried to make some semblance of a plan, but all of her plans kept coming back to how well she could fight off someone she hadn't had the chance to properly gauge and stopped there. At least the fight with the other student had started with him shoving her, enough detail to go on about his level of strength and determination. This new foe was giving her almost no useful information, "Fiiiiine..." she finally relented, throwing her hands up in mock surrender, eliciting the slightest wince of pain from the shift of her potentially fractured arm, "you caught me, the secret weapon of Kirigakure. Might as well kill me now, though. If I live, and you're against the village, they'll probably kill you. If I don't, well, one less thing for you to worry about." she still wasn't stalling, but at this point, she could tell that she was likely causing Kutari some irritation.

It was for this reason, and that she was becoming quickly bored of her own antics, that she decided it was time to put on a show for this stranger, "Since you saw my true eyes but don't seem to understand what they are or do, I'll just have to show you." she smiled wide after saying this, and with wide-opened eyes unsealed the power of the Byakugan hidden within. Previously amber eyes turned ghostly white, and veins leading from them to her temples along the sides of her face swole with the power being exerted. She was far from a master at it, but even with her poorly trained skill level, she was able to see a fair distance around herself. With a twenty-five meter radius, she became the center and a network of information opened up before her. What had once been obscured became outlined in detail. Though the color was lost in translation, she was able to pick out individual objects nearby and to trace the path of chakra through Kutari's body. It served to widen the smile on her face, being able to let her ability show like this, "You asked what my eyes can see?" she made the attempt to stand now, not knowing whether the stranger would take it as threat or even allow her to do so, but continued to speak either way, "Though my eyes become blind, I perceive everything. I am, in a sense, all-seeing." even now, with her dojutsu active, she was attempting to locate everything in the room. Weapons, exits, potential opening, and weaknesses. She wanted to know it all, and if given the chance, she wanted to use it against this person who had made the attempt to capture her.
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Re: A Schoolyard Brawl (p)

Post by Kutari on Tue Apr 03, 2018 3:55 am

Kutari would listen intently after reaching the climax of his spill, expecting her cooperation and to give away the secret it seemed she recently wished to protect. Still crouching at eye level, he would try to perceive the emotions which resided within this girl before him, alongside trying to sketch what exactly she was thinking upon understanding his intentions. Having little desire to drag out this encounter which he allowed to invade his home, no tea or orderly hosting was presented for this girl as he hoped her stay wouldn’t be too long, able to go about the end of this day and beginning of a long night for the boy which he’s grown familiar with daily. As he watched her, he would see a sudden sparkle in her eye, as if a light bulb shot on with the instinctive realization of the position she was in, though it happened before he could finish the end of his spill. A feeling similar to appreciation would come from Kutari, as he was pleased to see the girl was no fool, so far as calling her “bright” due to comprehending the situation so easily. Though he couldn’t be sure if she fully understood what he was asking before he finished stating his demands, the look in the girls eyes seemed to describe she had such knowledge and comprehension. For a girl so young and seemingly rambunctious, she sure did know how to handle her composure in foreign situations, as if knowing such a day as this one were to come, causing Kutari to question how special she was truly with that uncommon dojutsu of hers.

He would rise slowly upon finishing his speech and seeing the black haired girl understand the situation at hand, his job complete as he now needed to wait for an answer before he could go about the steps to carry out the rest of his night. The night air lightly trimmed across the exterior objects of the room, cooling the counters and cushion which laid motionless in their respective positions. The air danced across the heatened skin of the two only two living specimens present, surrounding by an entourage of cold shouldering objects that lacked any direct sense of emotion and pleasure, the closest thing to happiness being in the functionality of it’s desired roles upon creation. Funny how such a boy would choose to have little representation of life inhabit his personal space, not even plants or animals to lighten the mood of this typically deathly environment. A question of his own lack of competence to take care of another life, or maybe even being a greater statement he chooses to never vocally express, or even simply because he wasn’t a fan of cats or dogs. The answer behind the plethora of questions that could be asked very well may not exist, the one inhabiting this isolating world choosing to share little about himself, making others wonder what went on inside his head? None could be said to understand Kutari, a bitter sweet truth he’s come to understand and accept, launching himself in a down spiral of darkness that only he could live within and prosper. Since it being tailored to his identity, no one else could live there based on his upon what he believed to be true, soon enough the girl present here would have to leave as she invaded his property, a kind gesture upon the one who caused the same pain and suffering which embodied this very room.

Alas, despite the girl’s wit and observant demeanor, she was quite brash and obnoxious with her words. Clearly speaking the situation at hand regarding the knowledge he and possibly the boy she defeated earlier knew about. Though she rested upon a question that intrigued Kutari, in the way of her wording and tone as she inquired about the status of this boy who could very well be alive. She held no sense of guilt or asking of forgiveness, words slimy rolling off the tongue as if a snake nonchalantly described the memory of strangling a dead aunt moments before informing you. The slippery way she seemed to recognize the facts, it being no real threat to her as long as that boy was dead. For a moment, Kutari had to wonder if this was some sort of threat to his own life, making a commonality between the two boys and trying to invoke some sort of fear out of the other perishing thanks to knowing about her secret. She was quite the girl to be around, sly and ruthless in her own right.

Of course, Kutari cared little about the boys fate, being dead or alive. It was almost laughable that she would ask such a question from him, out of all people why would Kutari care about such a weak individual? Not only weak, but a fool hoping to punk the strong, believing himself to be above her. No, his fate was of little importance, it being a numerical value of deaths he’s witnessed in his lifetime, and will continue to for the rest of his days. He was nothing more than a statistic. Kutari was inclined to answer the girl, telling her how such a result didn’t bother him as much as it would to others, though he knew doing as such would only cause the topic to change to other matters. This girl was no fool, being a possible ploy to deviate from what really mattered. Kutari was much smarter then that, almost to a fault.

Another moment of silence would fall between the two as Kutari towered over her, waiting for an answer he could at least believe as he already broke down the possible abilities of her dojutsu. He thought for a moment she would finally reveal the truth, until she went on about Kutari informing her about the fate of this academy student at a later time. As if they were some pals wishing to share a memorable laugh, something Kutari in no way agreed to. He didn’t know this girl, he had no one he could call a true friend. Thinking in such a way after waking up in this hostile scenario came off as a stall for time, wishing to try and think up something reasonable. Despite this, he waited intently as he broke little eye contact. The way she talked was like a person being broken, pushed so far over the edge there was no coming back from it. The lighthearted way she spoke of death somewhat reminded him of himself, back when he was younger at least. Or more so, how he perceived death and the world at such an age, never trusting others with his words and thoughts. It came to a point where Kutari saw quite clearly she wasn’t acting out these feelings to throw him off. The same way she spoke and acted back when he watched her fight, she was a case to be handled with care.

As she threw her hands up in what could be seen as a white flag, Kutari grew with irritation. At what point would she stop playing these games and wasting time? Coming off as trying to stall for some sort of rescue, it became apparent to the boy she was in fact young. Deceivingly playful, whilst mocking the intelligence of all those around if given the chance. Though it was an act that caused Kutari annoyance and a wish to end this talk, he hoped she finally decided to give up the act and tell him the truth. Though what she said next was nothing he would of expected. Talk of being “the secret weapon of Kirigakure,” he had to wonder how huge of an ego this girl truly possessed. Instead of a joking laugh, he looked at her as if she was nothing more than a fool, slightly up-shifted eyebrows and tired eyes looking down, the cool mug he wore suggested little interest in trying with her any longer, being fed up with this talk. The secret weapon of Kirigakure, willing to give up such a classification so easily, being even more easy to abduct. The village sending no units to retrieve this “secret weapon” even after disappearing for so long. Did she really think she was a secret weapon? Possibly playing on again, that must be it. Trying to undermine Kutari and make him think incorrectly of what was truly going on. The other case being he wasted his time and she’s nothing more than a fool with an interesting bloodline. The thought of her bloodline being the only thing not keeping him from ending this conversation on his own terms, ignoring that self-proclaiming title to allow her some time to actually get to what’s important. He wondered if she even gave any thought at all to the situation at hand, that one sentence completely discrediting all that she unknowingly built up in Kutari’s image of her. Her priority to the village obviously being not much of a priority. It was sad in his own rights, the interest in her was plummeting at an alarming rate, sinking back into the bored expression he always gives being the reality upon his thoughts of her. Once intrigued by her presence and wishing to find out more, at the end it was nothing more than a false assumption. Or at least so it seemed at that moment.

With an expressful smile, the girl seemed to finally take on the boy regarding his interests in her powers. A rather direct approach after her many indirect actions leading up to this point, Kutari was not one to push away what he was waiting for all this time. Seeing it as an opening unlike any other to fully see what he was waiting for. He still held the face of a bored observer, an audience member attending a tired jester running out of jokes and time, his interest moving to other topics. As the girl finally unearthed the very skill he’s waited so long to see, witnessing the physical change of the iris color scheme, alongside the fluctuating of veins around her eyeballs, the boredom escaping his own eyes failed to cease its productivity. Watching intently as she rose slowly to meet him, though falling short by some feet and inches, the girl took too long playing her continuous games. So long in fact, Kutari’s interests dwindled down, a switch turned off especially after the proclaimed weaponry of her existence to the village. Though one truth she at least held dear was the truth of her eyes, being special unlike many others. At this point, it would be nice to test out the true capabilities of her powers on his own terms, bored by the continuous flattery of words she handled, even now speaking that whilst blind she can see all. The last blind girl he came across lacking such characteristics of being all seeing, though he understood her figure of speech he couldn’t believe it until he saw it. Settling on his initial plan of provoking the girl to be the best route of action.

He watched her with his typical expression of chill, ones that would cause unease towards those happy and jolly folk worldwide. His hands beside his waist, he looked into the girls eyes as hers looked at his. The eye contact between the two unwavering, he supposed it was about time for the games to begin. The only thing being physical altered would be the eyes and the veins surrounding as such, as if boosting the typical capabilities of what all she could see. For this reason he knew right off the bat any signs of sound would come off normal to her, including smell and even touch. Only what she saw, or more so how much she could see would be what all is affected. Housing his persona, it was time to allow the games to begin as he smirked devilishly, insisting on provoking this already riled girl more as a sort of goodwill for what was to come. The tension in the air ready to unwind and let loose it’s intended trajectory after staying still for so long, wishing to carry out its purpose upon creation. As he stepped back at a normal speed as if walking backwards, he would drive through the resistance being handled on his heel. The metallic wire having the shortest amount of endurance as it’s expected to be, after all it was devised to be tripwire. Upon doing so, he vocally foreshadowed to the girl the games which were to begin, looking forward to seeing how far this power of hers could go. Wearing a mask of pure insanity as he spoke, inciting the will to live within her and to prevail from this coming danger.

Let’s see how much you can see then, unless you wish to end up like that boy.

Instantly, as if working alongside his words, the traps would be revealed in the night filled room as several sounds whistled throughout the room. As if a arrow shooting off from the care of a bow, projectiles would soar with a mellow screech, each one mimicking the other as the makings were similar. The entire room tampered with to provide Kutari with the necessary experimental value for his own ideal conclusion, wiring and string attached to each weapon with enough kinetic energy in it’s tight fastening to shoot out as if thrown with a constant speed and trajectory. Similar to the way he trains daily, it wasn’t too difficult to setup after all, putting another in these conditions would be a breeze. Five in total, the shuriken masked by the dimly lit room as it not only blended in with the surrounding colors, but lack of brightness and color would cause someone relying simply on visuals to fail seeing the exact location of each shuriken. It could be said one hearing the whistling sound of the air waves scratching alongside the metallic uniform can know the general direction of each shuriken and how to avoid them, though that would be difficult due to the setup of this trap. A living room of that size (having close to no objects to personalize each sound and its surroundings) would ricochet the sound of the shuriken loosely throughout the walls, causing a distorted sound that would be hazardous to properly decipher where what is coming from, from how far and what direction. The only escape of this sound coming from the open window, though the amount of shuriken wading through the air and producing such a noise would overthrow that small outlet. Essentially, cutting off the visual and auditory senses to defend oneself until close range(it may being too late for then), at least to the inexperienced ear.

Once modified to attack the girl who was still sitting up, now she was standing and therefore would be off somewhat, though it mattered little as they still would manage to hit the mark. Kutari would be aware of the first shuriken coming from behind her, therefore the direction he faced, now aiming at her lower back. The second, to her left, would be aimed at her upper thigh region. The third to her right, aligned to her knee/upper calf region. The fourth would actually come from above, centered atop of her skull if it connected properly. The fifth well, would come from behind again, the same area potentially being hit if no movements were presented, intended to test whether her evading the first was just luck or truly some ability to see all directions. He would watch these shuriken flying towards her, all a risk to her health and even her life, though one of these shurikens due to alignment and gravity would be less of a threat, and much more difficult to properly fasten as well. All intended to travel at the same constant speed with the special case of physics being an issue for one, though it would be her ace in the hole if she was truly lying, avoiding an untimely death. Though she wouldn’t know that, this secret being Kutari’s alone, one he wasn’t so sure he was proud of. It was up to the girl now whether her abilities were what she said they were to actually avoid this issue. Otherwise getting in a world of pain. He watched her with an analyzing expression, wishing to see her next moves and how she’ll go about this problem. Expecting some sort of hostile nature during or after this all ends, and expecting a small skirmish to come about, he not being too far away from her to get involved in close combat. His hands already behind his back as he positioned them there upon stepping backwards to trigger this trap, it was up to her where she wished to take this now. Kutari fully knowing it would take more then simply seeing these objects to know there direction, needing an alteration in the visual prowess to actually identify the contrast in colors of what would be moving and idle. Otherwise she might as well be staring into darkness as they were currently, the midnight hue aiding Kutari’s sight more as he was influenced by the window better than this girl who was farther away from the window, therefore lacking the visual support she could really use at this moment. Waiting for something to happen, he watched with interest to see her movements and any necessary action to be taken. Only a second to be made before the shuriken hit their mark due to the small space and high speeds.

