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Post by HFTA Admin on Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:06 am

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The Wizarding World had only just recovered.

Over twenty years have passed since the defeat of the Dark Lord. Streets were safe, fear had dissipated, times were happy and mundane. Magical locales flourished, magical peoples were beginning to thrive. The darkness of former years had slipped from the minds of most, and life continued on — for a time...

Beneath the false confidences of the Wizarding World, darkness had begun to slowly and subtly spread. Breaches of the Statute of Secrecy began to hit at an alarming pace, and the Magical World now struggles to prevent further exposure to Muggles. Hogwarts, stricken by the tragedy of the derailing of the Hogwarts Express, fell under the sway of an unknown power, isolated from the rest of the magical community. The Minister himself was struck down in the very place he should have been safest--the Ministry of Magic-- which had only recently suffered an attack of ancient, necrotic magic. After an extended 'State of Emergency,' during which the United Kingdom was ruled by a strict and oppresive Wizengamot, a special election was called, heralding a new Minister: former DMLE Head, Vanya Ravensby. Tension in the magical world continues to grow as House Elves strike, Goblins begin to employ elves and vie for political positions, and the debate over Secrecy continues. Meanwhile, Hogwarts students return home for the summer holidays, reeling from a devastating, coordinated Inferi attack as they crossed the grounds to board the Hogwarts Express.

Yours is the opportunity to create a character and adventure within this community and, should you choose it, within this storyline. Many roles, both canon and original, are offered. Both Hogwarts and the rest of the magical world will serve as focus for our storyline, so both young and old characters are welcome.

HFTA Admin

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