Recreated Merchandise[1/2 Topic, Solo]

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Recreated Merchandise[1/2 Topic, Solo]

Post by Kutari on Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:49 pm

A slight breeze overtook the scenery riddled with buildings and homes alike. The youthful village continued it’s slumbered as the night’s cry echoed throughout the empty streets, creating an unceasing maelstrom of localized silence. The dead of night took its toll on the village as the streets remained quiet, introducing the illusion which captured all animals in the form of recovering sleep. Though despite being a natural phenomenon at the mercy of our inner workings, some individuals have an issue obtaining such a necessary influence. This mercy they wish to resent and only see as an unfair crutch, due to being incapable of achieving this unconscious state normally. Some due to a biological inferiority, others due to a traumatizing past which has only conditioned them to resent sleep, being on edge for their own survival and having to do unforgivable things which leave a haunted mindset, one that would only allow them to relieve their terrible experiences in the form of dreams. This predicament has been featured in the lives of humans for centuries now, though few cases being worse than others.

Kutari Uchiha, seventeen years of age having been borned on the 9th of October, can relate entirely to this predicament to the highest of degrees. A boy once filled with happiness and joy, now embodying a heart of sadness and a gut filled with emptiness, searching for some sort of truth as he walked the face of the earth with his expressionless gaze. The trauma of his past leaving a scar upon him, one that seems as if it will never fade. As he watched over the streets of the village during the after hours of the nocturnal light, a task he was never asked to do, his tired mind asking for rest but will not deliver. Haunted by his past life endeavors, being a feeble boy amongst the hardened skin to counteract his reality, wishing for some sort of salvation accompanying joy but knowing it won’t come. He continued to travel throughout the village knowing it was too good to be true, wanting to throw away the piped up dream he had as he was hanged in defeat thanks to his self deprecating mentality. A mentality created due to his own weakness, previously stated to be his greatest strength in his own eyes, now becoming nothing more than a weakness that utterly causes him to become the walking shame he is to this day. Though the question remains of how he came to be like this. What actually makes the boy tick, what fuels the residing flame within his eyes that begs for a chance to truly shine, prophesying the act of burning down villages and forests that grew near, never tiring out as the immortal flame held no comprehension of rest. Wishing to see the same world that forsaken him burn, whilst wishing things could be different; the world to actually be kind and a happy place.

As he traversed alongside the night’s watch, he stumbled upon an isolated area of the entirety of the village he could care little for. Lacking in any particular attraction and simply having the most basic of features, it almost reminded him of his own home. Painted with an obvious nothingness with no hint of true style or care for the place, neatly taken care of as it gives off the illusion of being well kept and sound. Though Kutari knew the truth of the matter, being one of the few in the same position as this shut off resting point, so casually overlooked due to the singular access point being a sketchy alleyway. If you had the courage to even go down this crooked path, all you would find is a bench surrounded by dirt and broken pavement, a rusty railing behind the bench and steps slim steps leading up to one of the many complexes which surrounded this area. Looking up, all he could see was a glimpse of the sky, compared to the immaculate buildings which succeeded in cornering this place, cutting off all accesses of true freedom, instead showcasing a glimpse of what freedom was. Allowing those situated there to see the smallest glimpse of the moon at a certain time of night, otherwise left with the few stars which could be perceived. It was as if a cage was built to encapture whoever was unlucky enough to happen across this location. Able to see perfectly the debris brushed to the sides of the building, in hopes of giving this small bench some sort of pedestal to claim it’s superiority and purity over the other mongrel which kissed the dirt before it, finding a way to cherish this unsacred land and give it meaning. Once again, a ploy Kutari all but understood. Deciphering the hidden message in what seemed like seconds, imagining the families who tried to invoke pride amongst their children for where they lived and what all they could see from their homes window. He wondered if this place had a name, the locals cherishing it so graciously to make themselves feel if anything a tad bit better.

As Kutari escaped the clutches of this cornered beast, he could only leave with a smile across his face. A sly smirk, meant to mask all the torture he had instilled into his heart over all of his living years. Intended to remind him of the person he’s forsaken, trying to find humor in the suffering of others. The mask he was forced to wear - and even fear - in order to survive the long, grueling years of his own parade of disaster. Tragedy never taking the time to turn a blind eye to Kutari Uchiha, time and time again. His grin strengthening, as it grew with an active ferocity, the taste of gums being present in his mouth as a vice grip was mantled onto this boys oral area. The anger that lived within his skin pulsating, becoming alive as he could only think of one thing; how cruel the world truly was. The front he typically gave of mocking those who struggled or cried wouldn’t be present that night, the persona he used to live on his own terms and never by others would no longer be present. It was only him and his thoughts, thoughts he’s tried to bury for years now but it never ceases to amaze him how quickly they’ll come running back for his sanity.

It only happened in a flash, as he traveled throughout the village, somehow taking a detour and finding himself outside the village and going down a dirt road. He came up to another resting stop for people like himself, to take time to think and simmer down after walking a great distance. Though Kutari had no clue how long now he had been walking, or what he had been walking for. At times like this, the long hours after those who naturally sleep would be far off in dreamland, he would be taking the time training and getting his own fitness up. Trying to soar past the others and reach a goal that's tailored to challenge and task his mind, no longer having to think of other points of interest. Just having no task, get stronger. Though why this particular night, did he choose to deviate from this typically chore of his? A chore he loved entirely, but was beginning to grow numb to? The ideal shrine he created in his mind beginning to become dirty and ineffective, needing some sort of quick spark plug or method to jumpstart the current. Having sat himself on this resting spot, similar to the idle bench he happened across within the village, he was able to relax his inflamed muscles from the constant traveling, giving him time to relax and mentally stabilize the mind.

Looking up, the view was much different from what he could witness before. Easily pointing out the moon, and the many stars which worked together to create a wall of pure white. It’s leader being the most vigorous and noticeable out of the array of warriors to bless Kutari of its presence. Having a moment of peace, one he’s wanted for so long, a chance to relax and actually think about himself and his own thoughts. Taking off the mask and sitting with himself. The cool spring air would tickle his skin as he sat on this bench, taking in his surroundings as the mist lightly enveloped him. Adding a pinch of mysterious omen, yet comfort as the world felt still. Allowing Kutari this moment to self reflect on what caused him to be what he is to this day. The burdens he carried and the heart he wished he could still possess. Drifting away slowly, Kutari recalled the life he lived but only seven years ago.


The air was foul, embodying a mixture of must and bitterness which was amplified due to the extreme heat that bathed the skin. The sight of darkening gray metal walls, the same metallic coat being presented on the floor, the occasional thud filled with the misbehaving child who failed to properly execute the proper performance. Rows of children being mixed in ages out of a scheming act to provide a sort of “tough skin” to the captured souls of this room. A single man, old in age and mind as the white covered his eyebrows and receding hair, providing the necessary terms which correlated with expected actions to come forth. The ground was slippery and wet, the countless hours expected of the children there would cause them to be weary and tired, wishing to rest and possibly have a drink of water. One even calling out for some aid, requesting some sort of vocal communications to one of the passing adults which surrounded the unit formed flock of children falling suit, being about 30 in total.

“Sir, we’ve been practicing for hours now. Could we possibly have just a glass of water? Anything to continue our work.”

The man would stop in midst of walking, once spectating the multiple “students,” he hung his warden like hat so low to the point of his eyes being lost in a sea of darkness. A pause would come across the entirety of the room, clearly hearing the request for a break and wishing to see the result of this request. How it would be taken care of. The old man in the front stopped his chants as he was struck with a face filled with awe, a dumbfounded stare settling on the boy who asked this question. Kutari would be in the frey of this group of children, holding his position as he knew what was to happen. He’s seen it happen so many times now, even being one of the few who made such a foolish mistake. It happened every now and then, the new kid thinking he could request something from the caretakers, but in this world: such a thing was futile.

In almost a blink of an eye, the warden turned to the boy who asked such a question and delivered a strong blow to the boy’s abdomen area with a rock hard fist, the warden’s young yet violent eyes bringing a world of trouble. Though he wasn’t done, as he raised his foot as the child grabbed his stomach and cowered to the ground, adding to the pool of sweat, blood and tears beneath all the children. The warden happily allowed the boy to rest, as he planted his foot down with the force of a mammoth onto the back of the boy, pinning him to the ground as the child cried out in retaliation. Tears and blood covering his lips as he tried to squirm away from the man’s wrath, a greedful grin would sprout as the man only wanted to go on, wishing to see more pain and violence. Grabbing him by the head, he showcased his superiority to this foolish boy, looking to be around the age of 12, as he bashed the boys head onto the metallic floor again and again and again. Refusing to let up as the show continued, having the most fun for such a cruel act. The look of a crazed beast could only be seen across his face, as he allowed one final crash against the boys skull and the ground to become reality. Sinking him head first, the ground now being unbalanced as an obvious dent was left behind where the boys head was being smashed. A long silence fell upon the scene as the boy no longer cried, screamed or even tried to squirm. The warden easily manipulated his head to where his face was visible to the entirety of the group, bloodied and battered unlike anything the children could have seen. Some looked away, those being the new flock who didn’t understand the rules of the game just yet. They’ll learn soon enough, or face the same demise. Others like Kutari chose to watch with eyes filled with emptiness, their dreams and hopes all but shattered as they understood the world they lived in now. Though Kutari was still relatively new to this all, it had only been six months since he was first brought here, some going this long still wishing for some sort of out. Hoping they’ll be saved, though he was no fool. Kutari knew all he once loved and cherished was gone.

The warden would raise the lifeless body of the boy slowly, before letting him go into a freefall into the air, his body limp and falling as if finally gaining the rest he requested. Though the warden had other ideas in mind, other then this almost tranquil sight, his rage never ceasing to diminish. The boys body would suddenly be projected outwardly, spiraling crazily as it was launched to the side of the flock as the man could be seen with a now extended leg, happening so quickly. Not long before finally bashing against the metallic walls, slowly sprinkling down onto the ground, a sea of blood now decorating the wall and ground that was near.

The other wardens which surrounded the group of children began to clap, as if the main fighter had done an act of good will, taking care of the wasteful spawn which plagued the earth. Taking care of the threat to their establishment, and deserving an applause and a soon to be reward. He stood tall, bathing in the glory he just received of pummeling a boy not even half his age. Likely a third. Taking care of the waste of space that was ever present. Unknowing to some there at the time, this establishment built upon hell and pain never followed the known moral system. Instead following a self customized format, one that was twisted and sadistic in it’s own very right, aimed to give birth to more of its kind and breath in a new era of fighters for its cause. The man soon sized up the other children around him, ravishing bloody hands could be seen alongside blood splattered across his dark grey uniform. His peaceful stare built upon hatred would be seen, gentle and kind as he expected something from them. Some means of adornment. Soon, the entire room would clap, cherishing this great man for the death he created. The children, many with teary eyes and few with the face of potential, clapped as if they were proud of the same death they can go through at any moment. All it took was one moment of weakness, one plead for aid until the monsters hunted you down. They soon got back to training, as they were instructed to punch and kick and perform actions to perfect their form. Any few who failed to properly attack would be smacked across the face, the punishment only growing with more failure as the potential in the children dwindled down in the eyes of the warden. In the distant wall in front of them, behind the old man toppling 20 feet above, would be a small room granted to the visitors only, where spectators may watch. Where bets would be made and haggling to sell these enslaved children. Maybe even the true ringmaster of this entire establishment would come, Kutari having quite the personal relationship with him unlike many other children here, having been taken by him personally those six months ago. It seems he wasn’t present as Kutari looked up quickly, not watching his birthing prodigy. The next morning, Kutari and a few other children were sent to bury the boy they watched die, reminded of their own weakness and choice to not help the now deteriorating boy they once worked alongside.

