Kurage, Manami

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Kurage, Manami

Post by Manami on Sat Mar 24, 2018 2:43 pm

Who are you?

Name: Kurage, Manami
Age: 19
Birthday: 16/09
Bloodline: N/A
Gender: Female
Sexual preference: Bisexual

What can you do?

Village: Kirigakure
Rank: S- Class Jounin
Element(s): Suiton

  • Strength: 150
  • Speed: 400
  • Endurance: 250
  • Perception: 300
  • Chakra: 410

Positive Traits:

Name: Chakra Control Prodigy
Type: Positive
Description: Those who have this trait are gifted in the ways of chakra control. As such, anyone with this trait can make half seals (seals with one hand) anywhere the requirement of normal seals are listed.

Name: Multi-tasker
Type: Positive
Description: The person with this trait, is gifted in the ways of being able to do multiple things at a time. As such, not only do they find it easier to track multiple opponent, or utilize multiple jutsu, but any jutsu which requires standard concentration to active, instead is only a special concentration jutsu for the user. This special concentration means they cannot use any other special concentration jutsu.

Name: Jack of All Trades
Type: Positive
Description: Those with this trait are better at learning and applying a wider range of skills. Therefore, they are able to train one additional specialization to Skilled. Additionally, they have a 20% word count reduction on training any specializations.

Negative Traits:

Name: Weak
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally Weak, and has a hard time building muscle. As such they receive a passive debuff of -50 to their Strength, and a +20% WC to Strength training.

Name: Frail
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally brittle, and has a hard time building up resistances. As such they receive a passive debuff of -50 to their Endurance, and a +20% WC to Endurance training.

Name: Medically Challenged
Type: Negative
Description: Those with that have this trait, for whatever reason, find themselves not as easy to heal. Causing a -1 to healing from all medical techniques.

What do you look like?

Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Dark brown, often braided or in pigtails
Eyes: Doe-eyed brown; they often make people think Manami’s even younger than she actually is.

General appearance:
There are those born with effortless, natural beauty and then there’s everyone else. Manami firmly places herself in the latter category, though her pursuit of beauty has given the girl more than a deft hand with a makeup brush and outfit; she simply doesn’t see a reason to try most of the time. Her dark hair is a little wild when left un-tamed, so she often keeps it braided or pinned in some manner and out of the way of the square red glasses that rest on her small nose. Her eyes are a much lighter shade of brown than her hair, occasionally flecked gold, and her lips are often turned in a mild smile or pout. Adding to this a layer of soft fat across her form and you wouldn’t expect Manami to be older than 14 maybe, especially given her height at not even five and a half feet. Her wardrobe mostly consists of her ninja gear and darker clothing to help her fall back from a crowd, all the more to emphasize herself less and her creations more. On the rare occasion an event does demand it however, one might find themselves surprised how the short, average young woman can transform into a rather traditional beauty with a bit of makeup and a proper dress.

Getting to know you.

Manami was born on the road and spent the earliest part of her childhood traveling in a caravan her parents had been hired to protect; for someone exposed to wanderlust for so long, you might be surprised to realize she’s actually somewhat of a homebody. She cherishes moments when things get to settle around her and she has a bit of time to relax, though she won’t reveal that to anyone else easily. Her swift rise in rank in the newly forged Kirigakure and young age at achieving her title have given Manami a fairly good reputation, though the girl doesn’t act boastful about it. She’s more concerned with maintaining a certain aura of dignity that a high ranking kunoichi should have. Ironically, these preconceived notions of how she should behave conflict with Manami’s desire to be a “fun” person and can leave the young woman flustered in social situations with her peers, cheeks stained pink by her embarrassment.

Manami’s awkward nature dissolves during missions and crises, leaving behind the same analytic mind that allowed her meteoric rise through the ranks. If anything Manami can be a little too demanding of her teammates and peers, expecting them to defer to her judgement without considering their own feelings on matters. Calling her cold in such scenarios wouldn’t be far from the truth. In her childhood though, watching her parents kill so many would-be brigands and other ninja attacking the caravan, Manami came to the shinobi life knowing that to thrive, your enemies would have to die. Her ruthlessness extends even past the battlefield, considering that she’s well versed in the art of poisons and liberally uses them just as any puppeteer would. Of course her studies of poisons also led the girl to studying the healing arts, though her treatment of some patients can be more than a little harsh as well.

Juxtaposing the ruthless tactician that Manami can be at times, one of her greatest joys in her short shinobi life is the rare chance she can use her kugutsu as a means of entertainment in the theater, the birthplace of her art. The joy of storytelling is something she inherited from the merchants on the caravan from her childhood and one she genuinely enjoys sharing. Manami’s love of that aspect of performance and art though goes more into her skill and her creations than herself; she doesn’t believe she has the looks to be a traditional “leading lady” type or great beauty, but that she can create great beauty in the world. Even in the bloodshed her puppetry can cause Manami finds beauty, watching the deadly struggle between her dolls and her foes all while pulling the strings as best she can.

