Knowledge is Power [NK, Solo]

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Knowledge is Power [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:54 pm

Satori had been learning advanced jutsu for so long now that he had forgotten how many of the basics he was really missing. Certainly, he was acquiring some knowledge when it came to earth jutsu, but that was hardly the entire list of what he needed to master. There were water jutsu, and more than that, basic ninjutsu that were all important if he wanted to properly have a basis for all of his jutsu. Having a proper variety would greatly improve his skill set, especially in varying missions that required more than a simple explosion of powerful earth.

With this in mind, the boy had begun to look into the basic jutsu found in the Academy Library, thinking it a good place to start. Having taken a handful of them and then brought them out to the training grounds of his clan for a bit of practice. His parents couldn't teach him everything, after all, that's why he'd gone to the Academy instead of sticking to his clan's teachings this entire time. The scrolls he had gathered were all D-Rank, nothing substantial, but they would greatly assist in his variety, of that he had little doubt. The first jutsu was more utility than anything, basic chakra control in order to properly manipulate an orb of light. A basic concept, attached to no elemental affinity and it was something he could certainly see a use for if nothing else.

Now, the boy stood curiously over the unraveled scroll, looking down at the instructions-- and he had to say he was bemused at how overly simple the jutsu in question really was. It appeared to be nothing more than standard concentration, focusing chakra into a simple orb before altering its properties to reflect incoming light while turning his own chakra into such. A basic concept, considering the Academy Jutsu do the same thing. With a curious noise in the back of his throat, Satori would slowly straight before opening a hand and focusing on his palm.

Forming an orb of raw chakra was more difficult than one would have assumed. Despite this, however, he also had little issue in trying to properly maintain the flow of the energy. It was simple enough, and the next step as the orb of chakra formed in his hand, invisible, but physical-- was turning it to light. Releasing a brief sigh from his lips, the boy would slowly adjust his footing, and narrowed his mind on the chakra. Shifting its outer rings into a membrane, and from this point condensing the chakra inside it, turning it heavier, and giving it physical mass until the orb burst into existence. Light bursting from the chakra, amplified by the thin membrane, casting light across the area as he glanced down at it briefly.

"Decent," he murmured simply, clearly not entirely satisfied with the orb but it was simple enough. De-materializing the orb and allowing it to slowly shift back to chakra, before repeating the process. It didn't take long until Satori was able to do so fairly effortlessly, there were definitely some future applications to this he could use, but that would certainly be for later use.

Allowing the final orb to deteriorate, Satori glanced down at the next scroll. The technique was apparently known as "Haze Clone", something that was worked alongside water and earth jutsu quite often due to their nature, and he could certainly see the appeal. Apparently, the cost was fairly extensive when you began forming multiple variations, but it was worthwhile to ensure that you managed to properly place them. Like any weapon or tool, a jutsu was based on what you did with it after all. In this instance, it was incredibly important to ensure the jutsu was used as a "lure".

Each clone was designed not to move, but instead, cause another to attack them and draw an opponent in. This would then force them to reveal an opening, allowing the user to attack it outright and cut them down in whatever way was deemed most necessary for them at the time. A jutsu that purely focused on creating openings, something he could certainly see the use in, especially considering it's lower rank. Allowing a brief sigh to form on his lips, he would relax his body slowly.

The hand seals were simple enough from what he could tell, and releasing a breath he would flip his hands through them casually as the dog and tiger took their place before his chakra extended outward. It was built on the theory of the standard academy clones, simple enough then. Reflecting light using chakra was a basic tool, and as he lowered his hands, the three mirages would rapidly manifest around him. It was odd, the clones were notably weaker in some respects considering there was less of them, and the jutsu was more chakra intensive.

Like the standard clones, as he examined them, they had no physical mass-- his hand phasing right through the one he swiped at casually. However, the difference was that due to the concentration of chakra they still cast their own shadows, and for all normal respects looked identical and solid. However, because of that focus of chakra they couldn't move. A simple, but effective method of tricking another. Focusing his mind he tested it, causing the bodies and arms of the target to move, mimicking a swipe of its own as he nodded his head once in thought.

How intriguing. Slowly placing his hands on his hips, Satori would glance toward the other clones and repeat the motions, before allowing a single smirk to decorate his lips. Useful, if nothing else, and that was what mattered. A few more jutsu to add to his arsenal. Relaxing, the clones would disperse like mist, before he would turn to the last jutsu. This one was a water jutsu, one that he had been a bit prioritizing learning to ue water style for knowledge of. After all, in many ways it was the signature jutsu of his village, hiding in the mists.

Unraveling it he would examine the information quietly, making a simply hum as he contemplated the theory. A basic change of matter, turning liquid to mist from the body or the surroundings using chakra as the medium. A simple, but effective technique that he could understand being quite useful in a battle. It made sense that this was a key technique used by Mist Ninja, after all, they were designed and taught to kill as efficiently as possible. Combining this with another stealth based jutsu, or even clones would be quite useful.

He doubted at it's rank the jutsu could do much, but it was a good stepping stone for jutsu combinations. A smirk forming on his lips, Satori would allow his body to relax before his hand lifted into the seal of confrontation. This was the first water jutsu he'd learned, but he doubted it would be much more complex than utilizing earth style. After all, it was basically his second natural affinity due to it being passed down by his mother, even if Doton may have been the "dominant chakra gene" so to speak. Closing his eyes the boy would relax, before taking in a deep breath.

There was water nearby, but that would make it easier on him. he needed to ensure he could push himself to the maximum from the start, if he struggled, then he'd use the water nearby instead. Simple as that.