This was only one of the many times Kutari witnessed death before him. Despite how gruesome the display he watched only a day before, he’s seen much worse. Torture methods he’s never even been able to comprehend, others just for the fun of it. A girl possibly training and doing the form correctly, a warden just deciding to cut her head clean off even if she did everything properly. Meant to satisfy the others and give a good laugh in. Though the children were never allowed to know why. Why would they even ask? To turn out like that boy just from before, a foolish thing to question. They had no purpose to live other then at the mercy of these captors of there's. That’s all they could do. That’s what Kutari had to comprehend at a young age of 10, going on to being 11 in a few months. This world was ruled by the strong, and death was but a number. No life truly mattered in the end, because life did go on without it. Attempting to help others would be a foolish way to die, all you could care about is yourself. Though really caring about yourself was a way to die as well, as you would try to act like the boy and ask for water, caring for your own health. No, it was necessary to wear a mask. A mask that would be worn for so long, it actually became the new face of the wearer. Kutari witnessed death many times a day, countless even. It was a common thing in this facility, intended to raise powerful monstrosities for their own amusement and financial gain. The ones people came to if they needed a strong mercenary to handle some business, killing or infiltration being one of the common request. Though children at their age wasn’t allowed to know of such things, there purpose being there. You’d wake up in a room, and be instructed to leave it and follow a man or a woman dressed in grey into despair. As if a grim reaper cheerfully devised a plan to murder you, involving long months to years of torture and psychological warfare, before you can finally rest a bit.

The children barely talked to one another, it being due to a state of fear, or simply out of hatred. Just like Kutari, not all of the kids were foolish enough to get themselves killed, holding the wits to prevail and comprehend how this new life of ferocious shackles was meant to be. They could tell clearly who the leader of this operation was, the way he dressed as if being the leader of a carnival with his flashy clothing unlike the typical mundane way of dressing. The clothes that expressed so much yet so little, as he dressed and went about living in an upbeat, cheerful sort of tempo. The question which hanged in the air would be why? Surely these wardens, whoever they may be understood why he did what he did. But the children, the life expectancy of this place being so low due to the another of youth butchered here, had to wonder why. That was the most asked question in this establishment, the second being some sort of rest. But that wasn’t allowed here, as it was clearly showcased earlier. There was no escape, just utter paranoia of when you’ll be next, and when will you get to finally rest in peace. The wish of death being high in many.

This ringmaster, having taking an interest in Kutari, caused the other children of this establishment to loathe him. Seeing him as nothing more than an inside man for the ringmaster, he was typically shunned and isolated from any sort of times the children had a chance to speak with one another, casted off whilst eating or having to stick together in groups. It wasn’t without reason of course, Kutari completely comprehending that as he did look like he was cherished too much to just be another kid for these fiends picking. Given his own separate room than the poorly constructed cell block rooms the others were forced to inhabit, filled with fungi and bewildering smells one could only regurgitate from. Fed the innermost understandings of gruel, meant to have the most necessary proteins but lacking in good texture or taste, Kutari was actually given somewhat decent food and pampered properly. Though he wasn’t the only one, as a few other children received this special treatment, being classified within a particular group by the majority of children to stay away from. Though even in this group segregation was clear, as few children talked to each other or made eye contact, only proving the fear they all had in working with one another and the uncertainty of where they were and most importantly, hope. It was hard and drastic for Kutari, sticking to himself and having no social encounters other then a shoulder bumping against his followed by a hateful scowl. Or maybe even the wardens beginning to beat on Kutari for messing some sort of idiotic training up, but then forced to stop as he was seen as one of the cherished ones by the ringmaster, which would only cost the wardens their life if he was to die. It was hell, not even allowed to finally rest by being killed. Forced to continuously train and practice without some sort of way out. He had to follow the rules of this new system, as best as he could make them out to be of course, given no pamphlet or set ruling to begin this new life of his. Giving up on all that he held dear, what he valued and saw as important in his “previous life,” he was now reborn under this property like setting as he had no way of ever getting out. This being no joke whatsoever, as he clearly recalled the day he came home from fetching wood for his family. Having escaped the Fire country and residing within the water country, making a proper home with his two loving parents. Returning only to see his door open, and entering to see his two parents on the ground, pools of blood centered around the two as they spilled towards one another. What happened next easily slipped his mind, as the horrors of being reminded of his butchered parents and the sight to behold was already enough to make the boy cry at night. The room he was given, aesthetically pleasing and looking to be filled with a distant luxury, was nothing to soothe the boys inner trauma. Ever night as he sobbed his heart out, until he could find little traces of it. Wanting to wake up to this terror filled nightmare, to the open arms of his mother and strong willed father to tell him everything will be alright. But once again, he knew and could tell easily with every waking moment, this was his reality.

It came to be a surprise as he was one day(being months after witnessing the requesting boys death) relieved of his duties to train. At least, for a short amount of time as the ringmaster granted some sort of audience with him solely. This man, wielding pale skin and black hair, gray eyes as he slyly played with a skull in his hand behind a great desk, was the reason he was here. Though as much as he wished to kill him, Kutari knew it wouldn’t end well. His own powers not being strong enough, he was weak. And even if he did somehow kill this man, then what? He would be chased down and butchered by these fiends this one man was holding them back from killing him. In a way, forced to thank him for having mercy on his life, but for what cause? A spiraling event of despair and self loathe? Hating oneself for their own weaknesses to save themselves from their own captor, forced into training for what? What was it all for. Kutari simply stood before the man as he continued to play with his skull, fiddling around with the human shaped structure as he wore a smile. This going on for a few extra moments before he settled it down on the desk, before standing up straight from his once slouching form, bringing his elbows on the desk and hands up in a unified fashion to look upon him. Kutari stood straight, an emotionless stare looking at one filled with joy. Silence preached within the room as it asked for some sort of extension, knowing soon it will be asked to leave. The man would speak quickly, excited about his new interests.

“Hello boy. Kutari, was it?”

Kutari would give no sort of information back for the man to decipher. Nothing vocal or even physical, no expression to give the man some confirmation. Did it even matter anymore? The man took this silence as a means of not retaliating against the words he just spoke, if so being he was wrong. He smiled intensely.

“You’re an interesting case Kutari, as I’m sure you know. You’re different from the typical kids around here, and I want you to know that I care deeply for you.”

Kutari almost winced. Was that some sort of joke? Him, caring for someone like Kutari? In this sort of world that he so easily enlisted Kutari within. He remembered vaguely seeing the mans face back at the cabin he once lived in. He was the reason Kutari was here, in this hell, and all he could say was that he cared for him? Kutari gritted his teeth, his own emotion coming forth as anger fueled him. He hated this man, being the reason for this place. The way he had to live, isolated and beaten. Not even knowing who he once was, forced to become like this. Seeing death again and again, smacked around and forced to watch, the wardens forcing his eyelids to stay open as one just so happened to grab a kid and twist his neck around before him. They called it “strength training.” A twisted way to describe strength, more so relentless. Stripping away the humanity one once held so dear.

The ringmaster almost jumped out of his chair at the display of Kutari’s emotions, a pure grin would come about as he was having so much fun.

“Oh Kutari, that’s what I love to see. It needs some cultivating sure, but you’ll turn out strong I’m sure of it. Hold in that anger for now little one, you’ll need it. Beside that, I have a present for you.”

Rising with a jump, he went into a small closet room to his right, as if searching for this very present Kutari somehow deserved. Was this another game to him? Some way to toy with Kutari, however he may find. Waiting with anticipation, fear creeping down his spin, Kutari would almost jump in fear as he finally emerged from the closet, the energy caused by his emotion to pop like a balloon. What the ringmaster unearthed was an interesting present for sure, though one Kutari was oddly attracted to.

Raven black in nature, the fur was rich and well kept as the yellow eyes of this beast remained feline and self absorbed, fearing its surroundings yet kindly surrendering any retaliation it perfectly could of done in hopes of escaping with its life. Its nose was pink, as the whiskers the feline had were black with white tips. One of its legs having a spiraling design of fight, surfacing halfway to the full extent of her leg, starting from the paw region. It was a beautiful cat, one that looked precious and kind with its own pizzaz. As if it carried its own swagger, almost nonchalantly loitering around the area as it rested in the catering arms of the man before him. A man of pure evil, holding such a pure and gentle animal, it was a worrisome sight. Though he spoke hastily, as if intercepting the developing thoughts of the boy.

“Her name is Sona. I want you to take care of her, she obviously didn’t have as proper of a home up until now. I hope you can take care of her, and possibly find some way to forgive me and what all has happened up until now. I don’t wish for you to hate me, but I want us to have a healthy relationship, one that we can both work alongside and benefit one another. I need you after all, you’re one of the stars.”

He would begin walking towards Kutari, as fear surfaced at the ploy that may be represented here. Wishing to step backwards, he knew the wardens that were still in the room watching would do something about going against the man's advances. Feeling as if he had no utter choice but to accept the torment and physical abuse which may come, he readied himself for the attack, knowing he was going to soon be in a world of pain and tensing. Though what happened next wasn’t as he expected, assuming the man was going to beat him and laugh in his face. Instead, it wasn’t long until the cat was now in Kutari’s arms, it purring in delight at finding a suitable person to hold it, being much more akin to its personality then this man before him. A slight smile would surface from the man, as he felt his job here was done. Kutari was shocked, to see that he was given some kind offering after being in such a place for so long, confused of when he would be deceived and told of such a thing occurring. Though the man walked back to his desk, before sitting down.

“I hope this will be the first step to our strict relationship, which I have hopes will tailor to benefit your services here. We will supply you the food and necessities of a cat, so long as you properly take care of it. Consider her to be your friend here, to help you as you won’t be alone.”

In a sudden swoop, the wardens behind him went to escort the boy out, unease on their faces as they were aware of what just happened. Its unorthodox nature leaving some sort of question of why this was taking place. For what reason could he have done such a thing, questioning the ferocity of their leader. This unusual act was however a heavens grace to Kutari. Feeling as if he had some sort of comfort, as the cat nestled between him in relaxation, he was able to feel the beast peacefully breathing in and out. Feeling the essence of this soul before him, happy and uplifting as no harm was done to it. An instant bond was forged between the two, one Kutari cherished as he no longer felt alone like he was for so long now. Escaping the neck of the woods as this possibly signaled a new leaf to be in the midst of turning.

He took care of Sona for months, when in his room given the basic needs of the cat. He wasn’t supplied any toys for Sona to enjoy, but that didn’t stop them as Kutari enjoyed every moment with this feline creature. They played, slept, and even at times would eat together, though both creatures sticking to their own race’s food. It was comforting to have such a creature in his living space, adding personal touch to the place he once resented as it felt more like a temporary home. In fact being temporary, as Kutari had no intention to stay there for long. This facility was still cruel, even if he returned to his room alive, he returned with bruises and tired eyes. Ones that Sona seemed to hope he’d recover from, even trying to help as he would lay on the ground exhausted, or injured heavily but needing to recover, she would stay by his side and never betray him. The long nights he once had were much more sound as he began to gather his own will and resilience towards the many forces around him. Finding the resolve necessary to combat whatever change may take place. He took this time in the facilities to train harder, in hopes of escaping one day, no longer seeing it as a way to live by forcing himself to go about training. At the core he loved combat and all of the opportunities life had to offer in this section, and wished to strengthen his abilities in such.

Having books to learn with the mystical aspects of what chakra was able to fully utilize, he learned the various forms of jutsu that have been discovered and documented, even trained by the wardens here. Though they typically stuck with teaching Ninjutsu, outside of Bukijutsu Kutari held a certain love for another specialty. One he found whilst researching personally in the books he could find within the study portion of this facility, it being in the form of Fuuinjutsu. The idea of creating seals that offer a plethora of different goals able to be discovered and reached was tempting to the boy. Its workings being a mysterious finding that he never learned of before, but was sure to dedicate himself in. After training in his bukijutsu abilities during the day, outdoing other combatants of his and proving himself to be a lethal close combatant, he would train during the night in his fuuinjutsu findings and the mystical arts. Ninjutsu and such were interesting sure, but Fuuinjutsu tethered him unlike anything else.

