Hisan'na seikatsu

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Hisan'na seikatsu

Post by Aka on Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:10 am

Name: Hisan'na seikatsu - The Tragic Life (悲惨な生活)
History: Although named, the Tragic Life is not a true bloodline, nor is it a secret technique passed along through clans. Its origins are not entirely known, but, it is a recurrence that cannot truly be called anything other than what it is - a gift and a curse. Found within orphaned children who went missing, those of the Tragic Life return to society years later. How these children survive is questioned by those who hear the stories, as each is bizarre and unnatural. They speak of hearing whispers, before finding themselves in a long dream. They know not how they were kept alive, but know that this voice that spoke to them offered them a choice: to sacrifice their very souls to avoid the suffering of a slow, lonely death, or to accept the branding of this cruel voice, and so accept the power to survive at the cost of their very lifestyle. Of course, those that return say they had accepted the offer for one reason or another. Yet rather than this supposed mark, they only ever seem to have scarring. Still, there is no denying the mysterious circumstances that surrounds such a gift... Such a curse...
Requirements: Must have Fuinjutsu as their highest ranking spec, and may not train anything higher than their Fuinjutsu's current rank. Characters of this bloodline must have noticeable scarring on at least one part of their body.
Description: The Tragic Life allows those "branded" by the Voice to produce abnormal summons. Rather than normal summons, those of the Tragic Life summon creatures that could be described as demonic, with the following as their summoning contract:


Species/Item: Demons
Location: The Realm Of The Lost
Senjutsu: N
Specs: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu, Genjutsu
Elements: Katon


[b]Species/Item:[/b] Demons
[b]Location:[/b] The Realm Of The Lost
[b]Senjutsu:[/b] N
[b]Specs:[/b] Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu, Genjutsu
[b]Elements:[/b] Katon

Furthermore, unlike normal summons, these summons do not "die" as such, as they do not truly exist outside of the Realm of the Lost, and so even when they are destroyed, they merely fade for the time being, and can be resummoned again.
Drawbacks: Because of this branding, those of this bloodline may not apply for summons outside of their own "demon" summons, not even items.

Like normal summoning contracts, it must be trained for use with a thread of 3500 words as they accept their cursed life

Once a summon has "died", while it may be resummoned, it cannot be summoned again in the same thread - demons are a bit spiteful, and so won't be used so whimsically.

Because of their curse, those of the Tragic Life have recognisable chakra - where it would appear blue, it instead appears black. This means that any technique that senses chakra gains an additional +1 to its range stat for the sake of detecting those afflicted by the Tragic Life.
Bloodline Jutsu:



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Re: Hisan'na seikatsu

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