With this thought the boy released the chakra, building it up in his stomach as his eyes narrowed in focus. Molding the chakra into water was a different sensation to earth, but it still felt fairly natural to him, as a testament to his mother he could only assume. As the chakra continued to mold inside him, he held it briefly before releasing the chakra outward and as soon as it expelled from his lips-- he altered the properties of it. Shifting it from chakra into water, and from water to mist. The blast of water rocked the area, covering the surroundings in a heavy layer of mist that would spread slowly outward after it's initial impact.

A slow grin spread over the boy's lips as he would nod, the chakra was dispersing quickly, so he'd need to practice ensuring he could properly maintain the jutsu over time. Still, it was certainly worthwhile if nothing else, and as he relaxed back he would lightly clap his hands together, once more forming the seal of confrontation. He needed a few more rounds if he wanted this to be done properly, and perhaps he could even mix in a bit of extra work by altering the chakra and using haze clones at the same time. They had enough physical mass to cast a shadow, and it would confuse the enemies trapped within the jutsu even more.

Content with this, Satori would spend the next few hours carefully hammering away at the different combinations that the jutsu offered him. The more chakra he could control, the better his jutsu would get in combination. Smirking, he would stand in a cloud of mist, preparing to unravel the next set of scrolls that he had gathered for the next round. This was just the building blocks, after all.

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Re: Knowledge is Power [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:40 pm

Satori's eyes stared down at the next set of scrolls and knew full well that the next one wasn't going to be quite so easy. it actually required some degree of skill in water style, and it would be is first step into territory learning real water style technique in general. The current technique was known as simply "Gunshot", and was a specific technique designed purely to release highly compressed balls of chakra infused water in order to blast apart targets. Satori, of course, saw the simple appeal. It was quite different from the earth technique that focused more on wide-spread damage and range, this was highly focused, and compressed blasts of chakra that could blast through stone fairly easily.

Due to this Satori grinned as he cracked his knuckles, this was finally stepping into more variety, for certain. Gripping his hands together he glanced at the other options, he'd obtained three C-Rank technique in total for the water style, each one holding a variety of uses. The one named "Gunshot" was one, of course, but he'd also grabbed a scroll fo "Starch Syrup Capturing Field", and "Waterfall Basin". Making sure he was taking the correct one first, Satori would fall and sit on his ankles while opening the next two scrolls and looking over their specifics. If anything, Starch Syrup appeared to be more complex due to its nature of fundamentally altering the properties of the water in question into something different.

With that in mind, Satori's eyes glanced toward the next-- Waterfall Basin. A technique that apparently would help strengthen his other water style techniques due to the concept. Pulling water from another source, and infusing it with his chakra beforehand causing and techniques that were fueled by it to be empowered. A useful trick and he had to admit it had its appeal. Especially since having the water pre-infused with chakra should allow him to learn the other water technique that much more easily.

Satori's decision made, the boy would straighten and slam both hands together as he began to gather chakra within his stomach. The trick was going to be fairly difficult to pull off, but he should be able to manage. Taking a deep breath he reached out with his chakra, sensing around for options-- there was the spring, of course, so he dug deeper. Following its course until he found the main branch and once he had, beginning the next step.

Practicing the hand seals to ensure they were taken in the right steps, it was only three of them but that was more than most of the technique he knew used in one setting. Relaxing his body slowly, Satori would slowly lift his gaze up to focus on the sky. If he looked at his hands it would only slow him down, he needed to move based entirely on his chakra connection and muscle memory. Releasing the breath, he would begin. The process was slow initially, a slightly mismatched finger, slight incorrect placement of the thumb, anything could ruin a hand seal and learning to do them quickly was still something he had yet to master.

It didn't help many of the techniques he knew were based on simple chakra control, and not anything like hand seals. Even the highest tiered techniques that he knew, such as the chakra blast he'd obtained from watching his father perform it, used raw chakra focus. Still, that was no excuse, and if he wished to fix that then learning techniques that utilized multiple hand seals were the best way to increase his skill in them. For now, it would simply have to be what it always was.

Training, dedication, and focus.

Relaxing his grip, Satori would lift his gaze upward and take another slow breath after several failures. He needed to slow down, there was no need to rush. The first two were easy, but his habits of performing one or two seals and then shifting automatically to attack or defend were hindering the last seal. Calm down, slow down, and focus.

With these thoughts flowing through his mind, Satori would allow the tension to drift from his body before his eyes would harden and focus on the ground. His hands shifted through the seals, and when they settled into the final seal of ram he then released the chakra he had been carefully manipulating the entire time. Ripping the water upward, he felt the ground rumble around him before it burst upward like a geyser, flooding the area and causing the ground to quickly fill with water that was steadily growing. It was heavy with chakra, and allowed a grin to form slowly over his lips.

Relaxing his footing and easing his body, Satori would wave his hands a few times to relax his body, before placing them on his hips and glancing down at the water. Using a burst of chakra to float to the top, he would glance around slowly before smirking. As long as he continued to pour chakra into the water, it wouldn't stop, and that alone was incredibly useful. The water was laden with chakra, he could practically feel it's weight. That was a significant difference from just tossing some random liquid around, it would greatly augment any technique he used, that much was for certain.

With this thought he glanced over to the hill where he'd left the scrolls, debating which to look into next before stepping forward and walking across the heavy chakra-laden water. He supposed gunshot would be the next logical choice, having a basic offensive technique was generally the easiest to learn first, and it would give him a good foundation to move on from afterward. His choice set, the boy reached over to grasp the scroll containing the technique "Gunshot" and would begin reading it once more quietly to memorize the hand seals, and basics of it.

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Re: Knowledge is Power [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:03 pm

The next technique was a fairly simple one compared to the other option-- trying to completely change the state of matter that the water was made up of was a fair bit more complex than something as simple as condensing it into a single drop. Despite this, Satori had no doubt it would take more than a few tries, even with the water around him helping ease the technique's chakra toll. The hand seal, thankfully, was only a single one this time. But there was more complexity to it than the earth style techniques that he knew. It required precision, aiming, and balance if he intended to fire the bullets properly.