At first, his self making lessons in Fuuinjutsu were difficult. It was hard to comprehend, it being an abnormal creation and system to understand. Though he had a natural aptitude towards Bukijutsu, this mystical form of seals and the likes was odd to wrap his head around, as he typically focused more on close combat cuts and strikes. At some points he even wished to quit, the concepts being too much as he dedicated too much time and effort into his studies, rightfully needing a break. But at a certain time, given weeks after initially starting this training, he began to comprehend the teachings more and more, able to understand how it all operated as it was once difficult to batter into his brain. Seeing it from a different perspective then what the books told him, he had to formulate his own method of comprehending Fuuinjutsu, and utilizing it. First practicing with basic seals, not long after he would start to up his capabilities as he fluidly rushed through the simple sealing methods. Wishing to increase his own abilities as he went further and beyond, gaining more skill in fuuinjutsu as he refined his expertise. Even being able to create his own seals for certain purposes, it didn’t take long before he applied it into his own close combat style of fighting, able to have a weapon in one hand, and discovering the way to manipulate chakra without full hand seals, bestowing him the skill to use fuinjutsu with the other hand while still applying pressure to his opponent.

All seemed well, his positivity increasing as he dedicated himself to his studies. While others around him, now being thirteen of age, were beginning to sink into this dedication. As if some fire was sparked inside of them, burning ever so greatly due to their own dreams and ties to escape, recognizing the power system here being the only way out. Getting stronger then these wardens and people who imprisoned them, though still lacking union in their efforts. Cold amongst one another, but a seemingly inextinguishable fire being present. Though as they aged, suddenly the fires within them all dropped. As if a sudden dash of water splashed all throughout their hopes and dreams, locking away the truth of their own demise. They were trapped here, no way out outside of death. He was able to see this sudden change, the once admirable eyes of the growing boys and girls that held flames inside, now deprived as a lack of oxygen caused the flame to cease to omit its essence. It was baffling, truly, as if some force decided to take away what gave them hope in the first place, each and every one. One by one, as the flames dwindled down, until the very few would remain, one of which Kutari, frightened as he was called in to meet with the leader of this establishment. Fearing the flames state of extinguishment.

He entered the same room he had once visited before, what felt like decades ago as he wasn’t the same person he was today. Having more confidence and will to push forward, dreaming of the day of his escape. Being brought the same gift that sparked this flame to course through his veins, it a small gift but one that brought a plethora of hopes and passion. Though this room would continue to bestow the same sort of feelings he experienced what was close to a year ago, as he was weaker in physical and mental fortitude, but now much better built. The sly feeling of entering what was like a lion's den, it roaring with hostility as the predators made their way towards the prey, wishing to catch a quick meal. Looking over the poor boy as he was beginning to be prepped for the inevitable, the wardens looking at him with a sickening smile. It made Kutari recall his moments before entering the head’s room, seeing another boy his age invoked with fear and agony as he could only look towards the ground, as if petrified. He feared what was to come for him next.

He stood in the same space he was not too long ago, in front of the big desk he began to loathe at how it remained unchanged after all these years, as if saying its sight would put him back in his correct place for good. The boy becoming too wild with his hopes and dreams, needing to be put down back into his rightful place. He would see the same chair turn, as the ringmasters face would be revealed again. Nothing aging about him, it all feeling the same, as if he was stuck in an infinite limbo, unable to escape and having to consistently relive this horrible turn of events. The same sadistic smile, hidden behind a softened cushion of joy and kindness. He was not fooling anyone, the man was nothing but evil. The last encounter he gave to Kutari, he feared now something would be taken. As he watched and waited, the man spoke quickly, as if needing to catch an appointment and this being in his way. Another kid that he needed to take care of, and would do so with the least amount of comfort in mind. Though the way he phrased his words, it was curious in the fact of wondering if he was looking for something. The sly lips of his making sure to be ever present as he talked.

“It’s been awhile, Kutari. I hope you’ve missed me, I’ve surely missed you. Remember our talk not too long ago? When I gave you Sona? How I wanted you to work with me, and our relationship to deepen. Well I’m calling that favor in. The truth is, I’m quite fascinated in you Kutari, more than you may understand. What I saw that day…”

He paused for a moment, hinting at the time the two of them most of crossed paths. What caused him to be enslaved. Unknowing to Kutari, as he blacked out at the time of his parents death, he unlocked what was held deep within him and that he inherited safely, alongside all of the knowledge of the abilities he could do from his parents. But it was done in a frenzy of rage and resent, and pushed deep into the back of his mind. For this reason, as Kutari listened, he had no clue what he was talking about. The man would continue after reminiscing on such a fascinating show.

“Well, it was more than intriguing. I’ve heard quite a few stories of it, but to actually witness it all in full hand? The amount of power and capabilities it held, the feats that would be taken. It being so beneficial to have you get to the greatest pinnacle of its ability. I want to help you get stronger, you see. But I fear you don’t know what I’m talking about, the initial shock from the situation getting out of hand giving me a beautiful specimen, and a terrible situation which I must rewrite!”

With a thrust upon saying the final word, he would be able to swiftly pick up a once hidden box, and plop it onto his table. Unlatching the hinges, he was able to easily open it to display what was instead. It being a sight that Kutari found to be horrifying, the extent this man would go just to get what he wanted. Sona was in the box, now being exposed as all of its walls were torn down, though the basis still intact as it aided in shackling her down to a device. Suddenly, a katana was thrown towards Kutari’s immediate area, sliding across the floor as it hit his leg. The blade still being sheathed, but it being quite obvious what they wanted from him. Wishing to take away more and more of what Kutari held dear, breaking away the bonds Kutari possessed, for what exactly? A good laugh, maybe just to see some special trait of his? He was confused, bewildered, petrified. He didn’t understand, didn’t know how he could properly comprehend this, and get out of the situation. He needed time to think, a luxury he didn’t have as the man began to talk again.

“Say, Kutari. I hear your kekkei genkai is based upon the amount of pain you experience, the traumatizing situations you go through mentally and emotionally which leave you scathed but even more powerful. The Sharingan, yes? Please, won’t you show it to me again? You haven’t used it the entire time you’ve been here, surely you know of your own power, the extent that it’s able to be taken too? Please, oh please. I want to see the crimson coloration, but it seems it must be brought out with force, or you have to remember what all happened to you. Remember, bathe in the glory of your own pitiful existence. Suffer as you continue to hurt those closest to you, even killing them. What will you do to Sona? How will you claim the power you rightfully deserve? Will you strangle her, slice her in half, suffocate, torture, how will this all go? Show he how far you’re willing to go please, I want to enjoy this. Suffer for my amusement, for your benefit, show me the fully matured Sharingan.”

Kutari was baffled, unable to understand what all was happening. It all moving too fast. Staring down at the katana beside him, the thoughts of this man vocalized only moments ago now echoing throughout his mind, unable to fathom the extreme command. His intuition from before being true to it’s warning, wishing to help the boy before this day had come, easily seeing before the supposed gift was nothing more than a ploy to effectively undermine him, working perfectly. This man, a master at manipulating and representing the mind of others, knew Kutari would take the bait, it being too good to pass up. A loan shark handing Kutari money that he desperately needed, it being the way to pay for his own survival and mental fortitude, calling back the favor he did in tenfold. Such a simple trick, and Kutari fell for it. The boy who prided himself in wielding too much wit, it being one of the very few prides he once thought he could hold to a full light, no longer being the case as it was surely snatched away from him. More and more of his being and possessions, what was known as Kutari Uchiha, effectively stolen with no intent to return. Leaving behind a mess of a boy which would be easy to properly sculpt, it being the past for many who were present in this facility. This cruel process was nothing more then a repeated game to them, a system that he was now apart of, failing to individualize any poor soul. Kutari recalled the boy he saw only moments ago, surely having concluded to a similar terror he was now faced with. Kutari was nothing special, just another child to add to the cattle.

He would look towards his loving cat, seeing her intent to be free being represented physically as she tried to force her way out, restraining toward the latches and attempting to move, it utterly being futile as she was held captive, Kutari seemingly in control of when she was to die. He could see a sadistic smile just behind her, having it’s amber eyes pinpointed on Kutari’s location as it continued to increase with pleasure and desire to see the inevitable. The man behind the desk looking to be encased in joy, watching in anticipation to see what Kutari would do. Hoping he do what was expected of him, seeing the despair in the boy as he cut down one of the things that seemed to be of such value to him, easily taken. Displaying the weakness which hovered and stretched far within his own heart.

Kutari stood there, simply appalled. Unable to do what he was expected to do, wishing to stall as long as possible to search for a way to escape. Deciding this now to be his time to run away, or die trying. He had no other choice, if he didn’t do as such he would be dead regardless. This man knew that Kutari was surely gone from any sense of care or passion to live longer and win, it beaten out of him after so many years already filled with torture and agony. But he was sure that Kutari still had some fight in him, it not all being taken. What better way then to bestow upon him a chance to finally be happy, have some reason to live and something to truly cherish, even if its a little thing as a cat the bond surely growing, just to snatch it all away to truly clear out any and all emotions that were still afloat, while simultaneously destroying the last hope these children had. On the plus side, knowing of Kutari’s bloodline, he was hoping to see some rise in power within his eyes, Kutari understanding all too well. Taught the inner workings of his clan from his parents, they being proud members but simply wished for a better life for their son, not wanting him to fall in combat as so many others have already done so at a young age. Kutari was taught how the Sharingan worked, but forgot he had already unlocked it previously. But he knew that it awakened in those who felt pain and agony, this very man trying to recreate that in him. He refused to feed into his sadistic humor, toying with his life as he satisfied his own pleasure. Looking for an option to escape, he began looking around hastily for a means of escape.

The sight behind him was only met with a sudden drop in his gut, as the very same wardens he saw that long time ago in this room being the same few behind him, washed up faces of laughter and joy as they only cracked up harder as Kutari exposed his face to them. The blank and mundane stares they typically held being replaced with vibrant eyes and cunning mouths as they watched the ongoing show, likely wishing they had some sort of beverage or snack to go with this great entertainment. It was all a game to them, mocking Kutari as they laughed at his own suffering. What twisted people would dare choose to support such a psychotic system, how did these fiends come to be? Kutari would sure find out in time, as the wardens began to slowly walk towards him. If he wasn’t willing to get the job done, he would pay with his life likely, pressuring the boy to continue on with his expected task. The room shrinking as he was receiving tunnel vision in his sanity, his breathing expanding in repetition as he felt as if he was hyperventilating, they aimed to take away from Kutari again. Even if Kutari cut himself off from other humans and lead an isolated life, they would find alternatives to get the passion and love for another that each unbroken human comprehended, the aim in these men being to shatter the boy.

In a flurry of movements, Kutari would reach down to grasp the katana as he unsheathed the blade, it’s metal texture looking to be sharp and lethal as the steel would easily pry itself into these people around him. He instantly looked towards the men behind, waving the katana around with finesse as he had it aimed to cut them down. One already being unarmed due to tossing his weapon towards Kutari, it now working against him. Kutari’s eyes were wild, feeling as if little options were actually viable other then this one, aware that a guard was stationed outside of the door being his only way of escaping by foot, it seems this would either be the end of him or the beginning of a new life. Escaping the clutches of this malicious hell, or finding himself six feet under as he would join the many others he had buried the same way. The two wardens would stop instinctively upon seeing a drawn weapon, looks of utter shock accompanying them as it was pointed towards the two’s direction. Kutari was still aware of the man behind the desk, likely watching this breach in control before him, fully able to spree into action, though the wooden floor would likely give Kutari some cushioning in terms of time before he had to react to him behind. It being a necessity Kutari relied on as he had his back to his enemy, a foolish mistake for many, however someone trained with the composure and tact as Kutari it would be quite easy to keep up with. He would screech as he reveled in having the same blade in his hand consume the inhumane beast in front of him, recalling the many children who’ve died beside him at the hands of such merciless people. This being the time to fight back, take back what was once stolen from them in the form of their lives. Even if it meant the death of Kutari, this would be the one claim he had at freedom, reclaiming what was rightfully his to begin with and going out on his own terms, hopefully taking a few with him. Anything to decrease the manpower of these terrible beings.