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Re: A Schoolyard Brawl (p)

Post by Hyuuga Lulako on Fri Apr 06, 2018 7:24 pm

Though it was meant to be a secret, the fact that her own eyes had become so that she couldn't even use them to train was of great annoyance to Lulu. It was nice, if she was being honest with herself, to have an excuse to use them every so often. This encounter was in every way an example of that. She wasn't meant to reveal who or what she was, and was constantly reminded and reprimanded for such displays, but in the heat of the moment it was so exhilarating and freeing to be able to let her Byakugan loose, that she hardly cared so much for the consequences of it. She much preferred things to be this way.

But Kutari seemed less and less interested as she explained her position, not hoping to get sympathy but perhaps just some understanding of her position. It was frustrating in its own way to stand before someone that had captured her for her eyes, only to see them grow more distant and perhaps even bored of her. She had called herself a secret weapon, but she knew that this was only partially true. In many ways, she was a prisoner just as much as a citizen of Kirigakure. A tool to be used if they saw fit, and a flawed one at that. She made it sound grandiose in the way she spoke, but even she doubted her usefulness.

Still, this wasn't something she could dwell on in her current situation, though it lingered in the back of her mind. There were more pressing matters at hand. The first, of course, was the fact that she could see and identify several weapons in the immediate room, all linked to a trigger that Kutari had already initiated by the time she'd figured out her surroundings. She counted five in total, all in close proximity given the size of the room. But if Kutari intended to kill her, then she'd have already been dead in her sleep. She'd been told already that if she were captured her eyes were as good to an enemy village if she were dead. Ordered, in fact, to destroy them if captured and unable to escape. This didn't seem to be such a situation. This was set up more like a test than an assassination. This thought was further enforced by the way Kutari spoke of it. Kutari threatened that she would end up like the boy she'd fought if she didn't act quickly, and even as he finished speaking the barrage was already on its way. Enhanced with her Byakugan, however, it seemed as though the otherwise dangerous weapons were moving in slow motion. She couldn't move or react any faster, but her ability to perceive them was enhanced such that she felt she had plenty of time to react.

Still, with such limited space and shurikens approaching from several angles, she deemed it nearly impossible to avoid them entirely. Not with her slow movement speed compared to that of the oncoming weapons. If this was a test, she wasn't meant to pass it solely by dodging, or they weren't aware of the extent of her abilities. In either case, she felt driven to succeed, to pass this test as she had so many others. To prove herself in some manner, and redeem herself of some weakness. That's when a plan formulated within her. She was only meant to know where they were coming from, this was a test of her eyes not her muscles. She merely had to ensure that each tool struck nothing vital, as they would have if she were still laying or sitting on the floor. She began to focus her attention on each individually, measuring its distance and relative speed to determine which would strike first and then responding in kind.

"Behind." she softly spoke, without breaking eye contact with Kutari, shifting her stance so that her already injured arm would catch the blade in her palm, fully expecting it to puncture flesh and cause some damage to the already bruised skin and muscles. This arm was less useful than her good arm, so it was in a sense expendable to her at that moment. The shuriken had yet to reach her before she continued, "Left." she announced, lifting one leg up to intercept the next projectile with her kneecap, the most solid piece of her body that could potentially deflect the otherwise destructive force, "Right." she twisted her grounded leg a bit, adjusting it so that this one at least would miss her entirely. It would likely embed itself in a floor or wall nearby, but take none of her with it. "Above." she announced, her new position leaving the shuriken that otherwise might have penetrated her skull to strike the far side of her shoulderblade, where the bone was thickest and closest to the skin, on her bad arm. "Behind again." she finished, already having her arm lined up for this one as well, but this time she also brought her other hand behind herself as if to catch the second back-aimed weapon with her other hand. Instead, it was positioned to intercept the two shurikens after they'd already been stopped by one arm, giving her an immediate counter-attack. It wasn't a perfect plan, but this was what Kutari seemed to want. To be certain of her abilities.

Then, in what felt like an agonizingly long moment, she felt each of the weapons strike. Four solid hits, two with reduced impact for having hit bone rather than soft flesh, and two that did strike soft flesh as she pulled her bad arm away from their momentum to cushion it somewhat. That didn't stop the immediate bleeding that began to drip behind her, but it was enough to prevent the serious nerve damage that might have rendered her arm unusable in the future. Assuming, of course, that the damage she'd done to it already during her previous fight hadn't done exactly that. She was wincing slightly from the added layer of pain, but this was no time to hesitate. With her good hand still free, she took her fingers and locked them around the metal embedded into her, pulling them both free at the same time. She swung her arm around, intending to strike Kutari at the neck level, each shuriken pointed toward vital arteries on the left and right. She didn't expect him to stand there and take it as she had been forced to do, but at the very least she wanted to make a point of showing that she wouldn't simply do nothing. Had she avoided them all she'd have had no counter-attack, to begin with, and dodging would have left her open if she had managed to do so. In her mind, this was the absolute best course of action. She maintained that mentality even as blood began to gush from the two open wounds on her forearm and down her now limp appendage.

It was in these same moments that she recognized several other things. One was that the window nearby was open. Kutari didn't seem to care much about the privacy of their interaction, or perhaps was inviting her to escape if she chose to turn her back to him. The second was that despite the apparently sparse furnishings of her captor's home, there was a single drawer of particular interest to Lulu, housing a headband with a recognizable relief imprinted on it. She likely wasn't in the home of a rival village, and if she was, they had gone to painstaking lengths to convince her of it. With that in mind, she took the next closest shuriken, the one in her shoulder, and dislodged it to hold it close to one of her eyes, not blocking her vision but making a clear statement of intent, "Is this what you want? Proof that I'm not a traitor to Kirigakure, that I'll take my own eyes if captured by the enemy?" Her demeanor and way of speaking were vastly different once the Byakugan was activated. The childish tone of her voice alleviated to make way for a more serious and solemn attitude. Even if she didn't manage to strike Kutari, which she didn't expect to do in her weakened state, she wasn't ready to go down without a proper fight, "If you wanted my eyes or my life, I'd be dead. If you wanted me to believe you weren't Kirigakure, you should have hidden your headband better." the blade was creating millimeters from her eyes, but she was cautious not to cause actual harm to it, "What's the real reason I'm here?" she stated plainly, still threatening her own vision. She knew that without her eyes she would become useless to the village, so anyone associated with her training would have been warned to take great care not to damage them. After all, without her eyes, she truly was just a prisoner here.
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Re: A Schoolyard Brawl (p)

Post by Kutari on Sun Apr 08, 2018 5:21 am

After attempting to fake a heightened bloodlust to instigate the girls will to escape this situation and possibly even the crazed mentality he witnessed before, his face would fall back into a blank stare, not one to keep up the charades and wishing to put them to an end. He would reside back into his docile facial pattern of spectating, wanting to see what all she would do. How her bloodline abilities allowed her to see all that was visually and audible against her, alongside witnessing her own way of handling sudden hostile natures and properly anticipating them for her own survival. Though unaware to him at the moment, he was acting more and more like an instructor rather an experimenter, wishing to test this child and see her full rain of capabilities. Despite it still being a sort of experiment in the end, the idea of being an instructor loosely entered his mind, realizing the truth of the situation vaguely. However, he quickly shook the thought out of his head, as he wished to see how she would handle herself and the shuriken making their way towards her. He knew without a doubt she could escape it unscathed, after witnessing the way she moved before on the field. It was a rather simple trap actually, one that he could handle with relative ease as long as he had the coordination and evasive capabilities. The shuriken aimed to the skull would actually be a bit slower than the rest, being a difficult task to properly tighten the wire to produce the correct amount of speed which matched the other shuriken whilst balancing the shuriken to properly go off once indicated by the tripwire. It being the outlier in terms of physics, its spiral down from a once station position from the angle it was working with would cause it to rotate slower than the rest of the shuriken that were aimed at her non-vital organs. The size and balance of the weapon would be its own downfall at such a position, lacking the right grounding to wrap the wire, and unbalance fortitude to create momentum without some third party force to start the descent, which would in fact build up overtime to be more devastating thanks to gravity. However, the time it would take to reach the girl’s skull from the height of the ceiling wouldn’t be enough to take full advantage of this law. Therefore lagging behind the rest.

Despite Kutari’s extreme methods of testing the limits of her special ability and her relative skill frame, he devised this trap with lethality in mind. Though subconsciously, the ceiling shuriken was made to not only create a sense of fear if she was really able to see it, understanding how serious the situation was, but to also be an ace in the hole if things were to go bad. Somehow Kutari’s hypothesis of what the dojutsu this girl possessed could do being wrong, and she unaware entirely of the shuriken aiming to puncture her skull from above, surely damaging the parietal and frontal lobes of the brain. In the case of this misunderstanding, Kutari would have jumped out to catch the shuriken before then, able to realize due to the lag between the other shuriken and the outlier if he was correct about his hunch. He didn’t want to admit it to himself, but this girl was different from the rest, having a personality and ability that was unorthodox, only intriguing the boy. Though he was bored up to this point, surely things would kick off and he would really get to see how this girl moved, and her own thoughts coming to light.

It was all meant to go to plan, though Kutari made one simple mistake. He overestimated the girls physical capabilities, it either being her lack of skill or confidence in the success in dodging these shuriken. Having been trained at a surreal age, and then enlisted into a world of hell involving nonstop training and psychological abuse, it hadn’t come across to Kutari the limits this girl may possess, only able to use what he experienced as a reference point. Expecting her own skills to be miles ahead of what she would go about displaying, as she willingly took the brute of the shurikens she could, alongside calling out from where they would arrive. Sure that she could and would dodge every shuriken that was displayed, it was a huge miscalculation on Kutari’s part. One he could care less for happening, having little interest in her health as he was willing to put her in this completely deranged situation. But a miscalculation nonetheless, as his eyes grew with shock, popping open and displaying the sclera more clearly. ‘Was she really unable to dodge these attacks, or trying to prove a point’ he would think in his head, almost trying to make up for his own error with a possible assessment. Who wouldn’t want to avoid an attack that could damage them? She had to have lacked the skill to do as such, otherwise her own pain on top of the recent explosion would be intensified.

Watching with as much detail as he could, observing this lab rat of his, he watched the girl speak of the whereabouts of the first shuriken aimed at her back, speaking in a gentle tone despite the pain that was to surely come. The blade would make contact with her skin, though not the back as he once intended for it to do so, instead hitting the palm of her already damaged arm, deciding to add upon the already injured arm in hopes of sparing the less bruised. An interesting choice of actions, as she had the resilience and drive to take up such a typically scary thing to do. Though she wasn’t the typical girl across the field anymore, as he once thought not too long ago. The impact would scream throughout the room as it made its presence clear, intertwining with the exterior flesh of the girl as it drove its way through the layers of skin. It of course lacked the aptitude to soar completely through her palm, instead sticking to the palm itself as it protruded oddly outside her hand, fusing with the skin to become apart of her now. Likely the nerves and sensory system of her body not liking this one bit, retaliating in madness as the forces only would just begin, this carnival of bloodshed serving an appetizer for the cells in her body. Wishing to fatten the bodily cells with anticipation before feasting upon them, driving away what was once formulated in a stiff peace.

The second came with the same protocol, first the girl would call out the direction of the attack, before sacrificing another body part to take the blow from the weaponized tool. Now using her kneecap, acting with movements to offer the least amount of vital body parts for her cause of survival, and to likely prove a point. While also making sure her body was likely mobile in the end, in case she had to utilize her motor capabilities. She never swaying from making eye contact with Kutari, as he took in this entirety of a show.

