A Really Bad Trip[Solo]

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A Really Bad Trip[Solo]

Post by Akame on Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:38 pm

What does one do when they have nothing to do during the day? What can one do in order to satiate their needs? Do they do random challenges that hurt them or just train all day long like some sort of robot? When you're a Genin with nothing to do, do you find chores to do for another?

The answer is yes, yes to the chores, because being a Genin is similar to doing the odd jobs that the higher ranks do not wish to do. Sometimes you can test your skills in a fight, other times you can be able to explore new places locally, but primarily the duties of a Genin rarely lies outside of constantly learning and improving and also doing the chores that the others do not wish to do. These could include sweeping, wall washing, painting, cat grabbing, litter pickup, stopping harmless conflicts, washing dishes, deliveries, and the like. It very rarely rises above such things unless a situation calls for a Genin's touch or when an unexpected event occurs. It's not uncommon for bandits to attack even a decade after the war has ended just like how it's also common for nothing eventful at all to happen during a job as well.

Akame is one such Genin fulfilling such meaningless tasks, though uncomplainingly. Each sweep of the broom's bristles against the wooden floor of this small shop, sweeping up the dust and practically changing the pigment of the wood to a darker, cleaner shade. The occasional sneeze or cough from the dust lingering in the air, the overall quiet atmosphere save for the sweeping. This was but another ragtag shop containing general goods, and yet because it's not located in the main market area, normally it goes by rarely noticed by anyone. No customers would come in, heck, the owner; a friendly middle aged man, doesn't even come in half the time. The young Senju couldn't help but wonder if part of the reason why it's so scarce is primarily because of the sheer lack of an employee presence, but he'd hold his tongue. A job's a job, there's no reason to dive deeper into that unless asked.

"Acorn rolling rolling over, Acorn fell into a pond, Eel came out and said hi hello. "Hey, kid will you play with me~.."" He would chant to himself as he kept sweeping, hoping singing a nursery rhyme or two would help pass the time. Overall he was nearing completion. He has swept most of the shop up save for the area behind the counter and had dusted down the shelves as well, but still the entire ordeal was so mundane that it practically felt like he aged in the midst of actually performing his task. He hoped not, he would very much rather not spend a birthday sweeping up a shop.

The young Senju would sweep up the last of the dust. Success! It's all finished! Placing the broom against a nearby corner, the boy practically nearly ran out of the shop to go and do something else, but before he had done so he realized mid-step that he needs to receive payment. He turned his head left and right, he would go up and down the isles, and it would only be to his horror that he realized that the mundane tasks were not fully complete.

He had forgotten to organize the products.

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