“I’ll kill all of you! I’m sick of these games, held captive and forced to serve you psychotic people! I’ll laugh as I watch your shitty souls become encased in flames as I send you to hell, die!”

With that sudden roar in emotion and passion, he would begin to motion running towards the two wardens currently in front of him, one unarmed with a guard up and the other already wielding his own katana. Seeing this as close to the end of his own life, he would have the intent to obliterate the foes before him, wishing to do it with his own blade as it was his most favored method of attack. He was keeping an interest in the man behind him during his speech and even now, taking note if he heard any creek or rising from his chair, or some other method of signaling to turn and be prepared for an attack from a different direction. It was time to end all of this, at least his own suffering. Having enough and feeling as if I couldn’t get any worse, this being the greatest way to die.

This entire act was more than Sona, a mere cat he met not but a year ago. If he had decided logically and with reason, he would of offed the cat immediately and been done with the situation, wielding no emotion towards the building tension between himself and these people for so long. After all, though this animal was dear to his heart, it was simply an animal at the end of the day. However, for this very same reason, he couldn’t allow this to continue on. This was someone he considered to be a friend, his first friend in the last three years, his time up to this point simply being with his parents and others that he met before becoming imprisoned in this system. He wasn’t one to kill those who were close to him, signaling the humanity he still held within him, and expressing it to other animals and organisms throughout the world. This outburst was centered around what he was being asked to do, kill off more of his emotions and neglect the person who he once was. The one who always ran home with joy as he was able to connect once again with the typical embrace he never grew old of, his mother and father greeting him with open arms. The long hours of training which his father and even mother occasionally bestowed upon him, in hopes of being a capable warrior able to protect himself and given the proper tools to properly cultivate his abilities. The twinkle represented in one another’s eyes as they talked about their own culture, their clan which was revered with pride, and the multitude of books and information he processed in that same house for all his years, never growing old of the same exterior and neighborhood, each day having its own set of adventures which were different then the rest. Though it was all suddenly snatched away, as if so easily manipulated despite having so much background and intent put behind it’s longevity, by the same men who were currently present in this room. They took away his family, his life, even the emotions which were once held dear to him, causing an empty shell to be the only thing representing Kutari. A sad life, the first year or so being the most struggle infested to become accustomed to, as it was nothing but misery and painful, hearing the many screams and whines which haunt his dreams even to this day.

Despite it all, he was given a chance to reclaim the part of himself he had forsaken for so long, beginning to embody this new persona of himself which meant his life for cooperation. He was done cooperating, given the strength this past year to actually see what life was like truly outside of these walls, it being a snippet though the Uchiha needing no less as it empowered him, wishing to escape and finally discover his own means of living. At this point he cared little for the same few who continuously ignored and avoided him, he just wanted out. If this out would be taken through a splurge of death and evasion, so be it. He had already lost a good portion of himself already as he began to grow numb to the weight of any typical person, though these men were scum, able to be killed without a bat of the eye. It was Kutari’s purpose to end them, finish this misery and finally have a chance to grow, hopefully experiencing life’s greatness and freedom without seeing the typical mundane walls, routines, and faces which plagued this facility.

It all seemed to right, what he was fighting for. The extent he was willing to go for what he believed to be correct, his set actions going in full throttle as he sped towards the two. Grasping the katana as he could feel his heart racing, adrenaline rushing as the contact was soon to come. Seeing the two begin to tense as they knew this sort of situation would happen every now and then, any typical kid being able to be subdued and beaten. But this one was different, a black sheep as he was alone for certain reasons. Being brought in by the headmaster himself, there was a reason why even he was feared by the other children in the same fashion of recruitment, and chosen to be the master’s little treat. The way he was moulded and sharpened to be of good quality unlike the others, hoping it to be true. What lurked inside of him was hazardous to their lives, in which they both knew and willfully trained the boy to grow in strength aware that it could potentially backfire on them. He already being so far ahead, the look in his eyes screaming nothing but terror and inclining others to run as the rampant face declared war upon them, claiming their lives as the spoils of war. This warchief having lost few, a skilled opponent in tact and combat now, once nothing more than a village boy with nothing to his name or prowess. Kutari has come along far now, the potential surely being there and needing to be beaten out of him, as more would bleed outward it still brought fear upon how much was already being expressed.

His face focused and raging as he grew closer, ready to unleash his furry as he watched their moves carefully while checking his surroundings to make sure he wasn’t being ambushed, the boy’s yellow eyes would roam the room for any sense of escape. Still valuing his life, but wanting to cut these two down in the process. It seemed like such a great plan, finally having the chance to escape. Hope prevailing as he was so close to beginning this escape, a swift little fellow with a massive power behind him, able to slip between the cracks and get out in no time. That was, until he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, though it wasn’t by his own will, in fact still trying to run as he was pinned to the location he was at currently, unable to move to a different direction as if a weight was sitting graciously on his shoulder. Still in the midst of his running position, as his legs were outstretched, he’d look over his right shoulder being the center of this sudden difficulty in moving, only to find the same person that was once behind the desk now beside him, a single hand keeping him in his tracks. A sudden state of shock would fall amongst Kutari as the room began to alleviate any sound of air, the surprise being represented in the wardens present as the move happened so quickly, before an arousal of malice cornered their lips as they knew what was coming left, laughing as they doubted the situation at hand. The boy foolish enough to do such a stunt in such a room, this leader of theirs being ever powerful as an innate power surged within him. Though he never did such an act as the many other children tried such a similar stunt, stepping in for Kutari solely, it was of interests doing such an action, but futile to think any further as he was done now.

Kutari would watch similar yellow eyes of this captor of his look him over, a peaceful smile coming about him as he stared at Kutari as if he was a mouse, looking towards a clasped lion ready to have a small snack. His soft facial structure made it seem as if he posed little threat, instead admiring Kutari in all of his mystical capabilities despite showcasing a dominant power to restrain him. Not even utilizing the full extent of his strength, a single hand able to stop him dead in his tracks, as Kutari attempted to free himself from this bind by passionately fighting against the man and his overwhelming strength, to no avail as he was pinned down, unable to make any movements as his own shoulder would be holstered. Feeling an outrageous amount of pain, as the hunter began to encourage a plethora of agony as he began to grip even harder on Kutari, in response to the blatant retaliation Kutari tried to commence, it failing and instead of being set free his actions only causing him more pain. The boy could feel his own shoulder beginning to crackle down as the man felt no need to show any restraint towards him. Attempting to fight against this oppressive power as he tried shifting away from the man’s grasp in a way to throw him off balance and give the boy a second to run, seeing a glimpse of the lurking power behind the fellow, he was able to see just directly behind the black haired fellow as he looked towards the desk that was now in view. A sudden state of shock overcoming him as he saw what fighting against this twisted system would earn them, it happening so many times before, a foolish attempt for Kutari to try and do once more even though he made a point to learn from the many past mistakes of his fallen “comrades.” There, mutilated whilst dangling on the desk’s surface, was his beloved cat as a pool of blood seeped down below it, trickling down as it cling for dear life to try and negate the effects of gravity as it rested upon the desks walls. It was from there that Kutari stopped trying to resist, recognizing the foolish nature he was beginning to embody, it not being his way. This trick devised to give Kutari a last jump of hope, only to make it apparent to him that hope was unrealistic, a false tool utilized by many but held no value in the eyes of these men and women. He had fallen for the same trick that he swore to avoid succumbing to as he rushed into the fray of battle with passion, and would soon pay for it dearly.

The ringleader of this entire establishment allowed Kutari to witness this, as an attempt to symbolize the foolishness of his ways, even shifting somewhat to allow him to get a better view of what happened so quickly. Kutari never being aware the man was behind him, moving so swiftly and without sound somehow to completely pass by his senses, before holding onto him now. He would still be smiling as the psychotic exterior he once held was long gone, only replaced by a kindhearted glance as he began to restate his interests and will upon the boy.

“I really do like you, Kutari. But you’ve failed me. Unable to give me what I want and abide by my just ruling, have you forgotten the ways of your teaching? What happens if you try to resist my declaration? Even if you try, you’ll only fail miserably as you sacrifice everything you have and fight your hardest, losing all that you once cared for and still being my little puppet. I don’t like when my puppets try to get a mind of their own, and act without my approval. But it’s okay, because now I’m going to show to you what happens. Just like your sweet little mother and father, I will show to you the inner workings of hell as you dive head first into an onslaught of despair. Entertain me as long as you can, I’m sure after you leave the workshop, my puppet will be brand new and optimally working, unable to resist what I have in store for him. This is all your fault after all, everything that’s happening to you, because you’re nothing more than a weakling.”

He would speak with a whisper inside Kutari’s ear, as he tried to resist the overwhelming voice that seemed to be screaming in his ear’s entrance, it filled with might and delivering an anonymous feeling of straight terror. His words being so eloquently worded, filled with a perfection to them as they weaseled into his ears in order to be perceived properly, the utmost confidence in his words as it was obvious to him it would all come true soon enough. No matter how much Kutari tried to fight it, or tried to suppress what was coming, it would surely engulf him in the end, manipulating him in the ways similar to any puppet as that’s all he was. He would be filled with regret as the words continued to slip through his skull, hating every little aspect of life as his words grew to be weights on Kutari’s legs, pinning him down as the man began to let go during the midst of his words. It was as if his words were already beginning to send him in a lengthy illusion, his senses disoriented and filled with numbness as he watched his reality from a lens. His breathing stopping as it felt as if all the oxygen within him was expelled so quickly, replaced by nothingness as his heart beated quickly and with more intensity, little layers and fabric able to suppress such a sensation. A prolonged fear would rain above Kutari, as he repressed back within the scared boy who stuck to himself, neglecting any sort of social interactions as others shared the same intentions, crying oneself to sleep every night as the one he once knew became a distant relative, seeming to be forever lost and having no reasoning to return. That was at least, until he was given something to care for, to mould as the bond between the two were soaring higher, the boy’s best friend at the time as it was the only sense of comfort he could derive from that institute. The times shared together in a year being nice and cozy, as if nursing him back to a suitable mental state in the process of their time, gaining the courage and mental fortitude to rebel with confidence, assuming he would somehow get his way and escape. But he underestimated a plethora of things, including this single man's power, or overestimated his own. He was truly nothing, a simple weakling which was soon to be conditioned. He hated himself, hated how weak he was and unable to do anything as he began to shake in tears, streams of tears rolling down as he wished for more power, acquiring more so he can choose his own way of living and no longer by others. The same kindly perceived voice would speak one last time, the final words he heard being the last before his coming “conditioning” training, forging him into a much more proper weapon for them.

“I suppose we never have been formally introduced. You can call me Mr. Yomo. This facility will be your home for as long as I have ownership of you, which mind you is indefinite. You have no other label or character which I don’t personally bestow upon you. You will do whatever I desire, and if you don’t do as such, say kill a stupid cat to go in the right direction of what I want to see, then I will force it out of you in ways you never thought possible. So welcome Kutari, to the first true lesson that I personally will give you. Take him away, give him the treatment we’ve discussed.”

With that, he was told to leave the office, of course without his own say in the matter. He could hear the two men he once aimed to kill beginning to close in on him, walking with an idle nature as they enjoyed every inch closer to him. Looking towards this newly declared “Mr. Yomo” as he tried to make sense of what just happened entirely, unable to completely understand as he was locked in some sort of trance. His vision fuzzy and disoriented in an effective manner, though his hearing being all but clear as he was able to understand all that was once said now loitering in the air. He wanted to fight back, try to go against his oppressors before they could rightfully subdue him, but his muscles wouldn’t allow him to move. Effectively paralyzed whilst in this same trance, as if something was locking him in place, his own body not powerful enough to break free. He felt a sudden pain from his back, multiplied to new extremes as it hurt more than any other attack from such a direction had done so. Falling to the ground easily as the force felt powerful, a kick to his back as he was now scrambling to the ground, his senses still hampered but his pain indicators rising heavily. He would be on his back in moments as he was now staring into at the ceiling, as the two guards began to circle him.