With this in mind, Satori performed the snake hand seal, before releasing his chakra outward. The result caused the nearby earth to rise up slowly, forming large square doors that would all work well as targets. Lowering his hands afterward he would place his hands lightly on his hips as he contemplated the scroll a final time, before rolling it up and tossing it back to its resting place on the hill as he walked out onto the water that had now sufficiently flooded the area.

Taking a single breath, he then lifted his hands and focused. The water around him began to shift, already heavy with chakra it took him the minimal effort to begin channeling it upward and slowly lifting into the air around him. The orbs started off about the size of softballs before he focused. Clenching the chakra as he would his hands, aiming to carefully restrict the flow into a single focal point. With a slow breath, he felt the chakra flood inward, slowly concentrating into a single drop about the size of a golfball.

Releasing his held in breath, Satori glanced upward at the floating orbs as they slowly rotated around him, before lifting a hand slowly as he maintained the concentration carefully. The orb floated into the palm of his hand where it stayed, allowing him to examine it carefully. The surface tension was quite impressive, all things considered. Perhaps because it had been pressurized so much, it felt more like an orb of gel than it did an orb of water. Raising a hand, he smirked before the chakra pulsed once in his hand, and he would lift his hand, aiming its palm at the distant target of stone.

"Let's see then, how deep can it penetrate?" The question was murmured softly before he re-formed the tiger hand seal, and as his chakra pulsed it then erupted forward. Exploding with force from his palm to slam into the stone target, cracking it, but beyond that doing nothing. A frown decorated his lips, it was too slow. The technique itself wasn't incredibly fast, granted, but it was still quite potent in speed and that velocity was key to its destructive force.

Slowly relaxing his arm he would allow the orbs of water to slowly rotate around him before he began to debate the best way to improve the speed of each shot. He fired it much as he would any other technique, by releasing the chakra in a sudden impact. But perhaps for a small technique like this, that was incorrect?

Glancing down at his hand he contemplated this, before clenching his hand and slowly took a breath. Instead of a blast, perhaps he should focus it even more. Raising his hands upward as if he were holding a trumpet or a blowdart launcher to his lips, Satori's eyes narrowed. Leaving just enough room for the orb to form from the water and lifted up, flowing into his hands he used his makeshift "cannon", to aim the blast.

Waiting a few sparse seconds to bide his time, Satori then released a blast of chakra. The explosion of force triggered the orb, sending it flying like a bullet to slam into the target. This time the cracks spread far more, a chunk of the stone falling off its sides. A slow grin spread over his lips, that was more like it.

Still, it should blow a hole straight through the stone considering it didn't have any chakra within it. He still needed to apply more power and more speed. Raising his hands once more, the tiger seal would once more be formed before the barrage would begin. Blast after blast of chakra firing off orbs of pressurized water, each one aiming to blast a separate target apart. He fired two at once, evolving his style the more he practiced with the technique as he examined the improvement.

It wasn't a simple learning process like it was to learn elementless Ninjutsu, nor as simple as it was to learn using raw chakra, or specific body movements in Taijutsu and Bukijutsu. But still, this was a certain improvement and had a charm all its own. it was more difficult, and that meant he was gaining far more by conquering the technique and evolving it into something that was more his own weapon. That was the point of training, after all, he doubted he'd be using this technique when he was the Mizukage.

However, this was an excellent basis for the future techniques he would need to learn. That thought made him smirk, a stepping stone to his next goal, like everything else in a way. Laughing softly, the boy would rest his hands on his hips, his breathing a bit heavy, but satisfied. It was a good thing he'd been training his chakra so thoroughly, it gave him a tremendous amount of endurance for training like this.

Glancing upward at the targets, he noticed one was left standing, and with a grin, he raised a hand and focused. The orb forming at his fingertip and launched without a single moment of hesitation. The explosion of stone and steam from the water flying at such high speeds and power filled the air. It was a nice sound, and as the stone wall crumbled away, he nodded-- satisfied that he'd managed to perfect the technique.

That left only the sticky water technique, as well as the shadow melting technique he had picked up as far as his C-Rank techniques were concerned. Punching his fist into his opposite palm he turned, walking over the water carefully to fetch the scrolls if he could finish them all today that would be a tremendous help to his speed. The next goal, after all, was to master the B-Ranks, a far greater step. But it would be worthwhile, he was certain.

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Re: Knowledge is Power [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:33 pm

The technique was called "Starch Syrup Capturing Field", and appeared to be based entirely on the concept of manipulating the chakra nature of the water, altering its properties into a gel-based trap that could be used in combat to manipulate and alter an area. Reading over the scroll, Satori found that it wasn't too much of a jump as he'd initially assumed. The hand seals were simple enough, only two of them being required. Similarly, due to the last technique that had involved soaking the water with chakra so heavily that it became thick and weighted, the solution was surprisingly obvious to him.

This was due to the process being fairly similar, though slightly different, based on the manipulation of the chakra to increase its cohesive stick. It was a worthwhile benefit if nothing else, and even if he didn't use it much on its own, mastering its basics could allow for some interesting combination properties later on. With this in mind, the boy would walk out onto the water once more as he began to practice the seals. Luckily, due to the previous attempts and focus he'd already been applying to his technique, this was a fairly simple step. Considering it only had two hand seals, it made everything significantly easier all things considered.

Using this, Satori was able to springboard off the details of the other techniques using water-- and would take in a deep breath before pushing his hands through the hand seals. The next step, molding the chakra into a malleable and cohesive material inside him, came as a bit more difficult. So much so that even as he released the technique and erupted the water forward, it was nothing more than some simple, slightly thicker water. A bit as though someone had mixed a bit of starch into a liter of water and splashed it on the ground. Focusing to produce enough liquid, while also changing its consistency into that of a sticky, starch-based substance, was surprisingly difficult to do at once.

