Sorethin Morvach

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Sorethin Morvach

Post by Sorethin Morvach on Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:59 am

Who are you?

Name: Sorethin Morvach
Age: 23
Birthday: 18/07
Bloodline: Byakugan
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Hetero

What can you do?

Village: Mist
Rank: Jounin
Element(s): Lightning

  • Strength: 150
  • Speed: 150
  • Endurance: 200
  • Perception: 200
  • Chakra: 310

Traits: (Can have up to 3 positive traits not from clan abilities but must have one negative for every positive trait)
Positive Traits:

Name: Power House
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait has excessively powerful chakra, and as such all damage techniques receive a +1 to their damage.

Name: Chakra Ocean
Type: Positive
Description: Someone with this trait has a naturally larger chakra pool, and has an easy time building that pool. As such they receive a passive buff of +50 to their chakra, and a 20% WC reduction to chakra training.

Name: Multi-tasker
Type: Positive
Description: The person with this trait, is gifted in the ways of being able to do multiple things at a time. As such, not only do they find it easier to track multiple opponent, or utilize multiple jutsu, but any jutsu which requires standard concentration to active, instead is only a special concentration jutsu for the user. This special concentration means they cannot use any other special concentration jutsu.

Negative Traits:

Name: Weak
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally Weak, and has a hard time building muscle. As such they receive a passive debuff of -50 to their Strength, and a +20% WC to Strength training.

Name: Specialist
Type: Negative
Description: Those with this trait focus on fewer skills, instead choosing to focus more on those that come naturally. Therefore, they can only train one specialization to Skilled instead of the usual two. Additionally, they have a 20% word count increase on training any specializations.

Name: Frail
Type: Negative
Description: Someone with this trait is naturally brittle, and has a hard time building up resistances. As such they receive a passive debuff of -50 to their Endurance, and a +20% WC to Endurance training.

Name: Medically Challenged
Type: Negative
Description: Those with that have this trait, for whatever reason, find themselves not as easy to heal. Causing a -1 to healing from all medical techniques.

What do you look like?

Height: 6’3
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair: White, down to shoulders.
Eyes: White
General appearance: Sorethin moves with a powerful stride, one that commands respect from his peers. He wears a long coat that splits into multiple pieces toward the end. A simple leather chest piece (no defensive benefit) with a large red ruby centered in the middle. He has pale skin, almost ghostly in appearance. White eyes that shine with an ethereal glow. Hair as white as snow that reaches down to his shoulders. Black boots that protect his feet from the elements. Broad shoulders that greatly hide his inherent frailty from the world. Indeed, looking at him one might get the impression of royalty. He moves with precise movements at all times, moving exactly the amount needed to do what is required and no less. He is oft times inviting, carrying a charming smile but do not be fooled. If he doesn’t have a use for you in his agenda, he’d sooner kill you and move on

Getting to know you.

Personality: Cold, Calculating, Regal, these are words that describe Sorethin to a T if one were to blindly attempt to describe him. He tends to look at people as different pieces needed to advance himself in some way or another. Oft times he’ll think of them as pawns. He isn’t afraid to kill to get what he needs, especially if he could easily get away with it. Sadistic tendencies do run through his being, often enjoying the physical suffering of those who have wronged him. He’ll of course assist those in need of it, or those who have assisted him. After all, a favor done is a favor owed yes? He is a proud man, nearly to the point of arrogance. Sometimes, even crossing that line.

That is not to say that Sorethin does not know how to behave in social settings however. Most times he is fairly amicable, even friendly. After all the less that know about his torturous thoughts the fewer problems he’ll have in life. He live by a simple creed. Those beneath you are meant to be your tools to surpass those above. He prefers not dirtying his own hands if he can help it. Often relying on others to perform the ‘dirty work’ as he calls it.

As such there are none that he considers friends. Everything he does has an ulterior motive behind it in order to advance his power and growth in the world. One day he simply wishes to obtain a position of power within the village and prove their dominance.

Likes: Sorethin likes control. Especially when he’s the one in it. He also enjoys letting out his inhibitions through either sex, or simply torturing someone slowly until the screaming stops. He doesn’t usually get to do the last one sadly. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, and eating savory foods.

Dislikes: Sorethin is a person who enjoys control. As such he greatly dislikes it when he does not have it, or has it taken away from him. He dislikes having to personally get his hands dirty in combat. Preferring to manipulate others to do it themselves. Or utilize tools to his preference. Someone killing his fun is also something he greatly despises. Being more than willing to kill anyone who stops him.
Fears/Phobia: Sorethin’s fears are very few. But significant in their own right. The idea of dying before his name is known in the world is one. Being weak is another. Death in it of itself is a fear of his. For how can lead his home to dominance if he lay six feet below the dirt?