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As his limbs grew numb and he was losing the strength to properly move, unable to support his own weight, at the mercy of these beast. He could barely make out the two’s sadistic grins as they began to lay into Kutari, punishing him for his outburst with their own combinations of punches and kicks to every inch of his own body, streams of blood surfacing from his body as the purpose of this beatdown was to get him to inches to death’s door. A pleasure the masses of them shared in common, beating on any living thing and causing destruction amongst anything they could get their hands on, rearranging them as they saw fit. Though this punishment wasn’t simply for fun, but with a purpose, as it served to be Kutari’s initiation into the true purpose of his presence in this facility, taken all of these beatings and trained in such a manner. His potential great but still lacking as they needed to shed more, and it seemed they had to go to extreme lengths to do so against his will, as he failed to set the quota they once had in mind. This training was necessary in order to awaken the true beast that lingered within him, while simultaneously invoking the fear they rightfully deserved to have power over his insignificant yet important lifespan.

The boy could feel each consecutive intrusion upon his skin, finding ways to beat and shatter his physical strength which was already absent, a layer of skin almost being peeled away as he felt the strength of their blows tenfold. Each hurting much longer and harder than the rest, he wondered why this suffering had to be made so gruesome, why they couldn’t simply end his life and be done with it. Unable to even look his abusers in the eyes, their faces being too distant as they wailed on him. This punishment feeling like continuous hours that he laid there unable to fight back, going insane at this pitiful display of his own abilities. Hating himself for the weakness which laid dormant in his body and mind, and how it was so easily abused, the sense of time around him becoming discombobulated during this display of attacks. It seemed days had passed when the free torture ended, the blood easily residing in the wooden floor as his pain indicators seemed to have bursted out of anymore effort to give, the pain being defined as a numb feeling on top of the typical exertion of force placed upon him. He failed to even comprehend it, his body unable to keep up with the pain and instead giving off an off-placed feeling, one he despised as it showed his own bodies weakness. Not only this, but the fact he had to be brought to such a state so easily upon these two fellows. His body rolled out and unable to move, he heard the words of the Yomo character say to take him away as much time was already wasted, Kutari confused on how the man could still be present after days of this torture happening, surely having some matters to attend to or something to do. His confusion continued on as he felt the muscles in his lower back being tickled, as he was taken away from the office, or more so dragged. He could see a blurry image as he left through the doors, of a boy close to his age being escorted by another one of these defiling wardens as a new batch entered the room, this image shaking with fear upon seeing Kutari’s limp body taken away. It was a funny thought really, becoming nothing more then another fool that would never be seen again, trying to question or fight against the orders given to them as he looked upon others in the same sense for so long. Resenting his own life as it was simply a means of endless suffering, he felt he could finally rest despite the recent beating as he only felt the scratching and scraping on his back, despite rough and sharp it being much more soothing than what he just went through earlier. Drifting off slowly but surely as his body continued to move with an even pace, able to hear the chuckling of the two men who just desecrated his body, as if pleased about the soon coming events. Kutari could only hope he’d be long dead before they could do anything else, fully willing to escape his body and frolic in the unknown abyss of death as he was sick and tired of the life he lived up to this point, it having no point whatsoever to continue on. His hopes filled to the utmost extreme as the final thought which etched itself into his mind being that of a simple death, still failing to comprehend the continuous lesson which surfaced in his pitiful attempt of a life. The likes of hoping and having dreams was futile, it being a piped up dream at the very end.

Kutari would slowly awake to the an unsettling sight, the view before him being unorthodox and unexpected. A slight shiver as he had to grow accustomed to the weather he once resided in, it being a familiar texture as it danced with his skin, though difficult to initially recognize. The sight of white would trinkle in his vision, displacing itself throughout the air as it fell towards the ground in a gentle descent. It having no real reason to quicken its space, as if it enjoyed the very passion it consistently held and shared with its brothers. The compiling layers of lush white, it being dense in many and able to support his footing slightly, though it was still the early age of this representation of winter as it was made clear what it was, the snow he typically recognized as a young boy and which brought great memories. The thought of his parents and the consistent times they shared together would suddenly surface in his mind, as if playing tricks with him, inspiring what he wanted to think to. Times of peace and relaxation, something which he took for granted as a young boy. The thin trees would be considerably large in terms of consistency as they inhabited a great portion of the area he was currently in, losing their leafs long ago as they were likely now buried underneath the snow as they took part in the typical cycle of life. The white forest beginning to look even more familiar, as he made sense of what location he was, what direction it would take to get home. This recognition sparking another wave of memories which he had forgotten for so long, due to the recent unfortunate turn of events, but they returning so quickly it almost brought a tear to his face. So much he had forgotten, lost in his time imprisoned that he cherished so closely, now flourishing before him. This being his favorite place to not only collect firewood at this time of the year, but also a place to secretly train, practicing on his own arts and passion as he stepped away from his typical training sessions, the passion he felt for combat being great. The sensations he once felt at such a young age beginning to make their way into his body, as if he was reliving each and every portion of them to their fullest. Every scratch, fault, and sense of determination to strive past his flaws, only to finally succeed at what he wished to accomplish. The sense of joy and achievement he received from those days, being great as they only spoke positivity. Compared to the days he lived now, or seemingly used to live, they were but once a distant memory now being fully replaced, a fact Kutari wasn’t one to complain about. Happy to finally enjoy something truly for once, even though he still held his love for combat as he used to, it wasn’t the same as he was expected to kill others. An act he was unable to do, and instead of fulfilling their wishes he was beaten mercilessly, but still stood strong against the onslaught as he held strong to his own beliefs.

It took him by surprise as he turned around to truly spectate the woods, that he suddenly saw his lodge cabin home in the distance. The chimney being alive as smoke whisked up and through the vents, signaling people to be home other then himself. A sense of joy would come about him as he knew of the two who were there, alongside worry as he could only recall the last moments he had of actually being present there. But still, the positives outweigh the negatives as he darted towards the direction of this cabin, completely ignoring his once passionate confusion as he was sure the cabin would be much farther away then he was currently at, as if the cabin moved closer to him or a great snippet was taken away from the distance, pushing him along to his correct destination with speed. He would arrive towards the doors in no time, taking a deep breath and large gulp as he worried about what he would expect to see on the other side. Wanting to wish away what he had in his mind currently, trying to damn it from his comprehension of what his memories served to be correct. His previous state being quite fuzzy as he barely recollected what happened moments to his awakened state, and why he seemed to have been in a trance as he opened into this resembling world of his previous life of pleasure and happiness, as he was once standing in the midst of the forest and not say lying down asleep or anything of the sort. It all coming too quickly however as he was overwhelmed with fear, the door being partially open and the door slightly forced to budge. Kutari would begin to walk towards the door, fearing what he would see on the other side, but hoping to have gotten something he waited for for so long. A state of courage surfacing over him in full throttle, he would give the door a good swing as he feasted his eyes upon the sight before him, fully expecting some horror or uncomfortable scene. Instead, he was met with the same pair of eyes he had always expected upon arriving home as he suddenly took in a great amount of air in his longs, shocked at what he found to currently be true.

“Oh Kutari, you’re back to quickly...What happened with the firewood?”

As he stared straight ahead at the door frame, seeing the flustered fireplace easily cooking the wood which currently resided in its destructive force, the boy was able to see the slightly aging medium length black hair that he grew to recognize after so long of being together. The firm yet kind eyes of a man he respected and admired, rested within a comfy chair which the man forged himself out of a surfaced hobby with the coming peace of this place. He was awkwardly turned as he tried to supply a great portion of his body with the heat of the fire as he relaxed, but also had an insistence to watch the door that made quite the noise upon being forcefully opened. His father, alive and well, looked at him with compelling yet puzzled eyes as he wished to get to the answer to his question, alongside a worrisome look due to the face Kutari showcased, as if seeing a ghost he wished to see again after so long of being apart. Suddenly, a slim woman would turn the corner which was easily evasive to the position Kutari currently stood at, a slightly larger entrance room leading into the main living room causing the blindsight of seeing the person form before being much more dominantly implemented in his vision, though the long brown hair which whisked first before her at the sudden noise would call the boy to take note quicker than expected. That corner always being a place that he had issues dealing with, typically slamming himself as he failed to watch his step, it being difficult at first to get used to and still would cause some issues at the current time of his life. She would speak softly, her beautiful yellow eyes and tanned skin reflecting with her white with light brown spottings dress. A sign of worry also being across her face as she was startled by the noise.

“What was that...Oh Kutari. You scared me honey, what’s the problem?”

The two of them would speak, their voices being perfectly in sync with what he could but remember, it being a long and distant tone he failed to properly recall, but his inner gut telling him it was no illusion. It all feeling too real, his own joy having a grasp on his vocal cords as he failed to properly expressed his own feelings with speech. The two looking so healthy just as he remembered, all the time’s they shared together and all the hardships once faced. It was all so real and powerful, a happy place he would only dream of as he began to lose recollection of the times they all once shared together. But this feeling, this had to be it. This was the real thing, though it may have been something long after his life’s end. Regardless of its origins, he knew that he was finally home where he belonged. Tears would begin to stream down his face as he was unable to hold it in any longer, his feelings flaring with incomprehensible joy as he tried to wrap his head around all that was happening, but still be able to enjoy every moment of it for what it was. He was unable to function anymore, years of torment and abuse as his own emotions were suppressed for so long, this one sight being the thing to reactivate them to one hundred percent as he was no longer alone, having no better feeling as he was finally one with his cherished family again. Even if he was dead, the boy was happy. It didn’t matter anymore, he could finally live his life as he wished it to be, without any savages to take it away. Things would be different now, this own happy wonderland that was catered to his needs. Failing to neglect it or reject its origins, fully investing himself as this was what he wanted for so long. A chance to be with those he loved once again.

The boy began to cry, a sensation that typically came due to despair or a sense of longing which he knew he could never satisfy ever again. The boy who cried himself to sleep, unable to comprehend why the world had to be so cruel taking away all in which he loved and cared for, would cry once more as he failed to create anymore tears for two young years, incapable of doing so due to finally drying out the rest of what he could deliver. His feelings becoming cold and echoing an extreme discomfort towards others. But now, the tears represented joy, a rekindling of a once defeated flame as it soared in a grand deliverance of it’s resurrection, rejoicing in this sudden recreation of itself. He somehow proved his own worth, or completed the trials of despair all throughout his time, and was finally given what he rightfully deserved. Washing himself in his own secreting liquid, it took little time until he was met with a sudden warmth and comforting effect beside him, as he raised his face once burrowed within his hands as he attempted to suppress his own emotions, a tool he incorporated into his daily ways of living. Though it seemed such a way of life wouldn’t be necessary anymore, as he surfaced from his shell to smite away his emotions, the sudden shock of feeling warmth a distant feeling but one he knew too well, it frightening him as he expected pain to come next but instead feeling a sudden carrassment of his own livelihood, as if his heart was being taken care itself, nursed back to life as it’s once shattered self was being built back together. Looking beside him, he would see his parents embracing him, both beside him as they knelt down to better hold their child who seemed to be upset, worry long gone from their face as it was now replaced with a gentle smile and a soothing tone to their demeanor and even words. Whispering words of comfort and reassurance in his current emotional state, understanding all he had been through up to his point and accepting him for who he is, wishing to banish away the feelings he once held and comprehension of what was necessary to survive, it all not mattering now as they wiped away the tears from his eyes and brought his hands down beside him, doing away the habit he created out of protection.

“You’ve done well Kutari. You tried your hardest; It’s okay now. You shouldn’t have to worry or feel terrible for something out of your hands, you can finally rest easy.”