This was the first time he'd tried manipulating an element into an entirely new property using only chakra, certainly, turning water to mist was changing its state of matter. But that wasn't quite the same as changing it's entire atomic structure using chakra to transfer it into a sticky substance. Still, the use of the technique was undeniable, and as such the boy pushed on. Against weaker opponents, this could be the difference between shutting down a target's entire mobility and ending a fight before it began, or having to kill them. It was perfect for self-defense, or for idiotic exams that required no killing despite them being ninja, where their entire purpose entailed was to, in fact, kill.

Satori continued his training, pushing into the hours as he focused on the flow of chakra carefully, initially working on only making the liquid substance sticky enough to matter. This step took him several attempts, before the boy finally released a blast of water from his lips that slammed into a nearby try, and clung to it. Lingering on the branches and sticking there as Satori allowed a slight grin to form on his lips. That was a start, now he just needed to learn to maintain that flow of chakra while producing much more of it, though he could see a benefit in a barrage of short bursts as well he supposed.

With this mindset, the boy would continue pushing himself, mastering the seals and combination of chakra output, and volume of liquid being created. After about an hour of practice, the boy had become comfortable enough with the technique to settle back and examine his hands while he contemplated the details regarding the technique. His gaze shifting down to instead eye the large pool of water that had an odd sheen to it, and as he scooped up a rock and tossed it as if to skip across the surface, instead-- it smashed into the pool and bounced. However, as if made of some odd gum, the liquid clung to it before snapping it back into place.

A grin formed on Satori's lips. He'd managed it, and that meant he just needed to practice it now in combination with the other technique he had begun to learn. One he had a more firm grip on the technique all together, it would open dozens of possibilities for the boy in combat, especially combining it with earth style in order to change the landscape into a deadly surrounding. He'd heard of an earth technique that even summoned a massive swamp, he was curious if the technique could, perhaps, be combined with the concepts of this one and bred into a superior variation. It seemed feasible to him, but it would have to wait for now, there were too many variable to consider. Besides, that was an incredibly high-ranking jtusu, and for now he was limited by what he could do, certainly, he could perform higher tiered technique, but trying to learn too many at once would only hinder him.

Mastering the basics were key for now, that was why he was doing this after all. The more solid the base he could create, the better off he would be to build on that base. For now, B-Ranks at the highest would do, perhaps a single A-Rank, he'd have to see how things went. With a grunt, he rose up, preparing to form the hand seals once more. He was curious what all applications the technique in question had, he supposed they would find out.

The next few hours were spent training the techniques he had managed to master, as well as learning the annoying gel-based technique using the water. After he'd finally managed it all, the boy was now sitting idly atop a rock watching the flowing water around him drain, having long ago ended the technique as the ground absorbed the water slowly. Some of it returning to the nearby pond, the rest simply watering the surroundings. He'd taken a break to help recover some of his chakra, as well as eat a meal for the first time since that morning. Now, his next goal was to study into the application of the final set of scrolls that he had acquired-- specifically, those related to the water surrounding him. The more he could master, the better off he would be, and it would grant him a solid basis for combat.

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Re: Knowledge is Power [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:14 pm

Leaning down, Satori grasped the next scroll, this one listing clearly the details of the first B-Rank technique. It was named "Exploding Water Colliding Wave", and was apparently a technique designed to both provide a tremendous defensive barrier at high speeds as well as flood the area with water for usage of other technique. Considering most of his arsenal was offensive, this would be an incredibly useful technique for him to learn, that much he knew for a fact. It was due to this that Satori had grabbed it, in order to protect others as well as minimize damage to the surroundings should say-- the village be attacked, defensive techniques were incredibly important. He couldn't always just clash with a technique using raw power and just hope the surroundings didn't suffer for it.

The seal was simple, surprisingly. He'd thought that most B-Ranks required longer lists of seals, but it seemed that in this case it was perfectly fine. The complication, however, was going to be the fact the technique was defensive based, and that meant he had no way to know for certain that he'd managed it properly without some degree of assistance from another. With this thought, the boy would idly shift from one foot to the other. He had, after all, intended to do this training on his own so that he didn't have to bother his parents. But, he supposed learning six out of eight techniques without them would make it good enough. Releasing a sigh, the boy turned and began heading toward the compounds main ground once more.

After a brief search, the boy would locate his father currently carefully boiling bones that he had carved, clearly intending to save the liquid to begin turning it into glue. The bones in question had been carved specifically into the designs of a bow, likely intending to make a compound by the number of layers he had gathered. Still, stepping forward Satori would idly place a hand on his hip and wait while the man worked, not wishing to break his concentration. However, despite this, Kiyoshi clearly noticed him.

"What do you need, pup?" Kiyoshi inquired simply, clearly having caught the boys scent, be it of his chakra, or body, it didn't truly matter-- he'd been found out either way.

Satori grunted before he would walk forward and reply in a neutral tone. "I know you're busy, father. But when you're free do you mind helping me train? I'm practicing a defensive technique, and I need someone attacking me in order to get an accurate portrayal of my level and mastery regarding it." The statement caused Kiyoshi to blink, glancing over his shoulder briefly at the boy before shifting the liquid in the pot slightly. Pulling out one of the bones and measuring how much it flexed as he debated the request.

"What rank is the technique?" Kiyoshi asked curiously, raising the boy to his eye pointed outward to test it's alignment as well.

"B-Rank. It's Exploding Water, Colliding Waves." Satori replied calmly, causing Kiyoshi to jerk a bit, blinking in confusion as he lowered the bone slowly to look back at his son with much more focus. "A water style technique? When did you learn to use water style? Let alone well enough to begin practicing B-Ranks?" The questions caused Satori to blink a few times in confusion before he recalled when he had asked his father about elements, and the man had basically told him not to bother.

