Where Flowers Blossom(P)

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Where Flowers Blossom(P)

Post by Kutari on Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:43 am

It was early morning as the academic day began not too long ago with a synchronizing screech from the school’s bell. The sun stood high above the village hidden in the mist, which continued to live up to its name. Though trying to bash its way through the continuous reinforcements of gaseous water, the flaming ball was only able to imprint it’s influence to the populace below as a dimly lit beacon of white as it was surrounded by the overcasted clouds and fluctuating mist. However, such a phenomenon was seen as the norm within the village, the alternative being storms and hellish rains which embraced the Land of Water persona.

A rather quiet village for the most part( albeit due to the gloomy atmosphere), the same couldn’t be said for the internal worlds of the villagers and their own emotions, a plethora of feelings and sensations festering around as they attempt to find a suitable method of expression, typically hitting a brick wall like the rest. Despite that, some of these villagers manage to break the cycle of expectation and find some way to completely reroute the tempo of their environment through a flurry of words and/or actions, having a white or black representation within the minds of others and the areas in which this takes place. A training field suddenly fuming with passion and fury as a light flickered within a training Shinobi’s mind; the sudden outrage of a once soothed baby within the confines of a restaurant, completely throwing off the once peaceful and cycled format of such a facility. Despite the many different situations and methods of unorthodox energy which traumatizes the natural flow of a surrounding, the Academy was known to have a rehearsed fashion of emotions amongst the students there.

The world of Shinobi centered around an indefinite power struggle with no intent of letting up, aspiring Shinobi would of course carry this same flame in their own right - especially children known for their unstable emotions. That was one of the main reasons why Kutari hated the fickle beasts: the predictable rambunctious act was nothing but a bore. Priding himself to be somewhat of a “people watcher,” witnessing such predictably screaming individuals got boring quickly, even if they did cause a bit of destruction. Though this wasn’t the only reason of his disinterest in children, housing a plethora of different examples and views which would only give him a headache if he tried to bring them all up. The morning skies already hinting at his discombobulated inner clock as bags could be seen underneath his eyes, followed by a much more edgy grouch then typical from the man, the lack of hours asleep being easy to decipher as he made no attempts to hide it. All he wanted was some peace and quiet, a moment to break away from his own cycle he failed to control and understand what it was like to be “free.”

It was all he could think of, whilst also thinking of nothing at all as he walked in what felt like limbo down the academy hallway. Being followed by a pack of hoodlums he’s grown to resent, though some being more tolerable and interesting then others. As his training came to an end upon his new title as “Teacher’s Assistant” he was tasked to work with a classroom and specifically under a teacher for this academy, spectating them and seeing how to properly deal with the children in hopes of one day becoming a teacher. An offer he grit his teeth behind, knowing it was more so an order as he was instantly forced into procedure training and guideline studying. Newly assigned to this positioned, the brown haired boy gave little interest to the individuals who made up this classroom, as he was lost in thought regarding his own trivial matters such as: sleep, training, and his next break to escape this hell.

Today was the day the children were asked to go outside to the Academy training grounds and practice on their shuriken jutsu. Meaning more work for Kutari as he was tasked to work with them and give any tips to those in need. As they walked across the academy, Kutari could already feel himself wishing to drift off into sleep, feeling at home with his typical outfit that he’s grown more than comfortable with wearing. As he idolly stared off into the distance with uninterested yellow eyes, he recalled the information he was recently told about the academy students. The sudden increase of bullying and violence within the academy, as the ferocity upon these children bolstered randomly at the addition of new students this season, inevitably spreading to the other children to cause some sort of dilemma. He was asked to watch after the children and make sure such a thing wouldn’t happen, wishing to keep their cherished academy name from becoming bloody. Certain names were brought to light as he was informed, though Kutari cared little to remember them as they weren’t as much interest, working on his own terms. Kutari smirked at such a thought, as he hazily recalled the night he watched two students fight in the same grounds he was traveling to, internally cheering them both on to draw out the conclusion of an emotional bout. Aware of his own failure at following such directions even before being assigned his position, he chuckled at the irony.

As they reached the academy grounds, being the typical lush green plains with trees sparingly constructed throughout, the classroom was instructed to go about their business and practice. A small group of students, soon they dispersed and began their operations as intended. The expected social grouping and action of metal clanking around and hitting wood and straw alike would come. Kutari, now in the midst of the classroom focused around him, was simply loitering around as he had no task given to him as of yet. A thought he wished he hadn’t brought up in his own mind, as the instructor of these students asked Kutari to watch after them as he had to go about some unfinished paperwork. Such a task should be easy for the assistant, as the children weren’t doing anything too reckless, and the boy was well versed with weaponry himself. With a slight scowl, Kutari would accept and allow the instructor to run off, allowing him to be the only one supervising and the students to carry about any business they had to do. It possibly being a bad decision to bestow such a task to Kutari as he was who he was, admirably believing in the much less pampered version of the academy, failing to baby their students and allowing them to get roughed up. It building a sense of character and strength. Though he wasn’t known across the student body other than possibly a much more menacing person to cross by, he expected the children to begin acting up sooner or later as he was unknown. A fact Kutari would happily shoot down and invoke fear upon them if they try something to discredit Kutari’s intelligence.

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