Words of encouragement and peace came into contact with Kutari as he was suddenly hit with a means of warmth, it’s comfortable nature able to simmer him down and lax his muscles. He was truly home and needed to understand that nothing mattered any longer, he could finally relax and be with his family. The boy would begin to cry again, unable to hold back as his parents continued to embrace him, even harder now as they meant to cleanse the boy’s hardened heart. He couldn’t help it, this dream that seemed would never come true actually becoming as such, despite the unlucky life he had lived up to this point, treacherous and misleading as it sent him down a spiral similar to hell. He could finally rest easy now as they said, he had little to worry about now. It was just a dream come true, and the boy was unable to believe it. It was all so real, so passionate, so alluring. It captivating his heart as he finally was given the necessary tools to recover and live as he saw fit, this being the freedom he was so passionate about gaining. Even if it meant the death, the boy had little more to fret over.

The day went on quickly, acting as if a blur as he resided within his household, doing typical things with his parents but with more enthusiasm and care behind it all, truly diving into the life he could finally live. Never taking even a second for granted, playing games and graciously covering himself in their love for one another as they were a happy family once again. The day failed to linger for long as the night finally made its debut, bringing alongside the call for rest and the accommodating night related events which worked like clockwork. The distant moon being ever present in his bedside window as he stared off at it, snow still falling as it tried to hide the gigantic white rock but failed to properly do as such, it’s numbers not being enough. A valiant effort as they continued on the futile attempt. The outside looked so peaceful as you could see trees and branches off in the distance, covered by immaculate white and mystery as the snow would begin to take advantage of it’s numbers, creating a layer of distance unable to be properly deciphered as the eyes began to fail. It was the perfect setting, the boy underneath his warm bed sheets as he was beginning to fall asleep, his mother and father by his bedside as they watched the boy peacefully. No books or lullabies would be spoken at this typical moment of time accustomed to a child in bed and parents near, instead the intently love and compassion for each force finally reunited at last. Kutari would look at them both, taken aback by the luxury of seeing the two so close together once again, two people he loved equally to the greatest of degrees, both teaching him something valuable which held dear to his own life goals and values. A teaching which easily made its way back into his heart and set itself present, as if already etched within and just needing a bit of sweeping to once again discovered the rock that had predated history symbols and teachings. It was simply a beautiful sight as things were finally getting back to normal. A peaceful quietness elapsed in the air as the three simply stared at one another, a long silence as they bathed in each other’s happiness. Kutari began to slowly blink, each time clasping his eyelids together being longer than the rest, his own body signaling it's wishes to truly rest. He loathed the feeling as wanted to take more time to truly appreciate this moment, a time he never felt he could feel ever again, now being bestowed upon him in such a tranquil way, he wanted more of this. But alas, his body had other thoughts as the time began to quicken, his drifting off inevitable at this peaceful time of their time together. His parents, catching onto this sight, would laugh slightly as they would begin to signal the time of his sleep.

“Okay Kutari, it’s time to go to bed. We’ll see you in the morning, okay?”

His mother would say softly, awaiting some sort of approval from him as her words made their way over to his position. As they met, it would caused Kutari to be somewhat irritated, as it was a truth he didn’t want to hear being recognized. But he knew it would be true, these idle games simply causing him to drift off even quicker, her sweet tone even rocketing this process to a greater length, as he almost fell unconscious at the sound of her elegant voice before catching himself in the act, the lingering silence upon her question slightly waking him up from this trance like setting. He would nod peacefully as he smiled with joy, happy he was able to have this opportunity once again. It just being too great, too perfect. As a moment or two passed, he was given the time to further his descent into unconsciousness as the nod caused him to wake somewhat. But before he was given the time to truly fall asleep, he was awoken again, this time by a peculiar statement, one being by the same voice he heard only moments ago.

“Before you go asleep. Your father and I had a question if you care to listen…”

He was already half asleep, listening partially as he continued to slip deeper and deeper. Unable to truly understand any longer as her subtle tones continued to do him in good. It was only a moment later that a sudden intent unknowing amongst these two’s auras would startle him slightly, brustling him to properly hear in once again as the bed shifted without his consent.

“Why did you forsake us?”

An odd question, though not holding the same tone and volume as before. Having much more bloodlust and gothic vibes as they sent chills down Kutari’s spine, a complete shift in dynamic at the voice as he was suddenly startled to open his eyes. What he witnessed was truly horrifying, as he was met with undead eyes bloodshot and red, as a bloody liquid oozed down their faces and entire exterior. Their clothing drenched in blood with little columns of fabric to avoid this assault, their faces menacing and enticing hate and despair due to their own child. Questioning of why he would do such a thing as betray them, abandoning the same trust they bestowed upon him. Unable to comprehend the question alongside the sudden sight of blood and gore as their bodies were much less healthy and more gruesome, Kutari jumped out of his once comfortable position as he backed up against his headboard, trying to escape his terror. Madness seeming to consume them as they laughed with ill hearted intent, hate filling their bones and oozing out in this crimson coloration of inner spillings as their eyes wished to kill, getting back at the one who did them in. They suddenly moved with speed as they called out their own battle cry in unison, his father taking the other side of his bed suddenly as they pounced at the same time, a frightening display. What were they doing? What happened to them? How did he forsaken them? So many questions surfaced throughout his mind during this time, unable to comprehend what was going on. He closed his eyes hastily, trying to avoid everything that just happened and try to find a way to get out of this scenario, as if wishing it all away. He wanted it to stop, unaware of this sudden nightmare which took place. Clueless about the true origins of this sudden “death.”

The terrors ceasing to audibly speak in his ears, instead all he could hear was the wind. The snowstorm beginning to form as it took a much greater turn then before, no longer being peaceful as it began to make its move in earnest. Kutari was now standing in his previous position outside of the cabin, in the snow. The temperatures being much lower then before as he could feel his skin slightly burning and his bones aching for warmth, his body beginning to shiver as he tried to comprehend what happened. Able to remembered every last moment of the last few seconds before being warped back to this scene at hand on a much more catastrophic way. The trees around no longer being healthy and thin, as they began to deconstruct and die off. The snow taking the brute of the particles which would fall, branches and trees toppled over at the snowstorm and it’s coming force. He needed a place to take warmth in, desperately trying to find a logical understanding of what all just happened. As he turned, he was once again met with the same cabin he described as his home. But was it truly his home any longer? He had no clue, unable to even understand what he saw. Aware of the coming troubles and the shattering of peace, he went onward in his most vulnerable state, already beginning his healing process as the once numbed boy began to feel quite at home in an unease-like format. He got to the cabin quickly, running with quite some speed, before coming back to the same door that he could recall being in the same way only hours ago. Frightening by the ominous presence which latched to the cabin, he opened the door much more slowly, as if trying not to alarm anyone or anything as he sneaked in. Unaware of his surroundings any longer and what exactly was going on, fear being his best friend as it accompanied him with every movement. Trying to find answers.

He would find his parents, side by side, on the ground in a pool of combined blood. As he ran to their side in fear, the door closed instinctively thanks to the snowstorm which was developing tenfold. Coming to their side, he would look at them, fearing all which was going on. Unable to wrap his head around it, not sure of what to do. Trying to wake them up, or find some way of keeping them alive. He had no idea of how to heal them or even care, as so much blood was on the floor, mixing with the carpet and the ends of the chair which he remembered so well. Blood splashed around as if it was nothing more then decoration for this sort of event, coming in unorthodox places as it was clearly a playful murder. He tried to shake them as his hands began to be exposed to the blood, rummaging throughout. But he cared little for his appearance at the moment, his only worry being his parents. It was then, as he knelt down covered in blood, did his mother grasp to his clothing with quickness, frightening the boy in the already scary situation. He would try to fall backwards, but the woman had a firm grip as he was forced to stay in his place, he could see her head begin to roll backwards as he heard the many bones and ligaments popping and breaking apart. His father’s body now doing the same, in unison as the couple would try to match eyes with the boy, Kutari expecting a cry for help as they did as such, though the horrors of seeing their heads do such an inhuman function scaring the boy even more, his nightmare only beginning to truly take place. As they finished being able to move their heads in a 180 degree, faces now correlating with their backs as their bodies still faced the ground below, Kutari could see an even greater horror as he looked deep into their eye sockets, finding no eyeballs or any representation of proper sight in a human. As if gouged out with force, whoever the killer may be knew of their clan and its capabilities. Kutari learning all he could about his own clan, someone must of told them or was hunting them down. But who? Who could do such a thing.

Suddenly, as if hearing the words which wrapped around his mind, his mother speaked instinctively. Shooting down any questions or hypothesis the boy would begin to create, enlightening him upon the truth of their fate. Her voice was shouting and filled with hate, as she wished to desecrate the person who did such a thing to her and her beloved. Scourging the world as she planned to torment and kill the one who committed such crimes.

“You! How dare you return here, you’ve done enough! What a terrible son you are, you ungrateful swine. How could you do such a thing? We loved you! We gave everything to you, and you decide to take even more away from us! Haven’t you done enough? Just leave, you’ve taken all we had. How could you do such a thing...You betrayed us.”

Kutari couldn’t understand what she meant. More so, he didn’t want to understand. These instances of blacking out and arriving outside, only to then come home and see such a sight. The oddities in his memories, and unorthodox places in which he awakened. What was going on? He was feeling nothing but terror, overwhelmed by these accusations. What did she mean? How could he do such a thing? He couldn’t! Just before he tried to question her or make a sudden alibi that properly made sense. A stronger, much more bruteful voice rang through his ears, encompassing hate and a passion to kill.

“Give me back my eyes you sin! Give them back so I can watch as you bleed, I should have killed you when I had the chance long ago! You’re the one person I wish I cutted down first, you’re nothing but terror. I can’t believe after everything you’d do this, I thought you loved us...I hope you die a terrible death. Bathe in isolation and lonesome as your agonized soul clings to some way of living. I wish to see you suffer from the afterlife, die!”

Kutari’s father stepped in, providing fearsome blows to Kutari’s mental compensation, embodying crude words and terrors that he couldn’t understand. He just didn’t get it, he didn’t want to. They both sounding so convincing, so upset as their words fit him so perfectly. It couldn’t have been their own son, right? Surely they can’t see who he is, that must be it! They must be confused, as he tried to reason with them.

“Mom, Dad. It’s me, your son, Kutari-”

“We know who you are! Leave you fiend! Don’t call yourself our son! What sort of monster would do this to their own parents that only bestowed love upon you? You’re nothing to us! Just finish us off at least, get on with it, stop leaving us to be filled with pain and agony. We never raised you this way, what happened to you.”

His father’s words bit back so quickly, Kutari had little time to even say what he wanted to say. Labeling Kutari as being the culprit to this entire fiasco, Kutari didn’t understand what he meant or more so what to do. What was happening? As he rose in a stagnant manner, unable to understand, not wanting to see it as true. He felt an odd weight being burrowed inside of his pockets, alongside an alarming realization of what their words actually meant. What they were saying, and how it could all actually be true. But how? He didn’t understand, knowing full and well his parents were delusional, he couldn’t see any puncturing in their brains that could cause such a confusion. What was going on? As he went to fish out what was in his pocket, it all became too clear. The sudden feeling of a source of blood in his hands, alongside these perfectly shaped marble like items being four in total, as he got them out of his pocket and looked, they were two perfect eyeballs just resting on his hands, matching the eye colors of his two parents. A horror would come about him as he screeched in terror, unable to fathom how this was happening. How could he kill his parents?

In a sudden burst, he would hear the front door creak intensely, signalizing the sudden rust upon this door and it’s utilization by someone. As he looked upon the dark silhouette that was at the door frame, a bloodied weapon in hand, it was clear this person must be the killer. A distant tune would be played by this person as they whistled a high pitched song, as if enjoying this little hobby of his. His parents being nothing more than playthings. This person had to be them. They had to be! Though as they stepped closer into the light, their face slightly exposed, the same toned skin that he was so aware of seeing every time he looked done, alongside the same old yellow eyes he stared at in the mirror, it began to be questionable what was going on. A sudden smile as teeth were exposed would send him into a world of incomprehensible teleportation as his surroundings oozed out and moved quickly, the lighting blending with one another as he quickly shifted over back to his once again stationary position outside. Horror would instantly embody him, as he turned and began to run towards the cabin, trying to save his parents from this merciless man. Whoever he may be, though the idea of who he was crossed his mind, it was quickly suppressed due to the resemblance he chose not to recognize. Acting out of pure instinct as his stress rose, images would come across his mind. One’s of blood splattering from the ground and outwardly to the walls and such, as he was unable to see what exactly it was producing this splatter. Simply a fireplace being in the short distance away. But he had no time to even fathom it all, running along for dear life as he went to the somewhat disoriented cabin, it looking to be broken down and old. Tattered in a sense as it was recently attacked likely, a sight he recalled quite easily, but wished not to understand why.

