Broadening Horizons [NK, Solo]

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Broadening Horizons [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Fri Apr 06, 2018 2:29 pm

This thread is a direct continuation of Flow like the River.

"Chakra natures were not something that you were born with and had to unlock." These were the first words out of his mother's mouth once they arrived at the training grounds, and they caused Satori to blink briefly as his head tilted slowly to the side.

"Isn't that why it's called your natural affinity?" Satori would inquire simply, causing Raika's expression to soften a bit.

"In a way. It's true, that is our natural affinity, however that doesn't mean that's the element we are born with. We are born with the affinity for such only, learning to harness the element is the same no matter what element you're trying to learn and gain. However, it's always easier with your initial element." As she explained this, she would turn and raise her hands upward. Releasing a simple breath and performing a seal with her other hand, causing an orb of fire, earth, wind, water, and electricity to all manifest in her palm circling one another.

"My affinity, like many here, was for water. However, that hardly stopped me from learning to utilize all five of the basic elements." Satori watched the orbs rotating slowly as he contemplated this information, it changed everything really. Though the difference didn't appear too big a deal at first glance, it was incredibly different terminology. This meant that he already knew how to manifest a second element, it was the same way that he had learned to utilize earth.

But, if that was all there was to it his mother would have simply told him that and let him move on. The fact that she hadn't meant that it wasn't quite that simple, and so the boy would lift his head and meet his mothers gaze curiously.

"That can't be all there is to it though, right? Especially if the first element comes naturally." This statement caused Raika to laugh softly, before nodding her head once.

"In a way. You could do it on your own but it would take a long time I imagine. There are many ways to go about it, but basically, each Jounin has their own tricks on how they managed it. Some spend years simply studying the chakra natures and learning to manifest it as different elements, but generally, the superior option is to instead gain a secondary affinity for your new chosen element." As Raika explained this the orbs of energy would disperse before she would straighten and place her hands lightly on her hips.

"For instance, sitting under a waterfall and channeling your chakra into the water as it flows over you, memorizing and growing used to the feeling of the water and your chakra to mimic the sensation on your own. Or, perhaps electrocuting yourself repeatedly at low voltage and using your chakra to protect you so that you can mimic the energy on your own. It varies from element to element." Satori contemplated this information, lifting his gaze upward as Raika smiled once more.

Her son was a thinker much like her, it was nice to see in the waves of male Ryuutei. She loved her husband dearly, but his hotheaded lack of foresight often caused him to suffer far more damage than he rightly should. Similarly, it meant he was locked in his ways, and would likely never bother learning anything more than what he currently knew. Their son, however, seemed to have his father's natural talent and power, but with her own mind. It was an intriguing contrast.

"So," Raika would begin casually, a slight smile still decorating her lips, "What element would you like to try and gain as your second, Satori?" This question caused Satori's eyes to slowly lower from the sky, and his answer was surprising quickly, likely pointing out how much he had been contemplating it while she was watching him.

"Water, and Lightning." This statement caused Raika to blink, slowly tilting her head. "Which one first?"

"Both at once," Satori stated firmly, causing the woman's eyes to slowly widen in surprise. She had just been thinking about his natural talent, of course, but that would take far more than natural talent. Learning a single new element on its own was difficult enough, trying to make a miracle happen by studying more than one at once would likely end in failure, and even if it worked, it would take a tremendous amount of time.

"Satori, I must advice against that. It simply wouldn't be feasible on its own, the amount of strain on your chakra and mind would be tremendous." As she stated this, she would frown a bit.

"Water is likely something that will come to you more quickly since it's my natural element much as earth is your fathers, we should start with that." Satori would retain eye contact with his mother calmly before he would lift his hands upward slowly and two fingers on each hand over-top one another. The movement caused his mother's eyes to widen briefly as she blinked, recognizing the hand seal.

