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Just so we have it on the forum and everyone can see it/comment here. This is the skeltal version only, so please suggest whatever you like.

Senjutsu (仙術, Literally: Sage Techniques) is a specialized art that allows the user to sense and then gather natural energy. Senjutsu practitioners learn to draw the energy of nature inside of them, blending it with their own chakra. This adds a new dimension of power to the practitioner's chakra, resulting in the creation of senjutsu chakra). Senjutsu is uniquely invulnerable to Truth-Seeking Balls.

Those that can absorb or manipulate senjutsu chakra are known as sages (仙人, sennin). Generally, senjutsu chakra cannot be used by those untrained in senjutsu; those who are enter a form called Sage Mode, increasing their physical parameters for as long as the mode is active. Because of the steep prerequisites of Sage Mode and the risks involved just in learning how to use it, there are other, if much rarer, methods, such as Jūgo’s clan’s Sage Transformation kekkei genkai.

Becoming a sage has a hard prerequisite of having immense reserves of chakra, or otherwise a particularly potent chakra.

In order to enter Sage Mode, the gatherer must remain absolutely still in order to be one with nature and balance the natural energy with their own physical and spiritual energies. If the user puts too little natural energy into using senjutsu, the technique will not work. Conversely, if too much natural energy is taken in, their body will turn to stone forever; humans will also be transformed into whichever animal's school the senjutsu was learned from. To avoid this, a sufficient level of prowess in Senjutsu is advised by its teachers to avoid an early death.

Sage Ranking:

  • An Initiate sage has just begun their training in Senjutsu. They have yet to grasp the fundamentals of balancing their own chakra with natural energy, and upon even molding such will have a high chance of petrification without outside help. This represents the initial learning of the Senjutsu specialization; it requires 6000 words to learn, and you must have at least 500 points in the Chakra stat before you can even attempt to.

  • An Acolyte sage possesses an understanding of how to bring natural energy into their own body, but can’t properly balance it. They can use Senjutsu techniques regardless of this fact, but their Sage Mode is imperfect, displaying traits of the animal they chose to learn from. Attaining this level of Senjutsu requires 8000 words, and you must have at least 600 points in the Chakra stat before you may do so.

  • A Master Sage has a unity with nature not parallelled by many. They can perfectly balance natural energy within their own body with their physical and mental energy, creating a Sage Mode with few changes to their physical body while granting them exceptional capabilities. Attaining the pinnacle of Senjutsu is no small feat, requiring 10,000 words and a Chakra stat of at least 800.

Natural Energy:
Natural Energy is the power that suffuses all of nature. A Sage’s training involves being able to sense this energy and draw it into themselves. Senjutsu practitioners gain a pool of Natural Energy, which they train as if a second Chakra stat (maximum 250). This is your available amount of Natural Energy to mix with your mental and physical energy to create Senjutsu, seen in a spoiler below.

To gather natural energy, you must stand completely still, and can't be using any Concentration or Special Concentration techniques. You gain the following amounts per post that you stand completely still.

  • Acolyte Sage: +50
  • Master Sage: +100
  • +25 per 50 Natural Energy

As a Master Sage, if you can replenish more than three-fourths of your Natural Energy pool in one post, you do not require the entire post to do so, provided your post doesn’t elapse an exceedingly short time.

Sage Mode:
Most practitioners of Senjutsu enter Sage Mode when they amass natural energy inside their body and mold it with their physical and mental energy. Sage Mode is a heightened state that drastically improves the capabilities of its user, but it is also a necessary prerequisite for most ninja to begin to perform a Senjutsu technique. Only kekkei genkai, such as Sage Transformation, can circumvent this requirement.

The threshold at which you enter Sage Mode is dependent on your Sage Ranking. An Acolyte requires at least half of their maximum Natural Energy to maintain this state. A Master only requires a flat 50 to enter and maintain it. Sage Mode doesn’t consume Natural Energy or chakra while active; however, the use of Senjutsu naturally depletes your Natural Energy reserves, eventually forcing you out of Sage Mode if you don’t meditate to gather more.

You gain the following benefits while in Sage Mode.

[*]You can sense chakra within a ??? meter radius. You can also respond and react to attacks and other actions within 2 meters of yourself without detecting them with your human senses.

[*]One of your stats increases by ?00. (Referencing Kabuto’s enhanced reactions/durability, Naruto’s mega-strength/durability, and Jūgo’s durability/massive increase in chakra output.)

[*]You gain a specific trait, either relating to your sage animal’s physiology (snake brille) or one simply gained through the study of Senjutsu (Frog Kata).

Yadda yadda flavor text.

Senjutsu uses another source of power aside from mental and physical energy, and so is less taxing on the ninja using it. You add ??? to the normal cost of a Senjutsu technique. Half of that cost is paid using chakra, and the other half is paid using natural energy.
A Senjutsu technique may allot ?? additional points during the jutsu creation process.

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