The attacks would continue, though the third not quite hitting its mark as she was able to shift and avoid the impact entirely, due to being unable to take anymore pain, or actually keeping in mind the other shuriken that were coming her way. No, not keeping in mind, as she was able to easily see where each shuriken was despite the lack of sufficient light and proper sound. The shuriken would pass by entirely as she moved correctly to avoid it, now ending up making contact with the low top table that was just to the left of the girl. The shuriken above she decided to take a hit as well, though he wasn’t sure why. Feeling as if properly analyzed, it could have been accurately avoided and maybe even grabbed with enough skill and sight at hand. Though it was her choice, waiting for this array of attacks to end, the seemingly endless seconds passing by as he wished to jump with amusement. She was more interesting, having her own mind and method of deciphering the best actions to take. This was one case of a human he loved to spectate, his race continuing to prove to be intriguing to the very end. He watched as the girl called back the shuriken from behind, internally rooting her on as he didn’t want the enjoyment to end, though knowing it would soon stop. Though she did an interesting move, instead of taking the blow with her bad arm again, she instead went with the good arm as if willing to sacrifice it. An odd way of moving, if this entire time she had planned to move and take damage in the least threatening spots that wouldn’t hinder her motor abilities and pain upon moving. If anything she might as well use that bad arm again, it being a very weird setup. This entire dance of deceiving shuriken and taking blows to bone and never fully unguarded tissue that wasn’t already damaged. Though hearing the puncturing sound upon impact, it still a topic of interest, as one wouldn’t just hang their hands behind the back after being fully assaulted and threatened. A topic he would have to keep in the back of his mind, as he would watch as the parade concluded.

He would instantly see the girl begin to wince in pain, the bold actions she decided to showcase catching up to her, now writhing in pain from different locations. The heat of the moment simmering down, alongside the adrenaline which occupied that pain indicator. He would look at the face she displayed, painful and knowing of what she had just done. He cared little for her pain however, as it was apart of her own ploy. She decided to do this, that was all she wanted to get out of this situation at the moment, what else would be expected? He looked at her from above, watching the girl as she recovered from this realization of what just happened. He wanted to see if the girl had anything else to say, still holding his body positioning as he stood tall, looking her over. ‘What would happen now?’ he wondered. Looking over her face, he could only imagine the amount of hatred and resentment that clouded her mind. Almost wishing to listen in on it, being driven by this passion of hatred everyone seemed to share in. A symphony bathed in the innermost makings of pain, accompanying despair and regret. Her pain would make the boy smirk devilishly, agony in this form being a twisted form of his own joy. He appreciated every moment of it, seeing the extent of her feelings. A truth he wasn’t sure of being proud of, but having nonetheless.

The distance between the two was only a few feet, having been from Kutari initially being at eye level a foot from her face, and then backing up a few feet to properly start the tripwire. The window was able to aid the boy regarding his vision, as it worked to illuminate the area before him, the moon placed in the perfect spot at the time of night to benefit him. The silence between the two was dominating, as the girls almost inaudible movements of wincing would be the only thing to disturb it. That, and the sudden sound of unlodging between the two, as if something once stuck became unstuck, driven by a force with the intent to harm as it seemed. The sound would in fact radiate throughout the room, though due to the girls movements of unlodging the two shuriken simultaneously, alongside the opposite directions of the two, it was quite easy to decipher where it came from. Seeing the sudden shift of her arms as this happened, used to bring about the force necessary to extract the contents, it was clear what she was trying to do, fully able to see the girl as she was able to see him. That sound of sliding across an almost gooey texture(slightly at least), alongside the sudden thump and stop of the shuriken fully being extracted, with the body movements of the girl would only make a few assumptions to come. He was now on his guard, the idea of taking the blows making more sense, she was trying to attack him with his own weapons. A clever play on her part, but one he wouldn’t overlook. He needed a bit more fun in his life, it starting to grow boring with this village’s peace. Some sudden attacks would always come in kind, welcoming it graciously. He unlocked his knees as they no longer should be resting, in case he needed to move suddenly. Slightly bending them for much quicker movement, though still holding his hands behind his back in case of emergency, specifically what she would try to do. Aware the girl was surely armed now, not being armed before as he checked during her unconscious state.

Suddenly, with a great gesture, she would move her arm as she swung it, unleashing the shuriken that were now aimed at Kutari, in hopes of finding a mark. At first, due to the lighting, the masked tint of the steel alongside the dimmed lights would cause a bit of visual distortion as he tried to time where and when the attack would reach. Already in a position to move upon intended, it was apparent upon the first reflection of metal sparkling in the air, due to the moonlight and the shiny exterior of his own shuriken, that it was aimed for his upper body. Growing with velocity and intensity as these shuriken had no intent to stay at a stagnant rate, not setup like a tripwire. It would only grow as the force thrown would cause it to do as such, and laws natural taking place. Though, the sparkle of metal as the shuriken began to encounter the moonlight that made its way into the room, now encountering much more of the scene, would give him the edge he needed. It still traversing the moonlight as it tried to hit its mark on the other side, Kutari would begin to duck, being a simple act which wouldn’t cost much effort. Enough to help him evade the shuriken as he bent his knees far enough to the ground that the shuriken would fly above his head, quite some inches away from reaching what would be intended to be his throat. A nice move, but Kutari was one to use his environments to his advantage, improvising upon something to take place, as no plan was 100%.

With this, the shuriken would never hit its intended mark, instead flying outwardly to land on the cabinets that made up the kitchen behind him, surely leaving a cut that the landlords wouldn’t too much appreciate in the future. He would look towards the shuriken now implanted on the cabinet wall, aware of the hostile nature of this girl and fully audible of his surroundings in case she tried anything else. Ready to speak about what she just did, in a way to playfully bash on the girls accuracy and attempt to kill him, he was shortly cut off by the sound of another shuriken being extracted. Did she plan to simply keep trying to fight him off by causing more blood to rain down his flooring? He turned swiftly back to watch the girl now and see where she would aim, only to find the girl now wielding the shuriken up to one of her eyes. Beginning to scream out of anger and what seemed to be fear, Kutari would take it all in as he watched from the lit shadows. As she spoke, it was more obvious of her voice not being made of fear and anger, lacking the shaky tone and feelings of uncertainty. No, she embodied what looked to be resolve and correction in what she felt, as she now spoke to him with an earnest intent she happily would oblige to complete. This girl would just continue with surprises, having quite the mentality of sacrifice for a greater purpose in mind as she moved and spoke.

It seemed she had enough of his antics. Asking of why she was in this room, put up in these instances, as if she was expecting some sort of answer regarding training or examining her. It seemed she really did believe she was a great weapon to Kirigakure, one Kutari never heard of before. But maybe she wasn’t as crazy as she once seemed before, as odd as the scenario sounded. To anyone else, the way she was acting with no information on the matter would be the exact reason why she could be labeled as crazy. Though as he stared into her eyes, despite the shuriken that was surely in the way, he could tell she had some sort of truth behind it. As she talked about the headband from the village that Kutari had stored away in his bedroom, within a container that he barely ever opened, it was even more obvious how powerful her eyes really were. Maybe they were worthy of being labeled as a secret weapon, and if threatened the village surely would take care of that threat. But who said Kutari cared for the village? The same headband he was gifted as apart of becoming a Genin, a title he felt was unbefitting compared to his own power and the achievements he’s fulfilled, a village which forced him to join essentially for be killed as a possible threat. Why would he give a damn about this village and the rulings they have? What even made this girl believe she could go around claiming such preposterous issues. He could also care less about her eyes, having his own. Fully aware of their capabilities and extent from what was taught.

Kutari spoke, with a much more heightened voice. His own rising blood due to the coming events causing him to act as such, hinting at the mental state this boy held.

No please! Don’t do anything hasty. The village needs you and your power! You are the Secret Weapon this village needs to topple others. We can’t do it without you. Please calm down! What have I done...Can you forgive me?

He pleaded in a frantic manner, clasping his hands together and bulging his eyeballs with a slight squint to make it seem as if he was begging. He would frown his lips in agony and fear as they quivered slightly, wishing for the girl to stop her actions and calm down. His job being at stake here, even his life if this girl were to die due to his training going to such an extent. He would sink his face into his raised hands, after unlatching from what he had stored away, allowing his face to rest upon them. Backing up slowly as if he was staggering, unable to comprehend how far he went. Saddened and dismayed. He would still be able to hear everything around him, in fact his auditory senses heightened. He stood there, basking in his own foolishness as he tried to find a way to forgive himself.

Is that what you were expecting me to say?

A sudden voice, coming from Kutari. His hands parted away from the central point of his face, allowing his words to flow easily through the air to the girl. His once hunched back would return as his posture repositioned, as he slowly allowed his arms to latch free from its position and dangle beside him, a great weight passing. He’d stand up straight, looking intently at the girl who very well may still have the shuriken at eye level. His voice was once again stone cold, though with a much deeper tone as his chest resonated, a serious attitude coming in response to the once frantic act he played. His eyes, empty like a golden desert, housing no true care in the world as he now was done playing charades.

It was a good act, no? The village’s secret little weapon, being tested too far to the point of mental exertion. The proctor of this training begging for forgiveness, wishing to bask in the glory of raising the next weapon of destruction but being too hard on them. Asking for forgiveness as he never intended for this all to happen…

Kutari would let out a sadistic yet pitying laugh, his face crazed as he stared in the distant wall in front of him, his charmingly evil smirk and erratic eyes that really showcased the madness that was beginning to flow.

I wish I could of seen your face during it all, a moment to really savor in the mixed emotions that surely blossomed. Sadly I had to play my role in this act, otherwise with your perceptive little eyes the plan would be compromised. Did you feel a sense of relief? Joy that all of your worries and trauma in this short amount of time wasn’t due to an enemy village who captured you? Should I have told you that boy you likely killed was apart of the plan, a way to start this little “training session? Always exceeding expectations with your own little dazzle of intriguing movements, your quite the specimen. But please, tell me please, how did it all feel!

Asking question after question, he would now play the game she was so good at doing earlier during this encounter. Though he expected no answer, he only wished to show the maniac that was held deep within. Beating around the bush, though he included the methods of mocking her as he allowed his madness to truly roam free. It being a trait he acquired long ago, and had to hold onto. A byproduct of his misery. He was beginning to lose himself, embodying the persona he was taught to live by in order to survive, the mask sadly fusing with the person. Now, this was what was left, hidden by a lonesome and typical distance towards others.

He began to walk up towards her, with a casual pace as he knew there was no escape from this. A grin surfacing from his lips, exposing the white teeth he somehow retained after all he’d been through. Eyebrows stuck in a slanted position as his face recognized a love for killing. The maniac within was all but present, she just had to push a bit to really let it out. A foolish mistake on her part, one that she very well could regret. Watching her with every step, waiting for some movement as he now was calculating every movement she did, willing to take a much more hostile tone if she were to move a muscle inciting some form of attacking. He needed her to comprehend what all he was saying. He didn’t care about her questions, he knew she wasn’t strong enough to end this, and if she tried he would happily move to properly stop as such if the opportunity arose. Sliding behind his back with his right hand, and revealing a kunai stashed away within a pouch of his, exposing it for the girl to see as he began the walk towards her.

The sight was terrifying as he stepped into the moonlights influence. Bangs expressed deeply down his face, hiding the eyes as his wild form would be showcased even through his hair, a crazed grin followed by the slight exposure of yellow eyes glistening through the light where it would subtly hit his eyes(where the light could reach at least, due to the hair bangs). A kunai in his right hand, openly extended out as his elbow was bent, nearly touching his ribcage, the hand almost dangling as the kunai was extended outwardly. Invoking the idea of fear as he looked to have the intent to kill. He would watch her with every millisecond, waiting for something to happen. Hoping it does, wishing to set her back in the place she deserved to be in. Trying to bark and bark, but having no bite. She was just as it seemed, copying a dog barking only a hour ago. Simply a phony, a copycat trying to play as if they were serious. He wanted her to listen very carefully as she was not allowed to speak, cutting her off if she tried to do so as his voice overpowered hers in volume now.

How did it go again...Something along the lines of ‘Didn’t the other idiots tell you? Don’t you have fools to warn you? Will anyone come to save you?’”

As he mocked the way she spoke before, as he picked up on the gist of what she was trying to say during her rage, it now coming all around to bite her. She now picking a fight with Kutari first, deciding to try and threaten her own life, it being a means of protecting her in this situation. Though not in Kutari’s game, his world being twisted and cruel. He timed his mocking perfectly to be in front of her, as he raised the kunai to her throat, the tip directly stationed to easily pierce through. He looked at her with his feral nature, towering above her as his other hand was bent and active to pounce upon any sudden movements from her hands or even lower body if attempting.

Tell me something, girl. Do you think I care about Kirigakure? About you being aware of my “affiliation” specifically.

He allowed a short pause to sink in, the girl to hopefully pick up on his demeanor and way of informing her what exactly was going on. Who he was, the position she was in, how to escape. Though he first wanted to establish the fact he cared little for Kirigakure, making her aware that whatever happened to her wasn’t much concern in the end to him, or how they recognized him. To understand there are people who actually loathe this village though still inhabiting it. He continued on, uncaring about what her rebuttal if any would be. Hoping she’d read the situation now, as he could so easily puncture her throat with his kunai.

You’re a smart girl based upon what I've witnessed. Being right about the assumption of your own death being inevitable if someone wanted it to be in this situation, or maybe even your eyes. Though some may find it more enjoyable to actually torture you first for information about this village. However, that’s not what I’m here for quite frankly. Why you’re here. I don’t want your eyes, I can see perfectly with mine. So no, I’m not looking for you to prove your worth to this place based upon how quickly you can destroy your own eyes. Though, here’s a thought.