"Clones won't help you, Satori, they're not solid, you're mistaking them for solid clone--" She was interrupted as suddenly a second Satori burst into existence standing next to the boy, casting a shadow, and she could smell the chakra coming from the boy. It was a solid clone. When had the boy had time to learn the solid clone technique? Generally, even it was limited to Chunin, and even then it took time to properly learn to channel the chakra.

"When did you learn that, Satori?" Raika murmured curiously, causing the boys head to turn slightly in confusion.

"After I learned the standard clone technique. Father mentioned it, and I watched him use it in training to help the others in the clan learn Taijutsu at once." As he explained this, Raika's eyes widened slowly. Had he learned it by himself through osmosis? By simply watching Kiyoshi perform it?

"It took me a while to get it right though. But it was good for my chakra control, I'm glad I managed to get it all done properly." Raika was stunned. She didn't doubt that the boy had trained his heart out in order to properly learn the technique, but it was still incredible that he'd managed to learn it on his own with only a brief understanding of it from a teacher, and the rest learned through training. As the boy would place his hands lightly on his hips he would tilt his head slightly.

"If I use a clone it should shorten the process, right? I've been using it to train my Taijutsu to fight myself, it was good for chakra control and Taijutsu all at once. I advanced rapidly due to being able to remember everything my clone did right and wrong as well once it was dispersed." Raika simply stared at the boy for a few more moments, before bursting out into laughter. Raising a hand to her forehead and shaking her head slowly, the child was absolutely ridiculous. But, he was right, utilizing a clone would greatly increase his chances.

But the amount of chakra it would take to maintain it the entire time was daunting to her, on the other hand, Ryuutei held tremendous chakra reserves compared to her own. Perhaps it was feasible the boy could use this as a training method.

"Alright," she finally relented, before crossing her arms over her chest. "So, what did you have in mind for learning them both at once, Satori?" This caused the boy to smile softly, clearly thankful that his mother was willing to help him before he would lift his gaze upward and release a slow breath. His idea was not something that was going to be enjoyable, of that much he was certain, but that was the entire point. Pain, strain, it all played a huge part in how far someone was pushed and he needed that extra strain.

"Can you make a waterfall with a constant electric current, mother?" Raika blinked, and then a slow arch of the brow formed. He wanted to combine the two forms of chakra then. A sigh passed her lips before she would nod her head once and turn toward the large training area, thanking the fact there was no roof as her hands flipped through a dozen hand seals as she utilized multiple jutsu all at once. Slamming her hands down, the jutsu activated together, causing stones to burst from the ground and rise into a large cliff. The ground opening up into a stream that burst with water flowing over the top, sparking with electricity.

"It's a low current of electricity. I used the water from our spring, so the chakra I have to put into it is quite low.I can help you for quite a while." This caused Satori's lips to slowly widen into a smile, before turning and walking toward the center of the waterfall. Stepping into it, he instantly stiffened as the electricity ran through him. Gritting his teeth, the boy stiffly walked through it as the water flowed around him until he slowly fell into a seated position under the waterfall. Instantly, he felt his joints tightening, his muscles spamming, and as the clone followed him to sit beside him he took a shaky breath.

Both clone and himself harnessed the chakra inside them and allowing it to flow out and coat their bodies. This was going to be an incredibly long training session, he knew that all too well, but it would be well beyond worth it once he had an even stronger hold on ninjutsu and chakra control, as well as his new elemental abilities. It would be the next step toward his short-term goal, he would be that much closer to clan head, to Mizukage.

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Re: Broadening Horizons [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:36 am

It was more difficult than he had assumed it would be.

When it came down to it, the answer was that simple. The feeling of the water flowing over him, constantly electrocuting him, certainly stung like hell. But that was all he was really managing to get out of it, pain. The flow of chakra was difficult to maintain, cloaking his body in it was difficult, even with the clone working alongside him to perform the exact same feat. Feeling the flow of water and lightning rushing over him, the sensation of the chakra molding against it repeatedly, was difficult.

