Exercising the Demon [Solo/NoKill]

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Exercising the Demon [Solo/NoKill]

Post by Zaiaku on Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:24 pm

Rather than hearing the shrill cry of a cockerel, the loud snoring of a giant teenager was instead heard in the small apartment. Luckily for him, the only other occupant of the living space was already awake. Said occupant would calmly walk towards the slumbering teen and, placing his hand on one of the giant's arms, would try to gently stir him from his sleep.

"Wake up Zaiaku. It's time to start training."

Despite the courtesy of the man, Zaiaku did not budge in the slightest. Snoring continued to reverberate about the room and, not wanting to receive another noise complaint from their neighbors, the man once again tried to awaken Zaiaku with his gentle shakes and calm voice. Again Zaiaku did not move a single muscle. Thus, with a defeated sigh, the man would snatch the blanket that masked the giant's form and make his way to his bare feet. Once there, he would simply tickle the appendage with a finger. While at first nothing happened, soon the breathing of the giant began to quicken ever so slightly before his lips parted and he began to chuckle. Which then turned into a full-on laugh, awakening him. Though Zaiaku looked at the man with nothing but confused agitation on his face, the man smiled innocently in response.

"Training day today, Zaiaku. We have to get there early unless you want gawkers."

With that the man left the room, possibly to change into his more combat-oriented attire as Zaiaku hesitantly rose from his bed, muttering quiet curses under his breath as he wiped away the grime from his eyes. Going about his morning routine in-order to start the day, Zaiaku eventually met up with the man at the door. He was waiting there for the teen.

"Do we really have this get up this early in the morning for training, Rosetsu?"
Zaiaku groaned before having a yawn escape his mouth. While he knew that training would be far easier without the crowd of genin and academy students watching them spar, he wasn't particularly fond of being woken up. Especially if he was in bed, sleeping.
Rosetsu, the giant's caretaker and trainer, simply nodded at the boy's inevitable question, and said, "We could've have gotten it over with yesterday but you kept saying how you had a headache and that it was so bad you could hardly walk straight. So, we're doing it today before anything else happens."

Saying nothing to the retort presented to him, Zaiaku simply donned his ragged cloak and opened the door, allowing Rosetsu to pass first before he did. The two leisurely walked about the streets of Kumogakure, taking advantage of the fact that so few people were up and about right at the crack of dawn. Because of this, the training grounds were void of all intelligent life once they arrived, empty as a graveyard aside from vegetation here and there, primarily trees and bushes. Having arrived at the destination, Rosetsu led the way until they found a nice, quiet area of the grounds that was flat and lacked bushes while sparcely being populated with trees. Satisfied with the little area, Rosetsu began to stretch, preparing for the physical exertion that was about to take place.

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