As he neared the front door, it being tightly closed this time, he tried to budge it open but failed upon numerous occasions, trying with all his might to force it open but failing miserably. His weakness surfacing once again, unable to protect what’s most important to him, failing himself as he just allowed everything to be taken. He loathed in his own weakness as he tried to properly understand what was going on, until a sudden shriek from two separate voices came from inside the house, easily perceived through the door. It ringing through his ears, striking that same fear into him as he was curious to have what happened inside the cabin. Suddenly, almost as if that was the queue to let him in, the door unlatched and allowed him to open it freely, it still having that creaking noise and rust behind it as it opened slowly, him losing the might to continue on with this test of his own sanity and fear of what would come. As the door opened, he would see the same figure as before above the two now fully lifeless bodies of his parents as they laid there stagnant, unable to move as they lacked the competence and necessary bodily communications to do as such. Their heads severed beside one another, completely detached from their bodies as one boy stood above them, identical in height and nature. Blood everywhere, as he could see a kunai stuck on the inside facing portion of the door he just opened. Almost mimicking him, as the fireplace flames gave light upon the once hidden shadow and who it truly was. The boy wearing the same clothing as he, the same hairstyle and matching hair color, and same eyes as he turned to face Kutari with a lustful smirk, being proud of the business he just taken care of and what was to lie next.

Kutari was appalled, unable to properly speak before this imposer as he just finished off the last symbol of happiness and peace which was within his seemingly vacant heart. Lost in the methods of living as he was now once again detached and cut loose to the treacheries of life, unable to fathom how to properly return home. He looked at the same boy who matched him, in blood soaked clothing to the same outline of marbles in his pocket. He resembled him in every way, but he wasn’t the real Kutari. This imposter wasn’t true, he was a fake that just killed his parents! He was about to question this man as his bones would shake hesitantly, the imposing power this fellow showcased causing Kutari to fear him. He was not someone to be messed with, his demeanor mysterious and dangerous as he simply glared. Kutari wasn’t willing to fight him, seeing his own parents taken out and surely being taken out in a similar manner, this man ruthless and donning some incomprehensible power. Even though Kutari was upset, he couldn’t fight him, his parents being the strongest people he knew.

“And that’s exactly why you’re weak. Pathetic.”

The imposter would say, as if intending to spark something inside Kutari. But he said it with such a way of answering a statement that was vocally expressed, Kutari having no recollection of even saying a single word just yet. As if he knew what was going on in his mind, or something more. This man able to swiftfully decipher what was happening in his mind based on a plethora of different things, it causing fear to develop in Kutari as he was terrified of what else this man can do. Who was he and how did he know what was going on in his head? What is going on.

“You know. You’re the reason they’re dead, right? A product of your own incompetence, the weakling that couldn’t even open a door and save his parents, seconds too late as he simple listened from outside the door.”

The boy would continue to speak, mocking Kutari in an oppressive manner, spitting on his name and image from above a high pedestal as his words struck deeply. Kutari unable to say anything, just listen as he was shaking with fear. What was he supposed to say? He wasn’t wrong by any means, but still...He killed his mother and father! The two people he loved so deeply, he wanted to be with forever in this world. Now taken, once again by some selfish bastard who wished to impose on their happy lives. Kutari would scream with a newfound confidence, irritated as he wanted to know the truth of his actions, angered by a combination of the boy’s truth in words and his decision to kill his parents.

“Why did you do this! What’s wrong with you, they did nothing to you! Who the hell are you anyway? Why do you look like me?!”

Kutari would spew out a flurry of words with quick succession, his anger boiling and rising heavily as he expected answers. Wishing to come to a conclusion upon this chapter of his life before he commenced to fight this man, eager to avenge his parents who were deceived all up to this point, a man imposing to look like their child, he felt so terrible of the act as he despised him more.

The boy, as if unshaken by the raising voice, would simply look at him puzzled, slightly shifting his head to the side as if not understanding the question. It being as clear as day, but Kutari just failing to realize.

“You really are an idiot, huh? It’s quite obvious who I am, no? I’m you after all, we’re the same person. Did you forget what “we” did already?”

Upon finishing his sentence, suddenly Kutari was given more memories upon what may have happened that day, or array of days. Kutari suddenly shifting positions with the man who claimed to be him. A katana in hand alongside the sight of coming home to his parents from the brewing storm, only to cut them down one by one. Being ruthless in his might as they tried to fight back, recognizing the extent he was willing to go as their performances were futile, silently cutting them down and beginning to make them incapable of actually moving by mutilating their bodies, before gouging out their eyes to add to a collection that would be used later. The feeling in his body exerting a will for survival and passion to grow in strength, to become stronger than anyone ever became and wishing to go to any sort of lengths to achieve such a creation of perfect strength. Confident and sincere in their way of moving, the movements they utilized were keen and calculating, as he watched “himself” move with elegance across the makeshift battlefield, able to see more than he could ever see before. A heightened sense of awareness and speed as his parents eyes became crimson red, before being splattered with this same coloration, the eyes now being as such. A sense of pride and happiness would surface then, after being done with this all he left, just before returning after realizing he failed to finish the job fully. That was when he saw another boy in front of him, looking similar to him in every shape and form, and wishing him to damnation as he was nothing more then a weak fake.

Kutari, after recalling all of this information, was sentenced to a great amount of panic. Grabbing his head and flustering around, trying to make sense of what all he just recalled. He was aware of what Genjutsu was, but this seemed all too real. Never being in a Genjutsu before, alongside being so deeply inside this storyline, it seemed outrageous to believe this to be a Genjutsu. But then, how was this possible? What was going on? How could this be comprehended, Kutari unable to do such a thing as it failed to make any sense. He was scared, alone, horrified at what was going on.

The boy would look at him with awe, seeing that he at last recalled the supposed memories that he had forgotten about which happened so quickly. A bit at ease that he seemed to remember, he waited for Kutari to speak or make something up, but it seemed futile as he was lost in his own world of despair. At ends with his mind as he tried to wrap his head around why he killed the ones he loved so dearly. The boy looked and took advantage of this, though still sticking to the truth of his words as he cared little about sharing lies with this person, aware his control was already present in more ways than one.

“I see you recall our memories. Maybe there’s still some hope for you, even though you’re a wasteful speck of conscious at that. You see, you’re too weak to understand what it takes to truly be strong. I understand what it takes, and I’ve decided it’s for the best that I start calling the shots, I’m sick and tired of seeing your scummy self loathe around and do nothing while we’re sitting on our asses basically being others puppets.”

Kutari would suddenly spot his actions as he stared off at this boy, the word puppet making him recall more and more of what recently happened before he awakened here. Suddenly, recalled it all. Able to remember how he was carried out of the office of Mr. Yomo after succumbing to some sort of drugging, and being taken away to a place unknown. Was this his unconsciousness? What was going on.

Before he could answer, the voice of Mr. Yomo could be heard easily throughout the air, delivering tormenting words to the boy who failed to follow along properly. He would speak with purpose but with his same soft and gentle tone, trying to reason with the boy to come to the correct side. The imposter making his way closer to Kutari as the man began to speak behind the scenes.

“You see, Kutari. You want to kill me so badly, don’t you? I hope you haven’t forgotten about me, you still have so much to do with us. But I don’t need you how you are currently, you don’t need you. You’re too weak, such a level of strength would never be able to oppose me. You remember how that happened last time surely, no? You wish to see me die so badly, yet you’re too scared to even try. Needing someone to help you, or try to aimlessly run into battle and hope the outcome comes out, how foolish of you. Don’t you remember why you still live? Fighting in these sickening conditions, grasping for some means of unforeseeable hope. Don’t you remember how we met?”

Suddenly, the room shifted somewhat in a sort of gothic fashion, the furniture and illusions being brought into life here in a mystical dark aura, as if trying to designate what was once the past. Kutari could see it so clearly, his parents on the blood together dead by the feet of bandits, with Mr. Yomo nowhere to be found. Kutari would watch, it sending goosebumps as you spectacted, unable to interact with the world now around him. He would watch as his much younger self suddenly opened the already displaced door to his home, before having a face of pure horror upon seeing the corpses lying beside one another. He could remember it all, the mixed emotions of confusions and resentment of what were to come, the men in the room that suddenly became in his sight of inner rage, unknowing to them as they all cornered him. As he watched, Kutari would see his eyes suddenly change, the Sharingan being activated. Such a sight on him, one he wasn’t even aware of being present before, a lost art that was unlocked in the fit of rage and disbelief, overpowering him now as he was suddenly in the body of this young form of himself, feeling the sensation of the sharingan throughout his body. His vision being expanded to a farther horizon of perception and movement speed, able to take out his foes with a ruthless exposure as he went through the motions of restraining and killing one after the other which surrounded him. It was amazing, exhilarating truly, being able to get payback towards the ones who did such a horrid thing to his parents, the taste of true payback being so sweet to him. How could he have forgotten such a sensation? His eyes beautiful, wielding power that he never would have known real until this day, aware of his blood’s capabilities but convinced he held no ties to it, seemingly taking far beyond his years to properly showcase.

Then, Mr. Yomo came. Though as Kutari was flushed in with all which was supposed to happen next, recalling every detail and what not of how he suddenly lost consciousness after a few words the man said, Kutari wasn’t down yet. He was fully functioning and able to move, as if this was his opportunity to rewrite time. Yomo would just be staring at Kutari, smiling earnestly at the small boy. Kutari, taking it as his moment to strike, would run towards the man with a great speed as he felt confidence with these new eyes, and able to finally cut down the man who started all of his suffering. His confidence and capabilities greater then what he could ever remember, losing sight of the previous phony of himself as it was just Kutari and Yomo. Kutari running to drench his katana into the heart of Yomo, before the man disappeared out of sight, Kutari unknowing of the location this man just traveled to. Suddenly, as if on queue once again, the man began to speak throughout the air, as he somehow traveled to be behind Kutari, his voice beginning to focus now behind him as it centered on his new state of being.

“Yes! This is the boy I remember with a passion to kill unlike any other, powerful yet so much potential still stored away. Even now, you are nothing but a shell of the greatness you can truly achieve. You can’t kill me however with that level of aptitude, you only failing in the process and ending up in the same position you’ve been in for so long. You need to get stronger, so strong that you can finally lay a blow on me. But you hold yourself back, incorporated in your own sense of weakness that you fail to even soar past your initial potential cap. Maybe if you had this level of skill and determination you would of saved them, able to work alongside your parents to actually be of help.”

Kutari would continue to hear his words, now centered behind him, he would prove the voice wrong. Willing to kill the man now and end these foolish games which continued to lengthen in time. He was strong now, and would soon show him the resolve he had in mind upon this subject at hand. Swiftfully turning to follow the voice, he would aim to stab the katana into the heart section upon delivery. Utilizing his own movements and momentum into the attack to be of assistance, hoping to puncture through and begin to get payback on this man who destroyed his life so. As he moved hastily, he found his mark quickly, being able to follow through with his movements as he slammed his force into the man’s body, aiming to guide him to the ground as he now stood above him, watching the pain which locked into the yellow eyes of this man as he scoured in pain and agony. Kutari’s face was filled with joy and pleasure, able to get payback and cause a world of destruction, it being his own foolish mistake of trying to remind Kutari of his power, how strong he truly was. He began to hold the man down with a foot as he devastatingly plunged his foot into the man's gut with little strength being held back, putting all of his might and back into it so the man could feel more pain and terror as Kutari now held his life within his grasps. Catering to cause the most damage he possible clan whilst avenging his family members, he began to sadistically stab and stab into this man’s body as he created many stab wounds into the man’s frontal area, leaving little spots to be unmarked. His black robe making it even easier to do as such, as his eyes began to roll back somewhat as if finally signalizing his untimely death, Kutari would screech out.