But trying to maintain the chakra while at the same time analyzing the sensation of what the elements felt like when his chakra merged with it in those few brief seconds each time? It felt nearly impossible. But there was no such thing, his mother had managed this, even if the training wasn't quite this extreme. He could manage it, and he didn't care how long it took him to do so.

He wasn't certain how long passed, how long he took trying to carefully channel his chakra through his skin in order to properly maintain a balance of chakra and defensive power, all while effectively trying to "scan" the elements he was being bombarded with. Minutes seemed to turn to hours quickly, and it wasn't until his mother would call that Satori's eyes would slowly open. Frowning a bit, unable to understand her initially.

"Sorry, mother, what did you say?" He asked simply, causing him to blink as he noticed how fatigued the woman looked, her hands lowering as the chakra was cut off. The electricity ending, causing Satori to blink at the difference in the flow of water. It was tremendously easy now, the water seemed natural to him in a way-- causing him to lift a hand slowly and examine skin of his body. There were no electrical burns, and that made Satori realize why his mother was so tired.

"Thank you, mother," He stated simply, looking up as she offered a tired smile in return, before slowly moving toward the side and falling to sit on a bench with a huff.

"Still, even with me healing you the damage wasn't extensive. You may have more chakra than your father does, Satori." This statement caused him to blink, was that possible? For a genin to have more chakra than a Special Jounin?

Seeming to read his mind, Raika chuckled softly. "Chakra isn't so linear to care about age, you know? Especially for our clan's males. You have the chakra of a Bijuu inside you, after all, it makes sense that you'd have more than normal. Still, even by Ryuutei standards, your amount of chakra and stamina is really something incredible. It's why I'm willing to go this far for you." Her smile brightened as her hands clapped together lightly.

"If anyone can pull off training like this, you can." Satori blinked, and a slight smile formed on his lips as both he and the clone nodded once firmly.

"Yeah, leave it to me." As this was stated, the clone dispersed, and after a moment-- Satori halted. Slowly looking back at the waterfall as the experiences of the clone flashed before his eyes, and he realized something. His progress hadn't been nearly as slow as he had initially assumed at all. Raising a hand he focused his gaze in his palm, as chakra flooded into it before he performed the snake hand seal.

Raika blinked, lifting an eyebrow slowly at her son before her eyes widened as he took in a breath and released a blast of water from his lips to smash into the grass nearby. A slow smile formed on his lips as he glanced down at his stomach, the water dripping off him feeling far more like a comfort than a distaste. So many hours sitting under the waterfall had guaranteed that, certainly, the idea of turning chakra to electricity was still far away, but this was a solid first step.

Content for now, the boy turned and placed both hands behind his head as he faced his mother. "Next time, I'll use two clones," he stated bluntly, causing his mother to shake her head in a mixture of amazement and exasperation.

"Well, I for one am hungry, how about we go see what your father has caught?" Satori would shake his head once with a slight smile.

"I'll go hunt my own and bring it back. I've been taking from you and father while you've been training with me at the same time. I'm an adult of the clan, I should pull my own weight like anyone else. It won't take me long." The woman's eyes softened, but she nodded her head once in approval before turning and moving toward the door. It was something that was truly incredible, the boy knew that from their point of view, he was pulling his own weight by dedicating so much of his time toward his own betterment.

Because in doing so he was empowering the clan. But, Satori didn't see it as that, it was never enough. A simple, selfish obsession for knowledge, for power, for land, for love, for protection-- a simply want for everything he could get, and a drive to go forward in order to obtain it no matter the hardship. It was greed in it's purest form.

"We'll wait for you," she called simply over her shoulder as Satori nodded before turning and leaping up on top of a roof, he still had a fair amount of chakra left, but that defeated the purpose of the hunt being used to improve his skill, both in tracking and in stealth. Leaping upward, the boy would dash from one roof to the next until he came to the edge of the forest, lowering his center of gravity before launching into the branches.

