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Post by Nariko on Fri Mar 29, 2019 12:42 pm

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The Arashi Clan of Mountain Hermits

Arashi - 嵐, "Storm".

The Arashi Clan is an old clan easily affiliated with the Land of Lightning and its thunderous mountains. The very first 'storm user', as far as stories have it, is solemnly remembered as Arashihime, the Lady of Storms. The woman once lived in the mountains long before the foundation of Kumogakure, seeking enlightenment as a mountain hermit. In doing so, she discovered the secrets to molding chakra through the help of what ended up being labelled the 'Kuji-in hand seals'. Through these hand seals, she was able to manifest supernatural abilities to varying degrees, such as boosting her physical prowess, supposedly warp time and even manipulating the weather around her to invoke or chase away rain and storm clouds alike. While the mysteries of the Storm's legends have long since been unearthed, modern day shinobi still consider Arashihime as the founding mother of the clan.

In today's shinobi times, the Arashi clan members pride themselves to be the true 'storm spirits'. With Storm Release being their trademark expression of their bloodline, the Arashi clan build up its compound within the mountains surrounding Kumogakure, and use the high peaks and vast chasms between the stone giants as their go-to training ground to master control over their mind, body and spirit. The Five Immortals Temple, the pride of the clan, has become a prestigious Mekka for all martial artists of Kumogakure to train their arts, test their mettle or seek enlightenment through meditation and theology much like Arashihime supposedly once did.

However, due to the expressive and remarkable brightness of their chakra, the Arashi clan are often perceived as monks rather than shinobi. The art of stealth, even if many practise it as a fellow member of Kumogakure's shinobi forces, is inherently harder to master, and as such most members of this clan tend to stick to roles where hiding in shadows is of lesser importance - sages, advisors, commanders, strategists, guardians, shock-troopers and other similar specialised roles are the kind where the Arashi thrive best. With their eyes set on the horizon, the Arashi favour an approach that emphasises looking several steps ahead of them, and find fulfilment of purpose in 'reaching the skies' through mastery of their chosen arts.

Requirements: Lightning Release + Water Release

Description: Storm Release (嵐遁, Ranton)

Storm Release's identity is plain and simple - a thunder storm. It is known for its vast clouds that spew forth angry lightning, silence the world in persistent rainfall and utters its displeasure in howling winds. It is unmistakable in its appearance, and unrelenting in its approach.

But Storm Release would mean little to shinobi if a raging storm was all this advanced release had to offer. What makes Storm Release a force to be reckoned with is not its typical appearance but the chakra control that comes paired with taming such an expansive nature. Indeed, for a shinobi to recreate such a vast torrent of power, there is a need for great control. A control that is not only capable of summoning the raw forces of nature but also concentrating that very same power in vibrant beams for specialised purposes. And just because of this meticulous sense for chakra control, Storm Release knows two distinct forms: that of the clouds ruling the heavens, and that of 'laser' beams capable of splitting and bending mid-trajectory.
Cloud Form
Storm clouds, even in real life, are generally not known to be small in size. Neither are those of Storm Release. What the cloud form lacks in persistence and power in comparison to the laser form is instead covered by its expansive nature - a Ranton technique in cloud form is granted a +1 tier in its radius. In addition, true to its nature, it is capable of combining water and lightning effects in a single technique without suffering penalties for this.
Laser Form
What distinguishes Storm Release from mundane storms is its ability to have the whole of its destructive power be cropped and be unleashed as a singular, destructive beam that wreaks havoc across the battlefield with the power of lightning and the flexibility in movement of water. Such techniques are easily capable of bypassing obstacles by arcing over them, bending around them or even splitting into a dozen tinier beams to overwhelm their opponent(s) - as seen in their signature technique, "Laser Circus". In other words, they have a sense of homing as long as the practitioner maintains control over their technique.

Advanced Element
Born with an advanced element, the Arashi are granted suiton (Water Release), raiton (Lightning Release) and ranton (Storm Release) upon character creation at a total cost of 6 points. Additional elements after these will cost the shinobi 6 points instead of the usual 5 point cost.

The storm being superior to petty winds, Storm Release is granted an advantage against Wind Release and all advanced releases that have it as a parent. But that sky-born supremacy is exactly why it does poorly against the solid structures of the ancient earth - the mountains being the ever-defiant guardians against the storms make Storm Release suffer a disadvantage against Earth Release, and all advanced releases with it as a parent. The only exception to this rule is Mokuton (Wood Release); which suffers a -1 rank disadvantage instead of a +1 rank advantage.


Weathering the Storms
The necessity for Storm users to preserve discipline, focus and chakra control as they make use of their techniques forces them to become specialists in their field. Proper control over the Storms is a time consuming necessity that leaves less opportunities to improve upon other specialisations or elements. Storm users must take the 'Specialist' negative trait to reflect this loss of time, knowing that being an Arashi is not about being a jack-of-all-trades but about 'reaching for the skies' and become grandmasters in their chosen field(s). This negative may not be balanced with a positive.

[b]Name:[/b] Specialist
[b]Type:[/b] Negative
[b]Description:[/b] Those with this trait focus on fewer skills, instead choosing to focus more on those that come naturally. Therefore, they can only train up to 23 total Specialization Points instead of 25.

Expansive Nature
While it is a commendable feat of the Arashi to be capable of such tremendous control, it would be insane to expect this form of control 24/7. And just because this is not possible, Storm users suffer a distinct flaw within their chakra signature that makes them much easier to be spotted, a flaw that has always been the hallmark as to why these shinobi rarely specialise in stealth techniques - their chakra signature is expansive, illuminated with a peculiar vibrancy. Due to its nature, all sensory techniques focusing on chakra reading (whether signature or residue) do so with a +1 rank advantage against the Storm user.

As an added hardship, the Arashi require an additional +20% word count to train stealth techniques. This reflects the increased difficulty required to 'tame' the storm chakra beyond the normal expectations and shape it into a technique that is counter-intuitive to its raw nature.

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Arashi | Storm Release Empty Re: Arashi | Storm Release

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-Small thing, you should copy the code of specialist into the clan for easy access. Otherwise, the clan looks great!

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Arashi | Storm Release Empty Re: Arashi | Storm Release

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Arashi | Storm Release Empty Re: Arashi | Storm Release

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