Onward to the Exams [Land of Fire -> Land of Lightning]

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Onward to the Exams [Land of Fire -> Land of Lightning]

Post by Kyoshi on Tue May 08, 2018 10:18 am

It was time. It was finally time. After what had seemed like ages of waiting on time to pass, the day that Kyoshi Sarutobi would leave his home in order to participate in the Chuunin Exams had finally arrived. It seemed surreal. It had not been very long since he had graduated from the Academy and become an official genin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. But even so, when the opportunity had come up for him to participate in event that the entire shinobi world could witness, there was no chance he was going to turn it down. He had been working very hard to make sure he was in good shape both physically and jutsu-wise for the competition ahead, and he knew that he would probably fight against people who had been genin for a lot longer than him. But he still wanted to go and do his best.

As he folded his clothes and put them in his travel bag, all Kyoshi could think about was how strange it would be to go to another country. He had barely even lift the confines of the village in his life, expect for a few times when a mission had brought him outside of the walls. But even then, the village had always been close by, and he had always known that running a few hours would bring him back to his clan, his family, and even to the strongest ninja in the world, the Hokage. But now he was going to be in a foreign country with different polices, cultures, and shinobi that were completely different than those he had become so familiar with. All of the clans that he knew from Konoha would be scarce in the Land of Lightning, and he would have to get used to a whole different group of kekkei genkai and notable clans. It was exciting; he was going to learn so much about the rest of the ninja world. And yet, he was very nervous. He knew that the travel would be dangerous, and the exams themselves were bound to be difficult. But the young Sarutobi was ready, or at least he thought so.

As he finally finished packing the last of his equipment, Kyoshi ran down the stairs and into the kitchen of his home, giving his mother a long hug goodbye before smiling and heading out the door. His father was going to meet him at the gate and be his escort to the Village Hidden in the Clouds. It would be a good chance to get a little bit more training in before he was going to fight people form other villages. The reality of the fact that when he returned, he might even be a chuunin had not occurred to the genin yet. He knew it was a possibility, but he was not sure if he really expected it. But he would do his best.

As he finally closed the distance between himself and the gate of the village, Kyoshi stepped through them to join his father on the other side. Glancing back of his shoulder, Kyoshi took one last look at his village before facing his father again with a smile. “Alright dad. Let’s go!”

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