He could smell the many possible targets. Unlike other tribes and hunters, he didn't care about size, no one in the clan did really. All that mattered was pulling your own weight, what you brought back didn't matter beyond that. In fact, it was encouraged to actually not always hunt the deer and larger species due to the fact it could endanger them if that was all they ate. Wolves, bats, squirrel, rabbits, and more all supplemented by the vegetation of the forest and their farms were considered suitable sources of food.

So, when Satori entered with ten large gray squirrels, two rabbits, and a turtle hanging from his belt he was given no odd glances at all. Instead, as he approached his home he quickly went to work carefully butchering the animals. Organs that were inedible were tossed into the fertilizer bin full of fruit peels, waste, and other products outside his home. Intestines were rinsed and cleaned before being put out to dry. It would be good roping once it dried properly.

Hides were carefully removed, cleaned and salted before being left neatly wrapped to cure. The remaining meat and edible organs were then placed on a large tray, small bones added to a large bag full of herbs that would be used for a soup stock at a later date and placed in the refrigerator. The large bones were placed to the side, ready to be turned into weaponry later or tools as needed once they had been properly boiled and treated.

Finished, Satori would turn and head toward his parents home with the tray of meat in hand. Pushing the door open, welcomed with calls from his sisters and parents, as he would step into the doorway with a grin and move toward the kitchen with his father. This is why he trained so hard, this is why he wished to grow stronger. He wanted to protect them, he wanted to raise his nation to it's pinnacle, to grant it the land, resources, and power it required. His family and home were all that mattered to him, and he would die for these smiles without hesitation.

Settling into the opening beside his father he began to grill the meat, talking about their days as his sisters clung to him while they exchanged stories of their days. A simple, happy family-- and that was all that mattered in the end for Satori. It was more than enough for him, and tomorrow when training began anew, it would be all the reason he required to push himself into that next step of his abilities.

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Re: Broadening Horizons [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:19 pm

The next day, Satori and Raika had once more taken up their positions in the training ground, well rested and with plenty of energy, Satori would make a new request boldly to start off the training as he looked at his mother.

"Can you electricute me with a higher voltage, without the water today, mother?" The boy requested simply, causing Raika to slowly arch a brow as her lips curled downward slightly, an expression of obvious hesitation and confusion on her face.

"Whatever for, Satori?" This question caused Satori to shift himself briefly before raising his gaze upward to meet his mothers eyes evenly.

"I want to speed up the process. The more power in the jutsu, the more painful it will become, and the more effective it will become due to that." This answer caused the woman's brow to lower even further in concern as she debated the request.

"It may be more effective, certainly, but Satori the amount of damage you'll undergo will be extensive. Your chakra may very well give out before you can even get close unlike before, and you won't be able to use clones, didn't you want to use two this time?" The statement and following questions caused Satori to slowly shift from one foot to the next, before frowning.

"I was, but then I thought of it. Next time for casual training in-between these sessions, I'll use clones. But while I have you here I should maximize the opportunity, right? That means abusing the ability you have to heal me while I take that punishment." Raika sighed as the boy outright admitted to the risky strategy, but she also couldn't see a fault in his logic. If he was willing to put himself through pain like that, then it was only right for her to actually endure the chakra loss and do what she could for her son.

"Are you certain, Satori? You have time. Mizukage is a long while away, even you admitted you were aiming for two years, you can spread your training more carefully." Even if the ninja in her congratulated the boy, the mother in her couldn't help it. She was worried about Satori, the kind of training that he was proposing had risks, even with her here. Repeated electrical shocks could, of course, give him the result he was so desperate to obtain by giving him a natural numbness and familiarity with the element.

But it was also no better than being tortured. Slowly shifting to the side as her weight shifted to her hip, she had to wonder if-- even for the Ryuutei-- such a method was a bit extreme.

However, Satori could feel his mothers hesitation, and without any hint of hesitation or uncertainty, the boy lifted his eyes upward to stare into the woman's eyes. His words were clear, concise, and firm.

