Transplant Guidelines

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Transplant Guidelines

Post by Cloaked Figure on Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:16 am

Transplant Rules

Transplants refer to a small system within Mythos whereby a person can reclaim or add onto their bodies in unique ways. The first and most obvious are the use of prosthetics to enhance and reclaim parts of their body that may be have been lost in combat or as a way to enhance themselves. Some common examples are those that lose limbs and wish to reclaim them or even replacing limbs with something like a puppet limb for increased versatility. This is perfectly legal on Mythos though there are some restrictions to this system, the first being, that every prosthetic must be apped as an item itself and is subject to being damaged/destroyed as per the Item Guidelines themselves. With these prosethetics though, comes a lot of risks on top of that, the body could even reject the implant itself and as such, it is important that the implants are attached/implanted by a trained professional of the medical arts.

Getting an implant is no problem, and the site will allow a person to have the prosthetic implanted out-of-character in the item shop where it was created by paying an additional 1000 ryo to the cost as a fee for a doctor to attach it risk-free. Of course, you can forgo this cost by seeking a medic in-character to have the implant attached but they are free to charge you any such fee they seek and their skill level will play heavily into the success of the implant. Listed below are the percentages for success of attachment of the prosthetic by the skill level of the medic:

  • Natural Medical Ninjutsu Specialization: 0% chance of success
  • Skilled Med Nin Spec: 50% chance of success
  • Proficient Med Nin Spec: 75% chance of success
  • Master Med Nin Spec: 100% chance of success

Should an implant fail, the item is considered destroyed and the implant will fail to work (obviously). As such, the player will have to pay the ryo again to have the item repurchased (can not just be repaired) and then can be attempted to be reattached after the fact. Should a person somehow fail an implant (of the same body part) three times, then they lose the ability to have an implant attached to that limb/area permanently.

The last thing to note with implants is that should an implant be broken and in need of repair, there is an additional cost of 500 ryo that includes having the prosthetic removed and reattached. This repair cost can be forgone if someone finds an IC medic to do the reattachment under the same risks as having the transplant attached in the first place.

The second following to transplants is the transplant of other DNA in some sense to a persons body in order to grant them the abilities held within that DNA. The prime example of this would be implanting a Dojutsu to gain the visual prowess and ability of those eyes. This is of course, like the system before but cannot be apped for and must come from a verified plot NPC or from a player character themselves exclusively. Once the transplant is obtained it can be either grafted onto a person, transplanted, etc... to grant them the abilities but like prosthetics, there are risks to this process and there is no guarantee of its success. As was before, the chance of success lies with a ninja's ability within the field of Medical Ninjutsu and is listed by the proficiency of the medic performing the operation:

  • Natural Med Nin spec: 0% chance of success
  • Skilled Med Nin spec: 25% chance of success
  • Proficient Med Nin spec: 50% chance of success
  • Master Med Nin spec: 75% chance of success

As shown, there is always a risk to trying to graft on the cells of a bloodline or implanting a dojutsu and beyond that, there is a cost associated with it. Firstly, there is a 1000 ryo cost that is paid directly to the medic performing the operation and is the standard minimum for the site (though they may charge more as they see fit) and in addition, another 1000 ryo that is paid beyond that. After the transplant is done (should it be successful) then the user must train to learn how to use their new abilities. The thread to train the access to the original KKG must be 5000 words in length and will posted directly to your stat page. Once that is done and approved, the bloodline or dojutsu abilities will be granted to the person who carries it in specific instances but at the same time, as the body transforms and accepts the new powers, the user's body must also accept all of the drawbacks. During the modding process to obtain/train a new ability through transplant the mod will clarify which abilities and drawbacks apply to the new person explicitly to avoid confusion.

Should any attempt to transplant a KKG of any form fail on the user, the person who is making the transplant loses access to the transplant material they were trying to transplant as it is destroyed (the eyes from a dojutsu or heart of other KKG) but are also given all of the drawbacks from the material instead. In the case of those who try to transplant an eye and fail, they have a 50% chance of destroying their optic nerve and forever going blind from the procedure (unless the operating medic or any medic can repair the eye by an applicable jutsu or transplanting another eye entirely). Those that transplant an ability from a person's heart have an entirely different risk that if they fail, there is a 50% chance that they will die from the procedure as they would be replacing their literal heart (unless the operating medic can replace the heart by an applicable jutsu or transplanting another one entirely).

For any advanced element or other general kekkai genkai the transplant must be by transplanting the literal heart of someone who had the bloodline in place of your own. Once the successful transplant is completed the user will be given the powers of the advanced element and its constituent element(s) if they do not already possess them, or whatever general ability the original Kekkai Genkai bestowed. If the elements the user already possesses do not match the new constituent elements then they will lose access to their originals and the new advanced element will take their place. Additionally, the chakra requirements for the new advanced element/abilities are doubled (both activation and maintenance costs) as the new element/ability is much more difficult to control to the non-inherited person's body.

For Dojutsu though, there are some notable points of clarification and expansions to the restrictions. As with normal transplants they are subject to the same decreased chance of success and ryo costs as before. But those who transplant any dojutsu whatsoever have a few more drawbacks they incur in place of that. Firstly, those who transplant a dojutsu must pay double the natural chakra cost to maintain the eyes as compared to those who naturally unlocked the dojutsu. The second major drawback is that a transplanted dojutsu can not be deactivated at all unless it is covered and has a sort of sealing jutsu that locks the chakra in the eye itself. Even then, it takes double the chakra cost to re-activate the eye at minimum. And lastly, with any transplant of this nature any drawbacks the bloodline itself passes also passes onto the new user as well.


  • To transplant a Kekkai Genkai is a very dangerous process and consumes a great deal of effort and power from the individual to control and as such, any person is limited to only being able to transplant one additional KKG (be it dojutsu, advanced element, etc...) to themselves resulting in having up to 2 bloodline abilities.
  • For any transplanted ability, regardless of its nature, it is always trained to the level that it was obtained at and can not be trained further by anyone who is not directly part of that bloodline itself. A good example would be to claim a two tomoe sharingan from an Uchiha, as such, the transplanted eye(s) will only ever be two tomoe and can not be progressed past that level. The same applies for all bloodlines which have stages or levels to their various abilities.
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