Jounin Exams! A Mysterious Battle!

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Jounin Exams! A Mysterious Battle! Empty Jounin Exams! A Mysterious Battle!

Post by Natsuki on Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:43 am

Jounin Exams! A Mysterious Battle! RCRf4ay

She had been told she wouldn't be allowed to wear to her headband. It seemed like an odd thing, for one to not be able to represent their nation in the Jounin Exams, but she supposed she understood it. The Jounin exams weren't like the Chunin exams. The were rarely used as a display of power between nations, and instead used much more often to physically test the capabilities of each any every participant who entered, and the message was clear. In this test, you have no allies.

The test its self she gathered was similar in a way to other Chunin exams she'd seen. The basic premise was that she had a scroll and that in order to accomplish her mission, she was to leave the arena with a second. This didn't guarantee she passed, but it looked better for her to say the least. The mission would only end after she left the arena with two scrolls, or a purple flair signaled the end of the trial. That was it. That was all of the information she'd been given. She hadn't been told numbers, and in fact all of the participants had been kept secret. She didn't know the number of people she'd be facing in there, or if there would even be another person at all. Though, Natsuki supposed that was just a part of the test. How well can assess the situation, and discover the enemies numbers? How well can you focus on the objective, and only take necessary fights. Natsuki figured even if match was a One on One competition, they're likely to throw in other obstacles and challenges such as third parties, or natural disasters. They might even try to appeal to Natsuki's human nature and see if she'll forsake her goals to save lives.

The Young Uchiha let out a small sigh as she slipped her Hitai-ate into her bag and left it hidden near the gate.  "Man these exams are scary." she said as she covered up her bag and made sure it was hidden from view. However, she wouldn't let the thought of this discourage her. She couldn't fail here. She didn't have the option. She needed to get stronger, and this was the best way for her to do it. With the thought of that in her mind, Natsuki pulled up her signature red scarf over her noise and positioned herself in front of the gate, and as the red flare went off that signaled the start of the exams she muttered to herself "I absolutely cannot fail" before she headed inside the arena.

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Jounin Exams! A Mysterious Battle! Empty Re: Jounin Exams! A Mysterious Battle!

Post by Eizō on Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:46 pm

He didn't mind any of it, the setup or the ambiguity behind it. It was almost freeing as he pushed himself across the field and felt his body lift from the ground gracefully, almost like he was diving through the air into the treeline. Despite all the changes and the severity of the situation at hand, he couldn't help but feel as if he were absolutely reliving moments of the chuunin exams and given a chance to relive it all, to change his actions and make better of his former test.

His foot crashed on a branch, the leaves shaking violently as his foot seemed to slow down and press off. The following leap was as blinding quick as he could, trying to create distance to the inside of the jungle presented before him.

They were given just a few days, only 4 in total to survive out in the wilderness and gather another scroll not of his type, his hand reached back to the pouch and pulled it forward for a second, the black fabric of the scroll with the kanji for 'hell' drawn in white. Needlessly dramatic, Tetsuji would think as he quickly put it back in his pouch and turned sharply on the branch while obfuscating the mark of his heel. Not even a minute into the exam and he consumed the air around him through his nostrils, taking in as many details of it all as he could, the smell, the sights, how bright the sun was, everything. All being used as a frame of reference for himself, knowing the time, position and direction of the sun as well. His survival instincts were as sharp as they could ever be and he'd take every advantage to avoid traps and enemy jutsu as he could. The dark thought and danger of the others lurking within the jungle as well, waiting to attack him and steal his scroll. The risk of death was incredibly high and he had to take precautions as he seemed to dash carelessly through the trees that wove thickly around each other.

The path he would draw would become obscured and obfuscated in complexity and distance, almost creating a pattern in his own mind that wouldn't be easy to piece together without mapping. Various curves matched in perpendicular length would leave Tetsuji with marks from trees, different marks for different positions. He'd create a zone of his own control and mapping nearly two full kilometers in length and another 2 kilometers in width that he would camp from.

Stopping near the center of his drawing underneath a large oak tree, he would kneel down and catch his breath quickly, it hadn't been long since he'd dashed around and carved symbols into the tree with his kunai and set up his own staging area. He felt the grass and foliage at the floor, letting his fingers feel out the information before his eyes would perceive it, the crunch of dead leaves sliding out of the way and the scratch of a loose branch. Pushed out of the way, his fingertips would wrap around the grass itself before moving his finger tips and press into the ground, soft and almost mushy. His thoughts wondered about how the ground kept moist but the above foliage was dry and nearly dead. The tree was waning and water-exhausted itself too, his palm pressed into the bark and felt things out. His eyes tracked the area around and the beams of light that shown down between the canopy above and littered across the floor. His eyes were getting a good track of the land and his ears were adjusting well to the standard sounds of the forest, various animals and critters scurrying around while the wind pushed and rustled everything else around the area.