"I have no time for failure, I have a legacy to create. I know this is effectively torture, mother-- I'm asking you to do it anyway. If you won't, I'll find someone else that can." The young boys eyes burned into his mothers own, and once more she felt as if she was talking to her father. It sent a chill down her spine, the drive that her son had, the ability to face adversity, failure, pain, and not even stumble in his determination for a single moment.

After several slow moments, she released a slow breath and lifted her hands upward. "Very well, Satori. Prepare yourself, then." Satori smiled, only once, before he would allow his body to slowly relax while he stripped the clothing from his body. Leaving only his pants, the boy would lift both hands up and press his palms together, focusing his chakra, channeling the energy within him as he prepared to protect himself.

"I'm ready," he murmured simply, but he didn't realize how wrong he was. The explosion of electrical force slammed into him and he felt every muscle fiber constrict. His nerves were on fire, pain coursed through his body, he could barely even remain standing let alone properly focus his chakra. But this was the first stage, and he knew that. There was no easy way out here, the more punishment he took the more it would initially stall him, and similarly, the more he would grow once he managed to fight his way over that first hump slowing him down.

A grin split Satori's lips, despite the pain, because he knew that no matter how hard it pushed against him-- or how much it burned his skin and body, he would win. His resolve hardening, Satori braced his feet, focused his mind, blocked out the pain-- and focused.

Chakra flooded from his center, flowing outward and coating his body in a thin liquid-like armor that reacted to the lightning. Absorbing the force as the pain seared through him, eyes narrowing as his gaze leveled on his mothers. A silent affirmation that he was fine, that he didn't want to stop, even as smoke began to flow from areas of his skin that were shocked and burned from the rapidly flowing electricity.

For the next few hours, Satori went through this. Punishing his body, searing his flesh, burning his body and abusing his muscles. All the while, he channeled his chakra through his torso to ensure that he managed to actually maintain the proper flow of chakra through his body. He had no excuse here, there was no reason to give in after he had talked so much about the pain, and that caused a grin to form on his lips even as the electricity petered out and his mother said that they both needed a break to recover their chakra.

Sitting down and biting into the large rice ball full of nutrients and herbs, the boy glanced at his mother whom was enjoying her own though clearly fatigued. Two days of such intense training must be putting quite a bit of pressure on her, if it was just harming him that would be one thing, but she was healing him as well. Double the chakra output meant double the strain, and he slowly looked down at his hands as he contemplated a way to make it easier on her.

But there was none. Only one thing could help ease her, and that was getting through the training as quickly as possible, forcing himself to slowly rise as he turned toward his mother and offered a slight smile.

"You rest a while longer, mother. I'll train and you can watch over me for any mistakes." As he stated this, Raiak blinked, but then slowly nodded as she watched her son move back toward the center of the training room. Making the clone hand seal, and forming two, one on either side before they turned to face one another and began. Each of them lifting a hand as their chakra began to pulse and flow outward before concentrating into a single point. The physical version kept his hand palm up, forming the base.

The other two began to channel chakra into it from the sides, and the practice to slowly begin learning to form the electricity began. It wouldn't be like water, that came so naturally to the boy. This was a far more advanced feat, and there was no way he could properly utilize a jutsu when he couldn't even form the chakra properly into the element. So, that is what he would practice. Forming the image of the chakra in his mind, he tried to recall the feeling of that electricity coursing over his body, filling his muscles and short-circuiting his nerves.

Releasing a slow breath as he stared down at the ground, the boy would pour everything he had into his hands and begin the painstaking process of trying to materialize the chakra from one state into another. Morphing the chakra properly, slowly shifting it into his palm as he tried to focus on that mental image. The image of a bolt of lightning, a spark of energy from static buildup between two people.

Anything that would help, and all the while, he poured his chakra into his hand. That focus, that energy, would be what pushed him beyond his normal limits. Of that much he was certain. A bolt of lightning was a flash of light, a rumbling burst of raw power. The energy would course through the target, ignoring the body, attacking the internals, freeze nerves, roasting the flesh both inside and out. He knew that feeling now, he only had to make it reality, create it with his own chakra.

