The First Step [Private, NK, Plot] [Land of Water to Land of Lightning]

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The First Step [Private, NK, Plot] [Land of Water to Land of Lightning]

Post by Satori Ryuutei on Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:08 pm

Accurate Image:

It was early morning, and the day that the genin were to head toward the Chunin exams, those that had been approved to go to the event in question at least. Satori slowly awoke to the brilliant light of the sun flooding his bedroom. A low rumble of annoyance filling his chest as his large hand raised to block out the light. Sadly, it was to no benefit and quickly the realization of what day it was hit him. With a slow blink, he allowed a long yawn to form on his lips, teeth gleaming in the light before his gaze lowered to the curled feline of a young woman against his chest. Barely any of her face was visible, only a fluffy ball of blue curls buried in his chest, her body taking up his side as well as one arm.

Which he couldn't feel. Damn this woman for being cute. It'd take at least ten minutes to be able to move it properly-- but he never told her no despite that. Releasing a sigh, he would lower his head to kiss her forehead gently.

"Riku-chan its morning," he murmured gently as he waited for the girl to sit up. They were to meet with Hibiki and Akemi at the gates in order to make it to the Chunin Exams together as a temporary squad with their proctor Jounin. He had little doubt he could get them there safely but that didn't mean he wanted to be late, no matter how cute she may be. Once she'd awakened enough to sit up, he would pet her head gently as always to help ease her into being awake. Briefly glancing at the marks decorating her with a smug smirk, before grunting and hauling himself up slowly.

Wearing only a simple pair of boxer briefs he stretched slowly, ignoring the slight sensation of flesh tearing from a certain woman's nails had dug into his flesh. Glancing down at the culprit in question he would rest his hands idly on his hips.

"I'll make breakfast for us and prepare our supplies for the trip. Do you want to take a bath first?" Meandering around to her side of the bed-- carefully dodging book piles and half-dried plants being pressed as he went until he got to stand in front of her, grabbing a spare towel for her as he went. There were some in there already but if she wanted to wrap up her hair she'd need it so he actually had one to dry off after her. Falling to sit on his ankles as he offered her the towel, he'd offer a gentle smile.

"Good morning, beautiful," She never heard him early in the morning anyway, it was normal to repeat it once she'd woken up a bit. Petting her blue head gently he waited for her response, knowing the others were likely awakening and getting ready to leave as well. They had a bit of an advantage, already being so close to the border of the village, but they still couldn't linger too long sadly. That's what last night had been for anyway.

Satori Ryuutei

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Re: The First Step [Private, NK, Plot] [Land of Water to Land of Lightning]

Post by Riku on Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:28 pm

Riku was warm and comfortable and most certainly not awake. The kiss on the forehead barely elicited a twitch from the sleepy teenage girl.

"Mmm," the girl mumbled in response to the news that it was morning. The only other indication that she'd heard him was the tightening of her arms around one of his, trapping the limb against her chest. The feeling of his other hand stroking her hair began to lull the young woman back to sleep.

"Mmmhmmm," Riku hummed, a sleepy, satisfied smile crawling its way across her face. The expression quickly shifted into a half scowl when the limb was extricated from her grasp. A barely intelligible grumble communicated her protest at losing her pillow.

Riku's eyes squinted open, revealing bleary, brown orbs. Her nose wrinkled a bit as she glanced around for Satori. She propped herself up on one elbow, causing her tank top to slip a bit, revealing the very top of her petite chest.

The first thing she registered was Satori in his boxers. Without really thinking, she began to crawl forward so she could latch herself onto his torso, but stopped when he mentioned something almost as tempting as her favorite person to cuddle: food and a bath.

Sitting back, the blue haired teen ran her hand through her messy hair, ruffling it. Her fingers got caught on a few tangles, drawing a slight grimace onto her lips.

Finally, Riku looked up at Satori's face and gave him a silly grin.

"Morning, Sakkun." She stood and stretched her arms above her head. "I'd like to bathe first this time, I'll need a little extra time to deal with this." Riku lifted her hand from her head, strands of blue following it, to demonstrate her need to detangle.

"Thanks, dear." She climbed up Satori --he was a few feet taller than her, now-- to give him a peck on the cheek before dropping back to the ground and taking the towel from him. She gave the other teen a saucy look before sashaying to the bathroom.


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Re: The First Step [Private, NK, Plot] [Land of Water to Land of Lightning]

Post by Hibiki on Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:33 am

After the previous night's event Hibiki wasn't feeling entirely rested, but he was feeling quite upbeat and as ready as he could be to face what was going to be coming over the next few days. He suspected Satori probably wouldn't be nervous about it or anything, perhaps that confidence could rub off so Hibiki could feel less nervous? In any event, he couldn't wait to see what lay beyond the village with his own eyes for the first time.

On the way to Satori's clan place, Hibiki snacked on a chicken stuffed rice ball. He knew the way so didn't have to look where he was going, he'd been a regular at the clan for a few years now and it almost felt like a second home to him given how welcoming everybody was to him. 

Hibiki hesitated for a second as he reached Satori's door, he wondered if he was still asleep or had company. Hibiki himself hadn't had a girlfriend yet and was starting to get curious about both sexes so the thought of Hibiki spending that sort of time with anybody made him slightly uncomfortable. Well, there was nothing that could be done in any event so Hibiki firmly knocked the door three times. He didn't want to shout who he was or anything in case he woke anybody else up, that would just be rude. He figured Satori would know who it was though, they had agreed to meet up and the smell of various foods in Hibiki's bag would give it away anyway.


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Re: The First Step [Private, NK, Plot] [Land of Water to Land of Lightning]

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