Taking his pack off, he would count up two water jugs and two windmill shuriken he would set on the ground, his pouch had several kunai and shuriken for use, plenty more than he thought he would need and he carried his basic katana at his side. His clothing was lightweight and covered most of his body, the village's standard flak jacket as well but he left off the headband at the direction of the exam proctors. Everything was set, he would push himself off as he began to mentally prepare how he wanted to approach the exam, whether to set traps for the first two days and try to lure people to himself or whether he would seek out to spring traps of his own. So many things happening all at once as he landed on a branch above with the contents of his bag put up and restored to his person before leaping off into the forest again.

Combat details?:

-Uchiha (3 tomoe unless you wanna MS things)
-20 shuriken, 10 kunai, 2 windmill shuriken (collapsable), 1 katana
-1 black exam scroll, 2 smokebombs, 2 flash bombs, 100ft of wire

-S rank genjutsu, S rank ninjutsu, B rank bukijutsu, C rank taijutsu

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Jounin Exams! A Mysterious Battle! Empty Re: Jounin Exams! A Mysterious Battle!

Post by Kyoshi on Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:51 pm

Kyoshi held his breath as he waited in the treetop patiently. He knew that he had moved faster than most of the other participants into the wooded area of the testing grounds, and he aimed to use that to his advantage if he could. Without thinking, the young shinobi reached down and touched the scroll on his belt. The white scroll labelled with the kanji for “heaven” was still in its place, and as well it should have been. Without it, he would not be able to pass the exam and prove that he was ready to be a jounin. It felt like a formality for the most part, considering his track record on missions for the village. But even so, Kyoshi knew that the leaders of his home did not take promotions lightly, and so he would need to pass to prove he deserved the spot. He briefly closed his eyes and listened to the area around him, allowing his mind to wander to the nature energy that was flowing around him. The beginnings of his training with his clan elders was already bearing fruit, and he was willing to take any advantage he could get. The wind rolling past him carried nature chakra all around him, and thought it help nothing out of the ordinary for some time, he finally felt a trickle of enery spill past him that caught his attention.

Kyoshi’s eyes shot open, and the red haired ninja dashed in the direction that he had vaguely felt a presence but moments earlier. He could not concentrate on the flow on nature chakra around him and move at the same time; at least not yet. But the direction was a good enough start for him. The shinobi’s right hand dropped to his sword hilt briefly as he felt it, ready to be drawn any moment. He felt his other tools in the pouches on his pants, as well. But most of all, he felt his chakra flowing through him, burning to be released into the open. The sneaking around was growing tiresome, and the young man was ready to burn the forest down to complete his goal if need be. With the passion for battle granted by his bloodline welled up within him, Kyoshi dashed onward, eventually coming to a halt in the top of a tree on the edge of a clearing.

In that clearing, another shinobi, slightly older than him from what he could tell, was kneeling down and starting sorting out his equipment. It seemed that the man thought that he was far enough away from the other participants to slow down for a while. It would be his first, and only mistake of the exams. Kyoshi leaped from the tree and landed in the clearing behind the man with a soft thud and rose to his feet as the stranger turned. The blonde man looked surprised, but he did not hesitate to draw a weapon. Kyoshi did the same, pulling his sword from its sheathe with his right hand and forming a series of one handed seals with his left. Sealing script covered his palm as he finished the string, and the man charged him. Their clash of blades was fierce but short; the stranger was skilled for sure, but Kyoshi was better. All it took was for the pair to finally lock blades for a moment and Kyoshi pressed his palm into the man’s chest. The man shook violently for a moment before stepping back, his strength sealed away, albeit for a short time. Kyoshi took advantage of the moment and disarmed the man with a quick flourish and knocked him unconscious with a crack over the head with his sword hilt.

Kyoshi wasted no time searching the man’s body for a scroll and was disappointed to find another heaven scroll on his body. With a grunt, Kyoshi stood holding the scroll and closed his eyes. The white scroll ignited and burned away in an instant, and Kyoshi sprinkled the ashes onto the fallen enemy. “That’s one less contestant to worry about.” With that, the shinobi darted back into he trees.

This was going to be harder than he thought…

I have a sword and some shuriken and some fire and lightning and stuff! And just the beginnings of senjutsu training...not sure of a clan or anything. Let's see how this goes!


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Jounin Exams! A Mysterious Battle! Empty Re: Jounin Exams! A Mysterious Battle!

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