Eyes opening, he focused on the spot, and between their hands he saw it-- a single spark, like a static shock appearing between their fingers and causing all three to jump as it shocked their fingertips and palms. Before slowly, a grin would spread over the clones and his own face as they burst into smoke, turning to his mother whom was smiling softly as well.

"Ten hours, an hour of rest, then two hours of me resting and you've already managed a spark. You're going to make your mother jelous you know." The words were betrayed by her amused tone as she slowly straightened, sparks forming at her fingertips.

"Are you ready for the next round, Satori?" She asked simply, looking down into her son's eyes that gleamed with excitement, a single nod forming. The chakra cost was low without clones, he could handle more. Raising both hands to press his palms together once more, he braced himself as his mother's hand ignited with the sounds of crackling electricity as that familiar pain rushed through him, now, a sensation that was slowly becoming familiar to him.

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Re: Broadening Horizons [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:13 pm

Electrocution was a painful thing, but it could become surprisingly informative as time passed. Eventually, one began to truly understand how their body properly functioned, how important electrical impulses were to the body in order to keep functioning properly. Everything was run by them, and that was why this training was so strenuous to his body. His brain had moments where it simply stopped responding properly, and other points where it sped ahead of everything without giving him time to really ponder what he was doing.

Yet still, there were other moments where his body simply refused to move. No matter how much he pushed himself, or how he would drive his body and will it to move, he was physically unable to due to the electrical energy flooding his senses. The more he pushed, the more it pained him.

These were the sensations, and memories that formed as the days passed. No matter how much he tried, his body struggled to properly endure and absorb the force from the lightning that his mother used on him. That initial spark had been his first major step, but apparently, it had been the easiest as well. He had yet to make any substantial growth at that point, and it was bothering the boy tremendously. It wasn't acceptable in his eyes, and yet at the same time, he didn't have much of an option when it came to such things.

This was the quickest way, and even if it was painful and tedious, it was far more efficient then sitting there meditating and trying to get the right frequency of lightning chakra by luck. However, as the days passed, Satori began to notice a similarity between the sensation filling his body as the electricity wove through him, and the energy that was slowly fluctuating across his body itself. It was a similarity that encouraged him and excited him. So much so in fact that he jumped up as the electricity coursed through him and startling his mother-- causing the jutsu to abruptly end as she stiffened, thinking she'd hurt the boy too much.

A slow sigh of relief passed her lips as she noticed the gleam in the boy's eyes, "Don't do that, Satori. I thought I seriously harmed you!" The statement, and more importantly, her tone as she said it made him offer a slight, sheepish smile of apology.

"Sorry, mother. But I had an epiphany," he explained, before slowly lowering his gaze to focus on his open hands. His statement caused Raika's brow to cock curiously, resting her hands on her hips.

"Oh? What about?" The question was a bit annoyed, but more at the boys sudden movement previously than disbelieving him, she'd learned by now such a thing was idiotic, the boy dissected subjects at surprising speeds.

"I felt the familiarity in the jutsu's chakra and the feeling of it running through my body." This statement caused her brow to furrow even further.

"Sweetheart of course you did, anyone could feel that," she stated this confused, clearly not making the connection that her son was so excited about even as he pointed both his palms at one another, his fingertips hovering a few inches apart.

"No, this is different. The feeling is identical to being electricuted, the chakra in my body itself felt like that. That's what I need to focus on, right? My chakra needs to follow the same frequency as the electricity flowing through my body." His mother frowned, initially, confused at what he was talking about before slowly her eyes widened as the realization hit her.

The boy wasn't talking about anything like her jutsu, he meant the natural electric currents within his body itself. He was going to try and sense them, and mimic their patterns with his chakra? Slowly she leaned back, frowning in thought. She supposed it was entirely feasible, but the concentration would be tremendous to feel something like that. Then again, trying to feel chakra while being electrocuted shouldn't be that easy either. Perhaps this was the superior method after all?