He would allow his slithering words echo throughout the room, a snake having easily caught its next prey. Implanting its venom within the prey as it would surely succumb to its effects, being born anew in a world of death. His manipulative voice reaching her easily, his voice simmering down as if a whisper, though still quite audible to be heard from a relatively short distance. As if inquiring about a “what if” moment, trying to see her thoughts on the matter. Inches between the two.

If you were instructed to destroy your eyes upon being taken by the “enemy,” does that guarantee your safety in being rescued by this same village you work with? Think about it, if you were to be taken, the precious little weapon suddenly snatched away, shouldn’t the village fight their hardest to retrieve you? If anything, it sounds like they’ll abandon you, letting your life dissipate in the sea of people they’ve already forsaken and abandoned, ignoring the loyalty you once swore to them. Isn’t it cruel? They use you until you have no more use, and do you away. If you have use and someone tries to take you, they do you away.

Allowing that thought to sink in, he would now back away from her, stretching his arm out as the kunai was still to her neck, though after being a couple steps away from her he would allow the arm to go limp, returning to its rightful side and disintegrating the threat upon her life. He would look at her with a much calmer expression, hoping she’d at least see it from his point of view and recognize his moment of stepping away to give her the space she likely needed.

What's most important is the battle betweeen the weak and the strong. Right now, you're weak. At the mercy of those who are strong. So tell me, is that what you want? To be another product of this village, only to join the pile of corpses that only grow by the day. Or are you going to live on your own terms, for your own life, growing strong enough to strike down any foe who tries to jeopardize your survival against this world?

The kunai was now being fiddled with as he did tricks with his own hand and the kunai, dangling it around and manipulating it through the webs of his fingers, even spinning it to balance on his hand alone. Becoming invested in his own game, he would allow time to lapse and for the girl to answer the main question being asked, alongside any other she may feel the need to do. Insisting that this was no longer a hostile environment, he took a much more lax stance as he loosened his shoulder, unlatched his fingers and joints, allowing a moment to unwind as he listened in to the girl and watched her subtly, the kunai being in straight eye sight of her. He didn’t intend to attack her, but in case she tried to rebel again he would need to keep her in check for his own cause. That of course, being what this world was built upon. He had finally calmed down a bit, the insanity he built up inside him finally running its course, as he was on a much more "sane" scaling then before, now eager to see what she says. However, something inside of him twisting and turning still, as if he hasn't fully returned to the once quiet and observant fellow, a slight smirk telling the tale.

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The pain was surging through Lulako's body, as her nerves made certain she was aware of her predicament in vivid detail. Her lack of formal training with her dojutsu and the mounting distraction in the form of blood dripping down her damage body parts was making focus difficult, if not impossible. Her one good hand, shuriken still poised to strike at herself, remained steady but the rest of her body trembled just slightly. She was young, inexperienced in many ways. The abuse she had endured at the hands of other instructors was often brief, and certainly not with such intent to maim as Kutari displayed. This was her first clue to the true identity of her captor, but only in that, it helped to rule out a few things. His willingness to test her caused her to lean towards him being someone paid for the purpose of a brief exercise.

She wouldn't have felt bad if she had killed him, but the idea that she'd be severely chastised or punished lingered in the back of her mind. Her attempt, as she might have predicted, did in fact fail. Kutari nimbly dodged both shurikens, and she silently cursed herself for not setting the target further apart. Aiming two weapons for a single body part only seemed to serve in making her attack more easily avoided. It did set him off balance long enough for her to set up her second stance, with her own eyesight threatened. For a moment she felt it had the desired effect, and to Kutari's credit, his acting was superb. However, even though he could make his voice and movements seem genuine, the words themselves held a sense of mockery that showed true at his next words. His manner of speaking and stance shifting so suddenly that Lulu took a moment to process what was happening. A test, maybe, but not one being performed by the village. Another possible reason for being here taken out of consideration for the time being.

She should have been angry at this point, listening to Kutari tease at her actions. Had this been a real test her methods might have proven sound, but it seemed she hadn't had such luck. Instead, she was coming closer to the possible situation at hand. She had been captured, well and truly, but not by an enemy. Instead, she was now housed with a deranged resident of Kirigakure itself. Not only should she have been angry, she should have been frightened. Indeed, her heart was beating with a swiftness that would present itself as fear, but she was far from it. As realization dawned on her that this wasn't some obscure examination, she felt a surge of grim enjoyment. A welling of laughter building up that she held back as she listened patiently to her new friend's short speech. Of course, at this point it seemed a one-sided friendship, but how could she not enjoy this strange moment?

Then a barrage of questions was let loose, similar to what she had done earlier. Questions that she had no intention of answering immediately, just as Kutari had done to her. But within that line of questioning came an answer she had been wondering about through the entire encounter, almost hidden in a way. She couldn't surely assume the death of the first boy that had caused her annoyance this day, but Kutari seemed to think it had been a likely outcome. That alone was enough to force the smile on her face, her body already heaving softly from the involuntary muscle spasms of suppressed laughter. She couldn't pin down exactly what was making her so giddy. Perhaps it was the signs that her training was finally showing satisfactory potential. Maybe it was the idea that she'd gotten away with it. But she settled on the thought that, in some small way, she'd broken the weakness of someone not fit to get in her way. Exposed and broken them for what they were despite the act they had put up previously.

Then Kutari used her own words against her and the smile faded. Her body went still, and her heart might have skipped a beat. She could already see Kutari in most ways, his form wasn't hidden to her, but the way he approached her now wasn't as someone testing her. They each had a weapon brandished, but she felt a cold chill down her spine as she realized that even if she were to throw her shuriken first, she would likely be dead before it hit the wall behind Kutari. Bold, certainly. Reckless, maybe. But she held onto the idea that she was not a fool. She had stopped breathing during Kutari's approach, and not even realized it until it felt too late to draw her last breath. She kept so still now that her thoughts were almost palpable. She didn't need to move her eyes to show that she was rapidly searching for a way to retreat, perhaps even escape. With her ability to see in every direction, she knew this was very much an impossibility. She'd have a kunai through her back before she got to the window, and the door was almost certainly locked for more reasons than she cared to admit. She remained at the mercy of this stranger as he once more brought up her words like pointed daggers, not unlike the one being raised toward her neck in a clear show of threat.

And through it all, only to make matters worse, the edges of her Dojutsu were becoming fuzzy and unfocused. She had forced her eyes to the point of straining, and if she attempted to keep them active any longer she knew she'd only be causing herself more harm. The signs were already there, the feeling of the veins along the sides of her face throbbing, the pain creeping into her brain as stimulus beyond that which humans were meant to observe began overwhelming synapse after synapse. It wasn't the worst of the things she was feeling at this moment, but it was a large contributing factor to the way her eyes regained their amber appearance. Her Byakugan faded, and she was several more disadvantages below Kutari. This came during the pause, right after he questioned her about whether his affiliation meant anything to her current situation. Given everything that she'd already ruled out, it really didn't. Another disadvantage, another failure, another weakness that she needed to crush. Of course, only if she still had that much time left among the living.

Kutari was poised to strike, and she was only in a stance that only really left her open to striking herself. So many mistakes tumbling down on her all at once that she felt the weight of it physically pushing her down. She couldn't see now without turning her eyes upwards to look at Kutari, and without the Byakugan his presence was far more impressive and intimidating in scale to her own frame. This too aided in making her feel small and weak. It was turning her stomach, not in fear but in disgust that she could be taken in so easily. Finally, she could hold her breath no longer and began to inhale so slowly that anyone not paying attention might have missed the motion of her chest rising, then falling as she listened to Kutari's theoretical situation.

Why had it made sense, when she was told to do so, that she should destroy her eyes? The way he made her question this hung over her as he continued. She knew that she was just a tool for the village to use as they saw fit. She had grown accustomed to that way of life. So why now, when she'd gotten comfortable with her own shackles, did this person feel the need to tug at them like a leash? She knew her position because it was necessary and because it gave her some sense of safety. If she worked for Kirigakure, they provided for her. But when did that become enough? Was it ever really enough, considering the feelings she kept trying to bottle up inside? The facade of calm calculation masking the desire for nothing more than the destruction of all that was weak in this world. Then came the words that confirmed her own mental struggle.

She was weak. She knew it to be true because she spent everyday training her body, yet destroyed her own arm just attempting to throw simple punches. Because she was captured and didn't even make sufficient use of her only special talent, which had faded several moments ago to leave her in darkness. Because she couldn't kill this person in front of her, despite the rising urge to fight back as Kutari lowered their weapon and in doing so had alleviated her of the immediate threat of death. A war waged in her mind as everything she wanted to believe fought against the facts Kutari was laying out in front of her.

Lulu allowed her body to relax, taut and stiff muscles going limp. Her right arm dropped downwards in a non-threatening manner, though the shuriken remained firmly clutched in its grasp. Having a weapon was something of a comfort at this point, but she had no intention of using it at that moment. Her eyes fixated on the glint of the weapon Kutari now toyed with, each time it passed into the moonlight, but she couldn't make out more than the odd blurry motion here and there. Even if her captor had taken a lax stance, she knew she wasn't getting away that easily. So she focused on the words rattling around in her brain, trying to form some semblance of coherent thought to put to her tongue.

"I am weak," she admitted, her voice gone from a serious monotone down to a soft squeak. Her own voice came as such a shock to her that she had to pause for several moments to collect her thoughts again. Was this fear? How it affected her, how it felt, how it tasted on her tongue like the coppery tang of defeat? Her body shook violently, and then she composed herself to stand up at her full height, arms still lowered to show her own lack of hostility, "and that's not what I want." she swallowed hard, trying to find her confidence after such a rattling event, "It's why I spend every waking moment pushing myself farther, fighting harder, breaking myself upon whatever obstacle I can find and then forcing Kirigakure to fix the damage. It's why I let that boy hit me, and why I let your shurikens hit me." she left out the part where she had attempted and failed to calculate their speed and distance to her, though she now couldn't help thinking of the ways in which she could have dealt with that better, "When you can see everything, you can see all of your own flaws." she referenced her dojutsu now, hoping that Kutari was still following along, "I can see everything that's wrong with me, and I have dedicated my life to destroying that weakness." she knew as she continued to speak, just how hollow her words were starting to sound. She meant them, certainly, but faced with Kutari's previous hypothetical she couldn't prove that anymore. So she stopped, took a few sorely needed deep breaths, and carried on again with a more convincing tone.

"I said that I'm a secret weapon, and it's true. I'm just a tool, and in the hands of Kirigakure, I am only of use so long as I am strong. One day, maybe even soon, I'm sure they'll leave me for dead. Not a betrayal, but a disposal of something broken." she was speaking of the village in the third person as if neither of them was truly a member, and her words flowed like that of someone much older than she seemed to be, "But Kirigakure isn't my reason for being strong. Nothing I have ever done has been in service to a village into which I was abandoned. I don't want to fight because I'm told to, that's just an easy excuse for it." With each word, she was growing increasingly lively, gone from her stark still fear to a slightly bouncing gait. Rolling from her heels to her toes and back again as she considered the possibilities, "I want to fight because it feels good, and I want to win because it feels better. I don't want to kill the weak, I want to break them. I want them to suffer for their flaws and if they live I want them to grow stronger so I can break them again." her ability to concentrate on her wording was slipping, failing her as her mind grew clouded with a mix of pain and enthusiasm for the only thing she really wanted out of the world. Still, at least for the moment, that train of thought had finished its course and she left her statement out in the air for Kutari to respond to when he felt, if he felt, but not before adding on just a bit more.

Lulu had grown restless through the course of her own little outburst, though, she couldn't keep her fingers from fiddling with the shuriken previously locked between them. It flitted between her fingers, with less practiced motions than Kutari demonstrated, grazing and nicking her good hand's fingers as it went. She felt she had said enough, at least on the last question Kutari had proposed, but her unceasing mind wouldn't let her end the conversation at that, "If I were strong, I'd try to kill you right now. I'd have tried to kill you several times over. Well, more than I have already. Do you know what it feels like, knowing that I can't?" she licked her lips almost secretively, then chewed the lower one as she considered how to answer her own question. "It feels like I'm going to explode inside," suddenly Lulu was a blur of movement, pushing forward towards Kutari despite knowing just how outmatched she would be in this course of action, saying along the way, "and I can't stop because I don't want to!" she moved to attack, but not with the shuriken, not even with her good arm. Instead, she pulled back with the crimson drenched, bruised, and all around the rather useless left arm. She was aiming a jab at Kutari's presumed center of mass, that she knew likely wouldn't connect even if she could close the distance between them without being stopped first. Something in her mind screamed at her to do or have done literally anything else, that Kutari would certainly kill her. She defiantly ignored it, a smile returning to her face as she remembered what truly drove her. If she didn't try, then there was no point in living.
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Re: A Schoolyard Brawl (p)

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Kutari was pleased that he received the expected compliance, fully aware of the girl’s aggressive yet fluctuating personality, though able to assume due to her age and inexperience she’d likely be terrified, but unsure if this same fear would cause her to move out a will to survive. Despite his introductory lines upon being lethally attacked nothing more then a mockery to the girl’s intelligence and emotions, she became petrified from her usual confidence thanks to a maelstrom of psychological persecution which Kutari produced accurately and to the tee; her lack of resistance helping to aid the overflowing fear that was sure to come. In fact, the sight of her being still and only listening told him of her mental focus on his words, her body not shaking as heavily as it was before upon realizing her own wounds were a reality, verifying it was all going according to plan. However, this reality wasn’t initially Kutari’s plan, he didn’t intend for it all to go this far. In hindsight, it might of been more safe to produce a less threatening environment to the girl, as he did put her in danger, but at what cost? Losing the much realistic tone of a kidnapper beginning to torture the captive for information, witnessing the rising emotion of a startled human unsure of where their life status will be perceived within a few hours, the sickening pleasure upon seeing suffering that Kutari passively despised. Never consenting to develop this characteristic of himself, or at least consenting upon his choice. Instead, a puppet being fiddled with strings to sign their own name in this unjust contract, writing away the boy he once knew himself as, to be the most concrete version of who Kutari Uchiha is. Now? This boy who lived for the thrill of murder, watching blood spew from an agonized face; the lack of compassion or sympathy towards those in pain or the plead to perceive emotion; who seeked nothing more then to watch humans either suffer or prosper, the difference to him only represented in either a smirk or an uninterested stare respectively. Could this really be Kutari Uchiha, the ever smiling boy of seven years ago? The physical appearance being unmatched in accuracy, but emotionally the contrast between an igniting canister and a hollow shell as clear as night and day.