Satori smiled slightly in apology, "I asked mother to help me train in elemental affinities." He explained simply, before lifting his hands and releasing three separate breaths. Each time producing a different element, a stone, then an orb of water, and finally a crackling ball of electricity. "These are all I have so far, however. I thought three was a good starting point." As he stated this, he watched his fathers face evolve from amazement to amusement, before the man was outright barking with laughter.

"Well, son of a bitch. You covered your weaknesses and amplified your strengths using earth, huh?" This caused Satori to nod his head once in agreement, causing a chuckle to form on his lips.

"In my opinion knowing the weaknesses and strengths of my primary element is a good thing so I know what openings I create when using earth," Satori replied simply, as Kiyoshi chuckled dryly and turned back to the pot. Snapping, causing the fire to extinguish as he placed a lid on the pot and turned, using a cloth to wipe his hands.

"Alright. I'll help you, pup. Let's see how your little wave matches up against a fireball." Satori blinked once and then allowed a wide smile to form on his lips, nodding his head once eagerly as he turned to lead the way back out, his father following in his wake, shaking his head in dry bemusement. Walking back toward the training field was fairly simple, and then came the far more extensive part as he turned to face Kiyoshi as the man was stretching his arms above his head. Lowering his hands before focusing on the boy and arching a brow.

"I assume you're ready, pup?" He inquired simply, causing Satori to nod his head once in agreement before both flipped through the hand seals at high speeds. Satori's hands slamming into the ground, causing an immediate explosion of raw water to blast from the earth, right as Kiyoshi's lungs expanded and he released an explosion of flames in a great orb. The force of the two technique colliding flooded the area with steam, the elemental advantage making up for the incomplete defensive technique as the steam and smoke slowly cleared, revealing Satori standing calmly with his shirt burned away along one sleeve.

His hand appeared fine, and the reason being obvious from the dark brown tint to his flesh. "You hardened yourself and used it to cover the last bit of the flames huh, not bad. But that technique should be able to easily overpower something as simple as a basic fireball. Step it up, pup." With this, the man would lift both his hands up before taking in a breath, making it clear he had no intention of going easy on his son just because he was trying to learn a high-end technique. In fact, due to this, he was pushing harder it seemed to Satori.

Every fireball was incredibly potent, and that was something understood without thought. Ryuutei males had incredibly heavy chakra, after all. A sigh left the boys lips as the explosive energy washed over the surroundings before his eyes hardened and he repeated the same motions, the explosion of steam from water and fire colliding rocking the surroundings. This process would continue for hours, to the point that Kiyoshi was panting heavily as he slowly straightened while struggling to maintain his breath. Meanwhile, Satori was also panting with his hands resting on his knee's.

But that was what amazed Kiyoshi. Satori was using a B-Rank, repeatedly, and sometimes it didn't cover all the defense it needed to force the boy to use an E-Rank to help minimize damage. Kiyoshi himself was using nothing but a C-Rank repeatedly, and the boy had managed to keep up in chakra reserves. Narrowing his eyes slightly with each heavy breath on his son, Kiyoshi released a barking laugh as his hands rested lightly on his hips.

"Well done, Satori," he murmured finally, lifting his gaze upward to the sky. "I think that last one managed well. It absorbed all the flames and still lingered afterward. It's a solid defensive technique." Satori slowly nodded his head once, before lifting his body and releasing a breath as his hand ruffled his hair. It was exhausting was what it was. But, he supposed that would happen to anyone that had released so many high-end technique repeatedly. Still, there had to be a better option, perhaps he'd look into creating one that used less energy for less defensive ability. But that was a future goal, for now, this would serve his purposes just fine.

Straightening a bit, Satori allowed his gaze to drift toward his fathers once more as he allowed a grin to spread across his lips. "Thank you, father. Do you mind helping me with the others tomorrow?"

Kiyoshi blinked, a brow arching slowly at his son. "Others?" he inquired simply, causing the boy to nod his head once in agreement as he placed his hands on his hips for additional support, mirroring his father's stance.

"There are two other technique, water base, that I want to master so that I'll have a solid basis for future water techniques. I need a target for one that's immobile but willing to try and break it." Satori explained this casually, tilting his head a bit as he waited for his father's answer to his request.

As he explained this, Kiyoshi snorted slightly, "I see. Water Prison, is it? Hate that damn thing." Especially since it was entirely possible that Satori's sheer chakra could allow the boy to actually trap him, and that would be one hell of a pain in the ass. Still, the pup was his son, and he felt responsible. Releasing a nod, he agreed, causing Satori to smile and bow his head slightly in thanks.

Kiyoshi waved it off, turning and motioning for the boy to follow him. "Come on, pup. Let's get dinner ready before your mothers get back from the hospital and warehouse." The man didn't let his son see the smile on his lips. He'd always believed that Satori would succeed him, it was hard not to with how hard he pushed himself, but he'd always assumed it would be in several years. But, perhaps, at this rate, it would be sooner than he had initially anticipated. He was excited to see what the boy that quickly jogged to catch up to him was truly capable of.

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Re: Knowledge is Power [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:55 pm

The next day was a fairly uneventful one until it came to the point of training, and as Satori would carefully walk out onto the primary training fields with his father, one scroll from yesterday as well as several other new ones under his arm, it was clear he was pleased with this turn of events. He'd intended to stop after one more B-Rank technique yesterday, but having his father with him made this tremendously easier. It was far more likely now that he would be able to learn a few more techniques today, if nothing else, and that alone was a useful thing. Confidence coming from having a training partner was always a benefit after all, and in this case, it was from an individual he knew was more than worth his time.

