Kage Rules

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Kage Rules

Post by Cloaked Figure on Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:20 am

The Kage

The Kage (Meaning "Shadow") are the leaders of their own villages and usually the most powerful and wise ninja of the village. Now, this is not always the case and sometimes there may be other more powerful ninja within a village that can be stronger than their Kage for a variety of reasons. The only requirement to become a Kage (outside being someone that IC fits the mold of leadership) is that a person must be of Jounin level or higher from their village first (or A rank for founding Minor Villages) and be appointed by Mythos staff when an opening arises. It is important to note that IC, a Kage carries their title for life, meaning that once they accept the position there are few things to usurp them of it and they carry the title and notoriety of Kage until their deaths. Even then, 'retirement' won't save a Kage from their complete duties as they are still expected to be a symbol of the village.

There is an important distinction to note though, only the leaders of the great ninja villages are allowed for their leader to bear the actual title of Kage with Konoha having their Hokage (Leaf Shadow), Kirigakure having the Mizukage (Water Shadow), Sunagakure having the Kazekage (Wind Shadow), Iwagakure having the Tsuchikage (Earth Shadow), and Kumogakure having the Raikage (Lightning Shadow). The Minor Villages do each have their own leader but they are not called Kage directly but everything applied to the Kage here also applies to those Village Leaders as well. If a Minor Village leader earns notoriety among the greater nations they too may earn the title of Kage for their own respective village but in most cases the Major Villages keep the title among themselves.

The responsibilities of the Kage in an In-Character (IC) sense are almost insurmountable, being expected to tend to the events of the village as a figure head, sign off on various mounds of paperwork with the Kage's signature, assign missions throughout the village, tend to the general ninja of the village, provide for the village's defense, and many many more responsibilities. These activities though may be required by the site in certain events (to rally village participation or participate in defense of the village, etc...) it is mostly at the discretion of the Kage to roleplay out those duties as they see fit and for the most part are assumed to be taken care of.

Beyond that, a Kage has several responsibilities Out-of-Character (OOC) as well and tend to deal with mostly administrative things. First, it is obvious that a Kage should provide for the defense of their village granted that an IC sense is provided first. Meaning that if a Kage knows of a threat to their village (large or small threat) then they are often the first, middle, and last lines of defense depending on the severity of the threat. Furthermore, they are also responsible for having a sort of control over their Administration by creating a Requests Thread where a variety of requests will go into from their village and non-village nin (including but not limited to: Rank up Requests, Travel Requests, and Thread Requests).

Even beyond that it is the responsibility of the Kage to help create activity within their respective village, namely in their responsibility to thread with their village members (and non-members as needed) but also in creating smaller village plot events and activities and working with staff to include them in the larger site plot or just as smaller events within the village of their own standing. It is required to work with staff and get their approval on such before launching them into existence but once approved, staff will help run through the event and NPC where necessary/distribute rewards around.

The last responsibility of the Kage is to follow through on maintaining their village and constituents. The thread for a kage to go through and tally through their respective points and to post upgrades to their village will be located in each of their respective village's administration buildings and the details of that system can be found in the Village Rules. It is the responsibility of the Kage to verify the correct amount of points added on the first of each month and then to post with their point distribution (or budget) by the end of the day on the 7th of each month.


  • The position of Kage (or Village Leader) is important on site and though there aren't any specific requirements to hold the position, a high level of activity is expected by the site staff. Of course, things happen and come up and there's no requirement but extended periods of absence as a Kage can warrant the site to remove you from the position in any means necessary and appoint a new person in place. To avoid this, it is best to talk with staff about absences and to understand the responsibility along with it before accepting the hat of the Kage.
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