Ideals/Motivations: Power, control, survival, these are the fundamental motivations driving Sorethin onward. He has no need for material object, save those he can use to further his own strength. Friends? Not necessary, as bonds are simply the weakest link in the chain to his eyes. He wishes to lead Kirigakure to dominance, destroying all of her enemies and taking over the known world with the village as the seat of an empire. He wants to have his name for a household name uttered in fear and reverence. Murder, bribery, torture, nothing is too low on the list for Sorethin so long as he can utilize it to help him. Allies? They can be useful, as every chess game needs it’s pawns yes? Living is obviously a requirement in these goals, as he cannot very well dominate the world at Kirigakure’s head if he doesn’t. He basest wish is power in all of it’s forms. No more, no less.

History: Born into a loving family, Sorethin was a confused child for most of his years. He just didn’t seem to enjoy anything. Sure, he did activities like any normal child would, played games, learned, etc. But he never actually seemed to enjoy himself as other kids did. Something that concerned his parents greatly. They did their best, but toward the beginning of his eighth year their lives took a turn for the worst. See, bandits came and destroyed the town they were living in. The killed everyone except for the children. Sorethin’s parents included. He watched unflinchingly as the bandits murdered them before his eyes. Their screams etching themselves into his memory forever. The young white haired boy was taken, where, he did not know. However he was lightly cared for, only enough to keep him living. It would be a shame for him to die before they could sell him after all. Young children were worth top dollar to the right buyer. They traveled for what seemed like weeks to the young Sorethin. However it had to have only been a few days until they reached their location. The young boy didn’t know where he was. He did however know that he would be staying here for a long time.

The rule was simple, no killing your opponent. They couldn’t make a profit if they kept having to buy more fighters every week. This way the folks running the show only had to buy ‘merchandise’ when they needed to ‘liven things up’ so to speak. Sorethin, being merely six at this time was forced to do grunt work, not actually fight. No, not yet anyway. He’d help drag the bodies of those too weak to move on their own from the arena floor. The dead weight of these contenders would help build up his strength to a degree. He never did however stop being a frail kid. He was however fairly quick, and he had an inner power that seemed to make his eyes shine at times. Some folks referred to this as ‘chakra’. He had never heard of this ‘chakra’ before, but he began to try to use it to his advantage. Years passed, his body grew larger, shoulders broadened and before long he was shoved into the arena for his first fight. He had been a well known face around the arena, with his powerful jaw, white eyes that seemed to stare directly into the soul of those around him. He spoke little, which meant when he did deem it necessary to speak others listened. He watched the fights for years. Watching the pain, and anguish of those around him. An energy in the air spurred him on, something deep within him stirred. The suffering of the refuse surrounding him had awoken something within him. A wicked smirk appeared on his face as he realized that for the first time in his life he enjoyed something. The suffering of others.

His respect for the owners of the establishment went up more and more as he grew. They manipulated others to fight for them. Sure, it was money, but did that not count as manipulation? They held the true power. Power he wanted dearly, power he coveted. His name grew through the arena as he fought opponent after opponent. Each time getting more and more excited at the prospect of causing his opponent to suffer. The rule was that he couldn’t kill, however the crowd paid to see what he craved. So he would deliver. His fights dragged on, always toying with his opponents. Drawing out the suffering of the poor human being they had sent his way. The crowds loved it, as did his owners. After a few more years of this he was given a great honor. A ‘promotion’ of sorts, the Wardens were effectively bouncers for the arena, the combatants put on display at key points to make sure none of the crowd got unruly. The most well known names in the arena became ‘Wardens’ for they were recognized. Each and every one of them had fought and clawed their way and now they were used to guard the place. After all, the crowds had seen what they could do. They wouldn’t dare draw their ire, now would they? More years passed, Sorethin had long since forgotten how many. But everyone around knew of the name ‘Sorethin Morvach’. He had a bit of power at his disposal, using it to manipulate fighters into being more brutal. Telling them sweet promises of becoming one of the wardens if they did such acts. As it would make their name known throughout the arena as well.

All it did was cause them to be seen as poor imitations of the original. None of them would ever become a warden by doing what he had done. For none of them could ever truly beat the original in this case. He enjoyed no longer having to get his hands dirty to cause suffering in others as well. He relished the experience and took the feeling to heart. This was what he was born for. However it would seem fate had other plans. For their arena had drawn the attention of the Shinobi. In particular, that of the Hidden Mist. They came, and ‘freed’ them. They were all given a choice. Join them, or go ‘free’. Sorethin however had long since seen the eyes of those that were hiding something. Those that chose the option to be ‘free’ would not live long enough to enjoy it. These were people who were manipulators. Maybe with them he could rise to the point of manipulating far more. Spreading the pain of reality to everyone. He joined Kirigakure happily, intending to climb the ranks and cause suffering and destruction throughout the world before forming it into an empire in his name. What better place to start than with one of the five main villages?

Face claim: Sorin Markov, Magic The Gathering

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