Perhaps he could practice the techniques against Riku, Akemi, and Hibiki in the future as well. He had little doubt that wouldn't be effective, having them train against varying elemental effects and techniques would greatly help them as well. They both trained hard, but he knew he was more obsessed than they were, it was something he couldn't help. Riku expanded her knowledge more than her body, and Akemi struggled due to his mindset. Even Hibiki had issues due to his inferiority complex and anxiety. It would take time for all of them to properly catch up with him, and that was fine. The more help he could offer them after all, the better in the end.

For now, however, he needed to focus on what was to come. The first two techniques he wanted to practice with his father were called "Water Needle", and "Water Prison", and he knew that the later had a nasty reputation. It was a difficult technique to land, but in the same instance, if it did, it was nearly impossible to break out of unless the target had the tremendous raw strength or chakra precision striking required to break it. The technique was a potent weapon for assassinations or to break formations in battles of multiple individuals at once. For this reason, Satori wanted to start with it and as he turned to face his father he said just as much.

"I think the prison is a priority here," he explained simply, causing the man's brow to cock slightly before a snort formed from his lips. Crossing his arms over his chest in bemusement, before replying in an even tone.

"I figured as much. Alright. Go ahead then, pup.Let's see exactly what you can do with all that chakra of yours against my raw strength. If you can manage to bind me for a few minutes, we'll say you've managed to master it." With this, he would relax and wait as Satori would nod once and take a slow breath before stepping forward. His hands shifted, moving to form the snake and ox hand seals before lifting his hand up and aiming it at his fathers center of mass.

Focusing, the boy caused the water nearby to rush forward, engulfing his father in the thick liquid and trapping him. Kiyoshi's eyes slowly opened, bubbles of air passing from his lips while his gaze trailed over the orb in question, before simply lifting a hand, drawing it back, and lashing out with casual force. The raw power snapped the barrier easily, sending water splattering in all directions. Satori didn't even flinch as the water sprayed on him, and simply examined his hands a few moments briefly in thought as Kiyoshi slowly returned his arm to once more cross over his chest.

The boy was incredibly intelligent, he knew there was no point in lecturing him like he would most children on what he did wrong. As Satori had said in their last training session. "No one is harder on me than myself, father. I don't care what anyone thinks." It was something that Kiyoshi respected in his child, a feeling even he lacked. He had to admit that he didn't always push himself the way he should, and his son had inspired him to try and do better at that. But he supposed age and responsibilities tended to dull the mind and body, even with that added enthusiasm he'd petered out in the end.

Perhaps that was because, unlike Satori, he lacked real ambition by comparison. The boy held dreams, and goals that were well beyond anything he'd ever wanted, and he was determined to earn them through blood, sweat, and tears. Kiyoshi allowed a smirk to form as his son lifted his hand, and corrected the chakra control. The burst of water surrounded him, and this time when he casually lashed out, the water moved with him. Causing it to have no effect but deform the bubble a bit before it returned to its original shape. Slowly lowering his arms from his casual position, the man narrowed his eyes and lashed out with both arms.

The orb struggled but maintained. Kiyoshi's grin widened as bubbles of air slid from his lips and nose, it was much better, but still not enough. This was proven when the man lashed out with far more force, and this time, send the water exploding outward. Spraying the area and Satori once more before spitting some water he'd breath in and swallowed out, straightening as he tilted his head to examine his son.

"Better. Figure out what you're fuckin' up?" Satori nodded once in response, looking down at his hands once more.

"More chakra needs to be concentrated into the inner layer, and I need to increase the weight of the water inside to limit your mobility as well. I'll get it next time." With this statement, the boy slowly lifted his hand and Kiyoshi blinked, before a wide grin formed on his lips.

"That so? Think because you mastered a B-Rank you can just casually master C-Ranks now?" This statement was met with a shake of Satori's head, calm as ever.

"No, but this technique is basically just an altered variation of the other technique I learned that had to do with similar concepts. It's shaved off training time tremendously due to that. I'll capture you for sure this time, father. So don't hold back when I do." As Satori said this, Kiyoshi's eyes narrowed, before he slowly took a step back, and then without hesitation flashed forward to slam a fist into the boy's chest. He'd asked him not to hold back, they both knew what that actually meant.

Satori, however, simply exploded into the water, causing the man's eyes to slowly widen before he felt his son's hand on his ankle from the water beneath him. He was hiding in the water, and used henge on the liquid to throw him off, huh? Kiyoshi grinned, turning to stomp on his son's head but he knew all too well that he was going to be too slow. "Not bad, pup--!!" before he could finish, the water enveloped him.

In that instant, he was crushed by the weight of the chakra laden water. Causing him to release air in a burst from his lungs as he cursed silently, struggling against it. The boy hadn't been kidding, it was there alright, no matter how he swung strikes or smashed at the surroundings, his movements were sluggishly slow. He couldn't force his body to move properly, physical attacks had no effect. Against a normal shinobi that rarely pushed their physical strength beyond the higher athletic area, this would nullify any movements they had.

Grinding his teeth slowly, the man forced his hands together. The explosion of fire erupted from him, sending steam and water flying in all directions and Satori slid backward slowly through the water as Kiyoshi straightened, and smirked with a dry laugh.

"Pretty good, pup." He stated between spits of liquid, steam rolling off his body as he straightened slowly. Satori didn't appear surprised, he knew the weakness of the technique. Unless one could completely crush the body movement with their chakra, the target locked inside could always just use a technique to force their way out. Perhaps that was something to work on in the future, it could be an interesting tactic to ensure limited movement, even more, trapping them within until they could break out through both technique, destructive power, and limited physical mobility while suffocating.

It was food for thought in the future, but for now, he'd managed it, and with a smirk, the boy would raise his hands above his head while he focused on his father.