“No no no! Please don’t die just yet! I want you to suffer so much more, I want you to be in pain for so long! Please don’t die I need to see more agony, I want you to be birthed in a continuous pitfire of hell as you try to pray for some sense of hope and safety. Please come back!”

Kutari would speak with a fiery tone, losing himself in the frey as he was completely lost, laughing and slobbering with his words as he looked at the man to be a midday snack, rejoicing in gaining ownership over his life but wanting it to continue, not seeing that it end up yet. The boy was losing himself so quickly, the running events up to this point being consistent blows to his mentality, as it crunched again and again at his comprehension until he was given no other choice but to become soaked in bloodlust. It being his only way to feel currently, his only sense of pleasure. Killing this man, not for his parents or for some sense of honor, but because he wanted to! Hating his smug face, his way of acting like some upclass gentlemen, he hated every part of him to the last cell of his interior structure. He loathed this man, wanting to kill and enjoying the time to do so. It wasn’t until he properly gave the man a look during his bloodshed that he realized who he was puncturing, ceasing to attack the corpse.

Below him was his mother, beside her his father. The two seeming to be long dead as their eyeballs were long gone. A moment of silence hit the room as the consistent sound of punctured flesh ceased to commence, the katana now sunken into his mother’s body. He couldn’t describe the sensation he was feeling. Was it hate? Disgust? A sense of pride and joy? Was it directed towards himself, his parents, this imposter, Yomo? What was he feeling? He wasn’t sure as he was slowly slipping away into a mentality he never knew could be him. Who was he anymore? So many questions as he was filled with a quest to kill, to prove his strength, for what? What side was he meant to choose, who was he meant to be. For what purpose did he exist in this world, forced how he was supposed to live his life, either in a body bag clinging to this distant idea of himself, or prevail with the new image of what power was and how to obtain it to smite down any foe who dare try to oppose and break his will. If he were to truly live on and do what he wished, be it escaped the clutches he was currently in or not, he’d have to get stronger. It was a necessary passion that needed to be fulfilled, alongside his own joys of combat and what not. If he were to have to be an empty canvas to survive, so be it. It was apparent at this point he had no other viable option, at this point in life it was either kill or be killed. Though as he looked down at his parents who taught him to oppose such oppressive natures and ways of teaching, he wondered if this was truly the way to go. A power struggle being ever present within his mind which had no clue which side to properly tilt too.

Suddenly, Kutari could hear a voice behind him, alongside an ominous presence once again. Though it didn’t seem to be Yomo any longer, as if wished away by the searching blade Kutari held in his hands. He would turn somewhat, as he heard of the same supposed imposter which was present not too long ago, Kutari now back in his current age and no longer the young boy he once was. Still having his Sharingan active however, it making sense how he came to be this way, but not fully convinced of the matter. Still, he would listen into this boy, trying to make piece of the right way to go.

“It seems we’re not so different after all, are we? It took awhile, but it seems you’ve finally began to come around. But still, what do you truly fight for? What makes you want to continue this fight, and even continue living? You’re still weak after al-”

Kutari would instinctively cut in front of the boy before him, his words being cut off as Kutari spoke swiftly as he turned to him. His confidence rising graciously as he felt the surging power in his eyes, relying on them heavily.

“I am not weak. Unlike you, who forsakened our parents, I fight for them and what we believe in. You? You’re just selfish and weak, ever walking alone.”

The boy would smirk heavily, as if Kutari’s words actually struck some sort of cord that made the boy feel something. Something of interest. He would begin laughing, taking it as nothing more than a joke, mocking Kutari in a way that was quite obvious but also a genuine laugh at his rebuttal. Wanting to figure out if this was true, his words that were being said. He would open his eyes after grabbing his stomach and chuckling heavily, relieving a much more advanced version of the Sharingan. Though not at its most pinnacle form, still being quite a ways away from what Kutari was currently. The fully matured Sharingan with the three tomoe would be present, surfacing the dominance he had over Kutari in terms of maturity and prowess in one bloodline abilities. He would grin sadistically, as Kutari looked with awe and a state of terror. Unknowing to him what he just opened up, what would truly rain terror upon him and shape him into the person he was already beginning to form into.

“Oh really? From what I see you’re pretty weak, unable to grasp to the true concept of strength because you allow your ties with others to hold you back. You’re still nothing in my eyes. I forsakened no one because I never was tied to anyone to begin with, people being nothing more than crutches with their kind little gestures and promises. You’re just like the lot of them, and until you figure out the difference you’ll always be weak, clinging to some hopeless unison of strength that’s so easily detached….Oh look, it seems you have company.”

Kutari would be shocked by his words. Words that caused him to truly think of the merit the same ideologies and philosophies taught to him long ago were of any use to him, having tried to stick with them for so long and it only causing him pain. Kutari was struggling to choose sides, but this next turn of events would surely help him as it helped his counterpart. As he informed him of what was now happening, Kutari suddenly jumped into action as he saw and felt what was going on. Jumping backwards as the bodies of his two beloved parents began to rise, unshaken by the death of the person who gave it to them. As they began to rise, their bodies were erratic as they spasmed and moved as life was breathed back within them. Though now, they actually possessed their own eyes as it seemed they somehow regained them. He tried to reason with them, as they lost their bloodstained clothes as he did his. Trying to describe the terrors they just went through and make them comprehend what the true threat was.

“Mother! Father! There’s a man posing as me trying to kill you both, I’m not sure what’s going on but we have to stick togeth-”

His words cut short as he saw the kunai already flying towards his skull, having to evade it with a sidestep in order to get out of the path with his life. The kunai plunging into the closed door behind him that he had opened so many times before now, concerned about what’s about to happen. Looking at them both, he could see the hate that resided within their eyes.

“Don’t act as if we’re a family. You are nothing to us. You let them kill us, you weakling. You could of saved us, helped us fight off those barbarous bandits. But no, good old Kutari had to be selfish and just arrive too late, too weak to run quicker or notice that something was wrong sooner. It’s all your fault, you’re the reason why this has all happened. Give us our life back, the life we so rightfully deserve! You don’t deserve it, you’re nothing but a weakling, unable to get the job done. Too fearful and gentle to actually kill! Just die! You forsakened us, because of your own weakness you couldn’t help.”

The words echoed throughout his skull, ricocheting with the various walls which housed his brain. Trying to perceive the joking tone that they must of sheltered somewhere. It felt as if their words lingered too long in the air, repeating consistently, the world at a halt for him to properly hear what all they just said. He remembered the same day his world fell apart so easily, how could he forget even now? It was something that was always present on his mind, being pushed in the back so he can worry about his own problems and issues in the moment. But this statement, as wrong as he wanted it to be, was true. Cursing himself for his own weakness, he’d listen to there words that they somehow speaked in unison. The two projecting their words at him to be bathed in, the voices that he loved so much once biw growing numb to his ears, becoming a distant irritance that he had to take care of. They continued to his complain about his lack of power, but what about him now? Stuck in this consistent hell that seems to never get better but only worst, did they even care to ask or wonder what he was going through? Wanting to help the boy that was still lost in an unknown world alone, having to fend for himself against demons all around? The scenario he recently lived through of finally returning home, this wasn't a home. The boy was 10 years old the day his parents died, he hadn’t even known of such a thing happening at the time. He was just 10, fetching wood for his parents in the food to supply the continuous fire. How did it make him feel seeing that he was utterly useless at the sight of his parents dead on the floor? Did they even care to ask? No, they were nothing more then selfish beings who wanted back a life they couldn’t even properly secure. A fact he made clear to them as he began to grow with anger and hate, resenting all of life actually. This formulating display of emotions of being not only forsaken by his parents, but the world he was forced to live in and the life he needed to continue striving in. No longer being his own, a simple prisoner forced to do the bidding of his new king.They didn’t care. He was truly alone, having to fend for himself to actually survive. Needing the strength to do as such, being weak in every aspect otherwise, and surely dying in the end. He needed more strength, more tact, more power. His anger was growing to great extents, recalling all that had happened in what felt like days now in this once loving dream then nightmare now enlightening experience. He hated everything this world had to offer, recognizing his place in truly being alone in the world.

Anyone who tried to question him or his choices would die by his hands. Those who tried to fight him or believed differently would taste his might. He hated everyone equally, they all being the reason this world was as it was. The most being his parents, his once mixed feelings filled now with nothing but utter disgust as he pictured the image of killing them and taking away what they truly loved the most. It was the blooming of something outrageous, something that wasn’t once present. A certain ferocity in their actions, only acting selfishly for their own purpose and benefit.

The awakening in his eyes came true, as they extended past their previous dormant state of three years. Now representing the fully matured sharingan, the boy who once cried tears of joy or sadness would cry no longer, it being a sign of weakness he couldn’t bare to represent or pride in himself. The only true thing of importance to him now was his will to live, otherwise there was nothing else. He had to live for his own purposes, killing any of those who dare try to question him or his choices in life. This was the only method he could properly think of given his recent events to come to a conclusion too. It was decided at that moment that he could trust little to no one, relying on himself and his own capabilities to carry out the images he had in mind in terms of success. The first of which, being to destroy these very fiends who forsaken their once child. Taking pride in stripping them of their life again while wearing the same eyes they held.

“The only one who was forsakened was me. You, who so happily claimed ownership of me, now blaming me for your own lack of competence. Your both weak, as sad as you try to squirm around it. I survived and continue to grow stronger through my various life situations, and will continue to do so. I’ll happily kill you both again and again, a hundred times if I have to. It would bring me no other sense of joy to do as such actually.”

With that small speech, he would grow his katana as he began to imagine the feeling and visuals of cutting down these two fools. Their faces angered and ready to conduct battle, it would be so easy for the three to commence their feuded interaction. Kutari’s movements coming so easily with this enhanced prowess, it being better than before as he only wished to acquire more power, becoming quicker and stronger then he had ever been before. His body moving in habits to adapt to the situations at hand as he battle the two of his parents, even with their combined strength they were still of no true hope of defeating the boy, trained for so long already being an able body far beyond their old bones. Kutari would soar and weave through the two of them as he continued to cut and slash, becoming more gruesome and lethal with his strikes and clashes as he wished to pain the human comprehension of suffering along their faces. One falling and then the other following suit slowly but surely, as he began to paint their faces read as he continuously stabbed and sliced them from behind as they were pinned to the ground, failing to let up as he made sure to use them as an example to his soon to be oppressing power. Though the sensation was once, it was invigorating as it seemed as if this continuous stabbing and killing would repeat again and again as it was instilled within his mind, refusing to let up as it knew the true meaning behind his suffering and need to grow. It being a result of his own weakness, wishing to bathe him and numb the boy from any sense of true emotions, it being a byproduct of the way he lived up to now and this newfound power, incorporating all that he learned in these short years into his life now. It was so great, killing them again and again, his vision and sensations discombobulated as all he could see and feel and hear were the gushings of their insides alongside the continuous stabbing and screaming that took place. It beautiful in its own sadistic way, this being the persona Kutari needed to inspire and live by if he wished to continue his daily living and actually see the world for what it was.

Sick and tired of this cabin by the time it was all over, he wretched out the eyeballs of the both of them as he began to walk away from the cabin. Seeing the image of a boy in the distance within the snow where he first started this entire fiasco, sure that his training was only soon to be commenced. Though he wouldn’t be the one starting it, having his own plans as he broke the chain of events that continued in rapid succession in this looping mechanism. Kutari had his own goals which needed to be taken care of, and he wasn’t there to simply be a caretaker. Coming out to be the best breed amongst the many failed attempts, it was time for his exit as he escaped the genjutsu afflicted on him with his powered eyes, his latest teacher not being strong enough to see the fine lines. His three tomoe Sharingan responsive in the real world as he awakened in a cell.




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