The unrecognizable boy would continue to sway heavily, carrying a psychotic aura wishing to do what it did best - producing an array of chaos out of an impulsive enjoyment. It being advantageous, if the girl was even able to feel her legs any longer, to run and scream for some support from this maniac locked in a room with her; the blood drawn and the shark attracted, a life or death situation as she’d have to plead for a chance of survival. But she refused, instead being fortified in a miraculous grasp of fear as her mind terrorized with the many possibilities and sensations correlating with these deaths today. Kutari hoping such a reasoning to be true, in order to bathe and consume this overflowing river of terror. It being the Pale Rider’s purpose actually, as its been for so long. It taking it’s time to finally settle in, as the girl didn’t seem as frightened upon realizing Kutari’s act as she surely was now, able to be perceived through those white eyes she shined so arrogantly. The arrogant and sadistic smile that could easily been reflected upon those same eyes, forming upon the learning of the boy she once striked down being left for dead and likely as such, an error in Kutari’s wording as he realized he never intended to answer the question she asked before, it sadly slipping out due to his own rising passion in the chaos entering the room. Though what intrigued him most, would be the fact that she did in fact smile. Feelings of resentment and hate likely causing such a thing, a joy for causing misery and wiping away the nuisances of this wretched world, a sensation Kutari all but related to, adding to the flames he was already consumed in. She possessed madness as well, the realization fueling the boy to try and convince her to accept and hone it in the near future.

Kutari would continue to watch her eyes mainly as he walked closer, long after repeating the paraphrased words she onced spoken that would send her in what seemed to be a state of utter shock. The smile he faintly saw fading, it’s movements in the dark proving what he initially saw of a smile being real, furthermore showing she was affected by these specific words, it striking a chord. Though those bright milky eyes would continue to stare at him, the trick up its sleeve being caught, the reality of her searching for a means of escape being something Kutari couldn’t prove, as he’s once been in a similar situation before, one bringing him to an utter psychosis that took some time to escape. It being amplified with a jutsu, and visual images and memories that pushed him to achieve the same similarity between himself and the child before him. She may not have reached such a state yet, searching as she played along of being shocked, or simply trying to fool him. Though this is where his tests would prove to be beneficial, as he was aware of the possibility now, never underestimating his target. Able to see through walls and the likes, her vision unobstructed as she could continue to be looking around. A nifty little ability for sure, but Kutari’s was better. He pitied the dojutsu and its possessors, one so dependent on its abilities only gaining that. A dependence, no longer able to sustain respectable combat without its prowess. Though did she have no shame? Effortlessly flaunting it around to someone she knew little about, especially after awakening in a foreign atmosphere, it being apparent she had little tricks up her sleeve other then that, and it obvious this magician was a terrible act.

As he now was at his destination with the kunai to her throat, he would begin to see her face bulging from the exaggerated veins that must have supplied the dojutsu. He’d laugh half heartedly, it meaning one of three things. Either she was increasing her visual range with this ability of hers, losing the control over her own dojutsu and it dwindling down in power, or there was something she actually hid from him in an attempt to undermine the boy. The latter not being as likely, though he continued to keep his guard up as his madness was overwhelming, willing to use his own offense as a suitable defense. It would only take a few more moments until he found his answers, she ran out of time. Those same eyes that only gave on the idea of being strong, actually being weak in nature. This ability, given it’s superb power, was falsified in its omniscient capabilities regarding sight as it lacked the omnipotence in time. He would laugh much more meaningfully, as it was obvious from her face what seemed to be true, this was Kirigakure’s secret weapon. Not able to last a minute without shutting down. Perfect timing indeed.

This game changing finding would make his words hit even harder, Kutari could only assume. The weight of his words causing her to sink lower, toppling over in the influenitial might she so loosely held. Due to her height, she wasn’t even able to see his face, the kunai surely striking her and beginning to kill the girl drowned in blood. Her age and lack of sight being the greatest irony in this situation, one who not too long ago seemed damn near all-seeing.

As she began to breathe much more audibly, it hadn’t come across to Kutari that she ceased such a necessary operation for so long. Was she breathing prior to him having this knife to her neck? He couldn’t be sure, though still holding the kunai up to her throat as she began to breath, it seeming more realistic that this girl was shocked and incorporating fear into her diet. He’d continue to speak, his confidence overflowing as he successfully subdued the girl. She was done. He could only wish to see what all the girl was feeling represented in her face, though the height difference and her necessity to keep her throat from being punctured would allow him to miss such a glorious sight. Him continuing, her silence able to allow him to partially imagine what all she must of felt and described alongside her facial structure. Her body beginning to relax as her ligaments stopped their once tensed notions, Kutari ending his portion of words, clearly winning this battle of wits and thought. He now being some steps away from her, many steps to him. He’d continue to play with his kunai as he half knowingly preached out his mind to her, allowing silence to overtake the room.

He’d wait, enjoying his own show as both interesting and dominating in the way he toyed with this kunai. The same weapon which held her life, toying with the both as he was the overpowering manipulator of this verbal bout. He typically would react to a auditory stimulus with some merit and tone behind its volume, especially after just beginning his kunai show. But with the words she first murmured embodying the same power as its meaning, it would get little rise out of Kutari. Only listening in partially to what she had to say, more intrigued in what would of been new information and actually important. Being aware that she was weak already, it holding no value for him to dedicate his full attention to. Another pause, as she surely tried to compile the correct words to give off her point. Though another batch of unappealing words which Kutari lightly listened in to, his kunai flicking increasing in speed and the spectacular showcases becoming much more common as he dived deeper into this intriguing activity, at least more than this girl currently. It’s filler-like aspect being of little importance to the boy as he was looking for the real thing, the real story that mattered. She didn’t deserve his attention.

It only took a few more moments before Kutari’s interest was slightly peaked, being at the hands of her reasoning behind why she was hit by the boy from before, and now by Kutari’s shuriken. It being due to recognizing one's weakness? The words sounded superficial, as if they held no reasonable logic to entail its evidence and claim. To Kutari, if one wished to be strong, they’d be able to evade situations of being damaged and prevailing in combat, outdoing one in a battle of words instead of taking the full might of an unsuitable victor, utilizing the entirety of your might to fight another day. This habit of hers to simply train by acquiring injuries continuously, failing to ever push past this debilitating occurence in power. Once a loser, always a loser being a good representation of her predicament in his eyes, her ideology being foolish in nature and never gaining her the power she supposedly wished to achieve in her training. It being counterproductive. If one were to train and learn from their mistakes, so be it as it’s a great way to learn and grow. But to allow the mistakes to blossom without any resistance? A foolish act, one that Kutari couldn’t wrap his head around as he became more driven into this conversation, his kunai play lessening in finesse.

Her odd way of reasoning would continue to be present, as her contradicting statements of wanting to go past her weakness and doing so by clutching to this weakness being the most greatest of paradox Kutari had discovered at the time. Was she really a fool, or simply going about her actions wrong, obviously landing her in this same predicament. If she continued on with this way of living, she’d surely die, mistakenly deciding to take a stab to the heart as she so valiantly flaunted this weakness of hers. Everyone had weaknesses, but they also held strengths. Strengths which when utilized properly, could negate these weaknesses, possibly even bringing them to become ongoing strengths. This puzzling discovery would have to be halted as she continued on, him now keeping up with what she was saying as he ceased the play of the kunai, she now signaling at getting at what truly interested him: her position to the village.

It was intriguing to hear her admit that she was nothing more than a tool verbally to him, something he’d assume she try to keep to herself. Her words reminded him of being the source of someone captive to an overwhelming force, it stealing her away from all that was once precious in a selfish attempt to bolster its power. Oddly familiar, as he rested his eyes on her as she continued on. Her words becoming more powerful, cleansing his rusty ears to begin producing more activity. The descriptions of her situation at hand leaving its mark on the all too relatable boy. As she continued, the distance closing in on the once completely different yet oddly linked duo, now tethering closer together as the links were made all clear. Too clear for Kutari to handle being spoken to him, facts he had wished to place in the back of his mind, hoping to no longer have to think and just live. Describing her will to fight for this village nothing more than an excuse, a way of speech which oddly warmed his heart. It surfacing memories and feeling of a similar mentality. Feeling rejuvenating in its potential hope for escape of confinement, being positive in nature. Though carrying the same burdens which would forsake the once overwhelmingly joyful mood in theory. He only watched the girl speak as the boy listened, paying attention to the growing volume in voice rather body. Able to perceive the passion in her words, a will no longer shaken and long from being shattered unlike his own.

The talk of fighting and wishing to see those suffer wouldn’t rile his emotions in an explosion of passion as it did once before, it seeming to slip past him entirely, a force blocking him from activating such a feeling. His face was dry, lost in a seemingly endless amount of thoughts as he stared at the girl, a stiffened face. His body failed to move, as he breathed shallowly though silent. His bent arm was stuck in place, the kunai gripped in his hand having this position long ago as little shook. An atypical calm seeping from the boy, it due to the absence of mind as a passive shock overtook him. He never being like this, at least housing from bored expression but awareness of mind. Instead being vacant, his eyes slightly bulged in a fixed location being the girl before him. What puzzled the boy to such an extent, roaming throughout his mind to make him lose such a train of thought? Still able to hear her, he simple remained fixated in his position as he accepted the words she spoke.

The sudden silence in the air upon finishing her line of breaking others once again would ring Kutari from his state of absence, instead sinking his head slightly down. Much more active from his previous state, but still passive as he was forced to sit with his thoughts, ones being unknown to the girl surely but oh too personal to him. Years of memories incorporated into his mind, all flashing sporadically throughout, connecting the dots between her words and the feelings embodied within these traces. Her following statement would save him from his past, as he remained with his head tilted but still able to see the girl, his face looking discomforted as he was perceived to hold hatred for the girl but truly wasn’t intended as such. Hearing her preach about a necessity to kill him, it making him surface back to the task at hand somewhat. She would speak about wishing to kill him again and again, before asking if he can even comprehend such feelings. It causing him to grimace somewhat, knowing the answer from what all he could recollect in those rapid seconds. Though as she followed up to answer her own question, she began to run towards Kutari, in attempts to close the distance between them, preaching about how it makes her wish to explode. Though Kutari was already back in thought and switched into autopilot, as he saw the girl raise her left bandaged hand, no longer caring about her words or even paying them any attention. He knew the capabilities of that hand, and her recent words of explosion could only make one assume, even then her talks of killing him causing the boy to suddenly forget the situation at hand and increase his lethal tactics.

Regressing to an older stage of his life, one where gruesome defeats and the most bloodied of faces being a favorable achievement to bestow on others worth securing him his life for another day. Seeing the left hand rise to what would be a forceful punch she’d likely follow up with due to her running motion and winding of the fistful hand, he took advantage of this uncalculated assault and the difference in height meaning wingspan, his own being much greater including the legs. Quickly jumping into a different stance with his left leg in front and right slightly behind keeping his legs close together as she began this run and wind up, it’d only be a few moments before she’d be able to connect with her sizable proportions. Waiting for this vulnerable moment as she seemed to be aiming for his torso area, as she neared to implant the necessary punch in front of him, he’d simultaneously would twist his torso to the left and jump as his left leg shifted from the front to the back, his right leg now being extended outwardly and locked in place with impactful force in mind. This jumping straight kick intended to evade the girls left handed punch as his shifted body would now cause the punch to be off-placed, once perpendicular to a somewhat parallel format as the distance between the punch and his torso would grow, a byproduct of the left leg shifting to the back and the twisting of his torso. The straight punch not coming from an angle causing the boy to move with such succession, as the locked in place right leg would soar through the air, momentum produced by his controlled jump and twist causing results he was expecting, his hands up to his temples as the elbow was extended down to his pectoral area, allowing any sudden movements from her in retaliation to be nullified.

