Flow like the River [NK, Solo]

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Flow like the River [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:20 pm

Training was a normal thing for Satori at this point, constantly honing himself and pushing his mind and body to the limit were incredibly normal things. It was a daily activity-- and yet, he couldn't quite shake the feeling that he was missing something. He had begun practicing the usage of earth style and had found multiple jutsu using it quite effectively, but they were lacking in adaptability, and more importantly-- he didn't have a teacher. Within the land of water, the element of earth was fairly rare. Here wind and water was far more common, and that was a problem considering that he understood how useful learning from others could be.

Of course, he was working on his own creations too, but that didn't somehow magically grant him everything he needed to know. Extra information, lessons from others, even varying outlooks could all be incredibly useful things that granted you far more options. But, his father had told him that awakening a second element was incredibly difficult, generally, only Chunin or higher individuals managed it. But, at the same time, his mother had four elements. His father had two. So clearly it was feasible, in fact more than just a second element should be workable.

Staring down at his hands, the young man pondered this issue. His first element had come to him subconsciously, he had nothing to truly build on, so that meant he needed to ask his father or mother-- his mother, considering how many she had awakened and considering his father's clear disinterest in elements and ninjutsu, for the most part, would likely be a better option. Slowly shifting his hand downward, the massive boy would haul his large frame to stand up straight and examine the door to the training rooms exit. He would contact his mother and see what she thought about it all, he supposed.

Releasing a brief breath, he would straighten himself up and moved toward the door. His mother would most certainly have information on it, but whether or not he'd manage to pull it off he supposed was the question. Stepping forward, Satori pushed the door open and began to head toward the medical wing of the compound. Raising a hand in greeting to the others of the clan that were rising awake, before turning the corner and heading into the building. The low groans of annoyance and pain filled the air as men and women of the clan were tended to, spars went wrong, training sessions that backfired, the list went on and on.

It was the way of things, and so he simply moved through, offering his condolences occasionally before he found one of the other workers, his shadow casting over the woman as she glanced up at the twelve-year-old curiously. "Ah, Satori-kun, what can I do for you?"

"Do you know where my birth-mother is?" He inquired simply, tilting his head as he looked down at the young woman who held her chin in thought, the papers held closely to her chest.

"Hm, Raika-sensei, correct? I believe she's in her office, she should be until mid-day unless there's an emergency that requires her specialization," Satori simply nodded once, bowing his head slightly afterward.

"Thank you." The woman smiled before turning back to her medicines she was counting out, as Satori turned and began to work toward the stairwell, making his way up two steps at a time (one was simply too uncomfortable on his knees), before halting at the second story. Glancing to the right where the offices lined the walls he would count the doors until he came to the tenth with her name listed under it, pushing it open and entering with a tilt of his head.

"Mother, do you have a moment? I know you're busy." Blinking, the brunette would glance up from her work before offering a gentle smile, "Certainly, Satori, what do you need?" Despite the mountain of paperwork, she was clearly dealing with, the woman didn't hesitate in the slightest as she would set down the inkwell pen lightly, before placing her hands neatly in her lap to address her firstborn.

"I want to utilize a second element," Satori explained, simple and calm as always. Despite this statement, his mother blinked once and then slowly looked upward as she debated her son's statement for a few moments.

"Can you utilize B-Rank Ninjutsu yet?" She inquired simply, causing the boy to blink once, before nodding his head once.

"I can." The reply was swift, noticing that she hadn't outright refused him like his father had, likely to the man's own bias and lack of real understanding when it came to the subject.

Slowly, his mother would contemplate this before rising up and motioning the boy to follow her. "Show me outside," she stated simply before leading the boy down the stairs, the nurses and similar individuals making way for Raika easily as Satori contemplated the request. The jutsu he could perform was something he had learned from his father and wasn't exactly a casual jutsu to utilize, still if that was what his mother wished he wouldn't refuse her. Stepping forward, he would halt just outside the hospital as his mother eyed him, before inclining her head once and motioning upward.

"Go ahead, Satori. I'll control it, don't worry." This caused the boy to nod once, complete faith in his mother evident before he would close his eyes for a brief moment-- chakra flowing into his chest, and throat, before his pupils dilated and his eyes snapped open. A roar formed from his lips, legs spacing themselves apart to brace against the release of chakra as his arms were thrown out for balance. The roar created a ripple that seemed to cause the air itself to distort, and then the shockwave of chakra and sound exploded into the sky. Carefully controlled by his mother's chakra manipulating the wind to ensure nothing harmed the surroundings in the slightest.

Slowly, she would allow a smile to form on her lips. "Performing a B-Rank Ninjutsu without handseals at twelve," she murmured curiously before a soft giggle filled her lips as she clapped both hands together once and turned to look upward.

"Alright. I'll show you how to train another element, let's go somewhere more relaxing though, alright Satori?" With this, the woman would smile and lead her child toward the training rooms of the clan, where he had started out. A slow smile formed on his lips, and he quickly moved to catch up, ignoring the stares they had gotten from the display of chakra and jutsu.

"Thank you, mother!" he stated, simple and to the point before his eyes narrowed on the young woman before him, she would teach him, of that he had no doubt, but he wondered how far it would really go. Would she teach him how to more accurately control his chakra at the same time? Generally, training a single aspect of something wasn't quite how anything ever worked. He had to wonder what "training another elemental affinity", truly entailed.


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