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Travel & Intervention Rules Empty Travel & Intervention Rules

Post by Cloaked Figure on Wed Mar 27, 2019 4:08 pm

Travel & Intervention Rules 2w9nzo6
As a citizen of the Great Ninja World, you are not expected to stay in one village for the entirety of your ninja career. On the contrary, travel can be a great way to develop a character and see new things that your character never would have seen otherwise. But travel in the ninja world is not without its risks and requirements.

A character must request permission to travel from their respective Kage. To travel without permission is the equivalent of abandoning your village, which would brand you as a criminal and your name would be added to the village’s bingo book. If you are not retrieved or killed by the village ANBU (expanded upon below). You are expected to travel to where you requested to travel to, and if any other location is traveled to, you may be branded as a traitor at the discretion of the Kage. Once the request is approved, you are free to post in the new location.

If you are travelling illegally, there are additional requirements. Illegal travel and defecting from a village requires a 500 word thread on the border of the country you are currently in that details some part of your travel. This word count cannot be used for training. The title of this thread must include your current location and the location that you are travelling to as well as a note that it is a defection thread. For example, if Kyoshi was travelling from The Land of Fire to The Land of Water, the thread title might be “The Long Road Ahead [Land of Fire to Land of Water][Illegal Travel] or something similar. There is a 12 hour window after the travel thread is closed where your thread may be invaded by village ANBU. If nobody attempts to invade the thread within 12 hours of the travel thread being closed, the travel is considered successful and you can continue to post in your new destination. Any ANBU can attempt to invade the travel thread by rolling the intervention die when they post (located on the bottom left of the posting page). For an ANBU member rolling to intervene on an illegal travel thread, there is a 60% chance of success. If the invasion is successful, the parties involved must resolve what happens, whether that means the runaway is killed, arrested or manages to escape. Each ANBU may only attempt to invade ONCE per travel thread. Please note that a ninja travelling illegally can be invaded no matter their rank.

Travel & Intervention Rules PdnreTo
Despite the fact that there are ways to control who is part of your thread (ie. Tagging it as Private or Invite Only) or to ensure that you won’t be killed in any random thread (ie. Tagging it as No Kill), a shinobi is never totally out of danger. An invasion can be attempted on any thread as long as the following criteria are met:

1. The party being invaded must be at least B-Rank.

2. The original poster of the thread must have posted at least twice.

With these conditions met, the would-be invader can roll an intervention roll much like an ANBU would in a travel thread, though in this case the success rate is only 40%. If a character wishes to enter an Open thread that is tagged as "No Kill" but also wishes to kill people, then they must make an invasion roll as well. If a thread is successfully invaded, then no matter what its conditions were before, the thread becomes Kill-Enabled. Furthermore, at that point the thread becomes "closed" meaning that anyone else wishing to join the thread must do so via an intervention roll. If the would-be invader fails their intervention roll, then they cannot make another roll for 48 hours.

Please note that when invading in this case, unless a giant explosion or similar effect has taken place, the invading character will not know what is going on right away, even if they were walking by the scene. Using meta (OOC) knowledge is highly frowned upon and a reasonable reaction to the surroundings and actions of other members of the thread is expected.
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