The angle of Kutari’s right leg would be placed in mind of projecting the girl in a direction of his choice, her body mass compared to the momentum and strength of his kick, alongside her advantageous and vulnerable position leaving her to be off balance( due to the intended purpose to follow through with the punch she hoped to successfully connect) and easily manipulated. This direction he would project her towards would be to his left, as the force upon his right leg would finalize. Aiming for her own upper torso, specifically the area loosely connecting her now extended left arm and body, would cause her left hand to follow with the direction to the left(her right) due to the impact, in case she tried to manipulate her arm to compensate for his body positioning change, nullifying the hope of counterattacking. The force behind his leg would project her entire body, due to it’s off-balance and size, to his left with great degree as it was theoretically the necessary might of kicking an airborne soccer ball several yards away, its lack of support in terms of resistance making it much easier. He would watch as her entire frame would fly to his left, where the mundane wall would be present to catch her from the sudden impact. Failing to hold back, it would be all his might in the kick capable given the situation, as he buckled his leg but twisted his torso and mainly hips to control the leg upon impact as it’d absorb the energy, allowing him to land easily as the leg would arch it’s way back to the ground alongside him following up with his own hip in mind, leaning into the leg in order to descent his leg quicker with the remaining energy,not even a foot difference from his initial start. The threat now being taken care of, it should have been it, but Kutari wasn’t done. It being natural for him to have a cool expression on his face during a fight as he was calculated and focused, but lacking the mindful aspect he typically worse, much less the awareness of his calculations being represented. His mind somewhat clouded, as he moved with the voice of someone behind him. Instructing to not let up, to continue to obliterate the enemy in a gory mess. Listening kindly, its voice invoking terror in the boy upon the repercussions.

Given the way he kicked her, and her body pattern at the time, she’d likely soar to the wall with her ventral side in mind first, due to his leg length surely connecting with her easily exposed back, a natural bodily reaction if backing your punch with the kinetic force of your movements and it missing its mark, her movements representing an inexperienced academy student in every shape and form. Upon hearing her connect painfully with the hard wall, and given the shock of the sudden attack that was not even a second long in kick and impact with this particular wall, he wouldn’t have been surprised if she was dazed or even knocked out alongside a bloodied nose as this situation would project the upper torso first, and if not controlled in the milliseconds which were present as the wall was only a few feet away, the body moving much quicker while airborne with force, she’d first impact with her own torso and then the following body parts still not caught, being the head and her lower body parts. Such a way to collide with the wall being painful and bloody, the ground shaking upon impact.

Kutari would rush towards the girl, failing to let up as he still had the kunai in his hand. Being a weapon user, it his greatest tool at this moment, and if she was still conscious her greatest foe. Though if unconscious surely waking up upon what he planned to do. As he ran towards her, surely at least dazed from this impact to not properly defend in time, he’d grab her by the throat with his own left hand as he was behind her to the right, squeezing tightly as he intended to strangle her as she failed to see the attack from behind whilst resting on the wall. The shuriken from before resting in her right hand, if not already let go, would be disposed of from her clutches soon enough. Strangling her throat as pinned her down to the wall, lifting slightly so she lost her own center of gravity and instead would dangle in the air, though just enough for the 6 feet boy to utilize to his advantage, her right arm clearly in front of him. He’d use the wall as a placeholder in case she chose to continue clutching this shuriken, it indenting itself securely into her skin as he quickly kneed her right hand, specifically the area connecting the hand to the wrist though centered to effect the hand more. She had a choice from there, to either let go of the shuriken after feeling the effect of his knee crunching against her hand graze and begin to insert itself into the palm, being in the air and clutching it so far she’d have a short window to let it free and slip to the ground. Or allow him to continue to push on and allow the shuriken to cut deeper than she could of stopped at, entering as the wound intensified due to the shuriken working with the wall to pierce through her hand, though this would cause her to grasp quite hard to keep it in her hand, it being stuck in the process, the opening in the center of the tool partially being in the skin.

Once dealing with the shuriken, however she may choose about acting, he’d take advantage of her small frame being light to him, able to lift her higher in a quick sequence of grabbing and strangling, to kneeing the right hand with his closest knee to quicken this time, and then lifting her above what he initially rose her to, now extended his arm far greater than what it was initially extended to until it was close to buckling. From there, he’d quickly begin to slam her into the ground to his left as he pivoted towards the direction, giving her upon being on the ground space from the wall and unable to utilize it with her feet. Following through with this act as he applied weight into his left arm solely, working with: gravity upon descent, the feather like weight of the girl, and using the momentum of his own force alongside the compiling force of her own crash to the ground. Working to throw her down essentially in one strong toss.Though once the initial amount of the slam would be expended in terms of momentum and strength, he’d let go of her as he rode the wave of her descent into the ground, quickly unlatching his tight grasp around her throat and proceeding to nimbly slip his hand from under her and bringing his left arm up and he positioned the elbow to be in front of her neck as she was still crashing down. He’d then raise his right knee as he moved it in an arch similar to counter clockwise, as his body followed in the arching movement and made the necessary adjustments, the knee and elbow leading the way. As she grew closer to finally reaching the ground, the two would simply guide her body as they now were making contact, already pinning the girl with the momentum her body moved and the knee and elbow to keep this descent going, making sure the girl would properly fall as such. His body now partially towering over the girl before him as he crashed with her, using the girl as a cushion to his knee and elbow. The knee and shin colliding and pinning her hip area respectively to the ground as his foot was to her right, not fully on top of her but partially being to her side as the knee and shin was placed somewhat parallel to her hip and not perpendicular. The elbow placed on her neck and pinning the girl down with force, refusing to let up. All should have been done, already a ruthless scene by the boy as she was surely restrained and out of commission from continuing to fight.

Typically one would stop after such a display of combative cruelty, though he refused to do as such. Kutari normally would have his blood rushing, adrenaline rising as he enjoyed every moment of a battle, and it’s unexpected turns. Seeing to it that he overpowers his enemies in any shape or form, in order to produce his victory. Internally rising with flames as he sung the joys of victory, and another impressive battle being won. That, or seeing an unfit battle which was boring to its extremes. Though currently he felt differently, actually housing no emotion that could be described at such a moment other then unorthodox. His face having no sense of feeling or purpose as his body took over, controlling his fight and relieving him of the duties of thinking or even finding pleasure in the combat. His eyes fuzzy as they half heartedly looked down at the girl he just beaten down, and would continue to do as such. Hearing the voice continue on, saying it wasn’t enough, him receiving his punishment without going to greater extremes. The voice housing eyes of true insanity and a temptation to see despair, one of which it intended to pass down to its disciple, inherited successfully though at the moment, recalling the training up to such a time.

He’d continue to pin down the girl with his elbow as he would apply more pressure onto the ground and therefore her, choking her as he moved his arm, intending to keep the pressure of her struggling to escape whilst fixing his arm in a different area. It not taking too much time or effort, reaching his fingers to latch upon the girls own left elbow, manipulating it to be fully extended and stretched by applying pressure onto the bone itself, while using his other fingers from the front to force it only to go in that direction. The kunai still in his right hand as she was open to strike, his own hand being freely loose and able to do as it pleased upon that side of her. Raising his hand up in a grip as he already manipulated the kunai during stretching her arm to have the handle in his hand but the tip facing the ground itself. As he’d continue to restrain her as the neck was still fastened tight, her right arm being pinned as well with his left knee and his right to offer some support in restraint quantity, and the hip down as she was secured. The hip taken in a way to restrain her legs from going too far away upward or any direction to be of harm to Kutari. Looking at the girl dead in the eyes, only at most a foot apart from each others face as he raised his elbow to cause the girl arch her head backwards gain even more control and respectively more uncomfort to the amber eyed child, he would plunge his kunai at the very hand which caused this mess. The kunai if allowed would go straight through her skin, entering in the midst of the back of her hand, Kutari failing to stop attempting to plunge downward with all his might until he felt a much more durable force stopping him as such, and her hand likely secured and pinned down by the kunai with any efforts only causing more pain and misery on her behalf. Knowing these floors and knowing when he struck them, it definitely doing as such, the girl now one with the floor thanks to this kunai.

Instinctively, as if having no conscious and deprived of life’s greatest joys, he’d reach for his back pouch again to reveal a second kunai, held in the same fashion. Two kunais in total that he had once had stored away if the girl tried to retaliate against his previous trap, assuming that she’d use his own shuriken against him, simply not the way he saw earlier. Though now, these kunai no longer were investments to misdirect any projectiles, instead focused on their initial purpose being to kill. He’d watch her as he now raised the kunai in a similar fashion from before, but now above her head, his elbow still pushing up to make the pierce more intense, so when he pierced those precious eyeballs of hers it’ll also go through several portions of her brain before reaching a stump due to the size of the kunai. Though it’d all be over as impassionate eyes would fill the room with gloom and the girl’s potentially rising emotion as he would drive the kunai down with no words, marking the end of this battle which was started despite the girl knowing the inevitable. The impact cutting the air and drilling into its desired destination.

Kutari would look down at this poor girl, blood and misfortune decorated the once living room as it descended into a murder room. Not of his own accord, but of his victim which he was forced to subdue and kill for his own survival, it being threatened and needing to be secured safely. If not taken by this foe, then surely by the wardens of this fine establishment built on cruelty and despair, seeing the boy unfit of being a true warrior able to ring in profit. It was all so clear, the dark gray walls and flooring. The room featuring mundane properties in every slit and corner, from the ceiling, to the metal clasped floors, to the children forced into this way of living. Only able to survive by offing one another, it being of their own will or by the will of others. Though in the end it didn’t matter who’s will it was, these children who had lives and dreams that stretched far and wide being reduced to a bundle of ash in the form of vacancy in ones heart and emptiness amongst whatever could be perceived as a broken soul. He saw the sight, indeed a bloody one, this entire room never ceasing to involve blood and even gore during “sparring.” A misleading word as it truly meant a battle to the death, shackled by nothing but the will to live and hoping to one day escape, trying to push away the reality that escape would never be.

The empty eyes of those children present, alongside the flaming passion of approval amongst the adults as both watched in unison amongst the conclusion in the middle. The instructor instructed him and he did what he had to do, what other choice did he have? No child there could blame him, knowing only half of them would return to their rooms after the class ended that day. He only wished to survive, he had to survive. It being the only way Kutari could justify what he did, though it mattered not as he no longer cared to feel or know anything, numbing himself from his own feelings in order to stay strong in what he had done. It was all such a blur, the instructor the training to begin, the lengthening time as one tried to outdo the other in skill, Kutari falling and being pummeled as he was straddled and hammered on before pushing him off and continuing the battle, this Taijutsu focused boy overpowering Kutari until he snapped, Kutari unable to hold back any longer and once again having to kill the emotions within again. It happening again and again and again, Kutari being forced to in multiple ways, each impact causing fewer to return which were once representative of his core values. Now, he was forced to as his live outweighed the life of another, as he swooped the boy to the ground after a reversal attack, before now straddling him and pinning the fellow.

The instructor telling him to carry on and finish it, Kutari grabbing a kunai attached to his thigh as the relating knee already pinned down this boys hip area, before raising the kunai to puncture and stake the kunai through his extended hand with an attempt to pierce the metal floor. Though due to its makings, such a thing on a small weapon like the kunai being futile as once it hit the floor it began to break, Kutari feeling this throttle as the boy beneath him was already screaming and pleading for his life, out of options. His face, as empty as can be, a puppet to the masterminds of this sickening game, tilted and wrenched the kunai in a manner to break off the already fractured tip, allowing him to plunge the kunai deeper to cause a greater amount of pain and relating scar. Though a scar wouldn’t matter to this boy for long, as Kutari knew what had to be done. Gathering another kunai as swiftly as can be, he drove the kunai through the left eye of this victim of his, seeing the blood spew as the eye disintegrated due to its own weakness, before continuously hammering in the boys head again and again, diving deeper into the brains of the boy before the kunai couldn’t go any deeper. What was left would be a sweat drenched Kutari, able to taste the salty texture of his glistening skin, along with the taste of bitter blood as he looked into the one eye of this boy as he died with eyes open, one already drooling with a stream of tears and the other eye having a trail of blood replace the watery substance. As Kutari waited, staring into the cool gray eyes of this boy, the spotlight shining above them, he was able to clearly see the crimson eyed monster which just devoured a boy the age of 13, Kutari being but only a year older. Suddenly the anticipated sound would finally make its debut, as hands continuously clasped one another back and forth in applause, the audience of children doing so with empty eyes and the adults with looks of pride as they were pleased with one of their greatest creations. In the end, even if he swore he’d finally be able to rest in peace before the fighting began, he knew the hell he lived in was far from over.