Manami’s passions in life lie primarily in her craft as an artisan; when she takes the time to create something, be it a simple meal or one of her puppets, the kunoichi puts as much effort into it as she can. She particularly cares for her puppets, lovingly oiling their mechanisms between missions and going out of her way for maintenance on them after difficult fights; it’s not surprising to find her holed up in the middle of enemy territory to be tinkering away at a joint that was damaged to ensure optimal performance from one of the puppets. Studying the medical arts with her father in her youth, and for her own purposes as a kunoichi, has led her to also develop a particular passion for medicine as well oddly enough; she firmly believes that children should receive as much care as they can, revealing her soft spot for little kids.

When her parents still attempt to coddle her, being underestimated because of her size, thunderstorms, overly spicy foods…all are things that Manami particularly disdains. She understands that growing up as sickly as she was led her parents (and even several of her sensei over the years) to question her ability as a kunoichi but Manami is determined to prove she’s grown beyond that coughing little child into a young woman more than capable of handling herself in any situation.

Manami’s greatest fear is undoubtedly loneliness; constantly surrounded by people in the Caravan and her family and puppets in Kirigakure, the girl’s only experienced moments of profound loneliness a few times in her life. These are due to a sense of disconnect with the other people around her that Manami occasionally gets, which while useful as a shinobi terrifies her privately. She fears not being able to turn off that part of her, of losing her ability to form meaningful connections with people instead of objectifying them. Even during medical training she felt tinges of it, viewing people as little more than lumps of flesh at times to be held together with her jutsu. It sickens her at times that she operates on such a frequency.

Beyond this deep fear, Manami has a handful of others. She’s constantly worried about disappointing those that she truly lets close to her, so much so she still strives to present herself as the perfect kunoichi when called upon. She also vaguely fears the sort of world the Warring States Period was, her childhood memory of the constant threat of violence still lurking in her mind. The founding of the Shinobi villages and uneasy peace that came with them during her childhood was a bandage over a wound that covered the world; she fears the person who tries to rip it off, or that the proverbial wound beneath it could begin to fester anyways.

Manami’s rise in rank in her village came with more than a few doubting words and hardships, especially from within her own family. She’s constantly striving to prove herself to her parents, even if she outranks them in the shinobi world now, and to prove she can protect them instead of the other way around. She fell in love with story-telling in her youth, as well as puppetry, and studies both with a fervent passion; part of this is in pursuit of bringing beauty to the world, even through violence and bloodshed. Manami’s bouts of loneliness also lead her to seek solace in strong friendships, even with how hard they are for her to form or maintain; she’d put her life on the line for someone she truly loved, friend or family. The formation of Kirigakure allowed her family the chance to settle in relative peace, a place for Manami to hone her skills with the guidance of her sensei and without her parent's overbearing attitude, and a stage for her to weave her greatest stories with her craft. Those who threaten this fragile backdrop may just find a poison laced blade to their throat...

The Warring States Period was one of bloodshed and chaos, where the highest bidder could contract a shinobi to do practically anything for the right price. This mentality was what drove Manami’s parents, after all. Neither her mother nor father were particularly awe-inspiring in terms of raw power, but couple had managed to eke out a space for themselves within the bloodshed for their tenacity and particularly for their vigilance. Neither husband nor wife were the greatest of assassins, but when it came to guard duty the pair worked in perfect synchronicity, utilizing nature release combinations with extreme precision to increase their destructive and defensive potential for the sake of their clients.

The client that had the biggest impact on the Kurage Family was a merchant house specializing in trading dyes harvested from sea-born mollusks. The rare purple pigment was sought after by noble and nouveau riche alike, and even with the blood bath of constant struggles and war trade routes flourished. The Kurage family was contracted for an extended period, well beyond a normal mission: for seven years, they would serve as guards to a caravan and travel with it. The pair were young and full of fight, and the money offered for the job would set them up for life compared to the chump change that shinobi usually seemed to be paid. They agreed and set off for the Land of Wind to ensure the dye enterprise didn’t die amidst the sand.
Manami’s parents were diligent in many things, but in one regard they had a little slip up. Her mother was pregnant within the first year of them leaving, despite what the pair assumed to be their best efforts to remain in top shape. It was a difficult pregnancy, especially considering the constant travel and threat of attack by the Wind ninja; still, with a bit of subterfuge and a little subcontracting to some local ninja to avoid the brunt of the war the Kurages managed to see it through.

The first thing that Manami remembers from her childhood is the constant cough that seemed to accompany her wherever she went and the feeling of her lungs trying to rebel against her body. Doctors were few and far between those days, especially travelling around the Land of Wind, though the Kurages and their employers did the best they could to seek treatment for Manami; the kanji of her name meant “Sea Beauty”, after all, a reminder of the home the Land of Water natives had left behind. It also didn’t hurt that her father was a fairly skilled medic either, though even he couldn’t quite figure out just what illness had gripped their daughter seemingly since birth. Regardless, with a bit of luck, a lot of chakra, and being adopted as the caravan’s mascot in a war-zone Manami survived.

