Death Rules

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Death Rules

Post by Cloaked Figure on Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:49 am


Death is an ever-present threat in the ninja world because of the nature of the line of work of a ninja. These threats and dangers come from a variety of places being the dangerous missions that a shinobi takes on and faces bandits, other ninja, and threats beyond that to even the general defense of their own village and nation from any and all threats. As on Mythos, we do not take death lightly on Mythos and prefer a collaborative environment between players and their adventures/battles/plots/etc... but death is still death in the end and an ever-present threat. Still though, we take some steps to lighten the load of death and severely limit the ability for a character to be instantly killed so that they may role-play out their character's death as they wish or would like to draw out to. There is one thing to note and that is that the death of a player character does not have to be final. There are some mechanics of which a player can be revived or brought back from the brink of death often times at the cost of another's life completely through jutsu or even other possibly more convoluted methods. Really, the best way to protect your player character from death are to read these rules and prepare yourself for any eventuality.

Firstly, it is a small note of the site that death is a fixated facet of a ninja. As in the Limited Rules a PC's death does not lose their access to limited techniques or abilities (in most cases) but none of the stats, jutsu, or any other form of progress made on a character carries over to any newly created character afterwards. To put it simply, death on Mythos is a 'hard death' and requires a person to start over from the ground up.

It is from this seemingly harsh rule that Mythos staff tends to discourage player deaths where it isn't absolutely necessary or wanted. As someone who might be interested in living and continuing your characters plot there a few things to note. Any persons first line of defense against being killed In-Character (IC) is to make use of the NK tag {No-kill} for threads themselves. This tag persists that anyone in the thread itself (player characters only) can not die while it persists and those people who violate this rule (trying to force death in a no-kill thread) can have their post(s) voided. Now, no-kill threads do not protect you from serious injury, only from death itself and even then, there are ways to remove a No-Kill tag from a thread, namely by having it invaded from the outside by an uninvited party (discussed in the Travel & Intervention Guidelines).

The next of line of defense is, well, all of your lines of defense. Stats, jutsu, etc... that help you combat the chance of death. These rules in no way go into detail on that entire field of play but should a player come face with death there are a few restrictions on it to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved, and to hopefully give the player a chance for a satisfying ending to their character.

The largest point to note is that death should not be instant by these rules as there are far fewer ways to kill a person instantly and won't be listed out here for obvious reasons. If there is any disagreement about a characters death then a staff member can be consulted and their word is absolutely final regardless of topic (if a wound would kill a person, how much time they have to live, etc...) Only the most extreme cases will kill a person instantly and otherwise there is a standard amount of time that passes for each form of damage to kill a person of its own accord as listed below:

  • Bleeding: An average cut (an inch or two in depth) will take 7 posts to cause a ninja to die from bleeding out if the wound is left untreated. Internal bleeding acts a bit differently but the standard is 5 posts for any normal internal wound and the more severe the damage then the quicker a person can potentially die. Deeper or more severe wounds can shorten the time and treatment may only elongate the time depending on if it isn't completely treated.
  • Force: To be killed from the shock of force is incredibly rare and nearly impossible by these rules as the victim would fall to any other ailments before the force of a single blow would kill them.
  • Asphyxiation: Ninja are masters of their own body and as such, simply restricted airflow takes a considerable amount of time to kill a ninja and should take at least 7 posts to do so (granted the ninja has absolutely no access to breathable air).
  • Burns: Burning a person to death takes a considerable amount of effort and affliction to kill someone from. Following similar rules to bleeding and force damage, if a person has at least half their body consumed by third degree burns then it will take them 5 posts to succumb to death. More severe burns and encompassing a larger range can reduce or quicken the time to death as before.


  • Staff have final say on all decisions regarding death completely and their word in the case of disagreements is final. This means that if a staff member rules that a person is not killed by their wounds or their treatment was well enough to save them then they can continue on. It is not in the interest of Mythos to have player's plot and efforts extinguished at random (as much as it might be yours) so there is a natural bias to saving a player character during PvP altercations.
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