It took him a few moments to actually return back to his situation at hand, on his cold living room as he relived only a snippet of a seven year long hell. It happening so quickly in his mind, the memories of his past correlating with the present too well. Becoming a reality he didn’t want to have to relive, though she made him go to such extents. Pushing too hard and making him more aware then he already was of the cruelty which is his own past. He looked at the girl, who was still breathing, both eyes intact. The kunai he plunged down deviating from it’s initial path, striking hard against the wooden floor as it left a good opening in the floor. Another cost to repair, but he wasn’t thinking of such a thing at the moment. Looking intently at the girl, as he still held the elbow to her throat and was applying pressure, it being much more intense due to his regressions and the time it took to relive it, only being a few seconds but several minutes being condensed into that time frame. Still holding the kunai just to the left of her face, likely six inches away but still missing even her ears, it was clear that he intended to miss. Though not entirely a rebellious act against his past, but more so its influence on the present being compromised. He would just watch her now, slightly letting up on the girl as he intended every move that he did in that short amount of time, only the end actually being similar to one of the many battles that he’s had. Never allowed to lose one, or else unable to be a threat to this child’s existence. Though she was just a threat as she was willing to go to great extents even though knowing it was futile.

Kutari would look with a rather calm expression, striking the kunai into the floor being what broke the trance he was in. He was back to his senses, though had his typical lack of emotions in his facial expressions. Though at this time not being as strict or serious as it was less tight and more soft, now having a moment to truly relax as this girl was properly pinned down. It also being due to having an odd curiosity towards how she would answer to what he had to say. The entire time he cared little in covering her from speaking or screaming from the pain, as it was so late into the night no one would be around to help in a reasonable amount of time, at first likely have to wake up and hear what was going on develop. The two both on the ground as the moon was able to shine its light upon them, making it clear it didn’t care about the privacy between the two, same as Kutari. Still some inches away from the wall as he positioned them so she lacked the capability of reaching it of course. He would speak, after allowing a short silence to enter the room and alleviating a great sigh, formulating what he wanted to say. He was as calm as can be, and wished to talk to her after bringing up certain questions and a way of speaking to him. He spoke peacefully, allowing a much softer tone to resonate throughout the room as he spoke with a decent amount of volume.

It sorta went like that.

Kutari would start, referring to what he just did to her. He didn’t expect her to understand what he meant, it being a personal memento of his as he still was in the space of his teen years, fully accessing the very thoughts he wished to suppress. Allowing them to flow easily as he now entered a similar mentality he had to adopt at such an age, the typical anger or sadistic humor nowhere to be found as he cared little for just about anything, only a will to live being close to his heart. He’d idly look down as he still held his position, pinning the girl but slowly relieving pressure to allow the girl to breathe easier, no longer wielding his intent to kill as the battle had ended. He expected her to simply be quiet, and didn’t care much for what she had to say. It being smart for the girl to be quiet, as he stared far beyond her, his pursed lips and aloof mentality almost signaled another trance coming but simply being his relapse period. He spoke after some seconds, bathing in the peace and quiet which was typically never present in his life, always haunted by chaos and calamity.

Do you know what it’s like to have a family? If you were abandoned, I’m not sure if you’d understand. Having a loving mother, who cared deeply for your health and would train you in the ways to feel sympathy and compassion for others, learning that it was your greatest tool to escape unhappy situations or bad encounters. Describing to you that life was a wonderful scene which we were allowed to experience in full detail, and one could make the most out of and be genuinely happy with. Never to forsaken oneself in compliance of what you don’t feel is right. Or maybe a invigorating father, one who wished to teach you the importance of strength, but with good care. Not just flaunting one's power around, but utilizing a plethora of strengths other then just physical might, and taught you how to defend yourself and even discover aspirations of being a Shinobi. He even talking about his hopes of finding someone to settle down with, and one day having grandkids. To live on so he could see that day come.

His pacing was casual and slow, as if expecting to have a regular conversation with the girl. . She’d listening even if she didn’t want to, and it being a moment for Kutari. Staring into the abyss before him, clouded by his own memories of what he once cherished so heavily in his youth. A slight smile surfacing out of the genuine emotions he expressed, actually able to remember what it felt like to speak with the ones you loved, the warm body heat they had while close and scent that was so identifiable as being your parents. They were his world, a living representation of who he was and what he believed to be true and just. Even at this moment, Kutari could feel a partial fluttering in his own heart, a sensation he hadn’t felt in what seemed like years, likely being as such. Though just at the moment, his face became grim, lost in an indescribable coldness which replaced the once warm body, trying to grasp for some limelight but feeling nothing in the pitch black darkness.

A world you cherished because of those two fascinating people. Suddenly snatched away by greed and malice instead of the natural cycle of life, and you couldn’t save them. A lack of strength and an abundance of the same weakness you embody being all you possess as the ones who smitten down your kin were before you. I’m sure you’d try to fight, just as you tried to now, and end up as nothing more than a prisoner. Given shackles, an uniform, and a single goal: Become strong or die trying. You can try to choose one of those two options, but is it truly that easy? Can you just decide to become strong, and wake up the next day as God? God is all powerful, isn’t he? Able to destroy any foe who dare try to question them, they are the ultimate power. But this concept of God is only that: a concept, one created in an attempt to designate those who are strong and those who are weak. No true God would allow this world to be as twisted as it truly is, therefore it’s only a man made concept intended to bestow those who are powerful a sense of divinity.

Kutari would allow his own words to ring for a moment, as he impassionately continued to gaze as he begin to focus his sight at the girl herself rather than what was beyond. Trying to make a point with another abstract concept that he recently thought of, being the byproduct to the common conception that this entity known as God amongst the world is good and banishes evil, though Kutari’s life up to this point being a direct representation of why such a concept didn’t exist. If it did somehow, choosing to ignore all the cruelty in the world and allowing it to worsen, then one day he would kill this God, hating the same scum which fed its follower nothing more then lies.

You said earlier as well, if you were strong you’d try to kill me. But it’s quite obvious based upon this current situation that you aren’t strong, you’re no God. You’re a weak little girl who’s trying to pose as some great power, and incorporate a falsified confidence into your beliefs to try and give off the idea of your own might. In order words: Requiring some sort of validation for your own strength, it not showing up in your training up to this point because you don’t have enough. Until that day comes, you’ll never kill me, only suffering in the end as you realize your own incompetence and sheer foolishness attempting such an act.

Kutari would once again apply more pressure to the girl via his elbow and beginning to knead her down more. Taunting her as she was in this position. Realizing that he was in fact one of the wardens that once watched over him long ago, the new child being this girl. Though he had realized as such when she began talking about her wishes to kill him, a feeling he always possessed during his time as nothing more than a slave. Those terrible men succeeding at spreading their influence even after dying and being imprisoned, the seeds in those children who were the victims all but blossoming out of a need of survival. Though he respected this girl as he made the comparison, as he was able to see glimpses of himself regarding the similarities. She had the fire as he did, the will as she did, but he lacked the courage while she lacked the tact and “smarts” to avoid dying in such a way. If he was truly one of those moral less men he’d have killed her long ago amongst being cut or even grazed by the shuriken, indicating weakness.

You know...I’ve met men and women who recognize weakness as you do. The extents they were willing to go to obliterate this weakness, a single hint and the child suddenly dying. It being so quick. Some had their heads bashed in to the point of where the skull was easily visible, others cut to what seemed to be a thousand pieces, a few burned to death - but not before leaving half of their bodies having 4th degree burns without proper medical attention, a lack of water for several days and continuous torture sessions to makeup for their lack of foolishly bearing weakness. All of which I’ve had the pleasure to bury, many of whom I’ve even been the one to kill myself. Tell me, have you ever killed in cold blood? I’m not talking about letting an explosion do it for you, I mean feeling the way the blade impales a man, the resisting blood and organs trying to stop you from going any further, but you just want to see how much of that red stuff can be inside one person!

Kutari wasn’t losing himself as he did before, much more focused as he talked about the many encounters he’s had, forced to fight and kill one another. It being half of what his life had been, after being taken into this system at the age of 10. Learning quickly how it all worked, and how he wasn’t allowed to even comprehending what escape was. Beginning to answer the question he was asked not too long ago. Realizing he was beginning to enter a tangent of information which didn’t need to be talked about.

Yes. I understand what it’s like to want to kill someone so badly that it makes you want to explode inside, imagining killing them in so many ways over and over again, savoring the sweet taste of victory as you continuously stab them with a hateful lust. That’s one of a few things we share in common, though what’s interesting is how idiotic you were to act on those feelings not once, but twice now. As if you knew the repercussions, but were willing to take up that chance knowing too well your pride was more important. Something I respect, despite how you stupid you are. However, the fact you’re foolish enough to do such a thing tells me you didn’t learn one important lesson I learned long ago, watching fools like you try the same tactic and me burying them. So class is in session because here it is: If you you’re not strong enough to kill the people you want dead, then survive so you can see the day their heads are on a stake. Instead of not wanting to stop, how about stopping so you can one day actually see that beautiful sight, and it not just being a piped up dream in your last thoughts. Class session is now over.

With that, he would rise, relieving the girl of her duties as his cushion upon the floor, though he fully used her as a support to get up, pushing her neck and hip down to rocket off the ground and into an upright position. Caring little about how’d she feel about him doing such a thing, though he would gladly back away with mind that he could still use her body parts without any restraints. Depending on how all of what he said sitting with the girl being the likelihood of whether she’d try to attack again and just be a stubborn fool, or actually take some advice. Knowing full and well that mentality gave him life, able to look for another day to kill his captors as they were training him to become powerful in combat, and therefore a threat to their establishment. He never letting go of the grudge he held, them taking away all which was precious to him long ago, needing to die for their actions. Though he wasn’t able to pay back the favor, it was still a favor that was up for grabs. The leader of the establishment not being dead yet, though many of his lackies being as such. Escaping in the frey whilst the main compound and arena was being taken by the Kirigakure military enforcement. A day that broke away his shackles of one place, and transported him to another prison to try out another pair of shackles. Knowing full and well his allegiance to Kirigakure was superficial, and seeing this girl having a similar relationship.

As he was standing, seeing if the girl would try anything, he’d wait if that was something of importance to her current frame of mind. If not, then he would begin to walk towards the kitchen, it taking quite a bit of damage over their time together. Kutari still fully aware the girl was on the floor, but she was pinned down. Knowing she’d have to take out the kunai herself, he wondered if she had the strength still to even do such a task, and the resilience to take all that pain in such a short amount of time. An interesting thought no less, one he’d wait to find out as he began to detach the shuriken stuck to the pantries and such. It being the beginning of cleaning up, another task he needed to do back in the facilities after many bloody battles, almost religiously cleaning up messes as he was in fact a neat freak. Looking at the cuts in the wood and paint of the pantry, he slightly cursed underneath his breath about the state of these storage units and how his landlord would react. Trying to think of a way to improvise in the coming days, surely being a difficult task as he was no handyman, slightly wishing he was skilled in handiness as he was in combat. The boy became lost in a sea of issues as he neglected the girl that was pinned to his floor, recovering the shuriken and storing them back into his pouch for safekeeping, knowing he’ll have to get more inventory in the future.

He would return to the living room after a minute or so of looking through the cuts, as long as the girl was still pinned to the ground, verifying that she needed some help or was in deep thought. Though he’d first walk towards the couch and to its right, finding a short desk helping a lamp stay positioned upright. Turning on the lamp to give good illumination across the room itself, it being brought with a lightly brown color as the lampshade made it have a much weaker brightness then its maximum capabilities.

Returning now to the girls side, he’d overlook the entirety of the room, his experiment surely far exceeding his collateral damage expectation. Though he supposed it was all worth it in the end, as he began to walk towards the counter which was meant to be somewhat like a bar and wall as it separated the kitchen and the living room. Reaching over the counter, he’d grab a pair of cigarettes as all of this commotion and stress required him to relieve some unintended stress. It being a way to help with his typically cruel life. He would walk back towards the girl, standing beside her as he looked down regardless of whether she got herself out of the kunai trap or not, at the same time fishing for a cigarette. Speaking casually as if little happened that night, returning to his more bored tone of speech as he had time to fully cool down.

I hope you’re done now. Otherwise my class session would of been wasted. To be honest, you have some potential. Who knows, maybe you’d be able to kill me one day, I welcome the challenge actually.

Kutari would say with a bit of tongue, laughing at the idea of being killed by such a girl. Though he knew she had some talent and potential, if cultivated properly would mean a great warrior to fight, fights which would be fun and offer even better experience for himself as his enemies strengths only but increased. In the end, interested in finding new foes to combat and see grow in strength, as if wishing for a rival to always have a reason to fight, it bettering him and themselves in the process.

Though, if what you say is true, you training so much and for all this time would have been little progression if this is all you got. Seriously, it’s sort of pitiful. Your own idea of taking hits to prove yourself not to weak is flawed, more so the reason why you take so many hits is because you’re weak. I’m not sure how you train, but training with a wooden log isn’t going to do you much good.

Kutari was recalling what he was thinking of before, how based upon what she said being an extreme paradox he wished to discern as false and foolish. It aggravating him she’d even think in that way, trying to train in such a manner only blowing back in her face.

Your fighting form and tactics are flawed as well, easily deciphered and terminated in a matter of seconds. No, no, it won’t due for killing me. I’m not sure how you would intend to even do such a thing, but surely it wouldn’t happen at all if you keep training as such. Even this crappy village won’t be able to save you from your mistakes, even if its damage control. Besides, if you continue to depend on others, you won’t build your own skill. You obviously lack the proper training, and seem to not be liked so much by your classmates, fighting alone and just practicing on that same dummy.