As part of the caravan she always wished to help her parents on guard duty, especially given the danger that lurked around every corner, but Manami’s health raised too many questions. She was simply the look out, or more often even riding inside one of wagons away from the elements. Despite her parents apprehension on her following in their footsteps though, Manami always kept a critical eye out. It was on her fifth birthday that the girl’s life was changed forever, a mere year before the family was free from the contract and set to escort the caravan back home to the Land of Water. In a small town, far from the frontlines of the fighting, Manami watched a Wind-ninja attempt to sac the caravan. The dolls she’d made in childhood or been given, cast off remnants stitched and cobbled together, were nothing compared to the weaponized monstrosity the puppet master danced about the battle field. Unfortunately for him though, the Kurages were a greater threat combined than he was solo.

After killing the man, Manami asked her parents if it would be permissible to study the deadly doll. They denied her request, given the penchant of Puppets to carry a plethora of weapons and poisons in them. Imagine their surprise when a week later though the girl was using rudimentary chakra strings of her own to make a toy dance slightly. Despite their insistence on her focusing on her health, neither could deny the truth infront of their eyes: Manami, in spite of her frailty, had an aptitude for the shinobi life that they had never seen before. She didn’t have much of an affinity for taijutsu given her frailty, but Manami was finally allowed to begin learning the basics of other jutsu after that day.

The Kurages returned to the Land of Water when Manami was seven, right around the time the Warring States Period drew to a close and the Shinobi villages began to be founded. In keeping the Merchant caravan members alive and well in the time of war, the Kurages had earned enough ryo to set themselves up in the newly formed Kirigakure village when the Mizukage began to recruit ninja to band together. The security of not having to worry about ninja from their own land testing their economic status was coupled with the medical care that their daughter could receive from more skilled shinobi and doctors than her father.

Manami was mostly excited for the opportunity to attend the Academy, a newly forged training grounds for children pursuing the ninja way. Her parents still worried for her sickly health, though the medical ninja and doctors in Kirigakure managed to dispel most of their fears. Manami’s childhood illness had weakened her, it was true, set her behind physically in some ways, but the medicinal resources in the village were far higher than in the caravan. She was given a clean bill of health and allowed to enroll when she demonstrated her talent and drive. These would be two of her defining features during her short tenure in the Academy; for though she may have avoided the frontlines of the war due to her age, Manami had grown up watching her parents fight off would-be attackers and studying both their methods and their foes methods.

The greatest gift Manami received from the Academy was finding a sensei who was a puppetmaster; the old man was stunned at the girl’s grasp of the complexity of kugutsu when he met her, though as he watched her interactions with the other students and got her story it made more sense to him. Manami had never really been around children her own age, and her only companions were the dolls she’d been given as a child and her first schooling was watching her parents defend the caravan from attacks. Her awkward manner around the other kids was a moot point with the training puppets she was given. She adored the puppets, and with her sensei’s guidance began the task of creating her own at the young age of 8; the complexity of the mechanisms she seemed to grasp in her mind, coupled with her affinity for manipulating her own chakra, led her sensei to realize that she’d easily surpass him as a Puppetmaster in short time. While some might see a rising star threatening to usurp their rank as a bad thing, the old master was tired from the constant war and saw Manami as his ticket to early retirement into an advisory role in Kirigakure. He increased her training regimen, bringing in others to hone the girl’s medical skills as well, and not once did Manami crack under the pressure. She couldn’t afford to with her parents practically begging for an excuse to keep their daughter at home and away from the danger.

In a detached way, Manami knew her mother and father were only trying to protect her and feared for her safety, yet she resented them still even when she proved herself a Chunin and in short order a Jounin before her fourteenth birthday. She wasn’t the delicate doll they once envisioned her as to be protected, especially considering her own skill and power surpassed either of theirs individually. Yet she could never quite bring herself to confront them about the way they treated her either.

In Kirigakure’s short lifespan of nine years, Manami’s been ever present and skyrocketed into local fame in the last five years for her talents as a Puppetmaster, emphasizing her skills over the natural abilities that certain bloodline users in the village possessed. She lacks a traditional team affiliation at the moment, instead wandering from assignment to assignment and ever honing her craft and skill; ironically enough, it would be the upper-echelon of Shinobi who would assign the listless young puppet master a group of kids who would change her life…

Face claim: {Tsukimi Kurashita , Princess Jellyfish }

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Re: Kurage, Manami

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With the traits, it's a minor thing, but, please space them out a bit in the negative traits section (Makes it clearer to read)

You're short 13 words on ideals/ motivations

Outside of that, this is completley fine, so good job~



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Re: Kurage, Manami

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Re: Kurage, Manami

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