Specialization Guidelines

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Specialization Guidelines

Post by Cloaked Figure on Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:44 pm

What is a Specialization?

Specializations (or "specs" for short) are what make your shinobi different from all the rest. More specifically, specializations are different classes of abilities that ninja in the world have access to. Though every ninja has a basic level of ability in each and every specialization, what your ninja chooses to specialize in is up to you. Each specialization has its own benefits which can be combined with other ones in order to produce devastating effects.  But beware, nobody can be a master in everything. For a full description on how training specializations work, take a look at the Stat Guidelines, where all training is explained in detail.


Ninjutsu (literally meaning “ninja techniques”) refers to any technique that would allow a person to do something they would otherwise be incapable of doing at a distance. Unlike taijutsu, which allows someone to accent their body and control chakra within it, ninjutsu projects these effects out of the body to produce a variety of effects at many different power levels. In most situations, ninjutsu requires the user to mold their chakra using hand seals before releasing it to perform the desired technique. This is not always required, but the techniques that do not require these seals are few and far between.

The ability to use basic ninjutsu is a staple of any and all shinobi in the Ninja World. Though some ninja are far more capable with it than others, a ninja without the ability to use ninjutsu is nigh unheard of. In most cases, the ability to use the most basic of ninjutsu is the requirement for graduating from a village’s Ninja Academy. At its most basic levels, ninjutsu can be used to transform a user's body and create intangible clones whereas at the highest levels of power, those who wield ninjutsu can conjure great dragons of water, walls of flames, and golems of earth. The versatility of ninjutsu is its greatest asset, and that is what makes it a specialization practiced by most ninja as their main means of both offense and defense.


Taijutsu (literally meaning “body techniques”) refers to any and all techniques involving martial arts or the augmentation of a person’s natural abilities. The use of taijutsu relies on a person’s physical strength and stamina that can be gained though training. The most basic of taijutsu techniques do not actually require chakra, as basic hand to hand combat is classified as taijutsu on its own. But chakra can be used to optimize and improve upon a person’s abilities further. While any ninja is expected to be able to be versed in basic taijutsu, those who train it are considered specialists in taijutsu, and are able to use their chakra flow to reinforce and enhance their bodies as well as their attacks. This can come in the form of becoming faster, stronger, or hardier simply by manipulating the flow of chakra within their bodies. While this specialization can push the limits of human capabilities, it’s downside is that without ninjutsu, the abilities can only exist inside the body. The exception to this is the ability to use one's elemental affinities to effectively "punch fireballs." It should be noted however, that a technique that utilizes only taijutsu to accomplish this has very little to no control over the shape, direction, and even the distance that such a technique would have. Even so, training in taijutsu hones the body to a point where the user can utilize more effective armors with no drawbacks.


Genjutsu (literally meaning “illusionary techniques” refers to the class of techniques that creates illusions rather and material things. Unlike ninjutsu, the techniques that are classed as genjutsu do not physically harm the target, but can be equally as deadly. These techniques require chakra to perfrom, and must have some kind of trigger that causes the target(s) to fall under the effect of these techniques. These triggers can be anything from sound, to hand seals being seen, to eye contact in some special cases. In each of these cases, the user disrupts the chakra flow in the target’s brain and causes them to experience illusions of their creation. Though these effects are intangible, they can easily lead to the downfall of an unprepared victim, as illusions can cause anything from disorientation, to full paralysis if the technique is strong enough.


Bukijutsu (literally meaning “weapon techniques”) refers to techniques that involve the use of weapons in combat. While most ninja are able to use the most basic of ninja tools like kunai and shuriken, those who specialize in bukijutsu are able to use weapons of a greater variety and superior quality. Furthermore, bukijutsu specialists are able to use their chakra flow to pass chakra into objects, which is generally used to accent their weapon abilities. This could be anything from improving the cutting power of a sword, to causing it to burst into flames. Additionally, a user of bukijutsu can use any type of weapon that they can think of. This includes, but is not limited to, swords, bows, staves, spears, or any other manner of orthodox or unorthodox weapon.


Iryōjutsu (literally meaning “medical ninja techniques”) refers to the branch of ninjutsu that is associated with healing and body manipulation. This body manipulation includes the manipulation of one’s own body, as well as another person’s. Users of medical ninjutsu, or “medical-nin,” are required to have fairly advanced chakra control, but are also usually well versed in the use of herbs, medicines, human anatomy, and sometimes even poisons. Iryōjutsu techniques are able to heal wounds of varying sizes and degrees of severity, as well as heal tissue damage and sometimes even regenerate body parts. Furthermore, skilled users of medical ninjutsu can even use their abilities to damage tissue and create wounds through similar medical processes.


Fūinjutsu (literally meaning “sealing techniques”) refers to a class of techniques that are used to seal objects, living beings, chakra, and a plethora of other things within other objects. It can also be used to unseal previously sealed things, either form something or someone. Usually, fūinjutsu seals are created by the user’s chakra and are usually placed on a solid, unbroken surface. On top of using regular solid surfaces, like scrolls or walls, skilled users of fūinjutsu can create seals on their own body or the bodies of others. This can be used for ease of access for certain objects that the user seals and unseals frequently, or can even be used to restrict a target’s chakra flow, movement speed, or other abilities.

Fūinjutsu can also be used to seal ninjutsu techniques, but are not able to create the same devastating effects on their own. Seals do not create or destroy, they merely contain and release. Another secondary use of fūinjutsu is for summoning techniques. If the user has obtained a contract with an entity that states it can be summoned, then a user of fūinjutsu can use that contract in combination with a summoning jutsu to summon the being to their side. A full description of how summoning functions can be found here (insert link here).


Kugutsu (or puppets) are a very advanced form of weapon used by puppeteers. Generally, puppets are humanoid creations, though this can vary from one puppeteer to the next. Typically, puppets are created so that each an every part of them can be used as a weapon, which gives a true puppet master a plethora of weapons with which to dispatch their enemies. These puppets are controlled at long range by their puppeteer by using chakra threads, which with enough skill can control more than just one of these dangerous creations. A full description of Kugutsu and their specific guidelines can be found here.


Seijutsu (literally meaning "creature techniques") refers to a class of techniques involving a ninja and their pet or animal companion working in perfect coordination to unleash incredibly versatile and effective abilities as a team. While any ninja can have a pet to help them in their adventures, a practitioner of seijutsu has perfected the bond between man and beast, bringing the relationship to a whole new level. Seijutsu techniques are a unique class that allow a user to boost their pets in various ways. Any seijutsu techniques that end up affecting the user should be paired with another spec to compensate the effect(s) to the user. A full description of seijutsu and its guidelines can be found here.
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