"Next is Water Needle. I just need to make sure I get the speed right on it since it's similar to Gunshot, I don't think I'll have too much difficulty." This statement caused a dry laugh to form from Kiyoshi's lips, before he turned and moved a bit further away, turning and nodding for the boy to go ahead and begin when he was ready. With a nod, Satori took a breath, and relaxed his body, before the next round began.

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Re: Knowledge is Power [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:39 am

The next technique was a fairly simple one, and both of them knew that. Compared to the others they had been practicing it was quite normal, a simple design of chakra focus into a single point for high-speed propulsion in order to hit a target with a fair amount of raw force piercing into the target. Though its destructive properties were a bit inferior compared to other techniques, that was the point. It was designed to create openings and whittle down an opponent, more than outright kill them with a single decisive blow. Satori straightened his body slowly, before placing his hands up and clasping them as he prepared for the seal, forming the rat while his father simply rolled his shoulders before his hide turned a dark brown across his body.

Nodding for his son to go ahead, Satori released a breath and then caused some of the nearby water to lift upward. His chakra flooding into the liquid before being propelled forward at a high speed. The low whistle of the liquid fighting against the air resistance filled the air before smashing into Kiyoshi's chest, causing the man to stagger just slightly before straightening. The rock hide had a thin crack, but nothing extensive, and he would glance up and nod. Making it clear the boy was welcome to fire as many as he needed to in order to ignore the weak points that he had just created.

At first glance, it appeared Satori had done it perfectly the first try, but the low whistle meant that the shape of the needle had been too rough. Similarly, his aim had been off due to its shape, and that combination was unacceptable in a real battle. Taking a slow breath the boy performed the rat seal once more as chakra flooded toward him, filling the water before rising up and forming a new needle. This time taking an extra moment he would carefully smooth down every bit of the needle's surface, sharpening the tip and expanding it slowly to ensure minimal wind resistance. After a few moments of this, he would then fire it once more.

This time, the whistle was non-existent, and the impact sound as Kiyoshi jerked under the force and slowly glanced down. This time, it was right over his heart, and his lip curled into a smirk. Satori mimicked the facial expression, and the same thought was on their minds: "Much better." That was all, and it was exactly that. So much so that Kiyoshi began to walk toward the boy slowly as he spoke.

"How about some active combat testing? You've increased your arsenal quite a bit. Let's see how it helps you against an opponent that's superior in every way but that." This statement caused Satori to blink before a wide grin spread across his lips as he nodded his head once. It was always enjoyable fighting his father, the difference in their strength reminded him of how far he had to go, it made sure he didn't lose sight of his surroundings, in short-- it kept him humble, and that was a key experience needed for anyone, no matter how talented, or how ambitious. The realistic thinking was required if you wanted to survive long enough for that ambition to come to fruition.

"Alright," Kiyoshi stated, rolling the middle of the word for emphasis as the man cracked his knuckles before lifting his hands up slowly. He preferred Taijutsu and Bukijutsu, that was well known to Satori, and as such the boy raised his hands upward preparing hand seals as required. For a brief moment, neither far, nor son, would move. Before the man stepped forward and launched at him, thinking he was going to try and remain on the defensive and focus on counters. Kiyoshi was wrong, however.

Satori was no fool, his father was far to fast, and far too strong for him to hope to beat the man by relying on a long battle to slowly wind him down. No, he needed far more than that if he hoped to succeed, and so, Satori waited until Kiyoshi moved once and slammed his hands together into the snake and rat seals. Kiyoshi blinked, when his fist smashed into a massive pillar of water, and then cursed as its force pushed him back. The speed of the water throwing him backward as he used chakra to land on its surface, though wobbling due to how it continued to shift underfoot. The issue being that Satori was now gone, the explosion of water having hidden the boy from view.

Lifting his nose, he tried to sniff, tracking the chakra of his son-- before he glanced down in realization, releasing a curse as he tried to leap upward a moment too late. The water exploding upward in a great blast, it was slow, but he'd been caught off-guard, and even a slow technique was quite fast compared to a body. The water smashed into his leg, and he felt the stone armor crumble around his limb. The concussive force propelled his leg upward, sending him spinning forward in the direction he'd initially tried to jump to. All the while, Satori remained underneath the rippling, chakra-heavy waves while his father landed on his hands and forced himself to his feet.

Raising his arm up he gathered his chakra, preparing to lash out and crush the water beneath him with sheer force, before he felt the water beneath him rumble once more. "Too slow, pup!" he growled, before his fist slammed downward, the chakra in his limb having amplified his striking power tremendously. The shockwave of raw wind pressure exploded forward and rippled across the surface of the water sending it spraying in every direction around them. However, as the steam cleared quickly, Kiyoshi blinked. The water technique the boy had used was definitely heading at him when he'd attacked, but it appeared to have done nothing. A clear column had been blasted into the water, and as he began to fall into it he tried to figure out what had happened.

Then, Satori burst from the wall of water that made up the sides of the column-- causing Kiyoshi's eyes to widen. It hadn't been an offensive technique, the boy had melded into the water near him in order to draw out an attack and create an opening. Now he was halfway in the massive lake-sized pool, with his sun bursting from the water. But-- "Revealing yourself and charging me head on?! You should know better, pup!" Lashing out as the boy shot toward him, his hand smashed out to collide with his son's skull. The impact was instant-- and then he was splashed with water, coated with the water clone as Kiyoshi's eyes slowly widened in surprise. Not by the water itself, but by what was inside it, an explosive tag.

The release triggered, Satori was nearby, but Kiyoshi didn't have any time to think about that as the explosion landed point-blank. The armor crumbled from his frame, as he as sent smashing into the water from the airs lack of resistance to slow his movements. Colliding with it, and floating through, he struggled to get his head on straight from the sudden change in environment. Now, within the waves, Satori quickly wove one set of seals after the other, and as Kiyoshi finally managed to straighten himself, focusing chakra to his feet to begin running up to the surface, the barrage began.

