Puppet Rules

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Puppet Rules

Post by Cloaked Figure on Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:23 am

Puppets are, in the Shinobi World, complex weapons that are designed in various shapes and forms, designed to look and work as if their own entities. This style of fighting was first devised by Monzaemon Chikamatsu, famous as the creator of the puppet strings technique that is now wide in its use. These puppets are controlled at range using a technique known as the "puppet strings" technique, or variations of it, by those with any knowledge of the specialisation "Kugutsu" found in the Specialization Guidelines. Furthermore, there are two types of puppets: those made from materials, and those made from bodies - human puppets.

Material Puppets

The most common - and ethical - type of puppet, these are hand crafted weapons that come in shapes and sizes that the user finds to their taste. These cost ryo, as even if the user isn't buying them from the market, the materials and time would surely cost money. The main chassis of a puppet is priced as an item of its tier of quality. Meanwhile, the modifications and mechanisms of the puppet have their cost halved. The prices for item tiers are in the Item Guidelines. These types of puppets act on the stats defined by whatever puppet strings technique is used.

The amount of modifications a puppet has, as well as the tier of the modifications, depends on the quality of its chassis.

Low Quality: This tier of puppet cannot have any modifications. It's just a puppet for show, or entertainment.
Basic: This tier of puppet may have a total of two modifications of Basic quality or lower.
Decent: This tier of puppet may have a total of four modifications, with two of them being Decent quality or lower, and the other two being Basic quality.
Improved: This tier of puppet may have a total of four modifications, with two of them at up to Improved quality, and two of Decent quality or lower.
Acute: This tier of puppet may have a total of four modifications, with two of them at up to Acute quality, and two of them at Improved quality or lower.
Masterful: This tier of puppet may have a total of six modifications, with two of them at up to Masterful quality, and two of them at Acute quality or lower, while the remaining two can be at Improved quality or lower.

The chassis for a puppet, if damaged, can be repaired for the cost of an item of its rank, while modifications are fixed for half of the repair cost should they be damaged.

A puppet is applied for using the following template:

[b]Puppet Type:[/b]
[b]Abilities and Modifications:[/b]

Human Puppets

Unlike puppets made out of materials, human puppets are created by using an S rank medical technique on a deceased shinobi. This corpse must be turned into a puppet in character, with a total word count of 10,000 in order to complete the process. Human puppets retain the strength stat of the shinobi in life (as the user must pay the chakra cost of any jutsu used by the puppet, the puppets durability is the same as a Masterful tier item, and the other stats depend upon the puppet jutsu used), and hold any jutsu the user could use in life. The body must be a player character cadaver, or a plot approved NPC. However, the shinobi does not need to die in the thread the puppet is made - if this is not the case, proof must be shown of how the puppeteer got the corpse. Human puppets may have the modifications of Masterful puppets, however each one must be paid for seperately, and can be destroyed - in which case, they cost half the price of a repair for an item of their rank.

Should the character that has been turned into a puppet have a KKG, or elements that the user does not posses, the user must spend twice as much chakra to activate and maintain any jutsu from the puppet. Furthermore, the user must train with the jutsu the character knew in life in order to use it: in order to use a puppets jutsu that the user did not have themselves, the user of the puppet must "train" the jutsu themselves, done for half the word counts as found within the Jutsu Guidelines. These jutsu are then tracked under the "Abilities and Modifications" of the human puppet.
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