It was a hard call and one that she wasn't certain she had the answer too. However, she stepped forward and watched the boy anyway as he would struggle, focusing on the chakra within his hands. He had to memorize the feeling, the sensation of the energy radiating through his fingertips as he commanded the body parts to do as he wished. In a way, this was no different then commanding the chakra through his form. What was so different about the sensation?

It was all the same concept, feeling your own body, be it chakra or natural functions, and using it. His eyes narrowed on the energy between his fingertips, feeling it pulse between them repeatedly before he focused on the sensation of his fingers moving. The brief halt of the muscles, the way they flexed each time his brain commanded it. So much faster than his chakra control, and yet so similar despite that. Lightning was fast, incredibly so, the element even if it was being controlled by chakra was fast enough to outpace most other elements beyond wind.

If that was so, then he had to learn to form his chakra into the proper repetition of frequencies that would warrant that elemental shifting into electricity. If only it was as easily done as said. Despite this, Satori didn't waver, continuing to focus firmly on his hands as the chakra continued to ebb and flow. Raika, patient as ever, would watch the boy and wait for the next moment that would allow him to truly make that final step forward.

Satori closed his eyes, and he dropped all extra thought. He didn't worry about his goals, he didn't worry about Riku, or any of his other friends. There was no room for extra thought, there was only his own body. Focusing entirely on it, he shut out all senses. The smells of chakra, the scents of the grass, the rush of water nearby, the soft chirping of crickets, all of it was pointless within the eye of his mind.

Satori was alone-- there was nothing but his body, his mind. Every twitch of his finger was a command, a shift in the electrical currents that made up his nervous system. A current of electricity-- ionized atoms, traveling at incredibly high speeds, connecting nerves that acted as reactors within his body. He focused on them, on the electricity that coursed through his body, that powered his form and allowed him to move, to breath, to live.

Then, finally, he felt it. The soft pulse of chakra running through his hands, once, twice, and then it erupted from his fingertips. Electricity. The sparks connected between his exposed fingertips as the boy's eyes stared down into the flowing chakra, the rippling of each spark as Raika's eyes widened slightly before a wide smile formed decorating her lips. Clapping her hands together once in approval, before she would slowly straighten and place her hands lightly on her sides.

"Well done, Satori," she stated with a wide smile as the boy stared down into his hands, watching the flickering lights with a cool and level expression. It had manifested, but he could feel how straining it was on his body at the same time. His chakra control was flickering, barely managing to maintain to flow properly. Still, despite this, he couldn't help but feel a tingle of pride roll through his body as he watched those sparks fly.

Three elements. He now had three, and there was still so much more room for him to grow. He still had two elements to master, but more than that he still had two more branches of jutsu to push himself into learning as much as he could at the same time. There was never enough of anything. Power, speed, time, chakra, control, and more. But despite that, for this single, brief moment, Satori allowed a small flicker of accomplishment to form in his chest.

As the sparks disrupted, petering out as he lowered his hands to look up at his mother-- he smiled.

"Tomorrow, I'll start working on learning more jutsu and building up my body now that my chakra is as potent as it is now. Do you think father will help me?" The question caused his mother's eyes to soften before she nodded once in agreement.

"In fact, if you keep this up, perhaps the elder himself will help you." A soft chuckle left her lips as she turned, moving toward the exit to the training grounds as Satori stared down at his hands quietly. The elder himself, helping him?

A slow smile spread across his lips, an excitement that he simply couldn't help. If the elder was willing to teach him, he knew he'd be able to accomplish so much more. He couldn't wait to see just what the man could teach him that neither his mother nor father could as things stood. Comparing them to the elder was like comparing himself to them now.

Knowledge was power, and he intended to obtain as much of it was possible, it was that simple.


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Re: Broadening Horizons [NK, Solo]

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