First one needle, then another, slamming into him from his left side and causing small quarter-inch holes to form on his side. A minor pain, his hide was thick, much like Satori's own. But the boy wasn't done, the force had stumbled him, and that slight hesitation, slight setback, was all the boy needed for the other technique he'd fired to catch up. The explosion of force slammed into Kiyoshi, two wild waves at once sending him flying from the water as dark bruising blossomed from his back and shoulder. Bouncing across the surface of the water before slamming into the earth of the training ground as the last of the water from his initial technique finally spread out over the area.

Satori slowly straightened, waiting for the effects of his technique to kick in and see how far he'd managed to come, before blinking as Kiyoshi grunted and slowly hauled himself to his feet. Cracking his neck and sighing as he rubbed his back and shoulder. "Not bad, pup. I actually felt those. Hell of an improvement from the last time. But still not nearly enough. You lack the ability to hit hard enough and finish a blow, and besides, I only used a basic armor technique against all that you know? How much chakra did you just expend doing all that shit?" Satori slowly lowered his hands from the neutral position, guard still up but content.

"I have to use a lot of chakra to keep up with you as it is now, father." He replied simply, and Kiyoshi nodded, waving a hand as he continued walking toward the boy slowly.

"Sure, sure. I know that, pup. But think about it this way. Let's say your chakra is ten stones, yeah? You just used say, two stones for all that and got some minor bruises for your trouble and a few pricks." He jerked a thumb at his back, stopping about ten meters from the boy. "But, if you'd used a single powerful B-Rank or higher offensive technique, you'd of used one stone of chakra, and at worst done the same amount of damage, at best you'd of done more, depending on the technique. Get it?" Satori frowned, he knew that, but he didn't have any powerful offensive technique in his arsenal, at least not of the elemental variety.

Kiyoshi grunted, "I never said it had to be only water style you know." Satori blinked, and then sighed, once more, his father had lacked the specific details. He supposed he should have known, Ryuutei don't understand moderation after all, of course, he'd meant he could use anything. That meant his chakra blast had been an option and paired with water technique and the tag, he could have indeed done quite a bit more damage to his father. How unfortunate.

"Still, you did good I guess considering. Maybe next time I'll actually use a few techniques." Grinning a bit, Kiyoshi would raise a hand and motion for the boy to come at him again. Slowly, shifting his feet, Satori would take a single step forward before dashing at his father. Despite his annoyance, a grin forming on his features, he couldn't help it. Fighting with his father was always an enjoyable experience, both due to how much he always learned, as well as just how hard his father could push him in order to evolve his abilities. He decided for the rest of the battle, despite his father's free spirit training that he would only use water style-- he wanted to see just how far he could get using it alone, and get a solid grasp on them before he continued on.

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Re: Knowledge is Power [NK, Solo]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:55 am

Satori's training with his father continued for quite a while, putting the techniques he had learned into practice felt rewarding. As if pushing himself that much father every step of the way, the more he had the more he knew he needed to train in order to properly understand how to utilize them. Not point having a large variety of weaponry if all you didn't know how to use any of them after all. The same concept applied here, and he knew that all too well.

Relaxing in his seat, Satori would place both hands on his hips after it all, staring at the sky and focusing on just trying to breathe. His father grinned, casual as ever now that it wasn't simply a battle of raw chakra. His reserves and stamina were indeed impressive, but his other physical abilities were all sub-par, perhaps it was excusable considering his age, but the boy definitely needed some more physical training to help even out his skillset a bit. Perhaps that would be the next thing he did with his son.

"Alright. That's enough for now I think." Kiyoshi stated simply, nodding toward the forest. "You still have hunting to do, and repairs for your roof to get done. Focus on your other responsibilities while you regain chakra, once you're fully recovered we can go again and spend some time on honing your physical abilities like we used too." Satori blinked and then allowed a grin to form on his lips as he nodded once in agreement. Clearly pleased with this turn of events as the boy turned and would slowly begin moving toward the forestry. Chuckling in amusement at the boy's casual acceptance to just never stop moving, Kiyoshi turned and moved toward the compound once more.

He had responsibilities to attend to as well, he was the head of the clan even if the Elder handed many things. Stepping forward, he would push the door open and enter as Satori would step into the forest, contemplating what his father had said. Training his physical abilities sounded good, but he wasn't sure what that entailed. Perhaps simple sparring using nothing but Bukijutsu and Taijutsu? That had its own sort of appeal he supposed. He hadn't really looked into either too much since he'd invented to snake stance as a short-term solution to his speed and reflexes.

Of course, Satori knew that simple and effective combat training could greatly enhance those areas of his skills, but he couldn't help wondering exactly what was going to work best for him. Were there ways to possibly enhance it? Could he, in theory at least, use other methods as well while training with his father to maximize his bodies development?

If nothing else it was worth looking into. Perhaps Akemi or Hibiki would have ideas, they tended to focus training their bodies much more than him. He'd relied primarily on fighting for his life up to this point, and though there was no denying the effectiveness of that, he also knew all too well that there had to be other methods. Training weights, perhaps?

Well, there was no point thinking too hard about it for now. He'd let his chakra return, and when his father had the time they would train just as they used too. He could always incorporate training weights and similar functions in the future, for now, this would have to do. Cracking his knuckles, Satori stepped over a root and focused on the task at hand. A nice deer sounded good for dinner, and it meant he wouldn't need to go hunting against for a day or two, giving him more time for training.

"Alright. Let's start." Satori murmured simply, leaping up onto a branch as he flexed his claws, pupils narrowing-- a hunt was a great way to take one's mind off things. Thinking too much was a problem. For now, he'd simply relax, and enjoy the hunt, and the kill that would follow.


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Re: Knowledge is Power [NK, Solo]

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