He would act as if he was pondering on what to do as he acted as if he was trying to think in his head upon what can fix this. Already knowing what it is that he wished to happen, or more so expected will turn things around for the better, but him not wishing to claim such a direct form of teaching. He was no trainer or sensei after all, he didn’t see himself as such. Still a disciple wishing to train a plethora of aspects about himself, unable to take on a student as he was a student himself, having inherited the title of the Pale Rider he was still in his own eyes worthy of training more. His own potential exceeding typical calibrations, being shattered in what was to normally meet the eye, being so far along yet still having so much growth. He’d finally rest a cig between his lips as he finally settled upon what to say, extracted it so he can speak clearly.

If you want, I suppose I can help you a bit. It seems you struggle to learn your lesson quickly, as I once was, alongside being a prisoner who wishes to undermine their captor. You won’t have to consider it depending on me, I actually would much rather you not say such a thing. I’m not your sensei, I’m not your teacher, and I’m surely not your friend. But maybe if you have the passion and the aptitude, you’ll become a worthy opponent to fight, though by that point I’ll have to actually kill you.

Kutari left it at that point, sticking the cig back into his mouth as he began to walk towards the window. It’s breeze cool on his skin, a change in scene compared to the surely hot room thanks to all that just happened. He’d bring out a lighter before lighting the cigarette itself, taking a deep inhale before blowing the smoke outside as he rested his elbows on the open window framework, it being white in coloration. He would feel his nerves simmering down, giving him a moment to relax and actually be at peace. Staring off into this village that tied him down, at night it’s beauty being unmatched. The moon shining graciously across the great village, the mist adding to it’s almost mystical attractiveness. Turning around to face the girl as he continued to leave the cigarette blazing outside, he would look for confirmation in his words.

So, are you going to continue being some weakling that has no say in this unfair world, or are you going to take me up on my offer and train to be something great? I suppose we can look into controlling that little explosion thing you do with your arm, and trying to nullify its cost on your own body. Hell, even take care of that dojutsu’s short lifespan, actually build up on it and hone it’s capabilities. Guess you could say I have some knowledge on that stuff.

He would wait for a reply, taking an occasional puff and blowing it out into the village when feeling the need. Wanting to see the girl speak, she wouldn’t be dead or anything after all that happened. A bit roughed up, but not as bad as most end up. Looking at the burning ashes at the end of his cigarette bud, he’d watch as it ate away at itself as it slowly did the same to his own body. Though he had a knack for dealing with ashes, he typically causing quite a few ash piles. He had to admit though, he hated the smell, airing it outside then it being within his home. But it was a necessary addition to his life in order to take off some of the great burdens he’s cultivated, many of which not even the most grandest of ages can even say they can even relate to in terms of misery.




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Lulako knew it was a mistake even long before she saw the twitches of Kutari's muscles. She was fatigued, injured, and not even thinking clearly. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion, but even then there was no time to react to it. Her punch was going wide of its now adjusted target. Try as she might, hoping to correct, the pressure on her back was too immediate and forceful to allow her to even consider using her good arm. The wall was suddenly approaching much faster than it should have been, and the impact jarred her body into an immediate and uncontrolled crash.

With her chest hitting the hard wall, the rest of her limbs jerked forward to catch up. It was already too late to dampen the impact with arms, so there was no buffer to protect her face from following. With a sickening smack, she only just managed to tilt and turn her head, avoiding the broken nose but causing severe bruising around the left eye-socket. She was seeing nothing but white when the hand clenched her throat from behind, lifting her up and preventing any form of retaliation beyond weak flailing. Even that, however, was quickly cut off by a severe shock to her right arm that soon after registered as pain. Her first reaction was to clench her fist tightly, but when that put the blade of the shuriken into her skin, she had to give it up and let it go to the floor despite it being the only thing left that felt even remotely like leverage in this situation. The sound of the metal hitting the wooden floor was at the same time the sound of all remaining hope vanishing from this situation she found herself in.

She could feel the grip crushing her windpipe through it all, spots blurring her vision. It was making focusing on anything more than the desperate need to keep a steady flow of air extremely difficult. She wanted to kick, to scream, to fight back but even as these thoughts came to her mind she felt gravity itself shift around her. Her leg had only just made it a few inches towards Kutari before solid floor knocked the wind out of her chest. She felt like her insides were collapsing, her lungs were on fire and her bones seemed like they had been ground into a fine powder. Of course, the damage had truly been extensive thus far, with Kutari not holding back on her now, but it wasn't quite to that level yet. Several fractures, some internal bleeding, and severe bruising both inside and out were, however, basically guaranteed. Between the pain and the shock, she'd had all her strength sapped away and was beyond making any significant response to Kutari's ongoing onslaught.

Pinned down by Kutari's advantageous weight and size over her own, she found her neck constricted again, breathing becoming an uphill battle for the girl that was still trying to make sense of everything that was happening. It had all seemed to take place in the blink of an eye, but she'd not even had that much time as she wildly scanned the room for anything at all that might help her. Instead, she found her eyes coming to rest on what Kutari's next action was. Her arm and hand secured by his weight, her voice silenced by his elbow, she could only stare with wide eyes and struggle feebly in his grasp. It was in these moments that now seemed to be stretching on far too long for her liking that she realized Kutari's ferocity in his movements was only matched by the coldness in his expression. He didn't look like he was enjoying what he was doing at all, and for the life of her Lulu couldn't figure out why he was doing it if he didn't find this to be fun. But all these observations and assumptions took a backseat to the more important issue at hand. A kunai lifted up above her. A brief flicker of the end, and then a blow that pierced through not only her hand but the floor below it. Every other nerve in her body seemed to shut down to make way for the blossoming screams of pain radiating from her hand, ones unmatched by her silenced voice. She writhed beneath Kutari, but her best efforts made no difference but to worsen the tearing of flesh from bone that her hand was now experiencing.

A raw need for survival was overriding her ability to use logic and reasoning, even as a second kunai Kutari had retrieved was raised up above her. Thrashing like a wild animal was doing nothing, and her body was already weak and tired. She didn't have any tricks, and she didn't have any help. She could see her own death glinting off the metal in the moonlight, her mortality on the edge of the blade. She couldn't be sure if it was cruel or merciful that lack of air was causing everything to go dark at the very moment it would end her, that she would miss the experience of her own passing. Then all was dark, all was nothing. Then, quite surprisingly to Lulu, consciousness returned. Her air passage at least somewhat unburdened she found air in her lungs, and a few moments to search for answers as to what had happened.

It didn't take much, with her eyes frantically searching while Kutari spoke, to find that the kunai had hit a different mark than what Lulako had expected. It was embedded into the floor, right next to her but not so close as to take any more of her flesh with it. She could vaguely make out words being spoken at her, but her ears were ringing with the recent experience. She turned her gaze upwards, but she could barely see the blurry shape that would be Kutari. A few violent, body shuddering wretches came as she tried to shake the nausea building in her gut. While Kutari spoke of family, she coughed up blood which she was then forced to swallow back down to avoid drowning in it. Small amounts, but still more than one would want to have in their lungs if it could have been avoided.

It was around the time that this was becoming normal to the cycle of breathing that the ability to make sense of words returned to her. Kutari was speaking of family, as she'd ascertained a few moments ago, and seemed to be speaking of his own ill fortune with having one. Lulako was still beyond forming her own words, still struggling to keep consciousness as her body fought against all the pain it had endured and was enduring. She wanted to scream, but somehow even that didn't come. She wanted to fight, but of course, there was no more fight left in her. So she laid there, and she listened, more receptively so than she likely had ever been in her life. There was nothing else to do but to survive and to listen, and she was doing her best with both.

Even as he began taunting her and increasing the force of pressure to her neck, her face wracked with an expression of pain, she didn't have the force of will to retaliate. There was no malice or hatred, and even the fear had gone some time ago. It was in a single moment that she had accepted death, and now that death hadn't come for her, it didn't seem like anything else mattered quite as much. She waited, either for the end to come, or the pressure on her neck to let up again, and when the latter came she resumed her cycle of swallowing blood, breathing and listening.

But something didn't sit quite right with Lulako as she listened to Kutari. When he told her to survive long enough to kill, at least that was logical. But telling her to stop, telling her to push down those feelings as she had already been trying so long to do, it seemed to drag something up from deep inside. If she had to put a name to it, perhaps it was most appropriately called shame. When she'd said she couldn't stop, she'd meant as much. Even before now, before being laid out on the floor and pinned there, she knew that it was a terrible mistake. All the pain and misery she'd just suffered through was no more Kutari's fault than her own for provoking him, but something inside just wouldn't let her hold back. Even when it meant her own safety. It made her question why that was, and whether she would be able to survive if she ever got put into a situation like this again. Kutari had been merciful in his own way. Others like herself would not.

While she tried to process this information Kutari granted her another mercy, leaving her bruised and sore body on the ground to recover, though not before giving her one last application of force as if to put her in her place. It barely registered as such to her as she struggled to keep a grasp on reality and the meaning of her life. Only ten years old and faced with her own inevitable end, her body and spirit broken but not lost. She didn't try anything, didn't even seem to be moving for quite some time. The pain was everything to Lulu in those few moments. She had been trying so hard, training endlessly to work the weaknesses out of her body, and yet here she was bloody and beaten with absolutely nothing to show for it. She couldn't give up, but she certainly couldn't fight Kutari anymore. She had to do something, anything, but everything seemed so futile and useless now.

She didn't even realize what her body was doing while her mind was occupied. Rolled over onto one side, so that the pooling blood in her mouth flowed out the side of her lips, she dragged herself with her right hand to reach her left. Her eyes were unfocused, her mind far away as she struggled and clawed at the floor to get a better angle. Finally, slender fingers wrapped around the kunai's handle, gripping it shakily as if uncertain of her next move. Given how powerfully the tool had been embedded into the floor, and its tapered shape locking her left hand in place and unable to provide aid, she was making almost no headway with it when Kutari returned from the kitchen. The attempt was perhaps admirable, but she seemed to far gone to actually get a decent grip on what she was doing.

Then, a single burning question came to her mind. One not asked by Kutari, but rather, provided by him indirectly through his actions. 'Why am I alive?'. It seared into her until it became her every thought. Before then she would have never given it much attention, even if it had been asked of her directly. An inconsequential concept that needed no answer. But now, as her situation unfolded and a strange sort of calm settled over her still struggling body, it became all-consuming. In those strange seconds that passed a sort of wisdom developed inside of her, quelling her raging thoughts, 'I can't stop, but I can change directions.'

Now with Kutari walking away from her, she found a steadiness of hand beyond what she should have had given her injuries. The tool was embedded into the floor, and her hand, but the shape meant that if she gave it just the right motions leverage alone would push it free. She knew what she was about to do would also open the wound on her hand further, but with Kutari making no motions to help free her, it was a better opportunity to get out than to lay and wait. Inaction was the greatest of weaknesses, something she wouldn't forgive herself for. With a mighty wrenching on her part and a cry of pain finally escaping her lips, she forced the kunai in the opposite direction to loosen its grasp before pulling back hard. With the slightly increased size of the hole, this final motion was enough to unpin her from the floor. She held the kunai in her hand, but that hand went limp. She had freed herself, but it cost her everything left, and with tears now streaming down her face she could just barely make out the bloody mess that used to be her hand. Even if she could get it fixed, she felt certain it would never be quite the same now.

Kutari had begun talking again, and somewhere in the back of her mind, the words registered even though she was no longer actively listening. She could feel consciousness fading as the urge to vomit rose from the pit of her stomach, fought back only by her own inability to draw up the strength needed to heave. He was picking her apart again, telling her about her flaws and weaknesses, but she couldn't focus on one thing long enough to form a reply of any sort. It wasn't until she realized that he had stopped talking for a time that he was waiting for just that. She tried to pick the last few things he said from the recesses of her mind, forming pieces of Kutari's final few sentences until the fragments made some semblance of logical sense, then formed her reply so slow that each word was like its own sentence, clearly strained by the effort, "I won't stop trying."

With those final words imparted to Kutari, the girl promptly relinquished her consciousness to the tugging darkness that seemed so intent on consuming her. She knew that if Kutari didn't like her answer, or for that matter her, he could easily end her now. That was no longer important. In that stretching, eternal darkness nothing was important. She'd die anyway, if she didn't receive prompt medical attention, or at the very least she would lose the use of one of her hands, leaving her crippled beyond use at such a young age. It was up to Kutari now to decide her fate. She had gone limp, the exception being the hand holding Kutari's kunai. It had stiffened into a grip so tight it was comparable to rigor mortis, a death grip, and thought it likely wouldn't have proved overly difficult for Kutari to remove it should he actually try, it wouldn't be so easy as just retrieving it from her clutches. If allowed to, she'd continue to hold it in her unconscious state all the way to whatever medical facility might be capable of saving the life of a young shinobi in Kirigakure.

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Re: A Schoolyard Brawl (p)

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